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2nd Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friend in 2023

Anniversaries are big deal, wedding anniversaries are the real deal in a marriage. When you have to celebrate being with that person for 2 years, to celebrate memories and fun stored up over the months, it is an exciting occasion.

Almost every married couple look forward to celebrating the love and unity which they have shared over the years.
It seems like a perfect opportunity for them to relish every memory from their wedding day.

And even if the anniversary is not yours, maybe your friend or relation is the celebrant, you will need some well-crafted, exceptionally thoughtful anniversary wishes and messages to send them as they celebrate this milestone.

Go ahead and wish those beautiful couple friend of yours celebrating their second year in marriage with your choice from any of these second Wedding Anniversary Wishes.

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Messages for Special Friends

Since you’re happy that your friend is celebrating 2 years of togetherness with his or her spouse, these 2nd wedding anniversary wishes, messages and quotes are all you need to join in the celebrations.

1. You have done well, today makes it 730 you’ve stayed together and I’m more than happy for you my dear friend. Congratulations to you.

2. Happy second anniversary to you guys, I love that you love and will always love each other.

3. Twenty four months of awesomeness and companionship, I celebrate you my dear friend and I wish that your years of being together will be forever.

4. May your laughter and joy in the past 2 years of your union be forever. Happy anniversary to you and your wife.

5. I love how you’ve loved and adored each other, I pray that it will be permanent. Happy 2nd anniversary to you both.

6. It feels just like yesterday when you said your vows to each other in the presence of us all. I wish you more years of happiness together. Happy anniversary to you.

7. You both make love beautiful, and as you celebrate today, I wish you happiness always.

8. May your love never die but grow stronger always. Happy anniversary to you.

9. May the flame of love between you shine bright and never go dim. Happy anniversary!

10. Congratulations to you both, you’ve successfully completed 2 years out of a journey of a lifetime.

11. May your love bundle never be exhausted, my your laughter never fade. Happy anniversary to you today.

12. Your love and devotion to each other are second to none and I just want to say congrats to you. Happy second anniversary to you.

13. Your love and support for each other are quite impressive and I am happy for you both always. Congratulations on your second anniversary.

14. It feels just like yesterday when you said your vows and we all danced to our heart content. Congratulations my friend, I wish you love always.

15. The past 2 years have shown beyond doubt that you guys will have a wonderful marriage. Happy anniversary to you.

16. My prayer for you as you celebrate is that your home be blessed always. Happy anniversary to you.

17. Just like a bottle of wine, I’m confident that your marriage will get better as the years go by. Happy anniversary.

18. May you celebrate more years of togetherness, happy second anniversary to you.

19. Two years and still going, that’s you guys. Happy anniversary to you

20. May your bond grow stronger always, happy anniversary.

21. May your love for each other grow stronger no matter how bad times are. Happy anniversary!

22. I wish you a bond that’s everlasting and full of happiness. Congratulations to you. Happy second anniversary!

23. I pray for you guys today that may you always do peace in each other no matter what life throws at you both, happy anniversary to you.

24. Blessings and more blessings to you as you celebrate today. Happy anniversary guys.

25. True and pure may your love always be for each other. Congratulations on your second anniversary.

26. You are together and that’s all that matters other than the years you’ve spent together. Congratulations to you.

27. Love exists strongly and I’m glad I see that in your home. Happy anniversary to you today.

28. Light and flowers for you and your love, congratulations it’s your second year.

29. I’m so happy for you, can’t believe it’s 2 years already. Congratulations to you, best friend.

30. A wish that the smile on your face will never be drained will always be on my heart. Happy wedding anniversary dear

31. Smile always and never forget to love spiritedly. Happy second anniversary to you.

32. 2 years into forever, may your love for each other grow and never die. Happy anniversary to you.

33. Many compromises you’ve both made and its brought you this far, and of course, it’s a journey filled with smiles and laughter. I’m happy for you both, happy second anniversary.

34. Blessed with a unique bond of love, I wish you nothing short of it on this journey. Happy anniversary to you.

35. I love that I could share in your love and joy today. I pray your home be blessed always. Happy anniversary!

36. Two years into eternity and all I can say is I wish you every joy your heart craves. Happy anniversary to you.

37. It’s a special occasion today, 365 days times 2 into an eternity of unity. I love you guys, happy anniversary to you.

38. Not just 2 years but 2 decades times 2, this is my prayer for you both today. Happy anniversary.

39. Because you’ve shown to us all around you that anything is possible if you hold true love in your heart, I am wishing you a very happy 2nd anniversary!

40. The face and body will grow old but I pray for you that your love and support for each other never wane. Happy anniversary to you.

41. Today as you celebrate, I pray for you that your bond of true love becomes unfading and everlasting! Happy anniversary guys.

42. Heartiest congratulations to both of you on this special occasion. You keep proving to us all that marriage is truly a blessing. Happy anniversary!

43. Today, my heartfelt prayer is that as the years go by, the love you share becomes stronger. Happy anniversary!

44. I’m very confident that you’ll never let go of the love that you feel for each other. I pray that you become the happiest couple that ever lived in this world. happy anniversary!

45. May your marriage remain constant and stand strong forever, that is my wish for you today.

46. I pray that you’ll never lose the love you have for each other all the days of your life. Happy anniversary to you.

47. To best friends and true loves to each other, I wish you a happy anniversary today.

48. May your days together be forever. May your life reflect true blessings from God. Happy second anniversary to you.

49. I wish you nothing but joy and love today as you celebrate your anniversary. May your life be filled with happiness!

50. To the most beautiful couple I know, happy anniversary guys. May your love be forever.

51. Keep the flames of love burning guys, I love you both. Happy second anniversary to you.

52. Keep smiling and have a very fulfilled home. Happy anniversary to you today, my dear friend.

53. Happy anniversary to you my dear friend, I’m so happy for you and proud of you of course.

54. Cheers to the most perfect and beautiful couple I know, happy second anniversary!

55. You make love sweet and beautiful. I wish you fulfilment in your home, happy anniversary to you.

56. I just knew you guys could do it together, 2 years and counting. Happy anniversary to you both.

57. Watching you I’ve understood that falling in love with the same person, again and again, is not that hard. Happy anniversary!

58. I miss the memories of us in the past before you got married, but of course, I’m happy for you. Happy second wedding anniversary my dear friend.

59. In all you do, don’t forget to never get tired of each other’s company. Happy anniversary!

60. You look so happy and perfect together that you make the rest of us look bad. But then, happy second anniversary!

61. I’ve seen you guys love each other with no condition, keep it up. Happy anniversary to you.

62. May your love stand strong from now till the end of ages. Happy second anniversary my best friend.

63. I look forward to a beautiful marriage just like yours, let me wish you a happy anniversary for now.

64. Happy second anniversary times 100! I love you guys.

65. May your home continue to radiate love and togetherness. Enjoy your anniversary today.

66. Don’t forget to keep telling each other how much you love.

67. I hope you know that your love is amazing and beautiful for each other, happy anniversary to you.

68. As you celebrate 2 years, I pray that you celebrate 20 times 2 years anniversary together. Happy anniversary.

69. I’m coming over to eat anniversary cake don’t forget! Happy second year together lovelies.

70. From my heart, I wish you the warmest anniversary you’ll get today. Happy second year.

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