Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 1st Birthday

2023 Best Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 1st Birthday from Parents

It’s your son’s very first birthday!


I know that your heart prays for your son. And you have pleasant wishes for him.
You and I also understand that your baby is still very young and won’t see or understand all that is done for him on his special day.
And so, you want to tell the world how awesome your young son has been in this past year and the many beautiful wishes you have for him.

But then, I also know and understand how enthusiastic you are right now and that you can’t even wait to show off your toddler.

And, I also know why you are here.
You are so overwhelmed with beautiful emotions that you have been rendered speechless, yet you need wonderful wishes for your baby boy that you can share with the world.

I’ve got your back, you know.
I have wonderfully prepared mind-blowing wishes that you can say for your one-year-old on the occasion of his first year’s birthday.

Wanna see them?
You only have to scroll down.
These messages contain the Best Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 1st birthday from Parents and they would convey your very heart’s desires for your son. They are wishes that you would keep saying even after his birthday.
I’m indeed hoping you won’t experience another phase of speechlessness—not knowing which to pick!

You can, however, go for more than one.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish your baby boy the very best life’s got to offer and a blissful, full life ahead!
Happy birthday to him!
Cheers! And congratulations!

1st Happy Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy from Mother or Father

As a parent of this cute baby boy that’ll grow to be your daily joy, these birthday wishes are all you need to share on social media or say to him on his 1st birthday: happy birthday wishes for baby boy first birthday from parents (mother or father). These are some happy birthday wishes a mother or father can share along with pictures of the boy on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp status, etc), with prayers to say to him on his 1st birthday.

1. It’s the first birthday of my dear son, today. Having him in my arms this past year has granted me the best feeling ever. This is the one who is so dear to me. Happy birthday, Son.

2. Words would never be enough to describe this boy who came from me. As young as he is, he has filled my home with laughter. Your life will be an exemplary one, dear son. Happy birthday.

3. Friends, join me in celebrating the fruit of my loins as he is a year old today. My son, you shall be a blessing to the family always. Mommy and Daddy love you so much.

4. Even today, dear son, which makes a year of your existence, your father and I promise to do our very best in bringing you up in the right path, God helping us. Happy birthday, darling son. You are dear!

5. To my baby pumpkin. Son, you are the best thing that has happened to me in recent times. I’m so glad I birthed you. You shall always be the head and at the top. You grow in all spheres. Happy 1st birthday, my sweetheart.

6. Time indeed flies. Today, I remembered how I travailed in labour, exactly one year ago. But today, I look at my son and I do not remember my pain. My son, may you never have cause to cry and may I never mourn. Happy birthday, my baby.

7. I love and cherish the tiny hugs and wet kisses I get from my baby who is a year old today. May you always get help whenever you need it, my dear son. Happy birthday!

8. Our dear Prince, the past one year has been the best in our lives. We hope even for better years ahead. We love you. Happy 1st birthday, son.

9. My boy who is a priority for me. I’m so glad you came through me, dearie. Thanks for being the coolest son ever. Cheers to more years, honey. Happy 1st birthday.

10. God has indeed blessed me with the best gift. A darling son! What more can I ask for? And my baby is a year old, today. Happy birthday, son. You will grow to be great.

11. I’m the happiest mother on the planet. I have the best gift in the world. My precious gift clocks one today. We’re grateful to God. Happy birthday, my son.

12. Dear son, we know the excitement that would emanate from the entire family would look strange to you, but we do hope that you feel the warmth and be assured that you are dearly loved. Happy birthday.

13. A very happy first year birthday to my precious son. We would be sure to take lots of pictures so he can enjoy the memories when he gets older. Cheers to a new year, baby.

14. Your presence in our home, son, has made my life a full one. I’m so glad I had you when I did. It’s a new year. Happy birthday to my son.

15. My son is one, today. Indeed, time flies. It is like I had him in my womb just yesterday. Thank God for the past one year. Happy birthday to my lovely son.

16. I have a lot of prayers and brilliant wishes on your first birthday ever, dear son. My heart indeed blesses you. Happy birthday, darling son.

17. My beautiful son, you are more than gold. I cherish every moment spent with you this past year. I pray for God’s best. Happy birthday, son.

18. Happy birthday to my son, the strength of my youth. God bless you, now and always, dearie. Happy 1st birthday. May the Almighty keep you for me.

19. Dear son, on the occasion of your first birthday, I wish you every good thing life has to offer. Happy first birthday, my baby.

20. My baby boy clocks one today. Dear son, I do pray for a full life ahead, one lived to the brim. Happy birthday, son.

21. My cherished and most prized possession. God has indeed blessed me with a wonderful baby boy and it’s his very first birthday today. Happy birthday to my darling.

22. Wow! It’s a year already. A year I had this gift. My son is a year old today. Happy birthday to my lovely son. Mama loves you, baby.

23. Nothing compares to carrying my baby boy in my arms every day. And it’s already a year of holding you in my arms. Happy first year birthday, my darling son.

24. A year ago, when I had my son, I didn’t know that we would share a bond this strong. And I’m super glad that we bond so well. Happy birthday, my baby boy.

25. Wow! One looks so good on my son. My son is a year old today. May you have the best birthday, dear. And the coming years even better. Happy birthday!

26. My darling son, on this special occasion that marks your first birthday, I promise to always stand by you through situations. Mommy loves you, baby. Happy birthday!

27. The love we have for you, my dear son, will always push us to give you the best of the best, God helping us. Happy first birthday, my baby.

28. It’s a year already. And there’s no day that passes that we don’t get a smile on our faces because we have you. Happy first birthday, our lovely son. Mommy and Daddy love you so much.

29. To my baby on the occasion of his first birth anniversary, I am indeed blessed that you came through me, son. Blessed best describes the feeling! Happy birthday, baby.

30. My son, the beacon of our light in our home. Oh! How dear you are to us. We wish you the very best in life, baby. Happy birthday!

31. As a mother hovers over her child and shows him love, so I have loved you, and I still do. You are my son, and you will always remain dear to me. Happy first birthday, son!

32. It’s with love that I celebrate my son on his first birthday. The past year has been full of its ups and downs, but God has seen us through. Happy birthday to my son. Indeed, it’s with love.

33. Since the day I held him in my arms just after delivery, my son has been nothing but a source of joy. Always putting smiles on my face. Happy birthday, dear son. Mommy loves you so much.

34. The memories my baby boy has given me in his first year will last a lifetime. And I’m sure the future holds even better things. Today’s my son’s first birthday! Happy birthday, son!

35. Each month, when I celebrate the birth of my son, my heart soars with gladness. And he is a year old today! Happy first year birthday, my baby boy.

36. From sitting on your own, to crawling, to standing on your own and to your baby steps. Every moment I realize you are growing, my heart becomes full. Happy 1st birthday, my love.

37. I remember days when you fall while trying to stand or putting what’s supposed not to be eaten in your mouth. I’m glad I still have you! Happy first birthday, son.

38. Today, a lot of memories from the past year keeps coming and I’m overwhelmed with emotions. God has been faithful. Happy first birthday, son.

39. My darling son, the rest of your life would the best of your life. And it’s gonna be a full one. Happy first birth anniversary.

40. From conception to this day, my son has been nothing short of a miracle. We are lucky and blessed you are in our lives. Happy first birthday.

41. Dear son, may you grow up to be a man of honour and a person of value and strong virtues. Happy first birthday, baby.

42. My son is one! May you always have reasons to be happy. And may your days be joyful. Happy first birthday! Grow old!

43. As the past year has been, I promise the new will be better. Daily, I’ll keep reassuring you of my love for you, my gracious son. Happy first birthday!

44. Son, thanks for making parenting sweet and easy for us. You’re the best gift God has given your mom and I. We wish you the best of the best. Happy first birthday!

45. It gladdens me beyond measure that I have my replica. A son who looks just like me. Daddy loves you, Junior. And Daddy prays that you will become a great person. Happy 1st birth anniversary.

46. Loving you, our darling son, does not only come easy, but it also gives us inexplicable joy. We love you! Happy first year birthday.

47. It’s the very first birthday of the best baby boy in the entire universe. Happy birthday, lovely son. God bless you, every waking day of your life! Cheers!

48. My dear son, your mother and I celebrate your birth. Whatever choices you make as a result of the good training we would do our best to give, we’ll give our support. Happy birthday, son.

49. My son, may you grow into someone we would be proud of. One we would be glad to call our own. Happy first birthday!

50. If I were to choose a son in the next life and the next, I’ll choose you still. You’ve been a source of joy. Happy first birthday, my dear.

51. My adorable son, I’ll go to the moon and back just to put a smile on your face, because the knowledge that you’re mine gives me joy. May you have a full life, my baby.

52. My son, may you grow to be great and wise. And nations will come to your light. It’s your first birthday, my love. Shine!

53. I am blessed to have a son who I’m certain will be a spring of happiness for me and the household. Happy birthday, baby.

54. It’s your first and you will celebrate many more years in good health without struggles. You will be blessed all days of your life. Happy first birthday, boy.

55. You will be a fountain of good things and people will come to eat of your tree of gladness. Happy first birthday, son.

56. With each day that passes, and I see my son growing, my happiness and joy mounts in leaps. God has been good and always will be. Happy first birth anniversary to my baby boy.

57. People, celebrate with me! My son is a year old today. Who would have thought I’d hold my own baby? Thanks to God. My son, you shall be great in the land of the living. Happy birthday!

58. With my son in my arms, life suddenly seems beautiful. I want to watch my baby boy grow older and so I wouldn’t give in to worries. Happy birthday, my boy.

59. My adorable son, as you mark your first birthday, keep in mind that you shall be exceedingly great. Happy birthday, dear.

60. Every day, thoughts of you fill my heart with love. I’m so happy that you are one-year-old, today. Long life and prosperity, my baby.

61. You will be a blessing to everyone that you come across. And your path shines brighter, dearie. It’s your very first year on earth. Enjoy, baby boy.

62. My heavenly Father, I thank You for this gift you gave me. He is a year old today. And I see the future and I know that I’m blessed. Happy birthday, sweetie.

63. Today, we celebrate our son’s first year in the land of the living. Happy birthday, honey. You’re dearly loved.

64. As you mark today and begin another year of childhood, may you grow up to be great and blessed beyond measure. Happy birthday, my darling boy.

65. We’ll always be with you darling, even when you grow up and have dreams of your own. May all be a reality. Happy first birthday, baby.

66. A year ago, we trusted God for a baby boy and He gave us a wonderful son. We’ll always be glad that we have you. Happy birthday!

67. Darling, it’s our prayer that you grow into an excellent person that people will be delighted to be associated with. Happy first birthday, darling.

68. My son, you will grow up so wonderfully that, we would make memories that will run through ages. Happy first birth anniversary.

69. Happy first birthday to my little prince. You shall grow to be awesome and wonderful. I love you so much, my boy.

70. I’m glad I can still hold you in my arms. It doesn’t matter how old you grow, you will always be my baby boy. Happy 1st birthday.

71. Happy first year birthday to my darling son. It pleases me that you are called by my name. May you be blessed richly, son. Happy birthday to you.

72. Each cold night, my hugs will give you warmth. I’ll always be by your side, my baby. Happy 1st birthday, my son.

73. Darling, irrespective of how busy I will always be, I’ll always make out time for you. You are a gift from God that I can’t take for granted. Happy first birthday to you, my son.

74. My dear son, having you is a blessing. With you, I have learnt parenting in its full measure. I don’t regret having you, my love. Happy first year birthday, honey.

75. You will grow to be great and desired by nations. You will always be at peace with God and man. Happy first birthday to my darling son.

76. My ever handsome baby boy. On this beautiful day, I wish you God’s best. I love you so much, sweetheart. And I’m glad to witness your very first year. Happy birthday!

77. The time of your coming into my life was a perfect one. You came and righted everything. Blessed am I to be your father. Happy birthday to my seed. God bless you. son.

78. May God keep us all, so I can see many more of your years. Happy birthday, darling son. It’s your first, enjoy.

79. I’ll always be there for you, my son. Through thick and thin. Cheers to your first year, sweetie. Happy birthday.

80. We celebrate our son’s very first birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart. We love you.

81. Son, on this day, your mother and I promise our unending support in all that you decide to do. Happy 1st birthday, darling.

82. My little prince. I’m so delighted to be celebrating your new year with you. Have a blast, son. May your life be a full one.

83. May this new year mark a new beginning in all of our lives. Happy first birthday to my son. Cheers!

84. Your birth was a tough one indeed, but I’m grateful to the Almighty that we both can see this day. Happy first birthday, lovely son. I’m proud to be your mother.

85. I would give the world for my son’s happiness. He’s a year old today. Happy birthday, dearie. Mama loves you, dearly.

86. It’s really amazing having you as a son. It’s wonderful holding you in my arms. I love you, dear son. Happy birthday!

87. Sometimes, I feel my son understands me so well. He knows when to cry and when to play. He doesn’t stress Mama. Happy first birthday, my dear. I love you.

88. Junior, we’ll tour the world together and I’ll watch you grow into an amazing man. Never forget that Daddy loves you so much. Happy birthday!

89. Everyone in the family is always joyous to have you around. You put a smile on all of our faces. We celebrate you today, son. Happy birthday!

90. I have many reasons to love you. And I love the amazing child you’re growing to be. Happy first birthday, son.

91. Sweetheart, may you always be surrounded by the gift of men. You will never lack, my son. Happy first birthday to you.

92. Charming since his very first day on earth and to his very first year, my baby has been a source of gladness for my home. Happy birthday, child. You shall be great.

93. I have so many reasons to be glad that I am my son’s mother. I’m indeed grateful to the Almighty for his first year. Happy birthday, sweet son. It’s with love.

94. On this day, I pray heartily for my baby boy, that you will always be in favor with God and man. Happy birthday, dearie.

95. Mommy will always be in love with you, sweetheart. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Happy 1st birthday.

96. My this day be filled with every warmth and love that I have in my heart for you, my dear. A prosperous first birthday to you.

97. My darling, you deserve every good thing life has to offer. And you will get that which you deserve. Happy birthday, my darling.

98. You will grow older, my boy. And you will be a source of joy, not only to us, but to everyone who crosses your path. Happy birthday, honey.

99. You complete me, my son. And I’ll do all within my power to give you the best. Happy birthday, sugar.

100. May your life be filled with light and love, all days of your life. It’s well with you, always. Soar, darling. Happy first year birthday.

I’m pretty sure that in years to come when your lovely son comes across whichever of the messages you’ve chosen, he’d be so glad to have you as his parents.

I’d love a comment from you on how good you’ve found these messages and how I can serve you better.

Don’t forget to share.
Both the post and my share of the birthday cake. Smiles.

Happy 1st birthday to your son.

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