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Happy Birthday to You May God Bless You Song Lyrics

Here is the complete Happy Birthday to You May God Bless You Song Lyrics

And… Happy birthday to whoever is celebrating their birthday today, from all of us at SweetLoveMessages.com.

Happy Birthday to You May God Bless You Song (Video) Lyrics

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Verse 1

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to You.

Verse 2

May the Good Lord Bless You

May the Good Lord Bless You

May the Good Lord, May the Good Lord, May the Good Lord Bless You.

Let’s Sing this with the celebrant name…

Verse 1 With the Celebrant’s Name

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You (Celebrant’s Name), Happy Birthday to You.

Verse 2 With the Celebrant’s Name

May the Good Lord Bless You

May the Good Lord Bless You

May the Good Lord, May the Good Lord, May the Good Lord Bless You, (Celebrant’s Name).

Before you go, below are the best collection of happy birthday to you, may the good Lord God bless you messages. Enjoy and remember to share. Thanks.

Happy Birthday to You May God Bless You Messages

When you need to say happy birthday to you may God bless you wish messages or wishes, these happy birthday to you may the good God bless you messages, wishes and quotes will surely do.

1. Happy birthday to a friend like no other. May God bless you today and forever.

2. May today mark the beginning of awesome years in God’s limitless blessings for you. Happy Birthday to you!

3. You are a city set on a hill and can’t be hidden. May God’s glorify manifest in all you do as you add another year in His grace. Happy Birthday to you.

4. On this day, may you feel the Lord’s mighty hands turning things around for your good? Do enjoy a wonderful birthday.

5. On this special day, I pray that the Lord will grant you a broken heart and a contrite spirit to receive with Joy, every of his word as it comes to you. Happy birthday.

6. May God bless you by granting your heart desires as you become a year older today. Happy birthday to you.

7. On this glorious day of yours, hold God’s hand and follow him as he leads you to the promise land he promised you. It’s a special Birthday.

8. The journey into salvation is not an easy one but God has been helping you. I pray he will continue to strengthen you unto the very end. Happy birthday.

9. I wish we are together so I can celebrate this special day with you. You deserve all the celebration you desire. I pray heaven celebrates you today and beyond. Happy birthday to you.

10. Rejoice, for it’s your day. May God continue to lift you high and higher to greater heights that you don’t know. Happy birthday and God bless you.

11. Birthdays are not all about sending messages, but it is about really praying for the celebrant. I pray God, be made manifest in your life.

12. My wishes for you as you add another year are numerous, but this I especially wish for you, that you shall never know a better yesterday. Happy birthday.

13. May His word continues to be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. You will not go the wrong way in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

14. Today is a very special day because we are actually celebrating God’s faithful in your life. God is so good to you. Why? Because it’s your birthday.

15. As you grow in age, I pray you’ll also grow in faith, in wisdom, in understanding and knowledge of your creator. Happy birthday and God bless you.

16. What is more important to God is not how big you throw a party for your birthday. It is how thankful you are to Him who has kept you. Have a wonderful birthday.

17. You are God’s express image, no wonder you look wonderful always and especially on a day like this. You are astonishingly beautiful. Happy birthday.

18. Happy birthday to you. Today, I pray that whatever you lay your hands on shall prosper. God himself shall visit your labour and crown it with favour. Happy birthday.

19. A wonderful birthday to you. You look younger by the day and it is nothing but the Grace of God at work. May that Grace continues to be abundant in your life.

20. Each day you wake up to is a gift from God but today is a special one and the one who has given you today is asking you to make a wish. It’s your auspicious day.

Happy Birthday to You, May the Good Lord Bless You

Singing for a birthday celebrant is not bad at all, most especially when the celebrant is someone you love so much. Why not send these Happy Birthday to You, May the Good Lord Bless You to that Special Person? 

21. Enjoy your birthday and may the blessings of God carry you from grass to Grace this season. Happy Birthday.

22. By this time next year, may you have more reasons to celebrate as God will so fill your life with heavenly blessings? Happy birthday to you.

23. Thank you for your kind heart. For your hospitality and generosity. You are a rare gem, I must say. May you never run short of God’s blessings in your life. Happy birthday.

24. Days like this, remind us of God’s faithfulness and tender loving care. Remember where He took you from and where you are right now and give thanks. Happy birthday to you.

25. Let us celebrate life and happiness together. What else can we ask for! God has given us everything in abundance, even peace of mind. Happy birthday.

26. Remember that God walks in ways we cannot see. He is planning along with you on this birthday of yours. Rejoice already and be full of thanks. Happy birthday to you.

27. Wonderful Birthday to you. May peace be multiplied unto you as you add another bountiful year today. May heaven continue to smile on you.

28..On your birthday, there is only one very important thing you must do and that is, thank God for where he took you from, for where you are and for where he’s taking you to. Happy birthday.

29. Dance all that you can. Sing with the loudest voice. Jump up and jubilate for it’s your special day. But in all, don’t forget to appreciate God. Happy birthday.

30. Awesome birthday to you. May God bless you today, give you strength to walk through tomorrow and grant you a bright life ahead. Happy birthday.

31. The fact that you were made in the likeness of God is enough reason to celebrate and jubilate. Happy birthday. You’re wonderfully made.

32. Happy Birthday to you. May God continue to be your shield and buckler. Your next birthday shall be more glorious.

33. If you are to be appreciating God every day for his mercy. I don’t think a lifetime will be enough to cover for a year of his Grace. Happy birthday to you.

34. I really pray you have a memorable and amazing birthday today. God will visit you in a way you won’t forget. Happy Birthday to you.

35. On this wonderful day of yours, may you be located with greatness, goodness and good news, now and all year round? So much goodness will be deposited in your life. Happy birthday.

36. As you go through the years, all your lives, may your life continue to bless other lives and bring glory to our God. Happy Birthday.

37. Today is not only a day to celebrate yourself. But also a day to celebrate God. The one who made you into what you are today. Have a wonderful birthday.

38. Happy birthday. Now is the best time to celebrate the life that God has given you. He made your life so beautiful that you can be proud to celebrate yourself today.

39. Heaven rejoices over your life every day. Family celebrates you and I constantly bless God for the beautiful He gave you. Happy birthday and May God bless you.

40. Wishing you a very wonderful birthday. May your life be sweet as honey. May your ways be straightened and may the good Lord guide you through life. Happy birthday.

41. I can only thank God for making our paths to cross. You’re such a wonderful person with a lowly heart. I celebrate you today and always. Best birthday.

42. On this birthday of yours may your life overflow with Joy unspeakable and peace undeniable. God’s manifold blessing will be made manifest in your life. Happy Birthday.

43. I pray that you will receive a wonderful gift of God on this your birthday. The gift of all your pending requests being answered. Happy birthday and God bless you.

44. Happy Birthday to you. May God continue to bless you with lots of goodies and make your life sweeter by the day. He shall increase you on all sides. Amen.

45. My wish for you as you become a year older today is for God to visit you in your confusion and make his light shine on your darkness that your way may be through. Happy birthday.

46. May the Lord enlarge your territory this season. May He establish your feet on a solid foundation that nothing will ever be able to shake you. Happy birthday.

47. May the blessings of heaven locate you and yours as you celebrate another birthday today. Grace and mercy shall follow you every day of your life. Happy birthday.

48. God is making you into an object of favour as His special gift to you as you add another year today. Henceforth, men shall compete to favour you. Happy birthday to you.

49. All your needs are taken care of by God this season and beyond. Jubilate because this birthday is going to open many doors of breakthrough for you. Happy birthday.

50. It is the special Love God has for you that has kept you to see this special day. May His Love continue to increase in your life until it overflows. Happy birthday.

51. On your birthday, I wish that God’s Grace upon your life will multiply and you will grow in faith and knowledge of Him. Happy birthday to you.

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