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Sweet Words to Tell Your Wife in 2023

Marriage is a relationship that cements the vow taken by couples to be forever. It is a symbol of love and unity that sediments the heart and aligns both partners for life. So, even in the worst times, couples stick together and strive to overcome as the one they have become.

But as the journey gets going, and life comes in the way, one cannot always assume the luxury to assure the heart that one cares. It is even at these moments that words like I love you are cherished more than physical support.

A wife is fragile and appeals more to words of affirmation. They need comforting words from husband every minute and are never tired.

Starting and ending each day with sweet words to tell your wife is a way of keeping the love journey blissful and steady, even in times of trouble. It shows sensitivity and care to the role she plays as a wife, support engine, and soul mate.

Do you need romantic and sweet words to tell your beautiful and hardworking wife? Here are some sweet words you can say to your wife every day to keep her strong and warming. You can maintain her loveliness when you say these romantic and encouraging words to her every day.

Read carefully and select the best that aligns with your present situation and become that best husband in the world.

Sweet Words of Love for Wife From Husband

There are certainly lovely and romantic words that you can say to your wife that will make her not want nothing than your love. Below are the perfect example of such words. Send the following sweet words to tell your wife and watch her love you more than anything in the world.

1. You make me jump with excitement I can’t express every time you’re around me. We do this together and forever wifey. I love you.

2. Have I told you how amazing you are? You are my love and nothing changes it. I love you.

3. Maybe. We can take some time out today to be alone… what do you think? I want to make up for the lost times.

4. With a wife like you, I can ask for nothing more because you complete me. Oh! you are an amazing woman.

5. I know I’ve been a bad husband but your understanding and patience are why I cannot stop loving you, wifey. You are the best.

6. So I come back from work early and every day because I know I’m coming to meet a wife who will have never taken me for granted. I love you bae.

7. Babe you know you have captured my being and not just my heart. How can you be such an amazing wife like this? God, I love you.

8. Our hearts are joined together and so is our soul. I love you because you are not just a wife, you are my soul mate.

9. Hey! Go to work thinking of me… your husband… and the many ways I want to spoil you tonight. I love you, dear.

10. Dear wifey, I want to say I love… You are full of sweetness that I do not lack sweet words to tell you as my wife.

11. Only the heart can understand when I say I love you. Do you understand wifey? Because my heart belongs to you, you can tell my thoughts.

12. All I have and ever want to have is you, wifey, my soul mate and lover. Cheers in winks.

13. You know my heart will never stop beating for every time you’re here with me. I love you wifey, and I’m glad I tied the knots with you.

14. Life isn’t worth living without a wife like you. I’m so glad we found each other.

15. I still remember the day you said yes to me like yesterday. Every day I am happy that you’re around me because I can calmly face the storm. I love you wifey.

16. I need you to understand that I will never leave your side, my love. I know you shoulder a lot as a wife but that is why we are in the boat together; to support and love. I love you.

17. Tell me you love me. Say the word loud and clear. Yes, I love you too darling see you at work.

18. I don’t need the world to approve me. I don’t need the world to say yes to me. I don’t need the world to love me. I just need you every day.

19. Have you thought about where we would do our second honeymoon coz I’m so looking forward to it? I trust your ability.

20. Come baby girl and let me treat you the way you’re meant to. I adore you, my love… I know I can never lack on sweet words to tell wifey because you are extraordinary.

21. You know, I am able to go to work every day smiling because you’re with me. How did you ever do that?

22. Babe, I don’t need a piece of advice from the world, not from my boss, not from my friends, I need it from you because I trust and believe your way alone.

23. What sweet words can I tell you other than I love you, your eyes that glow like the morning, your hips that drives me sane and your composure that says you are a worthy wife.

24. Every day the world is in chaos because it is a game and everyone wants to remain at the top. But you see, I need not worry as long as you’re with me. You by my side is an inspiration for the next win.

25. When I am empty and drained that I want to give up, your presence fills me and I am whole again. You make a beautiful wife and soul mate wifey.

26. You are that woman I can rely on each moment for words, inspiration, and love. I am lucky to have married a wife, lover, and beauty.

27. Nothing will be ever whole without you my dear. You know I will kill the world to have you. Mua I love you.

28. Hey! Are you thinking of me at work coz I am? What do you think of a date tonight?

29. One day I will take you to fly the world as a reward for being an exceptional partner and wife.

30. The more I look at you, the more I know nothing can separate us even in the afterlife. I love you, my dear… How can I lack sweet words to tell wifey when you are an inspiration every minute.

31. You have made my life beautiful in every way. I love you, a beautiful wife and soul mate.

32. You are the woman who said yes despite my imperfections, I can’t love you less darling

33. You are the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen. No wonder you captured my heart and locked it.

34. I love you and that is all that matters. I want to be the only one to tell you sweet words that only drives you to me.

35. You are like the star, like the moon and the clouds; gentle and beautiful; serene and calm amidst the storm. I love you wifey.

36. You came and filled my emptiness and gave me hope and life. How I love you, my dear wife. I love you and will do anything for you.

37. The way you came to me is still a mystery. I know you were meant for me and I’m glad I wedded you. I love you.

38. Give me your heart and your heart alone that is all I ask. I know we are together as a couple but I need reassurance coz I love you.

39. Has anyone ever told you how much I care? You are the diamond in my sky, the stars I want to watch every night wife.

40. Sometimes I don’t know how to convey my thoughts but I want to hug and kiss you every minute.

This is surely one of the sweet words to tell your dear wife and win her heart always and forever.

41. I’m thankful to have the most beautiful and virtuous wife the holy books talk about. You are my sunshine love.

42. You are the woman I want to live and die with, baby. We do this together until the very end. I love you.

43. You turned my weaknesses into strengths and accepted me for who I am. I love you wife. I love you for the rest of my life.

44. Every time I feel relapsed and depressed, I think of you and your love for me and I’m happy again.

45. Tell me you love me and that you love me forever coz I do. You are my muse you know that right?

46. I know you are the one for me because you’ve only brought favour and nothing more wifey.

47. My mornings have never been dull because you’re here.

48. I feel like protecting you every time I look at you. How do you work your spell?

49. How do you like every morning breakfast in bed? I can do it all my life with you, you know. And that’s because you are my woman.

50. My woman, my everything, keep breaking me with the way you twerk those beauty butts… I can never run out of sweet words to tell your partner and keep the marriage adventurous.

51. Thank you for keeping the routine of a wife so well. You are good and I love your perfections.

52. I want to spoil you with kisses, love, and romance. I want to kiss you for the rest of my life wifey. You make me feel alive.

53. I sleep and find you in my sleep always just to wound my arms around you. I can never let you go, my woman, my everything.

54. The best part of our life is by spending time alone. I see the things I’ve never known existed in you. You are a virtue my love, my wife.

55. Dear wife, I want to find you in my sleep tonight. Please let me in so I can make you right.

56. Dear wife, I want to be the one to serve you breakfast every morning. I want to treat you the way you’re meant to because you are a Queen.

57. Today you can take your time to relax because I will be handling your chores for you and the kids. Don’t laugh when I falter yea. I love you.

58. If you gave me a gift, I would decline. If you gave me riches, I would reject. But you gave me your heart and that is all that I needed wifey. I love you.

59. You know I am proud of you and everything you do. To me, you are the most influential person I have ever met. I love you.

60. Another beautiful word to tell your wife and win her heart always… The morning and evening are beautiful because you are always by my side. I can’t trade you for anything in this world. You are more than precious to me.

61. Hello beautiful, how is work going? I thought of you and would want a romantic night for us. You know what to get.

62. We are one and nothing can separate us no matter what wifey. I love you and that is enough for me to give you the world.

63. I want o to protect you. I want to honour you. I want to treat you like the Queen you are my love. Come and marry me this time wifey.

64. Hi darling, how was work today? I’m on my way back to give you the best massage to ease your nerves.

65. I promise to protect and be your side to love and cherish you again and again dear wife.

66. Take me through your wildest imagination and let me your dreams to reality. I can make it happen baby coz I’m as crazy as you are.

67. You are my motivation. You are the reason I want to wake up every morning and work, coz I want to make you happy.

68. Do you know I dream of you everyday wifey? Especially when you’re in my arms. I love you, dear.

69. I want to hug you every minute and lavish you with kisses you’ve never known existed.. slowly lead you to bead and make you feel aright.

70. Check out this romantic word to tell wife and win her fantasy of you…. Baby, I am sick from searching for you every night beside me. I miss you. Please do come back.

71. If I should begin to count my lucky moments, I’m sure you will hit the top list. I am lucky to have you because you only improved my life.

72. Our children will be so happy to know they have a mother and mentor who cares about them to the finish line. I am happy I got a wife like you.

73. Who can find a wife and such a rare gift to whisper sweet messages to every morning. Words like your smile make me want to smile always are only meant for her.

74. Hope is what resonates from a relationship with you my darling. I love you always.

75. With you by my side, I draw each step closer to my dreams. You’ve made me whole wife.

76. Indeed the one that findeth you obtaineth favour from God. Thank you for becoming a reality wifey.

77. No matter how stressful life can be, I know I can pull through because I have you beside me. Dear, wife, I love you.

78. Let the rain come down, and let the sun burn our skin, you will remain by my side forever to toll the journey with me.

79. I choose to rather stick with you for the rest of my life dear wife. I love you heartily.

80. You are a worthy wife and I cannot stop telling you sweet words to flatter you. Actually, they aren’t flatters, they are the fact I want to reaffirm every minute.

81. Come and be my baby tonight and let me drain you with the kisses from my love. I’m owning you tonight dear wife.

82. Wake up darling, today will be a bright one because I’ve decided to take you on an adventure. Just the two of us and no other.

83. Dear wife I love that is all I want to say for now.

84. Your eyes are beautiful. They represent the stars of heaven and I want to look into them again and again.

85. Dear wife, thank you for saying yes that day. Thank you for sticking to do this journey with me forever.

86. I love the sparkle in your eyes every time you smile. They are so beautiful. I promise to always make you smile.

87. The way you call my name makes me tingle with unknown butterflies and I am in love anew.

88. Come home darling, your husband prepared your favourite dish and will be waiting to eat with you.

89. I miss the beautiful hips sitting in that amazing dress. You are going to wear that for me. You look sexy every time you do.

90. How can I love you less when you are the woman that makes me want to live and enjoy life to the fullest. You are full of sweetness and sweet words to tell you are just right.

91. Baby let’s go on a vacation. I know you love that a lot. I love the way you do.

92. Take these sweet words for wife and convey my thoughts of love and admiration for me. I can’t love you less.

93. You are a hardworking and ever cheerful woman, how should I love you less. You make my life beautiful dear.

94. I love the way you laugh when you laugh. I hope I’m the one that makes it so.

95. No one is as intelligent and smart as my beautiful wife. I’m loving you forever.

96. Tell me how I can live in this world without you. You are the stars in my nights and the sun in my morning.

97. Have you seen the sunrise in the morning? How it smiles when it sets those golden rays to fill the earth. that is your smile baby.

98. I will give the world up for you. You are my motivation.

99. Finding a woman as virtuous as you are is rare. I’m glad I met you when I did. Now my life is whole.

100. When I am lonely and in doubt, it is you I turn to for answers. Your wisdom is formidable and out of this realm. I love you, dear.

How did you enjoy the above messages? Beautiful right?
These sweet words to tell your wife are perfect in making the love you share grow stronger and deeper. You can send them to your wife as text messages, print them on a card or even say them.

Do well to share with friends because someone’s marriage might need them at the moment.

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