Happy Birthday My baby boy

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother (2023)

Every mother looks forward to her baby’s 1st birth anniversary. It is not just a memorable moment for the child alone, but also for the mother.

Beyond the cakes, candles, decorations, new wears, gifts, and celebration of the day, you can still make the day more colourful for your boy and even much more interesting for yourself as the mother.

Here’s what you can do.

Take a very lovely snapshot of your boy and post on your social media platforms. You don’t actually need to think too far or wrack your brain before getting the perfect messages or wishes to attach to this photo.

We are here to take the stress off you.
Let’s take a sweet ride with this adorable compilation to make you feel like the special mum that you really are on this beautiful occasion.

Now, let’s go!

Baby Boy 1st Birthday Messages from Mom

Even if your son won’t fully understand the essence of wishes on his 1st birthday, these are enough for the best greetings and prayers to make his day.

1. I’ve been looking forward to your first birthday, and I am so glad the day finally came.

2. Glad you came and turned away every ill lip from guiling me. Thank God for the 1st year that you’re celebrating today.

3. I can show the world a proud mother I’ve become and how much joy you brought to our world.

3. It’s your first birthday, son. Happy anniversary to you.

4. You may not realise what today is all about. But I will keep these cards and picture to have something to behold when you eventually grow up.

5. You sure would love to always experience a better moment when you see how beautiful you are on this day.

6. Dad and mum love you, son. A toast to your 1st birthday.

7. My son, you are a big show to the world that I was never barren. Thank you for making me a proud mum.

8. You are my womb opener. My first pride. My joy. My world. Happy birthday to you, son.

9. Just like yesterday when I went into the labour of you. Now I’m thrilled you’re growing bigger by the day. Happy birthday, son!

10. You’re growing so fast. I’m glad it’s a year already. Yippee…

11. Your birth has brought us so much joy and festivity. Happy to you, my womb opener.

12. Thank you, son, for making the journey of motherhood so easy and sweet for me.

13. You look just like your dad and you’re taking after him in so many good ways. Grow bigger and better than him in all ways, son.

14. The past 365 days of rocking and rolling with you have been a fulfilling ride for me as a mother.

15. Glad God gave us you – a healthy and happy boy. Congratulations as you are the 1st today and the best always.

16. I congratulate myself for mothering the future champion and great leader of tomorrow. Glad you came to us. Happy 1st birthday.

17. So happy how you made motherhood so easy for me this past 1 year. May life be easier and smoother for you all year round.

18. You smile at everyone and make people have assessed to you with ease. I am proud of you son. Keep growing in grace.

19. No hands of the enemy shall come near you. You are God’s heritage. Happy birthday, my boy!

20. This 1st anniversary is just so special to us, just because you’re handsome and special. Happy birthday, son!

21. I am no longer a barren woman because you came and opened my womb. Glad you came. Happy birthday to you, with love.

22. My baby, you deserve a whole lot today for being my first. You’ve made us proud, and will always be.

23. The joy of motherhood is to see you crawling, standing and now walking on your 1st birthday.

24. I didn’t realise it’s a whole year already until today. You’ve brought us so much joy that we’ve lost count of. Happy birthday, son!

25. May you grow up to be a handsome, wise and strong man someday. Mummy loves you heartily!

26. May you be a trailblazer for those coming behind you. Happy 1st birth anniversary, son!

27. If feels so good having you around my boy. You made your dad and me smile always. Thank you for brightening our world.

28. Despite your little age, your cheerfulness and smartness are incomparable. I am proud of who you’re growing to be.

29. Little cutie angel, may this not be the last birthday you will celebrate on this planet earth.

30. I can only wish you a wonderful and splendid time baby boy.

31. You are no longer months older but now a big year old. Big boy, you’re becoming day by day.

32. Each time I throw you up into the sky and you beam with a wide smile, this thrills the motherhood in me daily. I am glad to have you.

33. My big boy is now a year bigger and stronger. Continue to grow in God’s grace, son.

34. Today’s cake is meant for you alone. So you’re free to eat as much as you can today because next year’s promises to be bigger.

35. The joy of birthing you cutie dolly is much more than the stress you make me go through daily.

36. Your hyper activeness is so endearing. I can only pray you don’t grow stubborn with time.

37. I’ve watched you rise and fall severally and I know each rising is to a greater year. Happy birthday, sweet boy!

38. I could have wished you stay a baby forever because of this beautiful day of yours, but I pray you to grow wiser and bigger as each year turns around.

39. Your cuteness overrides your naughtiness. I’m thrilled having a special boy like you to nurture. Happy new year, baby boy!

40. Your growth is so sporadic and amazing. I’m sure your rising will be tripled as each new year comes by.

41. You’re not just 1 today, but you’re now growing to be a big boy that you really are.

42. How you delight everyone is so amazing. Congratulation on your bigger 1 today.

43. My son is every man’s friend. Ever friendly and assessable. Keep growing to our delight.

44. Hearty cheers to an amazing 1 year my baby boy. May the wisdom and grace of God be your sufficiency.

45. Everything about you is just so real and amazing. Even this 1st birthday is to launch you into amazing better years.

46. You have proven beyond doubts that your birth is uniquely special. And this 1st birthday celebration is to prove how special we hold you in our heart.

47. When I birthed you, I could see that innocence in your eyes, and which still grows with you even till now. May you not lose it to childishness.

48. You always dazzle your dad and me with your activeness. I pray you to become great someday. Happy birthday!

49. I pray you to grow to achieve more than your father has ever achieved from the start of this 1st birthday.

50. Beyond this 1st anniversary, you will grow to see a bright life ahead for you.

51. Each day I hold you in my arms I take pride in how bigger you’re growing.

52. May you grow bigger, better, stronger and wiser as each year comes by. Happy birthday, my sweet boy!

53. It’s just a year today but you still have a long way to go. May you grow farther in life.

54. Your innocent smile is so endearing son. I will always rock you to feel that smile always.

55. Your cry can sometimes make one go silly but it is the sweetest I have ever heard in many years.

56. You’re so adorable that many are always wanting to hold you in their arms. I’m proud of this feeling, cute son.

57. This is to wish the most adorable son in the whole universe a cheerful and flourishing 1st birthday.

58. My land is fruitful. My barrel is filled with the aura of your birth. You are a pride to us. Happy 1st anniversary, my boy!

59. Cutie boy, mummy and daddy love you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

60. One of the days parents look forward to is their child’s 1st birthday celebration. May this not be the last.

61. The world is waiting for your growth and all you’d become. I’m sure you will grow to make us all gratified.

62. Nothing is as pleasing as seeing my boy bubbling with a smile on his 1st birthday. More cakes for you sweetie.

63. I will love to celebrate more birthdays for you so long you will always bubble with joy like this.

64. I looked forward to this day and now it is a reality. I love you dear son

65. You’re the strength of our youthful years. Thank you for coming out big!

66. Mummy’s womb opener and daddy evidence of fertility. Thank you for making us, proud parents!

67. Yippee! It’s a reality, the day most parents look forward to for taking pictures, lightning of candles and eating of cakes. It’s my boy’s 1st birthday.

68. You have lived for a whole year and now we are celebrating. May you remain ever-present.

69. What could have taken away my years of worries but for your birth and presence? No evil shall befall you, my son.

70. Every good gift you will receive today shall be to your betterment. Happy birthday.

71. You’re free to play all you can today because it’s your 1st birthday.

72. As you eat your 1st birthday cake and savour its flavour, so shall your life ever remain ever favoured.

73. May the warmth and love attached to this beautiful day grow with you till eternity. Amen!

74. The twist we experienced before your conception has been meted with great joy ever since your birth. Happy 1st birthday, son.

75. The greatest joy of today is experiencing your 1st birthday. I wish you well my boy!

76. Your birth was a miracle. And we cannot withhold the joy we feel on this special day.

77. Nothing can be compared to having you as a gift from God. Your dad and I are so blessed to have you as our first fruit.

78. May the joy you have brought to us envelop you on this 1st birthday of yours and all around.

79. The past few months now turned a year has been so remarkable in our life. We love you and pray you more years.

80. What a gift you are to us, much more than the gift of a birthday cake or celebration. You mean the world to us.

81. Flavour, far beyond the one in making your birthday cake shall be added to your new age, son. Happy 1st birthday.

82. We feel your awesomeness, and we are so glad having you all to ourselves.

83. Watching you crawl, sit, stand, fall, chuckle, laugh and even cry has been a wonderful moment I will always live to treasure as a mother. I love you son.

84. 1 year is too small to unravel the lifetime greatness God is bringing your way. Happy birthday, my little master.

85. Your 1 year anniversary is to mark a launching into a bigger celebration over you.

86. You’re still my no 1 champion because it’s your 1st birthday celebration on earth.

87. This celebration is going to be filled with great joy and lots of wonderful memories.

88. Getting spoiled today is really undeniable. You have all it takes to be happy. A toast to your birthday.

89. My big boy is a year old today, a year better and a year smarter.

90. It’s your special day today. And you will live to behold this lovely day till eternity.

91. Your presence came with many good things you never could have imagined. We treasure you more on this day, son.

92. I can only look back and count the blessings of a whole year of cuteness and wonders. For the love of you, I say happy birthday to you my adorable.

93. Just as happy as we are today on your birthday, may you become more delightsome as you witness more blissful years on earth.

94. You are our miracle baby, and we are so glad to have you and celebrate your 1st birthday with you.

95. I can feel the joy of this day on your face boy. I wish today can always happen forever.

96. Turning one today simply means plenty of goodies, yummy cakes, many gifts and lots of fun.

97. From now on, I strongly believe my sleepless nights of whining are over because my son is now a 1 big boy.

98. Your 1st year has started on a good note. May the coming years be greater than the first.

99. The more I look at you, the more of your father’s angelic image I behold in you. May you experience sweetness all around, baby. Love you!

100. I am in love with you my boy and I am proud of your fast growth. Happy birthday to you.

We strongly hope these are the best wishes you could even gift your son on his 1st birthday. Trust the celebration will be fun-filled all around.

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