Sweet Words for Her

200 Trending Sweet Words for Her (Your Girlfriend) in 2023

Obviously, love is a magical feeling that anyone can hardly get a full grasp of. When you’re in love, especially with someone sweet and awesome altogether, there are no limit to how you feel and want to express that same feeling.

So I thought I should help you with words that will perfectly convey the deepest of your heartfelt thoughts.

So, you want to send some Sweet Words to make your Girlfriend/Wife feel loved and special to you?

Romantic Words for Your Girlfriend

Lovely Words, Quotes and Text Messages you can send to the Lady of your dream to show to her much you love her.

Here is a Sweet collection of Inspirational and Motivational and Sweet Words for her.

1. I will always be there for you, even if life happens to make us part and be far from each other. I will still care for you.

2. I treasure and adore you more than a groom sees his bride. I will care for you always. Unlike, the day the sun leaves the sky by evening.

3. I used to foolishly think that I can simply forget about you completely. Until, I realised that the more I tried that, the more I recall and wish to be with you constantly.

4. Even if you ignore me, I will still love you, more than how you may think I care, because your presence in my life has really shaped my thoughts for good. I love you.

5. There is a huge gap between lust and love. The downside is, most people hardly figure out the difference. But, I wish that you don’t mistake those two. Because I don’t just like but love you.

6. When you are told goodbye, it makes you instantly realize the actual value and essence of the person you have been with, how you lost it and had taken for granted.

7. Without you, I’m more of a worthless person. But with you, I See me as one who has value.

8. My love for you is an unending voyage; it begins from forever and ends in eternity. I love you, dear.

9. If I could get a gift of star everytime you make me smile when I look at you, I would have gathered tons of them by now.

10. You are more of an answered prayer to me, my heart and a dream come through. I love you.

11. Girl, life is not measured by the number of decades we live for us. But by the moments we share with the odd we love. And for me, it’s you.

12. If I had to.pay dollar for every time I wish to be with you to see your pretty face, I’d only have nothing remaining in my account, even if my account has billions. Because you are always on my mind.

13. If I was asked to give a serious reason why I love you so much. I will just smile and ask, is there any reason why I should not?

14. You have become a necessity to my existence, because when I close my eyes, I still see mental pictures of you and when I open my eyes I see your pretty face staring at me, still.

15. Girl, I must admit that seeing you is nice and easy. But then, the moment you live, I begin to miss you with heartaches.

16. Hold me when I’m unhappy, kiss me when my tears fall down. And please, try and make me smile when I’m down by showing me, love.

17. When we first met and encountered, I was completely clueless about what to tell you. But now, I will never be ashamed of saying I love you.

18. No matter the way we frequently quarrel, I still want to wrap my arms around you, kiss you and make you love.

19. I must admit my mind’s thought about you; you are the only girl that makes me happy and loved.

20. A billion words will still not bring you back. I know that, because I’ve tried several times and neither will a billion drops of tears, because I’ve tried crying to make you come back too.

21. I often miss you because You make me feel an emptiness in my heart. And I always wish you are here with me, in my arms.

22. See, you may say you love me but can never have many feel like I do for you. I mean my words dear, because I more than care for you.

23. A great relationship goes beyond taking time to find the right companion, It’s simply about being the right lover.

24. The most pleasant sound in the universe is your voice, my ears crave to hear it’s rhythm every moment of my life.

25. There are only a few people you can’t hate on your life; family, and yourself. But then, I still find me letting go of your wrongs even when you do me a bad thing repeatedly.

26. See, I want to touch your heart and not your body. I want to touch your life and never to leave it in ruins.

27. Anyone can make your life happy by helping you. But there is only one person who can actually make you happy without doing anything – and I’m my own case, it’s you.

28. Ever since I met you, I stop bothering myself about waiting for the one whom I can stay with. I instantly decided to settle with you – because, I can’t do without you.

29. It’s true, that one; no matter how much he is, cannot buy love with money. And yours is priceless, even if others have a price tag.

30. They say the most beautiful women are those who are confident of their real selves. And you happen to be one. I love you, dear.

31. I am ever ready to be the one who cares for you every now and then. I love to deeply babe.

32. Please, for the sake of our love, don’t change any about you, not even your hair or skin colour. Because, I wasn’t attracted to the sort of person your friends want you to change to, but the real you – with tons of flaws.

33. I used to wait for love to find me until I met you. I didn’t hesitate to find your love.

34. Babe just like I do, don’t wait for people to tell you what you should do to the one you love. Do you.

35. I would rather choose to be with you in times of chaos than to be without you when there is peace.

36. Love, to me, is when people don’t really want to see us together. But I can’t find solace without loving you.

37. Don’t ever feel done when people look down on you. Always know that I, care for you. Way more than words can describe.

38. I promise to listen when you speak, good you tight when we are walking because, there is something awesome about you that I love so much – your imperfect perfection.

39. Meeting you was a coincidence, being your friend was a personal decision, but being your lover boy is more of a reflex action – I can’t help but fall in love with you.

40. I just can’t keep loving you as a secret, because you make me feel like I’m a fool – a fool that loves his foolishness as it’s about nothing but love.

41. I always tell myself that I will not date anyone until I find someone that makes my heart skips its beat – And ever since then, I’ve been celibate till when I found you.

42. See, I didn’t choose you because they said you are beautiful, but for the awesome and unexpected way, you make my world so beautiful and lovely.

43. Every woman deserves a man who loves and respects her, and every man deserves a woman who knows how to appreciate that.

44. I love you deeply, and that’s the beginning and end of this short note.

45. I love you, just like that and it’s because of how you make me feel when I’m with you dear.

46. When you came into my life, it changed – instantly. Like the way a dark room changes when you lit up a torch.

47. As you open this message to go through it, know this today; I LOVE YOU DEEPLY. And even if you will choose not to show me the same feeling. I am ready to keep showing your love continuously.

48. I used to cry for being Lone, broke, uncared for and deserted. Until I found you and my life instantly found a solution to all those hearts breaking longings.

49. I may not always get to meet you and express my emotions to you, Mobutu needs you to know that I love you so much.

50. If true love can only be shown in a year I will sacrifice my entire life to prove my point – to make you know that I love you so dearly.

51. Sometimes, life just happens like that; without second a second time or opportunities;
And so, I want us to show you my affection, now or never.

52. Most times, I don’t call, text or give you my time to get those deeds back as payback. No, I do that because, you are so special and you deserve love, way more than that even.

53. Most times, love is more like a staircase. It has it’s own ups and downs, sometimes it’s like a bent road, it’s full of twists and turns, but in the alas, it takes us to where we crave to be.

54. If you truly want to be with someone, listen to what the thing behind your chest is saying and not all the voices from those around you, saying any they deem fit in the name of “advise”

55. Just because I don’t always say my mind doesn’t mean that I’m not in love you. And just because, I crave to be in your arms does not mean that I’m just after your curves of facial beauty. I love you my more than your faddy looks.

56. Stop crying just because he chose to leave you unawares. It’s enough reason to smile. Because he gave you a chance to find someone caring and loving – ME. I mean my words. I will care for you.

57. But wait… Am I I really in your mind like you are always on mine? How I wish you also have time to muse about me like I do on you.

58. When I was lonely, I nerve craved for anyone again, other the sort of your qualities, concern, care and affection. I love you.

59. The single thing about you that I can never get enough of is your love – it had never irritated me. Not even for once.

60. One is always feeling happy about himself, not because I have the best of anything but a special and lovely friend – and that’s you.

61. You may mistake my smiles and stare for lust. But, my affection comes from within. I love you way more than the way my word can ever paint.

62. Life tastes sour when you are away. I long to be with you forever – missing you even for a minute makes me feel unhappy. Because I love you deeply.

63. Once you love, You cannot fully withdraw, and can never undo your feelings entirely because it still remains love.

64. Like the flowers the scent of a fresh and blooming flower, your love is more of a fragrance to me. And I love you for that.

65. Even if I will be given from now to another billion years, I will still not find another person like you again. I love you, dear.

66. Saying “I love you” is indeed, the best decision I took in my life, sometimes back. Your beauty too cannot be compared to your kindness. You are the sweet and most wonderful lady I’ve ever met after my mum.

67. When you walk and pass, with just a simple “hi” it makes me feel so special and over the moon. Talk less about when you cuddle me…

68. Like a fresh, green and lovely garden in a house, so does your love make me feel. Ever since I met you.

69. You are the basic cause for my happiness; the day I met you-you said you agree to love me – and first kissed me…

70. I’d you like, leave for a long distance. I will still be yours – I love you deeply dear.

71. Just for you, I will do the unexpected when you are down. Just to keep and make you feel happy about our relationship. Because my life for you is way more than welcome words can paint.

72. Not just your flawless beauty makes me fall in love with a queen like you, I also love you because your behaviour is priceless too.

73. The flawless Rhythm your voice has is way more than that of a sweet music. I love you for every bit of comely sound you make – your noise is a melody…

74. Sometimes, I wonder whether it’s magic that you did to me. Because I was made a vow never to love again. But then, here I’m I neck-deep IN love with you.

75. The way you stare at me makes me feel like a king. And your eyes… Has something mysteriously interesting – it makes me more unable to stand in love with you (pun intended).

76. Every day I spend with you is more than the euphoria of Valentine. To be honest, you make me feel so happy than I expect from a lover-i care for you dear.

77. Every single tie we meet, you make me feel happy, fine, okay, chuffed and cared for. There are just too many reasons to be your lover without compromise.

78. I may have the opportunity to fall in love with you, but I will never feel so I’m love.like I do with you.

79. Stop thinking your worth is only what your mirror reflects – those looks are faddy. I see you beyond your Make-Up because your sort of beauty is dual-outer and inner.

80. See, you are not one in a million only. You are the only girl I’ve ever seen that is worthy to take my heart into her hands – I love you.

81. Even the hours I spend with you chatting makes me feel I’m making a lifetime investment. I love you so much that words can describe.

82. I love you and I don’t know why or have a reason for such an affection – it’s as if you’ve bewitched me.

83. if I was to choose someone as my van today, then it’s you. You are and will be my Valentine forever.

84. Stay with me, and I will forever be with you. Without compromise or no commitment. I love you…

85. You are more of a delicious curse friend to me. Lol

86. I know you will smile… When I say; “the first time I saw you, I couldn’t stand but fall into your ditch”…

87. The world turns boring and uninteresting whenever you go away and leave me here. I love you, dear.

88. The most valuable gift that has ever been given to me afterlife – is you, baby…

89. See, it’s out of the utmost depths of my heart lies the feeling I have for you. I love you so so much.

90. I don’t know what I love you, and I don’t think there is a genuine reason not to.

91. I will choose to live an ascetic life just to give you pleasure and luxury. I will fight against strong objections and hindrance of your joy – because I love you dearly.

92. I will never feel okay or fed-up with being with you. And I will forever be grateful never to.

93. What actually started out with mere liking turned into love – and now, it’s no more being fond of you but true love.

94. “Anytime I’m down, I think of the sweet moments we shared together. And things go back into their shape again.

95. I use to lack and long for friends and attention. But ever since I met thee, I stopped bothering myself about it. I love you dearly.

96. “You’re the one reason I wake up with smiles, the reason I laugh even when others expect me to cry. Because there is something peculiar about your love that makes me feel happy than I suppose.

97. I may not get to see you as I like, but I am always having thoughts of you on my mind. I love you, dear.

98. My girl, whenever I say I love you, I mean my words and I’m not joking. Please, believe me, because I mean my words dear.

99. If love is just a bucket of affection, I will give you tons of drums filled with it. Because you deserve more than a usual dose of love.

100. When I say I love you, it’s not just because of your looks but the way you make me feel… So unhappy when you live even for just a second.

101. “I love the girl reading this short note – YOU.

102. I always dream of you so that I don’t completely lose your touch – because, seeing you in my dream is also making me feel okay, talk less of when I see you in real life.

103. I don’t know the perfect way to tell you of my feelings for you. I love you more than my lips.

104. Most times, I find it uneasy to paint how I feel about you. But, I hope that you will one day understand better.

105. How I wish that I can hold your hand forever without parting with you again, please.

106. See, I will not mind passing through fire to save you and see that I put a smile on your face – I love you.

107. Babe, I really need you like days need the sun to make it look beautiful.

108. I will be by your side every moment of life and see that I give you the utmost support I can give you as your boyfriend.

109. I want to love you countless times, way more than you will ever imagine I would.

110. I can’t shut my eyes without seeing you continuously without avoiding the thought of being with you.

111. I’ve been into and experienced so many relationships. But, your standout and that makes me feel chuffed.

112. I’ve never had the opportunity to be the boyfriend of a nice person like you, I’ve never had the privilege to experience true love. Until I met you.

113. I love the life I’m living because of the ways you spice it up like meat a meat inside stew.

114. You are phenomenal, I always have a reason to love you better. Because every day comes with a new reason to love you more.

115. I wonder how my love story will be like, without the touch of your impact on it – you are amazing.

116. My love for you has no limits, and I’m willing to make it better because you deserve more than average love.

117. The first day I came into contact with you, life turned into a new story for me. I love you dearly.

118. Bae, you are the only true companion I have in this world, whenever I feel so lonely and depressed. I love, and will always trust you dearly.

119. The way you talk, walk, run, sleep, scream and do everything makes me happy – I love your imperfections bae.

120. They may give or a million reasons why it won’t work, but I will still not lack a cause to be your lover.

121. Every day I see you, my heart races and skips its throb. And it’s because you love me for being me and I also love you for being you.You’re the best treasure I have, baby.

122. I love you, since the first time I met you. And ever since then, I keep on loving you till this day.

123. The first person that popped up in my mind when I learnt about LOVE is… YOU.

124. Everybody needs someone to lean on in times of despair. As for me, I need no one but, you.

125. If I was a writer, I will always stare at you to find the best and perfect inspiration to scribble on. Because just peeping at you itself is enough to spark up my creativity.

126. All this while I’ve been celibate and naive about LOVE. But, meeting you had instantly made me change my mindset forever.

127. Without you, I am worthless, but with your support and affection. I can beat my chest and say that I am a man.

128. You are my best chum I’ve ever had. People say; “humans are imperfect”, it’s true. But, you are amazingly perfect about your flaws and that makes me attracted to you.

129. I LOVE YOU DEEPLY. That’s true, there is no lie or poetry to cheat you with words.

130. Being with you is always a splendid experience. I feel like I’m the only one utilizing time when I’m with you.

131. I don’t care about what people say against you. I love you and they are jealous. Don’t mind them, please.

132. Even though my love – with words may not be the way you expect. But, I sincerely doubt love you, dear.

133. I used to be lonely, waiting for the perfect person to love and show affection to. Until you came and I stopped searching.

134. Every time I recall how you said those three charming words to me. I wish that you will rewind it again if it were a movie. I love to hear your lips shaping those magical words.

135. Your cute face and voice are what attracted my attention to you. But then, I have made up my mind

136. I often find myself smiling and laughing for no reasonable cause. But then, when I muse about it, I instantly realise that it’s all because of you.

137. There is always a cause behind every single action. And you are turbine behind my affection. I love you.

138. Even if u were given the chance to find a lover a million times again, I will still prefer you above others because you are distinct.

139. While my friends are busy thinking of making plans and crushing their goals, I am here thinking if you and how to please you more.

140. I don’t care about who likes me and who doesn’t. My wish is to see that I give you my all and you care for me the way you do, even more.

141. Now that I have you as my girlfriend, I will not mind having to pass through the toughest paths of life. Because with you, I feel secure. I love you, dearie.

142. I just want to stay next to you. Because, my best moments of not when I dream of you having a good time, but when in with you – cuddling.

143. Your smile and calmness are what actually attracted me to you, babe. But, what has made me love you and the reason why I’m close to you is that I more than love you.

144. The day first met and had my first conversation with you, I knew that I will not have to worry about love again. Because you’ve got me covered.

145. Of death chooses to snatch my life tonight, I’ve got no worries. Because you have made me feel like I’m the only one who had lived a life.

146. I write this note to tell you that, wherever you go and in whatever situation I find myself. I will never fail to have a reason to love you.

147. If I were asked to tell what’s my choice between living and loving you; I will tell them that I want to live in order to love you.

148. I’ve never researched. But then, I must admit that finding your sort of affection is pretty rare to come by.

149. Whatever may make me feel bad about life, I will still be ready to make love for you and show my utmost care. Because you deserve more than average love.

150. If I was given a flower anytime I stare, think of stay with you, then by now. I will be having the biggest and beautiful garden on earth.

151. I don’t need to ask myself a reason why I should love you. See, I don’t even need any. Your presence has given me more than enough reason to love you already.

152. I don’t really like saying it texting you things like; “hello…”, “How far… “. And long for your bossom on phone. I want to be with you in real life.

153. Even people compliment the say I’ve changed since I met you. You are indeed a change initiator and positive person. I love you.

154. You came into my life at a time I least expect. And you have changed my life for good. I love you, dear.

155. Although, I fell so easily in love with you. But, opting out of it is uneasy and I don’t even want to make an attempt of doing that.

156. We all tend to see things when we shut our eyes. But for me, all I see is you whenever I close my eyes.

157. There is a cause behind every single emotion and you happen to be the love reason behind the one I have these days.

158. There is always an unexpected lack that I experience anytime I want to paint you how to feel. I love you, dear.

159. You ate not just any type of girl that I will take for granted. You are distinct and special dear.

160. Babe, at your service, is my heart, always without compromise.

161. If a flower was given to me every second I miss you. Then by now, the flowers I have ruin be more than a large garden.

162. Your love makes me always want to make you feel happy. I love you, dear.

163. “I love you because of the happiness that be-clouds me anytime I think of you. I love you, dear.

164. Every moment spent with a princess like you is a big-time blessing. I must admit that.

165. May our relationship never come to an end even after time ceases to exist too.

166. Babe, it’s not because I’m lonely or depressed that made me want to be your lover. It’s because I want to spend the rest of my life making a princess like you happy.

167. I sometimes find difficulty in recognizing myself these days. You are more than a transformer. You’ve changed my life so much.

168. I’m scared of saying bye to you, most times. I really fear because I don’t want to experience the last time of seeing you. No, I really don’t.

169. All I tell them is you; anytime they ask of who I love, care, adore and want to be with for the rest of my life.

170. If my heart and yours can be both plugged out, I will bind and lock them together and throw off the key – I don’t want to let you go.

171. Life is only beautiful to me when I’m with you, giggling.

172. I love you for every bit of you. Yes, I mean what you just read.

173. If I never met you, I may find someone whom I love. But then, it will be pretty hard to be happy. You are indeed a joy inducer.

174. “My seven words personal story on love is; “I am never ever happy without you”.

175. I don’t get to see your affection with eyes though, but I feel it every time even when we are not together.

176. I used to live a miserable life until I met you – the pretty and lovely damsel reading this short note.

177. Love is an act of continuous affection and the act of letting go another person’s misdeeds. And that’s what I intend to give you.

178. To love a person like you is line given a glimpse of paradise.

179. Lovers like us are rare but I still want to make our affection one-of-a-kind the more.

180. “True love stories don’t have an end – and that’s what I want us to make ours like.

181. I love you dear more than you can ever imagine with your thoughts – I mean it dear.

182. “Look, I want to put my hand on my chest and make a promise – a promise to be yours forever.

183. I love you so much and I want to love you more than what the word means.

184. To be honest, I lied to you that I just want to have you as a friend. But today, here am I saying I need you to be my lover… lol.

185. One sweet thing about my love for you is; it’s never going to fade away just like that. I love you, dear.

186. There is no point in lying to you. I love you. And I will keep loving you even after the day we live here -as long as life permits me.

187. To infinity is where I want us to take our love to, without reservation. Not even for a second.

188. You are too, irresistible that I can’t help but love you more and more.

189. “Love is the only logical action I think I do. Lol

190. “I am always thinking of you, I don’t know when to start ignoring you. You are a necessary evil. I swear.

191. My joy, my love, my heart and girl. I will forever be yours. Yeah…

192. You may be taken as just a single person. But to me, you mean the entire universe. I mean it dear.

193. “My heart has been and will always be yours – without compromise.

194. As we keep growing older, there is one thing that won’t fade away. And it’s the sort of love I have for you.

195. I don’t want to part with you, even if it’s for a day. I need you every single millisecond dear.

196. If I have any idea or clue of what true love is, then it’s because of you.

197. Most times, your nearness to me makes me become speechless and I can’t find the right words to use and paint how I feel.

198. For every word you tell me, I love you so dearly. I mean my words dear.

199. Love outweighs reason and logic in issues of love. I mean my words.

200. The only pill for my sickness which is loving you is to love you more.

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