Affection Quotes for Him to Make Him Feel Special

2023 Affection Quotes for Him to Make Him Feel Special

Being with the right man is amazing as it throws us into a world of immense joy and happiness.

We find ourselves smiling more, life becomes more beautiful and tolerable.

If you are in such a relationship, you need to make it a habit to occasionally send him a text to make him smile and feel appreciated.

Best Affection Love Quotes for Him

Below are over 200 affection quotes you can make use of. Send any of the affection quotes for him to your boyfriend (or your husband) to make him feel specially loved by you.

1. “I have always admired you secretly, I have always had affection for you. I am glad you are finally mine.”

2. “Your hair: dark and beautiful. Your face: handsome and stunning. I have a lot of affection for you, my love.”

3. “I had thought you were too pleasant for someone like me, you were like a dream that was too good to be true but you are mine now and I love you.”

4. “You are like a god, a handsome and good god. I am deeply fond of you but then, who wouldn’t be.”

5. “Your presence in my life is a miracle, you are an unbelievable and life-changing miracle, my dear, one I will cherish forever.”

6. “You always know the right words to say, your compliments are pleasing and sweet to my soul, I drool over them and can’t help it. I am strongly attached to you and that’s the plain truth.”

7. “Yes, I have had my heart broken a number of times but I am willing to trust you with it. That’s because I know you genuinely care and I have no reason to doubt your love.”

8. “My brain keeps a record of all the nice things you have done for me and it makes my heart swell in appreciation daily. Thanks for being a loving man.”

9. “My heart forever wants to adore you, it wants to cherish you forever and I am not surprised, you have shown it so much love, it wants to be yours forever.”

10. “Your love is a cleansing and fulfilling one. It is a protective and satisfactory one. Your love is one I have always wanted.”

11. “I am hoping this love would last forever because I do not think I am capable of ever loving anyone as much as I love you.”

12. “You are my favourite man, my favourite friend and favourite confidant. I am deeply fond of you.”

13. “The day we met was an auspicious day. I remember exactly how it happened. It was the best day of my life. I adore you, darling.”

14. “It is amazing that what started as a completely harmless friendship turned into a wonderful and beautiful relationship. I love you so much, baby.”

15. “I can distinguish your voice from the crowd, my ears have grown so accustomed to your lovely voice that it creates a rhythm in my heartbeat.”

16. “I love the fact that we can lock ourselves in all day and talk about the things we love without getting bored. Life with you is fun.”

17. “You have mesmerized me with your intellect, I didn’t know I could be a great listener before I met you. I always look forward to our conversations and your calls. I have smitten already, I won’t denied it.”

18. “Your presence has made my friends envious, you are like a conquest for me you know, I will always treasure yo.”

19. “I love what is happening between us, it feels like magic when our bodies collide. My body and soul is completely attached to you.”

20. “You are my alpha, the brightest star on Earth. Your type is rare and I will always care for you affectionately.”

21. “Everything about you is beautiful, your eyes are as dominant as the midnight moon, it radiates a mesmerising hue. I have fallen in love with everything about you.”

22. “I know it isn’t our wedding day but I am making this vow today, to love, cherish and be your woman forever. I make this vow because I am crazy about you, my affection for you is unparalleled.”

23. “Your eyes radiate a certain fiery intensity that continually warms me up and draws me near, I want to embrace you forever because your arms are my safe refuge.”

24. “You are my life, my whole world. I want to be with you forever and always.”

25. “I am not willing to lose you, I can’t even entertain the thought without developing a headache. What have you done to me.”

26. “I feel like any attempt to explain what exists between us would depreciate and diminish the true value of our love. All I can say is, I am yours forever.”

27. “I tell you about my family and my ambition. It shows how much I trust you and how high I esteem you. You are an unusual man and I am keeping you forever.”

28. “What I feel for you is so intense, it makes my heart shudder in wild ecstasy. I want this feeling every day, forever.”

29. “I feel a certain connection to you, one I have never experienced before. This feels like a match made in heaven, I feel like you were destined to be mine.”

30. “Your extent and scope of your mind, the way it works is something to be admired. You are definitely a higher form of the male species and I admire you a lot.”

31. “I am glad I get to have a man who is matured physically and intellectually. It is nice to have someone like you.”

32. “I see you, dear, I see the little things you do for me. I see the way you stand up for me everywhere, I see the way you look out for me every time. I appreciate you a lot.”

33. “It’s good I can confide in you, I have never trusted anyone enough to tell them most of the things I tell you. My affection for you is profound my dear.”

34. “I will always encourage you, I will always cheer you on because I am your biggest fan and I am extremely proud of you.”

35. “I know this relationship is the start of much more wonderful things in our lives, it is a good start for all the great things awaiting us. I love you darlin.”

36. “I had been waiting for you to make a move for a while now and I am glad you finally did. We are meant to be, what took you so long.”

37. “Our love will no doubt wax stronger daily, it would grow stronger and stand firmer over time. I am certain of this.”

38. “The day you asked me out was a significant day in my life. It was the beginning of the most amazing times of my life. I love you.”

39. “There are good omens to suggest this budding relationship will work out. The signs are so clear, I am confident we would work out. I love you dear and I am rooting for us.”

40. “This feels really right, it feels good to be with you. Thanks for all the amazing things you have shown me.”

41. “You have the most beautiful and amazing smile for a man, your eyes are so intense, they seem to see into my soul. Thank God I met you, thank God I met an extraordinary man like you.”

42. “You make me smile and blush a lot, you have filled my life with so much laughter and joy. I admire you a lot my darling and I love you as well.”

43. “I still remember the events of our first date, it plays in my mind always. You make every moment spent with you memorable and I love you.”

44. “You do not judge me neither do you take advantage of my weaknesses. You are someone special and has proven that times without number.”

45. “Your love flashes through me like lightning, it charges me up and warms me up. It is the best thing I have ever encountered.”

46. “I love hanging out with you, I don’t mind making it a full-time job you know. It’s always good to be with you.”

47. “Have I ever told you-you are romantic? My life has been full of fun and romance since you became a part of it and I don’t want this to ever end.”

48. “I love rubbing my skin on yours, you are so soft, so tender that I always choose your arms over a pillow. You are my big baby, my adult baby and I love you.”

49. “Your eyes must be made of emeralds because they sparkle and leave me dazzled when you smile. I am lucky to have a jewel like you.”

50. “We are going to explore the world together, we are going to have countless adventures together. When I am with you, I get really excited. Our future will be awesome.”

51. “You are silly and charming at the same time, I have had the best laughs of my life with you. You are a source of immeasurable joy for me and I am deeply fond of you.”

52. “How can anyone be so sexy, you, my Prince Charming are the definition of sexiness and gorgeousness. You are amazing.”

53. “You have an infectious smile and a great personality, I am intrinsically drawn to your selfless, my affection for you is indisputable.”

54. “I have been enjoying my existence since I met you, being with you has added to my creativity and spontaneity and I feel deeply bound to you.”

55. “It is obvious you like me, I have never doubted your love for me as you show it in the seemingly little things you do. I love you too darling.”

56. “You make me feel alive. I don’t know if it’s the way you smile at me, the way you touch me or the things you say to me. All I know is this, I am more alive with you than I have ever been before.”

57. “Ours is a perfect romance story that would have a happy and thrilling end. My affection for you is profound my dear.”

58. “You interest me a lot, you are stunning and definitely worth it.”

59. “You are an unusual person, I have never met a man like you before. You are different and I love you that way.”

60. “I see how much you try to make me happy, I appreciate the special efforts you make to make our life magical.”

61. “Your calmness is a gift, one I have fallen in love with. It’s good to have a gentleman for a change.”

62. “Thanks for trusting me with your vulnerabilities and giving me the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of your company.”

63. “I know relationships are like the ocean, sometimes the tide is low and sometimes, it is high but I am ready baby, I am ready to sail with you through it all.”

64. “I like the perfect and complete synchronization between us, I love the fact that we don’t have to force things. I love the way our love is stress-free and I love you for making it so.”

65. “Our love is going to succeed, I am confident it would. Ours will be the best love story ever.”

66. “My nights are never lonely as thoughts of you fill the void, you are a special one.”

67. “You have a powerful build I find alluring, you are so gorgeous you make my heart flutter. I love you, baby.”

68. “You have a smile that accentuates the beauty of your face, everything about you is appealing and I find you very attractive.”

69. “Your eyes have a certain flicker I find really sexy, I can never get enough of you, I will always come home to you.”

70. “No man has ever looked at me the way you do, you are totally different from other random men, I am happy you are mine.”

71. “I loved you from the very moment I met you, from the very day I saw you, I knew I had to get closer to you. I haven’t stopped loving you and I will never stop loving you.”

72. “You are a really cheerful and kind person, no wonder you are loved by many. I am happy you are my man.”

73. “I have a lot of friends and have met a lot of people but you stand out, out of everyone I have met, you are the best.”

74. “You are funny, kind and weird, you are my light, my guardian angel and I can’t imagine a world without you.”

75. “You make me laugh in terrible times when my days are bad, you add a lot of sweetness and fun to it. I love you very much.”

76. “You are an emotionally balanced man, that is a trait scarce in this generation. I am just lucky I get to call you mine.”

77. “I have always believed there was someone out there for me, I knew at the right time, my man would come into my life. That’s why I was not surprised when you came, I have been waiting for you.”

78. “Whenever I am with you, all my fears and doubt vanish. I hardly think of any of my troubles. Whenever I am with you, I am always happy and I am grateful to have a man like you.”

79. “I love the way you help me out in the house whenever you are around, I love the fact that you are a homely man. You are a blessing to me, my dear.”

80. “I love the way you hold me like I mean the world to you, I love the way you treat me like I am a princess. You make me feel good and special always, I love you.”

81. “I love hanging out with you, visiting new places with you is always exciting. Thanks for adding a rainbow to my cloud.”

82. “I feel more feminine around you than I have ever felt with any other man. I love being a woman, I love being your woman.”

83. “I think of you every minute of the day, I wish to be in your arms every single moment. Your love is addicting, you have got me, baby.”

84. “I fell in love with you from the very first time I saw you and I have never regret loving you, you have never given me a reason to.”

85. “It feels good when you love someone who loves you in return. Thanks for all the love you have shown me, my dear.”

86. “I felt you were far too handsome for a plain girl like myself but somehow, I got you without trying and that is a miracle. You know I love you right.”

87. “Your love has filled me with happiness, it is my daily motivation. I love you, sweetheart.”

88. “Your presence cheers me up, you are everything I have ever wanted. I love you, baby.”

89. “You are a good person, you make everyone happy, your presence makes my days beautiful and I appreciate you a lot.”

90. “You are the entire package, the full one. You are an embodiment of all I have ever wanted in a man and I love you to the moon.”

91. “You are everything I could have hoped for, our meeting was quite funny but I am grateful it happened. Heaven knows where I would be now if I hadn’t met you.”

92. “We are inseparable. Personally, I do not want to leave you or stay away from you. I want to stick to you forever.”

93. “The days we spend together are always wonderful. I enjoy your company a lot and I love exploring our shared interests. I love you, baby.”

94. “I love you beyond reason, you are always worth my time and effort. I will always declare my love for you and give you all my affection.”

95. “You have completely captured my attention, your siblings are accommodating too. What else do I want in a man? Nothing, you have it all.”

96. “You are the sweetest man I have ever met in my life, you are decent and humorous and I really like and respect you.”

97. “I was definitely born lucky, to get to enjoy such a beautiful love life with you is pure luck, one I did not deserve.”

98. “I admire your caring nature, from the start of my day till when I go to bed, you are always on my mind. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

99. “You are cheerful, jovial and high spirited. You make my heart tingle all the time.”

100. “This is certainly the best relationship anyone can hope to have, you make me happy a lo.”

101. “You always glow like an angel, you always take my breath away. Your smile is a beautiful adornment, it is one thing I cherish most.”

102. “Our love story is a beautiful one, how we transcended from friends to lovers is a story that deserves to be written and published. My affection for you is quite much.”

103. “I love being mischievous with you, I love playing games and being naughty with you.”

104. “I want to be a better woman for you, I will do all to be that woman you deserve. Being your woman is a big deal and I intend to be the best you have ever had.”

105. “I am saving up all my love for you and you alone, I am giving all my love to you and you alone. I love only you, my dear and I will love you forever.”

106. “You are the only one in my heart, the only man worthy of living and residing in my heart. You are the only one in my heart, you have no competitor, no match.”

107. “I love spending time with you, nothing else is more deserving of my time than you. I love being with you, hearing you talk, seeing you smile and watching you work. My affection for you is out of this world my love.”

108. “Every part of you is lovable, every part of you is attractive and appealing. I have not seen a man cuter than you are, you are completely mind-blowing.”

109. “You are flawless to me. I know we are all without imperfections but I can’t point out one singular thing I do not like about you.”

110. “I didn’t know amazing people like you existed, I thought you only find them in magazines and movies. You are too awesome to be true.”

111. “Every day I reminisce about how far we have come, I always have reasons to smile and be grateful. It’s been an amazing journey so far with you.”

112. “This feels like a dream, I have to remind myself most times that this is real, that we are real. Thank for showing me what love should be baby.”

113. “I am lucky to have you, I am proud! I have landed a wonderful man.”

114. “There is one thing I am grateful for every day, one thing I will always be grateful for; you, us! We rock.”

115. “Your touch makes my knees quiver, it electrifies my whole being. Your touch is one reason I wake up with a smile every day.”

116. “You are a sexy man, a glance at you is enough to kick-start my day, it is all the energy boost I need. You are loved dearly.”

117. “My fondness for you is not just a new thing, it is something that will last forever. My love for you is not superficial, it is something that will stand the test of time.”

118. “We have shared so much laughter and so many memories, you make me happy and joy has been my closest companion since I met you.”

119. “You are my everything, everything that is relevant and worthwhile in my world. You are everything, everything that makes sense in my world. You are my everything boo and I love you so much.”

120. “I will always stay by your side, I will always be yours. I will always stand with you, I will always be faithful to you.”

121. “My darling, I have been thinking about you all day. It appears my heart is bounded to yours already. My darling, I am missing you so much, I can’t wait to see you again.”

122. “I wasn’t searching, yet, I found someone as lovely as you are. No doubt, you are God’s perfect gift to me.”

123. “My soul clung to yours the very first time we met and I am grateful it chose the perfect partner. I love you.”

124. “I don’t know how this will work out but I am going to give us a chance. I am greatly fond of you and I can’t wait to see how things go.”

125. “You are the best pill for a terrible day, all I do is think about you and my day becomes more meaningful.”

126. “You turned things around for me, your presence was the defining moment of my life. I am totally in love with you.”

127. “I love closing my eyes and reminiscing on the memories we have made, you are the best.”

128. “You are my miracle, you came around at the much needed time. You are my miracle, you showed up just when my heart needed a companion. Thanks to my dear for being a part of my world.”

129. “I do not need a warm shower on rainy days when you are present because you are so warm, you heat up the house and keep my body warm. I love you, baby.”

130. “You are that deep breath I took that helped relieve all my stress and pressures. The deep breath that helped me regain my sanity. I deeply appreciate your love, my baby.”

131. “You are like a beautiful rainbow with a thousand colours, all about you is appealing and attractive. You are an exceptional man, believe me.”

132. “Thanks for letting me love you, thanks for allowing me to share your personal space. I won’t take us for granted.”

133. “You are my cute birdie with a lovely voice, I love hearing you sing, I love hearing you laugh. Every sound you make is beautiful music to my ears.”

134. “Some people go through life without meeting their soulmate but I am glad I get to meet you and enjoy the rest of my life with you.”

135. “I know you have a lot of admirers, that is why I am glad you chose me. It feels good to know I have a man that is wanted by many.”

136. “I am thankful I didn’t miss an opportunity to get to know you. It would have been the greatest mistake of my life.”

137. “It is refreshing to know I sleep in the arms of the most amazing man on the surface of the Earth. You are one of a kind.”

138. “My smile has been deeper, my laughter louder since I met you. My life has been richer, my heart merrier since I met you. I love you so much, baby.”

139. “You are making me a believer in the existence of a supreme being because I believe meeting you wasn’t me being lucky, it was a divine being showing me mercy. You are too unbelievably sweet.”

140. “I have been looking for you, you know. I have been searching for the perfect companion for myself, the one fit to fit into my life. Thank God I have finally found you.”

141. “My reality has never been this exciting, this is better than my imagination, this is way better than any dream I ever had. I love this reality I am enjoying with you.”

142. “I have always felt only angels can possess all the attributes you have, but you are a man except you haven’t told me the truth about your birth. Either way, I love you for all you are.”

143. “It’s good to know there is someone who treasures me, who truly loves me and who will always be there for me. It’s good to know a man like you has my back always.”

144. “You treat me the right way, the way a woman should be treated, the way a partner should be treated. You treat me well a lot and I appreciate you.”

145. “I have a huge news to share with you, I hope you are ready for this, here it goes, “I love you “3 words, simple but powerful but believe me, dear, I really do love you.”

146. “I love the way you draw near to me, I love the way you show up when I need you. You are a sensitive and tender love and it’s a good thing.”

147. “You are the piece of me I have been looking for, the piece that is necessary to hold me up and keep me together. I am glad I have finally found my missing piece.”

148. “When you are away, I miss you so much it gets scary. What have you done to me.”

149. “Heaven must be where so much love abounds because I get the heavenly feeling when I am in your arms. How are you doing today handsome.”

150. “An elephant without its tusk, a turtle without its shell, a zebra without its stripes and a leopard without its spots. Those are examples of what I would be without you dear.”

151. “If you let me, I will love you till the end of our lives because loving you is the singular thing I enjoy doing most.”

152. “I adore you, I know you know but I feel I need to remind you again. I adore you so much my darling because you are worth it.”

153. “I would have promised to give my last breath to you if ever it was necessary but I know we have a lot of wonderful and full years ahead of us.”

154. “I live for your love, your smile, your laughter and a whole lot of reasons that revolve around you. You have added a million reasons to why I need to keep living.”

155. “It’s awesome to get to live this one life with you, it is awesome to have a man like you walk with me through life. I couldn’t have wished for a better companion.”

156. “My future is bright, I was never this confident about the future but I am now and this is because I have you now, you have instilled me with a lot of optimism about the future.”

157. “You make me really happy, there is no limit to the joy I feel when I am with you.”

158. “I am committed to us, I am committed to making things work. I will do whatever it takes and I will do whatever I can to make things work out between us. That’s because you are worth it.”

159. “You must be the only man left in this world because I rarely notice other men. You are all the male personality I need in my life.”

160. “I often wonder how I managed to land someone like you, you are something extraordinary and it is exciting I get to call you my man.”

161. “Don’t worry, you have landed yourself a faithful babe. Why would I cheat on a God sent like you.”

162. “Sometimes when I am out, all I can think of is kissing your lips. Most times when I am out, all I think of is being in your arms again. Even now, my love, I am seriously missing you.”

163. “It used to be me, my rules, my opinions and my views. Now that I have you, I know I might need to start compromising but, I don’t mind. I don’t mind bending the rules a bit to accommodate you.”

164. “You are always in my head, my heart and my mind. You are a part of me already, I carry you around. No doubt, my affection for you is huge.”

165. “It feels like I have been soaring in the clouds since I met you, it feels like I have been catapulted into a world where only beauty and love exists.”

166. “You have changed my entire opinion about life, you have changed my entire perception of life. You are rubbing off on me, you are influencing me much more than you think.”

167. “I am never going to leave you, I am never going to take advantage of your love and devotion to me. I care about you a lot, you are my sunshine.”

168. “I am going to shield and protect you in my own little way, I am going to be your sunshine on rainy days, I am always going to be your Wonder Woman.”

169. “I might not be too sure about other aspects of my life but one thing I am sure of is the fact that I love you and I want to be with you.”

170. “Your presence has brought good luck to me, it has introduced a lot of honey and sweetness into my life. I hope you know I care about you a lot.”

171. “My heartbeat calls out your name, my body pants for you when you are far. I have gotten so used to you that I can’t do without you.”

172. “My love is true and pure, it is more than a physical attraction. My affection for you is genuine and deep, it is more than that ever described in books. I have fallen in love with you totally my darling.”

173. “My whole heart is saturated with your love, it is filled with the fondest affection for you.”

174. “My body is always craving for your touch, I used to think I was this tough lady but you have completely stripped me of all my layers of toughness. You are basically in charge now my dear.”

175. “Sometimes, I find myself staring at you minutes after I am awake cos you are so cute when you sleep. You are a cute and beautiful man at the same time.”

176. “It’s amazing how fascinating I find the odd things about you that should ordinarily turn me off: the way you snore, the way you sneeze and a lot more. Love has a way of blinding us to the seemingly questionable things.”

177. “The days without you are long, dull and uninteresting. I need you every day, I need you to make my days bright.”

178. “It’s hard getting anything done around you, you are a huge distraction. Whenever I am with you, every other thing appears insignificant.”

179. “I know exactly why I fell in love with you, how can I forget when you give me a thousand reasons to love you more daily.”

180. “This generation is blessed it gets to enjoy your presence. I am particularly blessed I get to be a recipient of your love, devotion and affection. How are you doing today my love.”

181. “Don’t take this to heart baby but I am glad your last relationship didn’t work out. If it had, you wouldn’t be mine today. I am happy you are mine.”

182. “I know a lot of women who would give everything to be with someone like you and that’s why I am keeping you close to me forever.”

183. “I chose you because you are better than the rest, I chose you because you are the best man out there for me. I chose you because you are just right.”

184. “I have never doubted you, you have never given me a reason to. I think I am beginning to trust you more than I trust myself and that itself is amazing.”

185. “You know you are something really different and special to have gotten me to fall totally in love with you. How did you do it.”

186. “We have had many rough moments and tough times but they have all helped to strengthen our relationship. I know there are better times ahead.”

187. “It’s good to know I am holding the hand of the right person even as I go through life because being with the right partner is as important as choosing a career.”

188. “You are probably the only guy in the world capable of sweeping me off my feet. You got me baby and that’s no small feat.”

189. “Never have I had a boyfriend so fine and sweet. You are for keeps.”

190. “Be mine forever, let’s make a wonderful life together. Let’s have the best times of our lives together with my dear.”

191. “My heart has been swelling full of joy and excitement since I met you, you are pure sweetness to my soul, one I can’t do without.”

192. “I have a lot of things to say to you, some sincere words from my heart and when I see you again, I will hold you, dear, look into your eyes and tell you what an amazing man you are.”

193. “You compliment me a lot and I love it. You make me feel good always and I consider myself lucky to have such a tender man.”

194. “I know we are still new but I am hopeful about our future. We are too good together, there are great times ahead of us.”

195. “I keep telling you my secrets and exposing parts of me I have kept concealed from every other person. You are getting to my sugar.”

196. “I can’t hide how I feel about you even if I try to. I love you so much, I can’t get enough of you.”

197. “Love is about commitment and I am committed to making it work with you. That is because I care so much about you.”

198. “I trust you with my heart. Sometimes, worry creeps in and I ask myself if it’s worth it, if you are worth it but my heart has chosen you and I am going to give us a chance.”

199. “I know I have nothing to fear, with you, I have enjoyed a lot of peace and my heart has known true happiness.”

200. “I feel good from the inside out, I am quite optimistic about us, we will end up well.”

201. “I love the sweet, childish part of you, most days, I feel like cuddling you and throwing you in my handbag when I go out as you are so cute.”

202. “We share a lot of common hobbies which makes us enjoy each others company a lot. I am just glad I get to finally meet someone that is so much like me.”

203. “I can’t live life to the fullest without you as your love is deeply ingrained in my heart. You are a part of me now as I am a part of you and trying to live without you would be suicidal.”

204. “Our love is inspirational, it affirms the fact that true love never ends. We are going to be together forever.”

205. “I really didn’t think I would like you, you just didn’t look like the type for me but thank God I gave you a chance, it was the best decision of my life. I have grown massively fond of you.”

206. “Your presence completely dissolved my fears and insecurities about life, I am beginning to enjoy life, thanks to you.”

207. “I know your tenderness has been taken advantage of in the past but trust me, I am never going to do that. You are an amazing person and I will treat you like the gem that you are.”

208. “I like you with a lot, I have grown attached to you. Don’t dare hurt me as my heart wouldn’t bare it.”

209. “I know I am not particularly good with words but I need to tell you, you mean everything to me, you are everything to me.”

210. “I love you totally and endlessly, it would be frustrating to ask me to describe how much I care about you as words would fail me but the simple truth is you are the most important part of my world.”

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