Best 1st Birthday Wishes for Son

Best 1st Birthday Wishes for Son in 2023

One of the most important birthdays in our lives is our very first birthday. It is a very significant one although we mostly do not remember that day.

As much as our child would not be able to read our messages, it would mean a lot to them when they are grown and realize we actually made an effort to get them a birthday card when they were too young to appreciate it.

Moreover, it is also a way of letting people know how important our child is to us.

If you have a little boy that means the world to you, use any of the messages below to show to them and the world how much they mean to you.

1st Happy Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom or Dad

Share your joy with Friends and family using these beautiful “1st Happy Birthday Wishes for Son”. 1st birthday wishes from father to son, 1st birthday wishes from mother to son.

1. My boo-boo is one today! Happy birthday, sugar dumpling, I love you so much.

2. Happy birthday to my cutie, happy 1st year on Earth. You are greatly loved sugar.

3. Rejoice with me, my little boy is one today, he is growing so fast and making our hearts glad.

4. My sweet bundle of immense cuteness just turned one, I am the proudest mother alive. Happy birthday to my baby boy.

5. My little king is one today, I am grateful God found us worthy to be parents to his little majesty. Happy birthday, son.

6. It’s been one year of making our home a laughter-filled one, one year of being a dad to the most handsome boy in the world. Happy birthday to my baby boy.

7. I am quite sure if you do not devour your cake, you will try to leave it too messed up for well-wishers like myself. Either way, I am still going to get my share. Happy 1st birthday baby boy.

8. You are going to get busy unwrapping gifts today because you will get a lot of them. Cute boys like you are always showered with gifts. Happy ist birthday sweet.

9. On your 1st birthday today, I pray you to grow to be an exceptional young man, full of wisdom and grace. Happy 1st birthday baby boy.

10. We are going to party with the balloons and cakes, my little boy is one today and we are happy and merry.

11. I hope you are able to blow your very first candle, even if you didn’t, there are still many more candles to be blown as you grow. Happy birthday, baby.

12. If only everyone can be as innocent as you are, the world would be such a peaceful place. Happy 1st birthday darling.

13. Happy first year on a day to our little man, the star in our family. We are so glad God gave you to us.

14. Have fun today baby, you are permitted to turn the whole house upside down. Happy 1st birthday sugar.

15. You have given us countless reasons to smile again, our world has been transformed since you came around. Happy 1st birthday little man.

16. Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old in the universe. You are so adorable, you should win a medal. I love you very much baby boy.

17. Happy 1st birthday to the little cutie who has stolen the heart of everyone away from me. I can’t even get mad at that because you have stolen mine too.

18. Try not to sleep off today baby when it’s time to blow the candle. You only get to be one once.

19. You are one smart little boy, I see the way you pay attention to everything around you, you are going to be a genius. Happy 1st birthday cutie.

20. My amazing baby is one today. I am grateful to God he is healthy and doing really well. Happy birthday to my little one.

21. He is growing up so fast, he would soon ride his first bike. Happy ist birthday to the most adorable baby in the world.

22. Your smile is my greatest delight, you are so cute I wish you will remain my baby forever. Happy 1st birthday baby boy.

23. I will never let you out of my sight, I will always be there for you, to protect and guide you even as you grow. Happy 1st birthday to my cutie.

24. Your smile is so beautiful, it is the most adorable thing ever. You are a bundle of softness and beauty, I am proud to be your mum. Happy 1st birthday to my baby.

25. We have the best baby in the world, the sweetest, jolliest and finest baby on Earth. Happy birthday to you son.

26. For a one-year-old, you are amazing! Happy birthday, son.

27. You are so special I find myself staring at you for minutes, being your father is an amazing thing.

28. You are so amusing, I find joy and laughter in every little thing you do. Happy 1st birthday to my little one.

29. It is exciting to be a parent and much more exciting when you are a parent to an incredible little boy. Happy 1st birthday my baby boy.

30. Daddy’s boy is one today, we are going to have fun and play all day long. Join in the fun and wish my boy a happy birthday.

31. I will always be here for you, when you take your first step and when you say your first word. I will be here for you every step of the way. Happy 1st birthday son.

32. It’s a privilege to be a mother to such an interesting boy. I celebrate you today darling even as you turn one.

33. You are so soft, the innocence in your eyes is adorable. Happy 1st birthday son, you are loved and will always be loved.

34. Sometimes I wonder if it is perfectly normal for a baby to be this cute. Happy 1st birthday to you cutie, mama loves you.

35. Hurray! We get to light and you get to blow your first birthday candle. Life is about to get more interesting. Happy birthday, baby.

36. Your presence has added the completeness we lacked, thanks baby for giving us the much-needed balance and stability. Happy 1st birthday son.

37. My little boy is so adorable, his smile makes the stress of motherhood worth it. Happy 1st birthday to my lovely son.

38. It’s good to have another man in the house, we are going to have so much fun together. Happy birthday, son.

39. You are so charming even when you cry. My love for you is forever. Happy birthday.

40. Our favourite and only little boy is one today. Happy birthday, son.

41. My love for you is addictive, it’s one I can’t help. Who wouldn’t love a sweetheart like you?

42. Your smile melts my heart, it erases my frown. Happy birthday, love, we will have fun today.

43. May you grow up to be the best version of yourself, may all your potentials be well harnessed and may your talents take you all around the world. Happy birthday!

44. Today is one of the best days of the year, it is the day you turn one. Happy birthday!

45. Being one is a big deal, it means very soon you will get a place at the dining table. Happy birthday, son.

46. You are growing too fast, I want you to be my baby forever. Happy birthday.

47. You make our lives glow, you make our world bright. Happy birthday, cutie.

48. We love you a lot son, your family will always be here for you and we will always love you. Happy birthday.

49. Enjoy being pampered little one, enjoy every bit of it because life moves too fast, every moment has to be appreciated. Happy birthday.

50. One year down already, one full whole year. Happy birthday, son, quit growing so fast.

51. I hope you like the toys you get today, be prepared, this is just the beginning, there are much more to possess over the years. Happy birthday.

52. We are going to take your pictures today and I hope they make you smile in years to come. Happy 1st birthday.

53. Make every day of your years on Earth be filled with joy, love and glad tidings. Happy 1st birthday.

54. The first year was awesome, no doubt, this next one will be better. Happy birthday.

55. Your father and I couldn’t wait for you to be born, we are happy to have such a lovely boy and we will always celebrate you. Happy birthday.

56. You are at that stage where you have nothing to worry about, where everyone dances to your tune. Happy 1st birthday honey.

57. Being one is wonderful, it is a huge deal. Happy 1st birthday.

58. Be of good cheer as you turn one today baby, you are and will always be precious to us.

59. We are excited about the many more years we are going to spend together. Happy 1st birthday my son.

60. It’s been 365 days of being your mum and so far, there are no regrets. Happy birthday, son.

61. The last 365 days have been the happiest moments of my life because you were a part of it. Happy birthday, baby.

62. You are the utmost important and paramount part of my life and I celebrate you today darling as you turn one. Happy birthday.

63. Now that you are a part of the family, I can’t imagine not having you. Life has never been this exciting. Happy 1st birthday son.

64. I am the happiest mum alive today as my chubby cutie turns one today. Happy birthday to my son.

65. We can’t wait to see you grow up, we are sure you will be such an exceptional and gentleman. Happy 1st birthday.

66. My little commander is one today, it’s been awesome serving you my little man. Happy birthday.

67. My son is one today, he is growing into such a fine man, the ladies are going to be in a lot of trouble. Happy birthday, boo-boo.

68. He is so charming, I am always spell-bounded by him. He is one of a kind. Happy 1st birthday sweet.

69. Happy 1st birthday to the coolest and sweetest one-year-old in the universe. We love you.

70. I am waiting for you to grow up a little so we’ll take our plays to the next level: riding bikes and climbing trees. Happy 1st birthday son.

71. Waking up and seeing you every day is the best feeling ever. Happy 1st birthday my little one.

72. I promise to be the dad ever, to nurture and help you navigate through life. Happy 1st birthday son.

73. Happy 1st birthday to the one who has been taking all my wife’s attention. I can’t wait for you to grow up so I can have my wife all to myself again.

74. Although I had a really long day, I will still do all to make today awesome for you. Happy 1st birthday dear.

75. He knows how to make me do all he wants, he is a smooth little boy. Happy 1st birthday son.

76. Thanks for making my life colourful, you are the best gift your mum has given me so far. Happy 1st birthday.

77. If I attempt to give you a gift for every moment you have made me smile, you would still be unwrapping them at 18. Happy 1st birthday son.

78. If you remain this cute even when you are grown, you might end up breaking a lot of hearts. Happy 1st birthday son.

79. The joy of seeing you every day is indescribable. Happy 1st birthday.

80. It’s beautiful to watch you play and cry, you remind me of how amazing God is. Happy 1st birthday.

81. As you turn one today, another journey 365 days long starts for you. It’s countdown to your 2 years old birthday son.

82. Having you as part of this family is awesome and knowing there are many more years ahead fills me with joy. Happy 1st birthday.

83. Being your father is fulfilling, I feel like I am finally living purposefully. Happy 1st birthday buddy.

84. May the coming year bring you joy, laughter and blessings. Happy 1st birthday adorable.

85. You are a happy, bubbly baby and I love you very much. Happy 1st birthday to my adorable son.

86. You are so small and innocent, holding you is a blessing. Happy birthday to my little cuddly bear.

87. My golden boy is one today, it’s been exciting watching you grow over the years. Happy birthday, son.

88. It is your Ist birthday party, enjoy your day cutie, there are many more birthdays ahead.

89. You might not understand the significance of this day yet you will as you grow. Birthdays are great days, happy 1st birthday my darling.

90. You are one already, gosh! You were only born yesterday. Happy birthday, son.

91. Today is a very important day, it is the start of all birthdays for you. You will probably not remember today but we will, forever. Happy 1st birthday son.

92. Grow, lose your milk teeth but don’t ever lose your laughter. Happy 1st birthday my special little boy.

93. Enjoy being one, I know today will be magical for you. Happy birthday son, God bless you.

94. Today on your birthday, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, blessings and peace. As you have brightened our lives, may yours be continually bright too. Happy 1st birthday son.

95. You have the most beautiful smile, may it grow bigger with each passing year. Happy first of many birthdays.

96. At this time one year ago, when I held you in my arms, my whole world was thrown into deep illumination, one that still dazzles me till date. Your birth was a much-needed blessing. Happy birthday, son.

97. We are blessed to have you and happy to celebrate your very first birthday with you. Happy birthday to our little angel, you are our miracle.

98. They say good things come in small packages, who knew someone so small can turn a family around. You have completely turned our lives around, you have given us reasons to smile and be hopeful again. Happy 1st birthday.

99. Your arrival was a memorable event. Today, being your birthday will also go down as a memorable day. You are a wonderful boy and we are delighted to celebrate this day with you.

100. It has only been one year but it feels like a month. Time runs when you are having fun and every day is fun with you. Happy birthday, son, you are a special one.

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