Top Instagram Birthday Caption for Brother Birthday

2023 Top Instagram Birthday Caption for Brother’s Birthday

Brothers are amazing beings that make all the difference in our lives right from the point we/they are born.

Either an older, younger, or twin brother, they add spark and colour to our lives, and help create amazing childhood memories that stay with us for a lifetime.

Choose any of the Birthday Captions below to celebrate your amazing brother who taught you how to ride your first bike, how to woo your first girlfriend, protected you from bullies, or to the little brother you helped with all these things.

Best Captions for Brother’s Birthday

Are you in need of Cute collection of Instagram Birthday Caption that you can use to celebrate your brother his birthday? Below are lovely instagram birthday caption for brother that you can put to use.

1. You are the best brother any girl could ever wish for, thanks for ceaselessly being my superhero. Happy Birthday.

2. Happy birthday to my amazing big brother. Thanks for continually watching my back. I love you bro, many more years of health and wealth. Cheers!

3. Dearest brother, I always feel safe when you’re around me, cos I know that you won’t let anything bad happen to me. I celebrate you on your birthday and wish you long life and prosperity.

4. Nothing compares to a brother’s love. You have shown me love and care since childhood, and till now, you’ve not relented. God bless you big for me bro, happy birthday to you.

5. A brother is given to a girl for protection. Thanks for being my guardian angel bro, I love and celebrate you highly on your birthday. Have fun.

6. To live isn’t all about occupying space in the world, but more about filling hearts and lives. Dearest brother, you have been a great source of blessing to me, our family, and the world at large. I celebrate you highly today, happy birthday.

7. Happy birthday to you, my brother and friend. Thanks for always being there for me as a pillar of support. Your path and future are greatly blessed.

8. Happy birthday to the most perfect gentleman I’ve ever met. I respect you a lot big bro and pray you get all your desires today and beyond.

9. I’m thinking about all the mischievous things I learnt from you over the years, and I can’t help but smile. Thumbs up bro, have a great birthday celebration.

10. I just thought to remind you that you’re getting old, and closer to retirement. Happy birthday, brother.

Captions for Instagram Pictures on Brother’s Birthday

Lovely captions for Instagram pictures on your brother’s birthday.

11. Happy birthday dearest brother. You’re exactly what every little girl desires in a big brother. I wish you the best in all your endeavours, I love you.

12. Happy birthday, bro. Let us hook up for some drinks later tonight. I miss all the times we spent together.

Birthday Caption for Brother

13. You taught me how to ride my first bicycle, how to play games, how to identify bad guys and many more. I love you bro, have a very happy birthday. May your years be long and prosperous.

14. Thanks for being my first teacher and best friend. I wish I was an emotional person, so I’d write an epistle to celebrate you. But I’d just do what I know how to do, and that’s to make sure we go clubbing tonight. You deserve the best bro.

15. People like you deserve to be celebrated and given national awards for service and great care to their baby sisters. I love you, sir. Happy birthday to you.

16. I followed your shadow throughout our childhood/teenage years, and now I’m not sure if I’m the better or worse for it. Happy birthday, brother. You’re the best.

17. You’re a great source of inspiration to me. Thanks for laying a good example for me to follow, happy birthday to you.

18. Beyond being my brother, thanks for being a friend, confidant, adviser, and role model. Happy birthday bro, may you be richly blessed.

19. I’m not gonna say nice words because today is your birthday. You bullied me a lot while growing up and made me follow you around, cleaning up your mess. Happy birthday big brother, I forgive you.

20. Dear brother, to be sincere, I love you so much, and at the same time, hate you. But I’m gonna let bygones be bygones and only hold on to the love. I pray you increase on all sides, happy birthday to you.

21. Where should I start from? Talks about how you stole my girlfriends from me or how you hoarded my favourite games and toys? Anyways, happy birthday big brother.

22. I’m proud of the man you’re becoming. Happy birthday Lil bro, keep soaring.

23. Fine boy, no pimples, happy birthday dearest brother. I’m super proud of you and can’t wait to see you achieve all your great dreams. Have a splendid new year.

24. A birthday shoutout to the best brother ever who has been very supportive through the years. May you get a triple portion of all you desire.

25. Happy birthday to us bro, we’ve shared absolutely everything since childhood, and this is just a reminder that we’re stuck with each other for life. I love you man.

26. It’s great to know I have a brother I can always count on. Happy birthday, thanks for always being there for me.

27. Happy birthday to my best buddy and partner in crime, lol. If you think I like trouble, wait till you meet my bro. Many more years, plenty money in your account.

28. Happy birthday to the man that taught me to believe in my myself and instilled confidence in me. I adore you bro, and I still want to be like you when I grow up. Cheers.

29. My opinion didn’t count on you being my brother, but if I was asked to choose now, I’d definitely choose you. You’re amazing, thanks for all you do. Happy birthday darling brother, I celebrate you.

30. Just because today is your birthday, let me be nice, and say something good about you. Happy birthday to the best brother ever, you are amazing. Have fun.

31. Though I didn’t like that I had to share mum and dad’s love and attention with you when we were kids, I thank God for your birth brother. Childhood would have been boring without you. Happy birthday to my gift from heaven.

32. Thirty hearty cheers to the greatest brother of all time. I used to wish I had a sister, but you are worth much more to me bro. Stay happy, stay blessed. Happy birthday.

33. Happy birthday sweet brother of life. You can take today off in caring for us, it’s our turn to take care of you today and give you a treat. You are greatly loved and appreciated.

34. Happy Birthday, bro. I remember all the times you stood by me through annoying breakups, never judged me, but always listened and comforted me. I love you and cherish all those memories. Have the best celebration ever.

35. Happy birthday Lil brother. It’s time to start paying me for all your messes I cleaned up, and for all the advice, especially the ones concerning girls. Keep being true to yourself, I love you.

36. Have an adventurous and fun-filled new yea,r bro. You are the best and deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday.

37. Today is a very special one for me cos it’s the birthday of my most favourite person in the world. Happy birthday, bro. you know I love you plenty.

38. I pray this is the year you will finally bring a wife home. Happy birthday, big bro, this is a reminder that you’re not getting any younger.

39. I was tempted to post that very funny picture of you on social media this morning, but because it’s your birthday, I’d be nice. Happy birthday Lil bro, have fun.

40. I can’t keep calm, it’s my wonderful brother’s birthday. I know I don’t say this often, but I love you so much.

41. May your birthday be as happy and fun as you have always made my life. Today is special and should be a national holiday, cos it’s your birthday.

42. After mum and dad, you were the next pillar of support I had, and from you, I’ve learnt life lessons no school can teach me. Happy birthday, bro. May this be your best year yet.

43. No matter how old you become, you remain my adorable little brother. Grow in strength and wisdom dear. Happy birthday.

44. Happy birthday to my brother who used to say nothing would ever come between us, till he met his babe turned wife. I’ve missed you though, we should hang out soon, there’s a lot to catch up on.

45. I wish I were a poet, so I could have put together nice words and composed a lovely poem to celebrate you. Happy birthday, brother. You’re the best.

46. I wish you all you wish for yourself today and pray you increase in all areas of your life. Happy birthday, bro. May this be your best year yet.

47. Happy birthday to my amazing brother, a great friend, and mentor. I won’t finish today if I begin to recount all you’ve been and done for me. Let me just say thank you, I hold you in high regard.

48. It took me years to understand that being teased was part of the having a big brother package. I’m glad you’ve repented though, have a happy birthday.

49. I know so much kos you took out time to invest in me. May you receive a double reward for every seed ever sown today, and beyond. Happy birthday dear brother, keep being a blessing.

50. Happy birthday to the first friend I ever had, my brother and best friend of many years and still counting. We’ve done and achieved a lot together and I’m looking forward to many more achievements. I love you man.

51. I was once asked what it felt like not having a sister, and if I wish I did. I answered that though it would have been cool to have one, my brother covers up the gap in many ways. Happy birthday to my brother like no other, my love for you is immeasurable.

52. Happy birthday, dearie… You’re my favourite brother, sshh, don’t let anyone hear that. I pray you continually grow in grace and may all you do prosper. Have a great year.

53. I’m just thankful for having such a wonderful gem as my brother, and on this special day of yours, I wish you all the best in all your endeavours. Can’t wait to hang out with you tonight, happy birthday.

54. All our fights and arguments cannot be compared to the depth of love I feel for you bro. I’m not saying this because it’s your birthday, but because it’s true. Have a prosperous new year.

55. Happy birthday Lil bro. It’s cool seeing you grow into a responsible and strong young man. I miss spanking you though. May your years be long and beautiful.

56. You deserve the best and nothing less bro, especially on your birthday. I cherish you, have a great one.

57. Remember how you used to report me a lot when we were kids? Has that made you bigger or taller than me now? Happy birthday baby brother.

58. If there’s one thing I respect about you, it’s your drive and determination to be the best at all you do. You’re indeed an inspiration to me, happy birthday brother. I pray you success in all you do.

59. Hurray, my cute and intelligent Lil bro is a year older. May God keep you and may you grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Keep making us proud dear.

60. The love and bond we share are out of this world. Happy birthday, brother. Cheers to many more years together in health and wealth.

61. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable brother and best friend. Age gracefully.

62. I’m sure if mum and dad didn’t gift me with you as a brother, we’d have met somehow, cos we are made to be best friends and brothers for life. Happy birthday to you.

63. I like you specially kos there’s always something new to learn every time we get together. I love you brother, happy birthday.

64. You know I love you deeply, especially the way you spoil and lavish me with treats. You’re an awesome brother, have an awesome birthday celebration.

65. I enjoy being your baby sister and no matter how old I get, I’d remain super proud to be your baby. Happy birthday, bro. Have fun.

66. A perfect brother deserves a perfect gift and a perfect birthday wish. I wish you a very happy birthday and a prosperous new year from the bottom of my heart. May God perfect all that concerns you this year.

67. I believe in you and trust you’re gonna be great and do great things. Happy birthday Lil bro, keep being excellent in all you do.

68. I’ve not stopped looking up to you and desiring to be like you when I’m older. Happy birthday, brother, the sky is just your starting point.

69. You are dear to my heart bro, and I deeply appreciate your love and care for me. Let me use your birthday as an opportunity to let the beautiful ladies on your contact know you’re single, lol. Happy birthday.

70. I know I can never fully repay you for all your kindness, provision and support, so from the bottom of my heart, I declare that you shall never lack anything good all the days of your life. Happy birthday, bro.

71. Truth is, I was very jealous of you as a baby kos you seemed to get everyone’s attention all the time. Now that we’re grown, I understand you are truly a rare and special gem. Happy birthday Lil bro, keep flying high.

72. Happy birthday to my very handsome but humble brother. I pray this year brings the manifestation of your desires. I love you.

73. A birthday celebration comes once in a year, but you my brother, deserves to be celebrated all day, every day. Have an amazing birthday dear, live long and prosper.

74. You made me cry a lot when we were kids, but now that we’re older, you’ve outdone yourself in bringing nothing but laughter and joy to my heart. Happy birthday to you dear brother, I celebrate you.

75. On your birthday today, I simply want to take out time to thank God for your life, how far he has brought and kept you. Enjoy your day bro, I love you.

76. My warmest wishes and regards to you on your birthday my dear brother. God bless you and take you to greater heights this year and beyond.

77. It just dawned on me that you’re now an old man. Happy birthday big brother, age gracefully.

78. It’s amazing how we’ve been able to maintain closeness despite the distance and all we’ve been through. I wish I was there to give you a special treat today. Make sure you have fun, happy birthday dearest brother.

79. Happy birthday to my fun loving and adventurous brother. You’re getting old as the years go by, but don’t let old age deter you from enjoying yourself. Many more years in health and wealth.

80. Happy birthday, brother. Make sure you have all the fun you can, now that you’ve still got energy and age on your side. I love and miss you. Cheers.

81. I pray God would continually keep you in perfect peace and cause you to triumph in all things. A happy birthday to you my dear brother.

82. Thanks for not giving up on us bro, I love you. Have a splendid birthday celebration, God bless you.

83. In good times and bad, high and low moments, you’ve stayed true. The Lord be with you dear brother, have a happy birthday and a blessed new year.

84. You know I’m not as good as you in putting words together perfectly, but on this day, I want you to know that I’d choose you over an over again to be my one and only brother. Long life and prosperity, happy birthday.

85. You have no idea how proud I am to be your sister. Your birthday is a perfect opportunity to showcase you to the world, happy birthday my superstar brother. More blessings and successes.

86. I know for a fact that you’re an angel sent to watch, protect and care for me. There are no words able to perfectly describe how amazing you are. Happy birthday, brother. You have a permanent place in my heart.

87. You’re the best brother anyone can wish for. I love you man, before I get emotional, let me stop here, happy birthday.

88. I pray you experience an overflow of joy, peace and blessings this special day and beyond. Happy birthday, cute Brother. You deserve the best.

89. Happy birthday dear brother. You know just the right words to say to me in any situation, and you’ve brought me so much joy and happiness. I just want to celebrate you today and always. Enjoy your day.

90. I already got a perfect birthday gift for life, in getting to share this special day with you every year. Happy birthday my awesome twin, many happy returns to us.

91. I’ve heard quite a number of people say they have the best brother or friend in the world. I know that’s simply because they are yet to meet you, for you are the best brother and friend ever. Have the wonderful birthday celebration you deserve.

92. I adore and respect you a lot bro, your heart is so large and rare. Happy birthday to you, have a great day and year. Enjoy your new age.

93. You’re amazing bro. I knew you’d definitely make a good father someday, and I’m glad I get to see that manifest. Happy birthday to you, my loving and caring brother. Many more happy years.

94. Hey brother, I’m yet to get an adjective that’s better than “Awesome or Wonderful” in describing you. That’s cos you’re the best and much more. Happy birthday to you, let’s go have fun.

95. Thanks for making me believe I could do whatever I wanted to do. Happy birthday to you brother. I owe my successes to your constant advice and encouragements. Cheers.

96. Thanks for being a shoulder I can cry and lean on all through the years. I wish you a happy birthday today and pray the grace to be all you desire to be.

97. I may not have proved to be the best brother to you, but know that I value and cherish all you do for me. I might have never told you this before now, but I love and cherish you greatly. Happy birthday to you.

98. I wish above all things that you continually grow into an amazing young man, and that you surpass me in deeds and achievements. Keep being true to yourself and the family name bro, happy birthday to you.

99. I’ve come across many guys, but none as neat and particular about paying attention to details as this my brother. Happy birthday, dearie. Cheers to another year of excellence and making us proud.

100. I took out time to go back memory lane today, and I couldn’t help but be amazed at the many times you sacrificed a lot, just to make me happy and satisfied. You’re irreplaceable, dear brother. You deserve the best birthday celebration ever.

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