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2023 Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother and Father

Children are a heritage and a blessing from God. Watching them as they gradually grow, mature and blossom is one of the greatest joy of a mother and father.

However, sending heartfelt birthday messages to son has a way of telling him that you care and love him.

Sending birthday messages is one of the best opportunities and channels to express one’s love for an amazing son. It is also a good way to make him know how special he is to the family. This is a task that should be carried out by both parents before or after the birthday presents.

Make that cute and amazing son of yours feel special on his birthday. Beyond the cakes and drinks, bless him as he basks into a new age of his life.

Here are 100 heartfelt birthday wishes for son written for you to celebrate your son and to express your love for him in ways only the heart can interpret.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom and Dad

The very joy of every parent is them seeing their children grow in age, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. As a parent, all you will want to do on a day like this is to wish your precious son a happy and fulfilling birthday celebration. If that is the case, permit me to present to you most heart touching birthday wishes for son from mom and dad to surprise your son as he clocked plus one today.

1. We may have not been the perfect parents, but we want you to know that everything about you concerns us a lot. Today, we celebrate your victory, your success and the beginning of a new phase. Happy birthday, son.

2. The things you have done are the most beautiful to us. You are not just a son dear, you are more than that. Today, we celebrate you in a grand way. Happy birthday, dear.

3. Birthdays come once in a year. It marks growth. It marks success and achievements. It marks strength and weaknesses, and the things you’ve been able to overcome. Take time to reflect as you celebrate you. Happy birthday, son.

4. Do you know why we have always said you are different? It is because you possess a quality the world is in need of. Go out there and shine like the star you were born to be. Happy birthday, son. Remember we love you and will always do no matter what.

5. You have shown exceptional authority and maturity in the ways you handle affairs. Your wisdom and your nature is something the world needs to see. Besides this, we love you and are proud of your achievements so far. Happy birthday, son.

6. You make each year brighter with your presence. Your impact is something that cannot be overlooked so easily. Happy birthday from Mom and Dad.

7. Watching you grow and age from year to year is a joy we cannot contain. Your improvement and fast learning ability are wonderful. We are proud of you, son. Keep making us proud. Happy birthday to you.

8. You know we have always thought that you were still young and not fit for some gatherings. We forgot however that you cannot always be a boy. You have shown us this in the way you handle the situation. Go and shine son. No more restrictions. This is our birthday gift to you. Happy birthday, son.

9. You make us smile every time we remember how you would run home with eyes full of joy to give us the good news of how you were first in all things. We know you make us proud in the end. Today we celebrate you because you are a gift from heaven. Happy birthday, son.

10. Son, these heartfelt birthday wishes messages from father and mother is to make you understand our love and concern for you. We will you well so cherish them.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother

11. As you keep adding each year, we ask for more wisdom to help you in situations we can’t. The world is a market full of different choices. We are confident you will make the right one. Happy birthday, son. How do you like the birthday present we sent.

12. You have not done so well but you are not perfect son and we love you like that. We love you more coz we know you are trying. Henceforth no more curfew. This is our gift to you and we hope that you maximize it well. Happy birthday, son.

13. You know you remind me of your father when we were young. You have grown into a full-blown man with rich wisdom and productivity. I am so proud of you son. Happy birthday.

14. I told you one time you were going to take the world by surprise and you really did. You are a very outstanding son, Happy birthday. I love you and your father loves you more.

15. See how you have become a bright captain of your won ship commanding influence in a flip. That’s it, son, keep shinning. Happy birthday to you.

16. You are my pride and joy. You know much I smile every time I have to remember that you are doing well. Happy birthday, son. I miss you so much. Come visit us often.

17. You are a treasure I wish to protect and keep forever beside me always but I can’t because that will be restricting you. I need you to spread your wings so I will endure. Happy birthday, dear.

18. You know what keeps me smiling is the thought that you are doing well. Happy birthday my son. I am so proud of you. Keep doing your thing. Your dad thinks of you too.

19. Happy birthday my dear. You have shown much prowess as a man. I’m so proud of you. Take care son.

20. How do you like these birthday wishes and prayers for son from Mom son, they are meant to commemorate your special day son, I love you and pray for only blessings and greater wisdom in all ramifications.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son from Father

21. Every day, I thank God for giving me a son worthy of a son. You have shown so much ability and sense of responsibility that overwhelms me. I can only pray for you, son. Happy birthday. you are doing very well.

22. Every day has always been a moment to celebrate you, son, so I will share some advice with you… Take one step at a time. Be calculative and you will keep winning. The world is a game like sports. You strategize to make every win.

23. These are the best wishes from me, son, that you remain safe and keep bringing success stories home. Happy birthday, dear.

24. You are a brave and outstanding warrior like your Father. I love you son. Your father loves you more. We love you both. Happy birthday to you.

25. Comfort and strength are what we draw every time you are around. We love you and we think about you. Happy birthday, son. Happy birthday.

26. Your abilities at home have proven you to be a star and light the world waits to see. Nothing can stop you at this moment, dear. You are more and we need you to spread those wings… The world is yours to take. Happy birthday on this beautiful day.

27. You have made us so proud of you son. You remain in our hearts forever and our prayers are with you. Happy birthday, son.

28. You have shown more prowess than we expected and we are so proud of you. Happy birthday, son, as we celebrate from here.

29. Happy birthday, son. You have made us so happy and we are glad to have brought you up in the way we could. We can’t love you less. Take care, son.

30. You have done tremendously well and so this heartfelt birthday wishes from Father to son is to give you my full support and blessings in whatever decisions you take onward. I love you son.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Son from Father

31. Your happiness is all that we crave for. Today as we celebrate your addition, we ask that the Almighty continue to protect and shield you. Happy birthday, dear.

32. How you have become so mature to shoulder so much responsibility. We can only support and cheer you at this moment son. Happy birthday.

33. Today we took the whole time to pray for you from our heart. You will continue to excel and sour beyond human reach. Happy birthday, son, we love you from our heart.

34. We remember when you were young and your stubbornness almost put us in trouble. Today, however, we understand the reason for the whole disagreement. We underestimated you but have proved us wrong. Happy birthday son as we celebrate with you.

35. You are a vessel, a good and responsible son and we can’t be unhappy at this moment. Each year recounts your success and triumph. Happy birthday, dear.

36. A beauty designed for the world and the woman that will capture your heart. You blessed beyond measures and you have an outstanding personality. Happy birthday son from mom and Dad.

37. Someday, I am confident you will make a responsible and remarkable father and husband with the way you are learning. Your maturity has given us hope. Happy birthday, son.

38. We have always protected and sought your interest in every way and won’t stop. Keep shinning son we are so proud of you. Happy birthday, dear.

39. You have become the pillar that holds the family aright. You are indeed a personality my dear. I hope you find love soon. Happy birthday, dear.

40. I love you as a mother loves her firstborn and right-hand son. Happy birthday son as I send this heartfelt birthday wishes for you, son to lighten your day. Have fun!

41. Your birthday will always be commemorated with songs of praise. Happy birthday dear child. Mom loves you.

42. Make sure to maximize every moment today. Keep off from work and relax to celebrate wins. Happy birthday my son. You have made us proud.

43. Happy birthday son you blessed. You will always be my sunshine and moment of joy for every depressing moment. Have fun today.

44. Today is a remarkable beginning for you. Happy birthday my child. You are amazing. Keep shinning and breaking new grounds.

45. Choose your dreams, my son. Find inspiration and work with it and you will never falter. Happy birthday, son dear.

46. Son, you are synonymous with the sun. Find your star and run with it. Shine brightly and let the world run for shelter for your brightness. Happy birthday, dear.

47. May people stand up to celebrate you. May your success sound an alarm in their ears. May you be the one the world awaits to save and enlighten them. Happy birthday, dear.

48. I hope that you find the happiness you seek to keep you in an elated mood always. You are my right-hand man and I say happy birthday to you.

49. There is always a light waiting at the end of a tunnel. Keep following blindly my son, and let your heart guide you.

50. Can I tell you I am so proud of you for standing up to this very moment as a son a father is proud of? You deserve a heartfelt birthday wishes from Father to keep you in the light. Happy birthday, son.

51. You bear the heart of a Lion. Like your father, you will show might and domination. Take territories and let the world stand up for you, son. Happy birthday. Mom loves you.

52. On this day, I wish an endless life with joy and fulfilment. Your bans shall overflow with favours and good tidings. Happy birthday, son. Mother cherishes you.

53. May your years be filled with boundless joy and light that keeps you alive son. Happy birthday to you. Mother loves you.

54. I’m grateful every day for your growth and increase in understanding. I love you son and a happy birthday to you, from mother.

55. Watching you grow and blossom into the man you’ve become has been my greatest joy. Today I can rest and be confident that my son is taking over the world. Happy birthday to you son, from Mom.

56. When you were born, I couldn’t understand you’ll become a model the world sought to use. You are amazing and Momma is proud of you. Keep it up, son. Happy birthday to you.

57. The joy that has abound since you came into the world should be what you experienced by all and sundry. The favour and grace of God fall upon you heavily. Happy birthday, son.

58. You are my joy and the reason I want to keep living after your father. Happy birthday, son.

59. Have I told you how much I love you? You are my blood and the fountain of my bowels. Do not worry about anything coz I will be your shadow to always protect you. Happy birthday son from Mom.

60. May your star continue to be the light that guides you in dark edges. You have merited a heartfelt birthday wishes for son from father and mother. You are amazing and doing very well son. Don’t stop.

61. You have become an outstanding star and personality like your father when I met him. You both are alike in almost everything. Happy birthday son and shine on.

62. I wish that this year’s celebration marks the beginning of greater exploits for you as you climb on. Happy birthday, son.

63. You have become like the star I once watched beyond the heavens. Keep on son, happy birthday from Mom.

64. How are you today? Happy big celebration for you. The world awaits your manifestation.

65. Dear son, today I’ve taken my time to pray for you. I asked God to protect you and lead you aright, until the place of fulfilment. Happy birthday, son.

66. No matter how stubborn and adamant you have become, you are still my son and I will not forgive myself if I don’t cheer you up today. I love you, son, make your father proud. Happy birthday, from dad.

67. You have conquered like a giant. You have sown and reaped like a responsible son. Happy birthday son and I wish you well.

68. You’ve become truly a man and it is today I only came to realize. I apologize for trying to tell you what to do but I must let you make your decisions from this day onward. You can only run to me for advice. Happy birthday from Dad.

69. You are my biggest achievement son. Your father is so proud to have his likeness replicate in another. Keep it on and a happy birthday to you.

70. In everything you do, remember that we will always be your number one fan in any giant strides you choose to embark on. You have our full support. You have earned a heartfelt birthday wishes for son from mother and father. We love you. Happy birthday to you.

71. Thank you for making me proud, son. Our name has become a legend because you keep conquering. Happy birthday to you. From Dad.

72. Today I want to give you an unforgettable birthday gift coz you deserve it. I remain your biggest fan son. Happy birthday to you and come home quickly. From Dad.

73. It is understandable that you wish to walk on your own path. I will not stop you, besides, you are now an adult. Dad will give you all the support you need from now on. Happy birthday, son.

74. We make mistakes but the greatest mistake is when you realize you’ve gone strayed and still linger on the stray journey. I’m sorry for the ways and manner I hurt you and seemed harsh. I love you son. Happy birthday from Dad.

75. Misunderstandings come and go, but we remain father and son forever. I love you, dear. Happy birthday to you.

76. Whenever I look up to social media and see the things you do, I just know you are going places. Happy birthday son, Father loves you.

77. I hope and wish that you grow into a gentle and handsome man that every lady wants to have. Let chivalry guide you, son. I love you from Father. Happy birthday to you.

78. How do you tell a man that you love him? It is hard but as much as it is, I want to say it again to you, son. I love you. Father loves you. Happy birthday.

79. You have truly changed tremendously and I am so elated. I feel like a grandfather already. Happy birthday, son. Father loves you.

80. I wish I can make up for the times I was absent in all your journeys. Today will not pass however without my wishing you a happy birthday from Father to son. Happy birthday, son.

81. When the world rejects your craft, I will be here to give you a headway as a Father. I love you son. Happy birthday to you.

82. I can’t wait to have you in the house again. I’ve missed you and I have to admit it son. Your Father loves you. Happy birthday to you.

83. You are my boy and will remain so forever even if the world admits you are a man who will someday get married and have children too. You will remain Father’s boy because that is what you are son. Happy birthday to you.

84. May the world open its arms to receive you and celebrate your wins in the next future son. Happy birthday, from father.

85. Your childhood is still the memories I hold on to because it’s been a while since I last saw you son. Don’t be a rebel this time. Come home this time and let’s celebrate your birthday here. I love you. Father.

86. You have been a good child since your childhood; one of the children that were never naughty. Happy birthday son, from Father to celebrate your new age.

87. You are royal; a personality; and a superstar. I love you because you haven’t stopped chasing your dreams. Happy birthday, son… from father.

88. You know I am the only one that understands your pain and sorrows each time. Allow me to cleanse you today. Happy birthday, son.

89. I’ve always said you look like the younger version of myself that is why I smile each time. I wish there is a mirror from which you could see everything. Happy birthday, son.

90. May you fulfil destiny and purpose. May you also find the right woman for you. This is our birthday wishes for son, from mother and father to you. Happy birthday, son.

91. I have taught you the same thing my own father did. It is a baton we keep passing on from generation son. Happy birthday today.

92. Son, make the most out of the memories of today coz it will be your light in the dark hours. Happy birthday to you, from Dad.

93. The memories I still cherish till tomorrow are the ones we built while you were growing up. I miss you son. I miss those days. Happy birthday to you.

94. Happy birthday to you son. You have become a man with an independent working system of thought. Keep at it.

95. Happy birthday to you son, the source of my inspiration. I am proud of you. Father loves you so much.

96. Many wishes for my boy to move on and find happiness as he goes on in this life. Happy birthday, son.

97. I am elated to have such a handsome boy like you with all the body of a gentleman. Happy birthday, son. From Dad.

98. If there was anything I desired in this world, it is to be able to go to places with you as a father should do with a son. Happy birthday, dear.

99. You are my precious gift and I’m glad you have turned out to become a responsible man. Keep at it son. Happy birthday. From Father.

100. Yes, you have finally made it. Hurray to the son who has written history over again. I love you son. I’ll pave the way for you to walk in peacefully. Happy birthday, son.

I’m sure you had a swell time selecting the best of the heartfelt birthday wishes for son that tallied with your intentions for your son. Tell me if I did a great job in the comment section below.

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