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Romantic Happy Birthday Letters to My Husband

Life can be chaotic, maddening and unsettling. If possible, the very life would be drained out of us by challenging happenings around us threatening to take away our sanity. The good news is that we have a choice. We can react or respond, depending on our goals, convictions or values. We can choose to celebrate life and defy its odds. Create wonderful memories by celebrating joyful occasions.

What better occasions deserve celebration with fanfare, but one’s hubby’s birthday?

You don’t have to own the world to celebrate your husband’s birthday. Simply write a lovely, emotion-laden, and beautiful letter to him. He’ll cherish it more than gold because it’s straight from your heart. Here are 70 love letters you can choose from, to dazzle your husband on his birthday.

Men have feelings: they are just great actors. They have perfected the art of hiding their emotions because they grew up with the myth that real men don’t wear their feelings on their sleeves. Women, on the other hand, are apt at expressing their feelings.

Invariably, don’t starve your husband of affections, even when he brushes you off. Fill up his love tank with thoughtful or romantic words. Let him know he means the world to you. He’ll adore you for it.

It’s your husband’s birthday. A day of joy and celebration. Whatever you have planned to do, spring a surprise on him. Don’t just send him a nice card; rather, write a beautiful letter to him. This way, it’s more personal and original. Wish your darling husband a wonderful birthday in a special way.

Indeed, remind him how special he is. Let him know he’s your hero, champion and Prince Charming. Make this birthday an extraordinary one by blowing his minds with words of affections and reliving of memorable events. Other gifts might just pale in comparison!

You aren’t that good at letter writing? You find it a tedious or impossible task? Your mind is kind of blank and you need a pointer or two? Stress yourself no further. Help is here already. Check these out. You’ll be glad you did.  Sweet Happy birthday letters to my husband.

Romantic Birthday Letter for Husband

Sweet and Birthday Letter for Husband from his beautiful wife.

1. Dearest husband, no better day to express my love to you than this special day of yours. No better way of expressing my feelings, putting it in writing is an eternal proof of my love for you. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, sweetie.

2. My darling husband, I wish you a happy birthday full of joy, merriment and blessings, today and years to come. You are the best! Even now, if you were to ask me, I would’ve flown to the moon and back for you. Lots of love from your wifey.

3. My charming husband, happy birthday to you. The first time we met, you blew me out of my mind. Being married to you is a mind-blowing experience, then, now and always. I’m indescribably happy with you. Love you loads, my handsome, from your princess!

4. My darling husband, it’s your birthday, and I celebrate with you, with joy and love. Congratulations, my love! I wish you a beautiful year filled with happiness, fun and everything your heart desires. Lots of kisses from your angel.

5. Dearest husband, happy birthday to you. I cherish you for your tender love, indulgence and protectiveness. When you put your arms around me, problems fade away. It sure feels well with my world. You are my world, my darling.

6. Darling hubby, happy birthday celebration to you. I wish you joy and happiness in multiples of what you have brought into my life. Have a beautiful year filled with joy and love. Loads of love from your angel.

7. My sweetheart, happy birthday to you. Have I told you I loved being married to you? You spoil me silly, so falling for you on a daily basis, is a no-brainer. You are such an adorable darling! I’m nuts about you, who wouldn’t? Catch fun today and always, “how” is on me! You can bet on it….your mischievous were.

A Letter to My Husband on His Birthday

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8. Honey, happy birthday to you. Your love is the wing that enabled me to fly to the top of my career and other endeavours. You are a superb and fantastic husband! A wonderful father. Rock your day, my love!

9. My love, happy birthday to you. My heart is full of so much joy and love that I’m scared it’ll burst. You are the reason I celebrate each day as special. I love you, my darling husband. Cheers!

10. My cute husband, I wish you a happy birthday filled with fun, devoid of sorrow, free from pain and trouble, mishap missing and full of happiness and manifold blessings. Enjoy your day, it’s on me!

11. My Husby, happy birthday to you. You always make me laugh. With you, I’m living out my fantasies and embracing my reality. You are such a great guy! May your days be filled with laughter and lots of fun. Have a blast, my love!

12. My darling husband, happy birthday to you. You are such an amazing man, that I feel positively blessed to have you as mine. You are a real charmer, I love you. Enjoy your day, my love.

13. My dearest husband, happy birthday to you. You are such an awesome and amazing husband, lover, friend and father. I’m glad you sweet-talked into marrying you. I’ve developed a ‘sweet tooth’ only you can satisfy. Enjoy your day, with all my love.

14. My sweetheart, congratulations on your birthday. I wish you long life, prosperity, sound health, and a fun-filled life. Have a blast today and always, darling husband. You rock my world.

Letter for Husband on His Birthday

Best love letters for husband on his birthday.

15. My sugar pie, happy birthday to you, my dearest. You are a wonderful husband, generous, and kind. I wish you a year full of abundant blessings and wonders.

16. Honeypie, happy birthday to you. Thank you for always believing in me and going out of your way to make me happy. I’m not just happy, I’m deliriously glad and full of love. This year, your cup of joy shall be full and running over. It’s your day, my love, enjoy it.

17. My sweetie pie, thank you for being an excellent husband, a staunch friend and an exceptional lover. You are a rare find! Really worth waiting for. Have a great birthday, filled with lots of fun and more fun!

18. My husband and amazing husband, happy birthday to you. Loving you gave me a permanent resident visa to Paradise; a one-way ticket to Joy, and a mansion in Funland. Love you loads, my Prince Charming.

19. My heartthrob, happy birthday to you. The absolute impossible has happened: I’m more in love with you today than I was before we married. Then, I was crazy about you. Now, my heart expands each day filled with love for you. You are my forever Crush.

20. Dearest hubby, happy birthday to you. I celebrate you today and always. Thank you for being an inspiration, encouragement, unflinching support and great help. You are an amazing husband. Keep on being awesome, my hero!

21. My loving husband, I wish you a happy birthday filled with fulfilled expectations, encompassing grace and unlimited favour. Have fun, my darling. You deserve it!

Happy Birthday Husband Letter

happy birthday husband letter, birthday letter to my husband.

22. My dearest husband, you mean the world to me. You are my forever love. Thanks for being a man of faith, strong convictions, sound principles and integrity. Happy birthday, my love. Keep shining!

23. My gem, you a great treasure, the real deal! You are an uncommon breed and a rare find! I’m so proud to be your wife. I wish you a fantastic birthday, my baby.

24. My adorable husband, happy birthday to you. I adore you silly, my Prince Charming. I celebrate you today and always. May your joy be full now and forever.

25. My Hero, happy birthday to you. Thank you for being an extraordinary husband, amazing lover, superb companion, an inspiring mentor to me an awesome father to our adorable children. I love you, from the depth of my heart. Have a lovely day!

26. My sweet love, happy birthday to you. I appreciate your kindness, compassion and gentleness. Your love transformed me, rather than breaking me. You saw me at my worst and became the angel that brought out my best. You are a revolutionary change agent, I adore you. Have a great day!

27. Mine, happy birthday to you! When I look into your beautiful eyes, all my doubts and fears develop wings and fly away….into Neverland. You are my champion, my darling husband. You’re a spectacular star, keep shining!

28. My dearest darling, happy birthday. I love you unreservedly, unapologetically, with no excuse or reason whatsoever. Do I need one? You are my very being. You deserve the best, certainly why you got me! I wish you joy and happiness with lots of fun.

29. Cutie, happy birthday to you. You are a marvellous man, gorgeous and charming. I’m absolutely charmed and in love with you. You are God’s best gift to me and your generation. Keep on soaring, my husband. The sky isn’t your limit.

30. My Knight in shining armour, happy birthday to you. You are so courageous, unfaltering and daring! I admire you, my husband. You are my hero, my darling. May your bravery never fail and your strength never fail. You rock!

Birthday Letter to Husband From Wife

Sweet and Romantic Happy Birthday Letter to Husband From Wife.

31. Dearest husband, happy birthday to you! It’s your day, so I’m throwing modesty to the winds and sing your praises. I’m nuts about you. You are handsome, cool, gorgeous, smart, intelligent and tremendously remarkable in every way. Love you loads, my adorable Prince!

32. Darling, thanks for bringing dignity and honour to my life. You are my very life and essence. May you be honoured and blessed in all your ways, now and forever. Happy birthday, my champion.

33. My baby, there’s something important you need to know. The joy and euphoria of being married to you have never waned, diminished or disappeared. Rather, my love for you blossoms each passing year. You are an awesome man in every way. Happy birthday, my husband. You rock my world!

34. To my darling husband, happy birthday. You are my soulmate, my heartbeat and my world. Your love makes me positive, strong and radiant. You are my one in a million guy, I love you. Have a splendid day, sweetie.

35. My heartbeat, happy birthday to you with all my heart. Thoughts of you thrill and tickle me to my toes. When I gaze into your twinkling eyes, I’m amazed and awed by the absolutely pure and undiluted love that blazes forth….just for me. You are my today and the sum total of my tomorrow. Have a beautiful day, my husband.

36. My dearest love, happy birthday to you. I celebrate you today and forever. When I look into your eyes, I get mesmerized; my whole being come alive and my world becomes perfectly fine. Do you desire the moon? Say the world, I’d get the fastest spacecraft and grab it for you. I love you, my crown.

37. My Crown, happy birthday to you with love. You are my glory, the reason behind my radiance and sparkle. You are my Sunshine, you brought joy and laughter into my life. Have a great day, my Champion, and a year full of wonders. You rule my world!

38. My Sunshine, happy birthday to you. You are a great guy, a good sport, funny, witty and smart! Depression has no chance with you, rather you attract and radiate joy and happiness. You are genuine and kind, no affectation or false bone in your body. My husband, you rock!

39. Handsome, happy birthday my gorgeous! You aren’t just my husband; you are my friend, confidant and one-man squad cheerleader. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for being my unfailing rock. Without you, I’d have been lost or expired. You are a wonder! May the new year ushers in explosive wonders for you… and much more.

40. My dearest sweetheart, happy birthday. I wish you the very best in life: no one is more deserving! You are a great husband and a wonderful husband. An awesome inspiration and motivator. You are a star, shining is in your DNA!

Birthday Letter for Husband from Wife

Romantic and Sweetest Birthday Letters For Husband from Wife.

41. Dearest husband, I wish you a wonderful birthday and a spectacular year. Our marriage is young and full of promises because you are such a romantic gentleman, optimistic and full of vitality. A dreamer full of practicalities, an idealist with focus and determination. You spin my world with love!

42. My precious love, happy birthday to you. You are my champion, my hero and my Knight. I was battered, shattered and broken until I met you. You love healed and mended me. Yours is a true love in its genuine context. You rule my heart and rock my world, my husband!

43. My dearest treasure, happy birthday to you. You are my windfall and lucky charm. Everything became awesome with my world when I married you. I love you, my husband. You are my precious gem!

44. My treasured gem, happy birthday to you. Thanks for being a great leader, excellent provider and a loving protector. Thanks for being my perfect soulmate and an exemplary role model to our children. My heart is filled with love for you. Rock your day with loads of kisses from your wife!

45. My gorgeous darling, happy birthday to you. I may be far from you on this special day of yours, but my heart is very much with you. Right now, I’m putting my arms around you, I feel good in the warmth of your embrace, breathing in the scent of you. I love you, Husby. I can’t wait to see you and celebrate all over again.

46. My Love and Pride, happy birthday to you. I smile in contentment when I think about you. You make me feel fulfilled and happy. Marriage to you surpassed my expectations: you’re an amazing husband! I enjoyed being pursued, fought for and loved by you. I relish being totally indulged by you. You’ve spoilt me silly, my husband and I love it! Guess what? You rock, my darling!

47. My darling husband, happy birthday to you. I’m a stunner; you’re a head-turner! I’m a beauty, you’re a handsome dude! I’m chic and poised, you’re charming and confident! Aren’t we a perfectly matched couple? Truly, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You aren’t just beautiful, you are awesome…in every way.

48. My precious husband, out of sight isn’t out of mind. On the contrary, your absence has made my heart to grow fonder of you. I miss you so much, it hurts. I can’t wait to see you to celebrate your birthday in a special way. Happy birthday, my love.

49. My wonderful hero, happy birthday to you. I miss you, terribly. It’s the only downside of being a serviceman, but I’m proud of you and your passion to serve the country. I celebrate the hero that you are. I can’t wait to see you. Have a wonderful birthday, my husband.

50. Dearest husband, you are the best husband any woman could wish for. You’re caring, understanding, gentle but firm, and fun to be with. Please, get well soon and come back home into the waiting arms of your darling wife. I’ll gladly celebrate your birthday with a big splash or in the quietness of our home. The choice is yours, I’m waiting. Happy birthday, my darling!

Happy Birthday Letter For My Husband

Happy birthday letter for my husband, birthday letter for my husband, a birthday letter to my husband.

51. My darling husband, today is your special day. I’m glad to celebrate with you- lots of fun and thrill awaits your pleasure, so get ready for the ride. Expect surprises. Watch out for mind-blowing ingenious plan unfold- all for you, my sweetie. Have a wonderful birthday, filled with, packaged with love, from your wife and the entire crew.

52. My darling, it’s your birthday! A celebration galore is loading! Surprises in the offing, predictability is dumped for spontaneity and creativity. In all, the ultimate goal is fun and enjoyment, amidst thankfulness. Look forward to a great day, my husband, and have a blast!

53. Honey, life with you is incredible – like a fairy tale. You are as cool as I’m naughty and hotheaded. You have a calming effect on my jagged or fray nerves. Without even trying, you bring out the best in me. You are my perfect match, my darling husband. I’m madly in love with you. Happy birthday, my charming husband. Loads of kisses from your angel.

54. My Sugarpie, I can’t imagine life without you. It’s totally abhorrent and unthinkable. You are my heartbeat and my very essence. Today is your day, and I feel like showering you with love. You deserve no less, my gorgeous. Happy birthday, my precious husband. I’m forever yours, wifey.

55. Dearest Love, happy birthday to you. I love being with you. I’m mesmerized by the sound of your voice. Your sweet smile entices me. The clincher is your lovely baritone voice as you sing specially for me. I’m in love, you are my love, my darling husband. Have a great day, loaded with manifold blessings.

56. My dearest, Happy glorious birthday today! God that has begun a new and marvellous thing in your life will perfect it! Congratulations, my precious husband. You are a rare gem.

57. My love, today I celebrate you. You are an icon and God’s precious servant. As you mark another glorious year in your life, may you be celebrated by your entire generation? God has brought you this far and He will take you to your land of fulfilment. Happy birthday, my darling husband and Prince!

Birthday Letter to a Husband

Happy Birthday Letter to a Husband, Best Letter to a Husband on His Birthday.

58. My sweet love,
I earned the right to gush over you: you’re my husband and heartthrob.
You are humble, caring and generous to a fault. You have a large heart, with a big hug to match. Just one hug from you, I become putty in your hands!
Your laughter, easy and bright disposition lights up everywhere. Your optimism is infectious and your kindness is life-changing. I love everything about you, mine.
You have a heart of gold that touches everyone around you. Happy birthday, my love. May your days be filled with laughter and love.

59. My sweetie,
I have so much to say, but I find myself bereft of words. So many emotions of love, gratitude and pride are churning up within me, vying for attention and expression. You are an awesome man. Thoughtful, gentle, firm but loving, attentive, compassionate and kind. You are an exemplary leader, an amazing lover, and a trustworthy friend.
Happy birthday, my dearest husband. May you be filled with more joy than you impart to others.

60. My Sweetheart,
A special day like this gives me another opportunity to celebrate my ‘gentle giant’. Not that I need an excuse, I just love celebrating you at every turn. You are my forever everyday Crush!
You have such a positive impact on me and everyone around you; you’re a great role model. A sound teacher, servant-leader, intelligent and a visionary.
Happy birthday, my adorable husband. Posterity will judge you as faithful and committed. Have a fruitful year, with lots of love from your troop.

61. My Pumpkin,
It’s your day of joy, but it calls for a sober reflection on my part. Reflecting and reminiscing, birthed thankfulness and grateful heart.
I had such a wild disposition that everyone concluded I needed a strong-willed ironman to ‘handle’ me.
The irony of life: I got the sweetest, gentlest, and humblest man as my husband. Love broke me without even trying. A feat hitherto impossible with the toughest of men.
I love you, honey. You are completely amazing. Happy birthday, my adorable husband. You rock my world with love!

62. My Prince Charming,
Loving you is the prize I got for loving life to the full. Being loved by you is a gift from God. A proof if His love for me.
I cherish you, my husband. You are exactly perfect for me in your many imperfections. My follies are your delights, so I know we’re a perfect match made in heaven.
Happy birthday, my precious husband. You still take my breath away, without fail!

63. My dearest Husby,
You are the shining star that lights up my dark spot. You are fun loving, romantic and special. There’s never a dull moment with you, you are so full of life and merriment!
Happy birthday, my Angel. Have a fantastic day.

64. Angel of my life,
Happy birthday to you, my husband. In a world filled with darkness, chaos and trouble, you are my bright spot and anchor. I love you, honey.
Keep shining without fail, it’s your call!

65. My dearest hubby,
Loving you is a call to excellent service, and I gladly signed up. My one regret is that I didn’t meet you earlier. I feel pangs of loss when I considered years of marital bliss I missed, unwittingly. I’m cheered by thoughts of many years of pure love and joy that’s yet to unfold.
You are a treasure, I love you. Happy birthday, my darling husband, like no other!

66. My darling husband,
My heart is filled with loving thoughts about you, my sweetie. You are sweet and kind, strict but caring. Above all, you have s heart of gold. Your bark is worse than your bite.
Happy birthday, my love. Cheers!

67. My dearest husband,
You are such a hardworking, committed and conscientious man! I’m proud of your drive and achievements. Thank you for being a great provider and leader par excellence.
Happy birthday, love. Reach for the moon. Your light will shine brighter.

68. Honeypie,
You are a man of faith, deeply rooted in God’s word and committed to following the Lord and His absolute will, irrespective of the cost. My heart is filled with pride, and I’m inspired to emulate you.
Happy birthday, my husband. May you receive your reward now and hereafter.

69. Sweetie pie,
You are a man of principle and outstanding quality. Uncompromising, honest and trustworthy. You are a rare gem, an uncommon breed. In a world of materialism, and resultant desperation, recklessness and corruption, your integrity and steadfastness shine as bright as the sun.
Happy birthday, my amazing husband. You are a pacesetter!

70. My adorable husband,
Men like you are rare. You are an African man with a difference! You taught me and your children that being a leader means taking the lead in everything, including house chore!
You are a blessed man. The Lord will bless your heart and the work of your hands. Your fountain of wisdom and joy will overflow.
Happy birthday, my love. You rock!!

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