Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Husband and Wife in 2023

It’s your wedding anniversary. A day worthy of celebration. Want to set a romantic mood for the day with a wonderful message for your spouse? Then, this is for you:

Life is a journey. Marriage is an adventure. And this very one with your spouse has been eventful, full of its ups and downs. It’s not been all rosy.

You saw your imperfections through the coloured lens of love. Trials rolled in like the waves of the sea. You got hit, unexpectedly! In the midst of this tempest, your love anchor held on. Its root was firm and deep – nourished by your unwavering commitment.

Bitterness, anger and the others were knocked out. Genuine love won; based on respect, appreciation, communication, concession and compromise. You saw many trials and got the courage to weather the storms – together!

Now, you can affirm that love is more than a feeling. It is a commitment with numerous rewards.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Spouse

Now you want to write a heart felt, beautiful and touching message for your spouse? Try these Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Spouse already written for you.

1. It seems like yesterday when you asked me out.
I couldn’t resist your sincerity, your love for me was blazing forth from your eyes.
You had only eyes for me, then I couldn’t help but get lost in the ocean of your love for me.
How could I say ‘No’ when you proposed to me?
The heavens applauded the day we were joined together.
The world celebrates our unique love today.
I love you now and forever.

2. I celebrate you today, and always.
Thirteen years ago, God gave me a befitting crown.
A crown of peace, that enhances my beauty.
My store of wealth,
My champion, my friend and confidant.
My prayer partner, my counsellor.
My bible expository,
The perfect cover up for all my weaknesses.

3. Our special day is here again!
I’m never tired of celebrating our love!
My Prince Charming, marrying you gave me a taste of paradise.
Our time together, a glimpse of heaven.
You are my perfect match, my handsome, and my love for you increases daily, as the years go by.
Happy wedding anniversary, my darling!
Let’s pop the champagne!

4. The years have sped by like a creeping shadow!
Had I the foresight, I’d have done it earlier.
If I had known marrying you would bring such joy, ecstasy and manifold blessings to me, I’d have eloped with you the day you ‘popped the question’.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my king!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes from Wife for Husband

5. It’s our day, my baby!
Our love has been exciting and fulfilling because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
You are my joy and pride. Thanks so much for your unwavering love, untiring care, solid leadership, generous provisions and unflinching support over the years.
Happy wedding anniversary, love!

6. Today is our day, my crown.
‘Ten years’ ago, our hearts were knitted together in love divine.
I signed up for a lifetime of pure bliss, I got undiluted TLC (tender loving care)!
I cherish every moment of our time together. Today, I am a better woman because of your love.
I glow as I bask in the euphoria of your love for me. Congrats, my darling!

7. I can’t believe it’s ‘five years’ already!
It seems just like days ago we signed the dotted lines.
With you my Pride, every day is a Christmas, our honeymoon is unending.
When I wake up in your arms each day, my heart beats crazily for you, my handsome!
I am so proud to call you mine. Happy wedding anniversary to the best husband in the world!

8. Wow, it’s our day, my baby! The day we came together as one.
You are one in a million, my champion!
So quick to defend me, always watching out for me, ever willing to put a smile on my face!
I celebrate you today and always, my Knight in shining armour!

9. Before I met you, I thought all men are liars, so I avoided them like plagues.
You proved me wrong, my dependable.
You are as good as your word, in every way.
Your word is your bond, and I treasure you.
You have been faithful to your vows and your promises to me you have kept.
Happy wedding anniversary, my rock!

10. Until I met you, I had given up on life.
Life had dealt me several crippling blows and I was overwhelmed.
I was that close to calling it quits with the wretchedness my life had become…
Until you breezed into my life and swept me off my feet.
I never knew what hit me, until I realised that my life is now filled with laughter, unbridled passion, joy, hope, and much more.
Life became great, because of you.
Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

11. Exactly ten years ago, we made our vows.
Our journey down the aisle was a big step of faith.
I was so scared, really.
I had seen so many couples so much in love, quickly fall out of love.
But we took that baby step, and our love blossomed and bloomed over the years.
I love you more today than I did then.
Happy wedding anniversary to us!

12. Before I met you, I was heartbroken.
I was spent and had nothing to offer.
I’d resigned myself to fate, embracing singleness completely.
I gave you the brush off; you stuck to me like glue.
I chased you away, you wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.
With persistence and perseverance, you broke through my walls of resistance.
Like a dream, I said ‘I do’ to the only man for me.
Today, I bless God that you didn’t give up till we became man and wife. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

13. It was love, at first sight, the day we met.
I caught a glimpse of sunshine, and couldn’t tear my eyes away to save my life.
Our eyes spoke volumes, chemistry sparked.
I swooned, you stretched your hand to steady me.
Electrified, we couldn’t deny the attraction.
We held on to each other, through thick and thin….
Till we came together as one.
Then, I realised that reality is much greater than fantasy!
You are a dream come through, my dashing love!
Happy wedding anniversary, my joy.

14.I had my doubts, as I said my vows.
Could this be real? This consuming love for you?
Would your love and passion for me stand the test of time,
or would you soon get tired of me?
Time alone would tell.
Time has proved your love as invaluable.
You treat me like your most valuable treasure.
Your love for me intoxicates me beyond words!
I love you more now, than never
Happy wedding anniversary, mine!

15. Loving, kind, generous, and compassionate…
You are God’s best gift to me.
Life with you is never dull, it’s always brimming with excitement and surprises.
Your whisper of love is the reason behind my success story.
Happy wedding anniversary.

16.People say “you can’t eat your cake and have it”.
I got lucky, I guess.
I married my best friend, my gist partner, confidant and the love of my life.
Over the years, our love never dips, rather it deepens as the years roll by.
I can’t let today go without letting you know, you are God’s best gift to me, my treasure.
Happy wedding anniversary!

17. From the first day we met, you blew my mind.
Charming, savvy, great figure, a vision to behold.
I got to know you, and unravel the beauty within: your humility, kindness and gracious love.
I married you, I discovered I got a timeless treasure that fills my life with wonders every day.
Happy wedding anniversary, my angel.
I love you now and forever.

18. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my love.
You are the love of my life, I can’t tell you enough.
You are the reason I don’t quit when life deals me a crushing blow.
Your love and faith in me pushed me to the level of success attained so far.
Your confidence in me inspires me to reach for the moon.
I love you so much, my pumpkin!

19. My sunshine, the happiest day in my life was the day you agreed to be mine.
The day we tied the nuptial, was a dream come true.
Many years down the line, my only regret is not marrying you earlier!
The joy you bring to my life each day is beyond my wildest dream.
Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

20.The day I met you, I thought I was dreaming.
You were so ethereally beautiful, you took my breath away!
Then, you gave me that enchanting smile, I was completely hooked.
Thoughts of having you permanently in my life, consumed me day and night.
I was relentless in my pursuit until you agreed to be mine, and…I was beyond ecstatic.
Then, we were joined together as man and wife, my joy knew no bounds.
The years we have been together, are the best in my life.
You mean the world to me, my baby girl!

21. You came into my life, you brought so much joy, love and laughter.
You transformed my life completely with your radiance.
Your loving smile smoothens all the worry lines on my face.
Your gentle touch sets my heart on fire.
No one else can take your place in my life.
Thank you for being my wife,
Happy wedding anniversary, my jewel of inestimable value.

22. I remember that day, the day we walked down the aisle.
You were a vision in white, so great is your beauty that my eyes were glued on you.
Thus began the best chapters of my life.
You make my life complete.
A shoulder to lean on, my companion, world best chef, passionate lover, my best cheerleader.
Happy wedding anniversary, my sweetie pie!

23. On a day like this, we were joined together as husband and wife.
What a glorious day!
Shining and bright, filled with fun, holding lots of promises of great things to come.
I wasn’t disappointed.
Our home is built on the solid rock of love, trust and godly values.
Together, we have attained dreams that seemed far-fetched, and our future promises to be better than all our yesterdays and today.
I love you now and forever.

24. Today, I celebrate our love, my dashing prince.
You won my heart with your constant display of affection, attention and undying devotion.
Your love for me has not waned over the years.
Rather, the strong cord of our love has been strengthened through the storms of life.
I attained this level of accomplishments because of your love, encouragement and sacrifices.
To live is to love you forever!

25. Happy wedding anniversary, my jewel.
You are the pillar that holds our home together.
Through thick and thin, your live and devotion never wavered.
You are as solid as the rock, through trying times.
I am the man I am today because you stood by me, and behind me.
No one can take your place in my heart, you are simply the best!

26. Today, I am so thankful to God, for the blessings he bestowed.
God gave me a gift:
He didn’t give me what I thought I wanted, rather He gave me the best gift ever.
Exactly what I need…
I love you husby, you are the best! Happy wedding anniversary to us.

27. I will never forget the day we met.
It was at a friend’s party, and you were the cynosure of all eyes.
Grown men were positively gawking at your beauty.
You were so young but mature in your demeanour.
Everyone wanted your attention, even ladies were fawning over you.
You had the carriage of a princess, men were falling over themselves to be allowed into your court.
Yet, you had eyes for only me!
Charmingly but firmly, you rejected them all and made a beeline for the lone man who watched all the drama from afar, bemused.
A match made in heaven, that has defied all odds, established a great family blessed with wonderful children and filled with all our hearts ever desired.
Happy wedding anniversary, my princess!

28. If I had the benefit of foresight, I wouldn’t have waited so long to take you to the altar.
Marrying you has been the best decision I have ever made.
You have brought so much joy and laughter into my life.
Everything that I have struggled to attain but failed to accomplish hitherto, came without a struggle when we became one.
All my dreams became effortless realities because of your selfless love.
Today, on our wedding anniversary, I renew my pledge to love and adore you forever.
Congratulations, my darling!

29. You came from a wealthy home, my parents were humble peasants.
You were fed with a silver spoon, your breeding and exposure were way out of my league.
You had so many suitable suitors ready to move heaven and health to have you…
Yet, you shunned them all to choose me.
All the warnings of possible future abuse and abject poverty fell on deaf ears as your love for me was stronger than all opposition.
You saw in me the potentials of a great tomorrow that others didn’t.
You believed in me and gave me the wings to soar.
Today, as we celebrate our union, I celebrate you, my darling Queen.
My success story today is simply yours. Your unwavering love and staunch support have yielded such outstanding blessings and achievements.
I love you now more than ever, my adorable angel!

30. If you were to compete in a beauty pageant, you’d have won effortlessly. Such is your timeless beauty.
Each day I wake up, I find myself gazing at your lovely face and shape, that time and children did nothing to ravage, but rather enhanced.
It’s our wedding anniversary, so I need to let you know that your beauty surpassed physical attributes.You are calm, loving, submissive, caring, gentle and hardworking.
You are the pillar that held our marriage together and I am so proud of you, my honey.

31. Talk of opposite attracts!
Some attract only to unglue.
Others are bonded only to stray. Sparks flew with few, but they got burnt by unbridled passion.
Our love story is different. The fire of our love grew steadily and strongly without burning
We got married, we complemented each other perfectly. Where I am weak, you are my steady rock. Where you are weak, I am your perfect cover-up. No ego, no blaming match…just undiluted love.
I celebrate our love today and always!

32. I was in no rush, so I took my time to choose.
Many ladies were ripe for the picking,
Beautiful women were falling all over me,
Successful ones were offering me their possessions just to be mine,
The smart ones coded it nicely, but I was unmoved by all their antics.
I chose you to be my wife, lover, companion and friend because you have all the qualities I desired. I couldn’t possibly ask for more!
As the years grow by, I have no single regret, you are still my only choice.
We have no children to show for it yet, but I need you to know that children are God’s additional blessings to this union.
You are the real blessings and still the desire of my heart. I love you passionately and content to grow old with you.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

33. It’s our wedding anniversary and I want to make merry, singing and dancing.
Years into our marriage, no child to call our own.
I was agitated, scared, labelled, mocked and scorned.
I have soaked our pillows with tears and drenched your shoulders with weeping.
You stood by me all through our years of waiting.
No one could mock me in your presence, so valiant was your defence of me.
You are the world best husband ever!

34. You stood by me, and I am ‘wowed’.
Years of marriage devoid of children,
Questioning glances, embarrassing questions, unveiled insults, heart-wrenching interrogations, agonizing tests and treatments, you kept cheering me on.
You shunned all attempts to send me packing and blocked all second wife’s bids. You wouldn’t even think of betraying our marriage vows by impregnating someone else.
You were my rock and sanity till we had our bundle of joy.
I appreciate you so much, and love you passionately, now and forever.

35. Praise God for another opportunity to celebrate our budding love.
You are my pride, my joy and life.
Until I met you, my life was incomplete.
Marrying you was a dream come true for me.
Marriage with you has been a journey in fulfilment and satisfaction.
No one else knows how to press my default buttons like you.
Happy anniversary to us!

36. “Distance relationship is energy-sapping and mostly disastrous”, thus I was warned by well-meaning friends.
Ours proved to be the exception.
You are an exceptional man, faithful and devoted.
Marrying you was a risky venture that I did with my heart in my mouth: yet, I did it all the same.
It was you or no one else!
No one else can measure up to you, so special and wonderful are you!
Marrying you was my best decision ever. You fulfilled all my wildest imaginations and beyond. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my sugar!

37. I had just a wish: absolute love and acceptance from my soul mate. I got my wish in you and much more!
Today I am a better person because your love transformed me.
I cherish the wonderful times we have had together as man and wife. I am looking forward to spending a blissful eternity with you. Happy wedding anniversary, sweetie pie!

38. Rainbows are forever, so I reached for the stars.
I got the one that shined the most.
The star that filled my life with so much light, sparkle, love and joy. It’s our wedding anniversary, I am glad to have you, my eternal love.

39. It’s our wedding anniversary, another opportunity to appreciate the treasure I have. I may not say this often, but it’s the truth from my heart. “I love you, my baby. You mean the world to me, no one else can take your place in my heart”.

40. I feel like dancing, today is our day!
I married you, and my life was never the same again.
I married you, and I was totally transformed.
You have a great personality, your one ambition in life seems to be to make me happy.
Oh yeah, I am happy, ecstatic and bubbling, all because of you!
I celebrate you today, my darling! You are the music I dance beautifully to!

41. The day we got married, life took on a greater meaning.
Love took on a greater depth,
Life unfolded in different shades of experiences.
Marriage to you showed me the true meaning of LOVE.
Love is more than a feeling,
Love is an unbreakable commitment, absolute faithfulness, complete trust, forgiveness, tolerance and watching out for your buddy.
You are my best buddy and the great love of my life.
I celebrate you today and forever!

42. I was devastated, totally overwhelmed and suicidal when the one I loved left me callously for another.
I felt ugly, lost and undeserving.
Then, you came into my life like a passing wind.
You blew my imagination away by the depth of your love for me! Hey, this beats me hands down!
Marrying you was like a fairytale, life with you is filled with unending tickling surprises.
Then, I realised that the hard blow life dealt me, was to remove the thorny weed from my life, in order to make room for the Roses! Happy wedding anniversary, you are the love of my life!

43. I knew you were the one, but I bided my time.
I watched from afar, I saw my fawn blossomed into a lovely dove. Then I started hovering around, just to keep you on my radar, to ward off unwanted advances from other wannabes.
When the time was ripe, I made my move. You would have none of it. Friends we are, you claimed.
I had been patient for so long, a little more time would help you to realise how perfect we were for each order.
So, I let you be and left till you gave me that call. The call that led to the tolling wedding bells.
Today, I need you to know you are the only woman for me, my love. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

44. Happy wedding to us, my dear wife.
You mean the world to me.
You are my crush, best friend forever, and lover.
Every woman pales to you in comparison, no one can take your place in my life.
I love you so much and I cherish the great life we have built together my sugar pie.

45. Have I told you lately how much you mean to me?
Did I let you know how fast my heart beats each time I gaze into your beautiful eyes?
Do you really know how much I love you?
You are my better half, the added beauty to my beast.
The rainbow in my cloud, the light beyond the dark tunnel.
Beauty and brain combined in one so humble, compassionate and generous. I feel blessed to have you as mine. Happy wedding anniversary, my fortune!

46. Happy wedding to us, my dashingly handsome man!
I feel blessed and fulfilled to call you mine.
You are a generous husband, doting father, perfect lover.
Thank you for always being there for me.

47. I have thought hard and deep, still, I can’t fathom why you love me so much.
You treat me like a princess, you handle me like a fragile egg.
I have the love and respect of family, friends and acquaintances because of your open display of love and attention.
You treat me like a rare jewel and encouraged me to be the best I can attain in my career.
I love you so much, my king. My heart is so full that it threatens to burst, yet the best is yet to come. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

48. Our wedding anniversary is here again. It calls for deep reflection and thankfulness.
I have not been fulsome in my appreciation of you, so I am using this privilege to appreciate you for your unflinching support, undying love and unending devotion, over the years.
Behind this successful man, is my beautiful wife. Every milestone of achievement is dedicated to you.
I may not tell you this often enough, but I love you passionately.
Congratulations, my Queen. May we celebrate many more years in sound health and prosperity in Jesus’ name.

49. Some call it fate, others providence, but I know for sure it’s destiny…. the meeting that changed my life forever.
Meeting you wasn’t a coincidence, it was God- ordained.
Loving you was totally beyond me, I fell heads over heels in love.
Marrying you was a given, my heart’s irrevocably yours.
Two peas in a pod, that’s us.
Our love has known no bounds, the years have done nothing to diminish it.
Instead, it has grown in leaps and bounds.
True love endures forever. My heart is forever yours, my baby!
Happy wedding anniversary celebrations to us!

50. I married you on a day like this, and life turned around for me…
You said yes, and I got my dream job.
You became mine, fortunes began smiling on me.
What more should I say?
Your smile brightens my day, your love gives me the confidence to take on new challenges, your touch electrifies my body, your kiss is a taste of heaven
My love for you is eternal, my sunshine. Congratulations to us!

51. It’s no secret, you are the love of my life.
Yippee, it’s our wedding anniversary today!
I celebrate you, my love.
You are my heroine, my number one cheerleader.
The one whose golden touch calms my jittery nerves.
The one who puts a smile on my face when things are going downhill.
I love you, my baby girl!

52. I can’t believe this, another year has rolled by.
How the days sweep by, like a rushing wind!
It seems just like yesterday when we walked down the aisle and signed a lifetime agreement of oneness and togetherness.
The storms of life couldn’t separate us, rather they helped us to glue together.
We came out better and stronger, because of our love.
God bless you, my love, now and forever more.

 Anniversary Wishes for Husband from Wife

53. Happy wedding anniversary, my Jewel.
You are my first love, the one who awoken the fire of love within me.
My crush, the one who keeps the flame of passion burning within me.
You are my only love, no one else can satisfy me like you.
You are uniquely created for me, and my joy is complete when we are together.
I celebrate our love today, my dearest.

54. Through life’s many disappointments, I found the true meaning of love in you.
Your love is comforting, steadfast and trustworthy.
I thought all men are Casanovas, but you proved yourself beyond mere words.
You are a ‘cutlass’, not a ‘sword’ and I am your woman, your sole delight.
I feel blessed and contented in your love.
So, I celebrate you today on our wedding anniversary. You are blissfully the best!

55. No way, I said!
No way you’d love someone like me.
This local girl that’s way beneath you in every way.
Educated abroad, with a foreign accent, vacations in exotic places in the world, moved in ‘high and mighty circles’.
How do I measure up being brought up humbly and lowly?
Yet, your love wouldn’t let go until you chased all the shadows of doubts away.
Your love proved genuine and I was welcomed into your circle.
Your world became my world, without clashing.
Our love shines and beats every failure predictions today. I love you fiercely, my darling.

56. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my crown.
It wasn’t that long ago you paid my bride price.
You gladly went through all the rigours it took to take me as your bride.
You refused to negotiate because you felt no price was too high to pay for the privilege of being mine.
The privilege is really mine, my husband.
You have proven to be a man in millions, so great is your love, care and devotion.
You deserve a medal, my honey.

57. I was scared of love because it can burn and scar one for life.
You forced me to look deeply into your eyes, and I saw a love ready to cherish and protect me.
So, I took a chance on love and I was transported into a land foreign to me.
A land of love, bliss, fun and joy…where every frown is countered by a soothing smile, every doubt shattered by deep conviction, wishes became reality and dreams came true. You are my dream come true, and I celebrate you on this our wedding anniversary day!

58. Incredible! A year has come and gone already.
It seemed just like days ago when I couldn’t wait to have you. When I was counting the days till you became mine.
The hours were forever dragging,
Oh, the torture of waiting for my love!
Then the day came bright and shining filled with promises and hope.
Now, the sweetness of our union more than makes up for the agony of waiting.
Happy wedding anniversary, my Angel.

59. I had a dream of a beautiful tomorrow.
Many distractions besieged me, but I held on.
No frivolous flings freaked me.
It’s all or nothing for me: the real thing.
A genuine and forever love, I so desired.
This I found in an unlikely candidate: You!
Appearance can be so deceptive, now I know better.
A lady’s man with roving eyes was what I surmised about you
I couldn’t be more wrong!
On this our wedding anniversary, I celebrate you my dependable, as my one and only, forever love.

60. Today is our day, I celebrate our love.
A love that has defied all odds, and grown beyond our wildest imaginations.
Every phase we passed through in our journey together, only succeeded in bonding us closer together, rather than tear us apart.
We were naked in our faults, weaknesses and past misadventures, yet unashamed.
Firmly, we put the past behind us, to forge ahead into a glorious tomorrow.
I celebrate you my darling, for giving me beautiful ‘tomorrows’.

61. I searched the world for a soul mate, I found none until I met you.
You are different in every way.
Virtuous, loving, caring, creative, smart, intelligent, talented and God fearing.
Meeting you was ordained by God.
Marrying you was a step I would gladly take again if given the chance.
You met and surpassed my expectations.
On this our wedding anniversary, I celebrate you my darling!.

62. The celebration is in the air, will you waltz with me, my lady?
Marriage with you is a never-ending romantic cruise!
You fulfilled all my wildest fantasies and more.
Impulsive, carefree, fun loving, merry-hearted… there’s never a dull moment with you.
Life with you is full of one daring adventure or another.
With you, I never know what to expect, that’s why my life is never boring.
Today, on our wedding anniversary, I celebrate you, my mischievous one!

63. I married you, and my life was never the same.
My longings were satisfied, loneliness disappeared, my dreams are being fulfilled and my expectations are being met.
You have brought so much joy to me that I wish to thank you so much for being my better half.
Happy wedding anniversary to us!

64. Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?
Your beauty is timeless, your wisdom increases daily.
Always calm and unruffled, outwardly shy but bold and daring where it matters.
You are the perfect Cinderella to my Prince Charming!
Together, we rock the world.
Happy wedding anniversary, my Princess!

65. I have been silent because I have been wondering how I got so lucky as to have you in my life.
Still, no perfect answer is forthcoming.
With you, I got a new song.
A new lease in life, filled with all the goodies life has to offer. Today, on our wedding anniversary, I thank God our love held strong in the midst of life’s turbulence.

66. Rejected on every side, we held on tightly.
Our parents forbade our union and did all they could to separate us, all to no avail.
Rather than follow the path of disobedience, we refused to elope.
We chose to separate but stayed true to our pledge of a forever love.
Years passed, no mention of marriage until our parents succumbed and tearfully begged us to come together.
We waited and triumphed, our love endured the years of being forced apart.
Happy wedding anniversary, my eternal love! Life with you is more than I ever dreamed of.

67. “No way”, they said.
Our parents wouldn’t hear of our union, so blinded by prejudices they were.
All our pleas fell on deaf ears.
Drained and exhausted, the moment of truth arrived.
Stay or leave, the choice was one.
In a split second, I realized I’d be completely lost without you.
I made my choice, I went with my heart.
We forsook others to be together.
Today, my heart is filled with joy, devoid of any regret.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my hero!

68. I was naive, innocent and inexperienced.
You were matured and experienced in love matters.
We ‘clicked’ and gave love a chance.
I decided to throw caution to the winds, you promised to stop sowing your wild oats.
My risky decision paid off, you were true to your promises.
Not once did you take advantage of me!
Instead, you took me under your wings and I sailed through life unscathed, with you by my side.
Today, I profess my passionate love for you, my Knight. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

69. Happy wedding anniversary, my wife.
Our marriage has been full of various ‘ups and downs’, but it survived.
We have had our differences, but our ‘makeups’ are sweeter.
Our marriage isn’t perfect, but our love remains unchanged.
You are my heartbeat, and I cherish you with all my heart.

70. Ours wasn’t a picture-perfect relationship.
A whirlwind courtship, a lovers’ tiff with no one yielding.
Years of separation with quick successions of replacements.
Love on the rebounds, they all were, so easily discarded.
Frustrated and unhappy, we somehow found our ways into each other’s arms, never letting go.
Wiser and smarter, stripped totally of all ego and pride, our
blossomed into holy matrimony.
It’s been years now, and we are still holding on tightly as if for dear life.
You were my first love, lost love and now, eternal love. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my love.1. It seems like yesterday when you asked me out.
I couldn’t resist your sincerity, your love for me was blazing forth from your eyes.
You had only eyes for me, then I couldn’t help but get lost in the ocean of your love for me.
How could I say ‘No’ when you proposed to me?
The heavens applauded the day we were joined together.
The world celebrates our unique love today.
I love you now and forever.

71. Happy wedding anniversary, my virtuous wife.
Today is a very special day, it’s all about us!
Given the chance, I will choose you to be my bride over and over again.
You are beautiful inside and out, my dark and lovely angel.
You are my friend, confidant, mother- figure, my personal adviser, and baby girl.
I can’t praise you enough, you mean the world to me.
My heart is eternally grateful to God for giving me the best.
I love you with all my heart!

72. We met on campus, and I was bowled by you.
Intelligent, smart, diligent and extremely beautiful.
We became friends and I was captivated and entranced.
A day without seeing you always turned out to be a terrible, anxiety-filled day.
My joy knew no bounds when in your company.
I dream about you day and night until I became restless.
I fell hopelessly in love with you!
You saw my longings and put me out of my misery, by accepting my profession of love without any hesitation.
We courted and made it to the altar in one piece, for no one can take your place in my heart.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my honey. I love you now, more than ever.

74. I am a man of few words.
I don’t wear my feelings on my sleeve, ‘poker – face’, you call me, in exasperation.
I rarely say that magic word of reassurance you so yearn for.
But, I need to let you know today, that you mean the world to me.
I am nothing without you, my heart beats crazily for only you.
I love you passionately, my wife; you are the reason my life is worth living.
My friends call me blessed because of you.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my cherub!

75. I asked you to marry me, you gave me reasons why it couldn’t work.
I listened and explained to you why and how it would work.
You gave me the chance of a lifetime, and I am grateful.
Without you, my life would have been empty and meaningless.
You gave my life a great definition.
Marrying you was everything I have ever dreamt of.
You are my dream come true!
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my sweet.

76. My life was in a limbo until I met you.
It came completely alive when you came into the picture.
Then, life took on a new meaning, filled with much joy, excitement and fun.
I look forward to each day because you are so full of life, it became infectious.
Marriage to you beats my imagination.
My addiction to you refused to wear off, rather it increased in momentum. I can’t do without you.
You are my very breath, my Darling. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

77. Really? Has a year come and gone already?
Incredible! It seems it’s just yesterday that we took a solemn vow of a forever love.
Every day, I have reasons to appreciate God for you.
You fill my heart with such indescribable joy, that I fear I will burst.
Life with you is like a fairy tale.
I love you so much, my wife.
Happy wedding anniversary to us!

78. We have been through thick and thin, we faced them together as a team.
God who knew me inside out, gave me the best mixture, seasoning and spice as a wife, to make my life complete.
Without you, I’d disintegrate.
Without you, I cannot function properly.
You are my world, my love and my very essence.
I am nothing without you, so on this unique day of ours, I celebrate you, my Queen.
Happy wedding anniversary to us!

79. Today is our special day.
I thank God you are mine to love and to cherish forever.
Our yesterday was a dream.
Our today is brimming with such unimaginable glory.
So, I know our tomorrow will be filled with so much glory and joy unlimited.
With you by my side, our path will shine brighter and brighter.
I love you so much, my Joy.
Happy wedding anniversary to us!

80. Ademi, today is our wedding anniversary.
Olowo ori mi, I can’t help but celebrate your love for me.
You looked past the brave front I put on, you saw the hurt and the insecurities I thought were well concealed.
With great patience, you drew me out of my protective shell and helped me to heal from within until I am no longer haunted by the shadow of my past.
Your love helped me to chase the monsters away.
Such love as yours is rare, just like in the movies, but so real.
I am the woman of substance I am today because of you, my darling!
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my hero!

81. Today is our wedding anniversary, my dearest wife.
A day that brings wonderful memories flooding through my mind.
Our courtship was so beautiful, and our wedding day was the talk of the town.
Our marriage is full of testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the midst of challenges.
On a day like this, I am reminded every year how blessed I am to have you always by my side.
Together, we will experience the wonders of this beautiful world, because God is good to us.

82. Just a picture, and I was hooked.
“I have to meet her”, was my urgent assertion to the mutual friend in whose collection I saw your picture.
Thus began my quest to acquire a dream so firmly planted in my heart, after a glance.
Meeting you confirmed what I knew already, you were my perfect match!
Everyone thought it’s ‘touch and go’, but our love proved them wrong.
It stood the test of time, defied all logic and here we are today.
Celebrating our wedding anniversary. I love you with all my heart, my pumpkin!

83. Happy wedding anniversary, my wonderful husband!
Today, I celebrate the man of substance you have become.
Indeed, God is good to us, He has blessed us with so much!
Our beginning was so humble, that we endured much scorn and contempt.
I knew you were destined for greatness, I could see the potentials and it was enough for me.
With so much hard work, diligence and focus, you have achieved your dreams!
Today, everyone celebrates your laudable achievement because you are a champion indeed.
I am so proud of you, my man!

84. Under the shining stars, with the full moon as our only witness, we promised to be together forever.
The journey was long and rough, bumpy and troubling.
But our love remained unscathed.
You are the only man for me, my loving husband. I have no eyes for anyone else but you. The fire of love you kindled inside my young heart so long ago, still burns brightly only for you.
Your whispers of love keep me going, no matter the challenges I faced in life.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my husband.

85. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my wife.
You are my jewel of inestimable value, a rare gem.
I have searched the world over, no one can compare with you.
My heart is yours, though we are physically separated by distance.
I miss you so much it hurts. What keeps me from losing it altogether, is our daily calls and chats.
Still, I desperately long to see you and enfold you in my arms.
I am counting the days till we will see again. I will never let you go again.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my baby girl!

86. I was a matured spinster, labelled an old maid, set in her ways until you rode along like a gallant Knight, sweeping me completely off my feet.
Starting over was a challenge I couldn’t have pulled off without your love and understanding.
Undaunted by my show of independence, you drew me out of my shell and charmed me into your world…
A world of togetherness, companionship, deep respect, mutual fun things, and many more.
Indeed, two heads are better than one. With you, loneliness is a thing of the past and I look forward to spending all my eternity with you.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, Nkem!

87. I had resigned myself to fate. Marriage was not for me, I concluded. Relationships could come and go, but not for keeps.
I am an ageing bachelor, after all! Set in his ways, no plan for disruption by any light -headed meddling female, thank you.
Little did I know, so-called “fate” was having a joke on me.
A joker in the form of a siren presented out of the blues.
Beautiful, chic, elegant and totally irresistible.
I felt drawn to you like a magnet and I couldn’t pull away even if I want to. A date would do the trick, I decided. So, I set out for a for a most romantic dinner ever. The outcome was out of control.
I fell hopelessly in love with you. You captured my heart with your liveliness, wittiness and your vast knowledge of various topics of discussion. I didn’t want the night to end, my heart became irrevocably yours!
Peace eluded me till you became mine.
Today, I celebrate you, my woman, on our wedding anniversary. You are the only woman for me!

88. Happy wedding anniversary to us my love!
The memory of our wedding day and honeymoon is forever etched in my mind.
Our beginning was so sweet, filled with love, laughter, fun and lots of glorious plans for our future together.
Our today is filled with contentment, romance and enjoyment of each other’s antics and idiosyncrasies.
Our time together is lacking in stereotype, consisting of spontaneous fun happenings.
Life with you is ever exciting and wonderful.
I love you, my wife and I thank God daily for giving me a perfect match!

89. Happy wedding anniversary to us my heart.
You are the wife of my youth.
We were both naive, we learnt and grew together.
We taught ourselves all we knew about love, sex and marriage and the experience was glorious and hilarious.
In our journey as a couple, we have stumbled and fumbled a lot, but we have emerged as an unbeatable team!
Our togetherness is enviable in our social circle.
Our home is solid and fruitful today because of our strong love chord and unity of purpose.
Today, I bless God for giving me, my own customized bride. I love you my, my wife!

90. Happy wedding anniversary to us, my beautiful Angel.
You are the desire of my heart, my one and only choice.
I looked back on our time together and I have no single regret whatsoever.
Today, you are a better woman than you were when I married you. It’s like being given a bonus for getting a premium package.
Can I possibly be happier?
You are my happiness, and I am content with you. Nothing I see out there appeals to me in any way, you have totally filled my senses with your sweet scents and presence.
You are my forever love, and I will treasure you, forever!

91. I married you my husband, and my life turned around for the best.
My first venture into marriage was completely disastrous.
I gave it my all, yet it didn’t work.
I got burnt severely, and I was worn out. So, I opted out and ran for dear life.
It took all I had- my self- esteem, self -worth, and my very essence.
I was going out of my mind wondering what went wrong, how perfect love perfectly soured? No answer was forthcoming, and I put myself together again.
Then, I met you at the insistence of the friend who introduced us.
You blew my mind away. I was cautious, you gave me space, never letting go.
Your love redeemed me completely, my husband. You are all I ever dreamed of or imagined. I love you now and forever, my soul mate!

92. I have always known what I wanted in a man.
A man who knows his mind, and self-possessed. Savvy, intelligent, smart, hardworking and ambitious. A man that’s caring, loving and faithful.
I got this and more in you, my husband.
God is good to me, I got more than my wish. You are tall, handsome, broad-shouldered, with a charming dimpled smile that does crazy things to my heart…a modern day Adonis.
Marriage to you has been blissful, you have made me known with words and actions that your world revolves around me.
Everyone calls me blessed. I do feel blessed today as we celebrate yet another wedding anniversary, my handsome.
I love you from the depth of my heart!

93. I appreciate God for you today, my man.
Indeed, you are a man – matured and levelheaded.
You are a man of the world, baked in the word of God.
Talented, smart and well-groomed, you are every woman’s dream!.
I love you loads, my prince. I cherish our intimate moments together, with my head on your bare chest, listening to your heartbeat to the sound of the music of our special love.
A love, marriage and time haven’t diminished or quenched.
Our love has thrived and grown with time, and I am thankful to God for steering the ship of our love to a sure destination… Paradise! Happy wedding anniversary to us!

94. I love you to pieces, my dearest husband.
You are my very heartbeat, my heart’s delight.
That special look of yours gives me all the confidence needed to tackle each day’s challenges.
Your boisterous smile lifts my spirit. Your “out of the blues” calls takes me to the moon and back. Your romantic love notes make my heart flutters and your occasional ‘little surprises’ makes marriage to you a heaven on earth experiences.
You are a ‘die-hard’ romantic, and I love every moment of it.
You rock, my husband!
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my guy!

95. Before I met you, I was living a false life, sort of.
My heart was bleak and empty, crying for fulfilment which proved elusive.
So, I presented a brave front to the world.
I was this happy go lucky guy everyone envied. Clubbing, partying, and hanging out to ease the ache of emptiness.
Then, I met you, my beautiful damsel, my life was shaken.
I fell for you hard and fast, I never knew what hit me!
You filled all those empty places in the recess of my heart.
You, my heartthrob, fulfilled all my yearnings and longings.
My desire for you frightened even me, you are all I ever wanted.
Marriage to you has brought so much joy to me, and I feel blessed.
You came to me like a well-packaged Christmas gift from Santa Claus and I am forever grateful you are mine.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my beautiful wife!

96. Until I met you, love relationship was very far from my mind.
Marriage wasn’t on my immediate agenda too.
I had my life cut out before me, I wasn’t ready to be slowed down by all the demands of a relationship, on my time and resources.
Then, you came into my life and messed up my well laid down plans.
How we met became irrelevant, what became important was how thoughts of you crept to my heart, took hold and refused to go. I fought gallantly for those plans, but your love won, completely.
With you, my plans weren’t derailed as I feared, rather they gained moment and came into reality because your love motivated me.
I love you, my baby girl. You are God’s perfect plan for my life and I celebrate you today on our wedding anniversary.

97. Before you came into my life, I was empty inside.
When I step out to face the world, I wear a mask on my face to brave the storm.
A facade masking my yearning heart, covering the awning spaces crying for filling.
I returned home just as empty, unreached and untouched.
I hang back the facade on my rack, embracing my loneliness like a second skin.
Misery was my lone companion until you came to my life to fill the void.
You are my friend, companion, playmate, lover and adviser.
Marriage to you made me complete and fulfilled. You are the centre of my being and I cherish life with you.
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my love!

98. Love is a game of chance, I was told.
Sometimes, it blossoms and other times it’s sour.
Lovebirds can turn sworn enemies, married ones patch up like strangers.
Yet, I took my chance with you and I wasn’t disappointed.
Where others failed, we excelled.
Time has proved to be our trusted friend as our love grows each day.
Challenges of life couldn’t truncate our love, it only strengthened it.
As we celebrate our wedding anniversary today, I promise to cherish you forever. Congratulations to us!

99. Life is beautiful because of your radiance and love.
I am glad I married you, my love.
The fire of your love burns within me, like a raging fire.
The life before you has become a distant memory.
Life with you is a refreshing melody, I can’t have enough of you.
I have so much to appreciate you for, I am counting my blessings.
You are a great cook, a wonderful homemaker, neat, hardworking and resourceful. Our children are well trained and cared for. You are beautiful in and out!
Happy wedding anniversary to us, my darling!

100. We met by chance and we refused to let go of each other, till we walked to the altar.
We have had our differences and ironed them out.
We have had our ‘ups and downs’, but held on tenaciously.
When we have major crises because of my mistakes or error in judgement, you stood solidly behind me, with no blame match or reproachful look.
You gave me the courage to start over, you encouraged me not to give up until we break through.
You are the reason behind my smile, my wife. The voice of wisdom, my guidance angel.
I love you so much. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

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