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2023 Best Congratulations Graduate Wishes Quotes

Every important event in life deserves to be celebrated and congratulated, from childbirth to getting an apartment or owning one, getting married, etc..

Graduation isn’t an exception, in fact, it is a commendable achievement, signifying how hardworking the individual has been, it is now time to celebrate them and get them ready for the next phase because it doesn’t stop there.

And because graduation is a memorable milestone that stays embedded in the memory for a long time, sending some congratulatory message to someone graduating can go a long way to release some feel-good hormones that would urge them for the next level.

So, if you have anyone who’s cap is flying today, and you need some quotes or message to congratulate them, know you’re in the right place. Here are beautiful graduation messages below for you.

Graduate Wishes for Congratulations

Awesome congratulation wishes for a graduate.

1. What you’re graduating from today is a rehearsal, the real education starts from now, congratulations on passing your test phase, welcome to another level.

2. Today, I welcome you to the next level of life, for graduation is a continuing step where you get yourself buckled up for more of life experiences, congratulations.

3. I congratulate you today, after a long time of schooling, you are finally free to spread your wings and fly, enjoy your flight into a new world.

4. Today, you start another journey to being the best of you, to show forth all the skills you’ve acquired, happy graduation.

5. You start the rest of your life from this day, this graduation ceremony is one of many determinants to chart the best of your life, go be the best.

6. Today is a special day but let me make you know, that every other day, you’ll keep graduating in life until you stop existing but till then, congratulations.

7. Congratulations, as you mark a great new beginning of your journey in life, a stepping stone to many happy memories. Happy graduation to you.

8. As you graduate today, go out there and make a difference to all that your hand would grasp.

9. For you to get here, many waters would’ve passed under the bridge, and from this day, brace yourself for many more because it’s a continuous thread, congratulations on your graduation.

10. You were born to be great, one of your many greatness in life is graduation and that you’re doing today, enjoy the remaining greatness on your way.

11. Today is the day you wear your square-shaped cap and gown, as you go about in life, make this day count by being the best you can be.

12. Graduation is a stop and smells the coffee break in the journey of education and life, make sure to buckle up to continue the journey afterwards, happy graduation.

13. To continue making those that are present at your graduation celebration proud, you must be committed to making the best out of this day, congratulations.

14. From this day, think beyond this graduation, choose a different way to be different, choose a life that matter as you throw that cap in the air. Happy Graduation.

15. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you made to get to this point, what matters is that you’re here now, glowing in your beautiful graduation gown, happy graduation to you.

16. Put on your walking shoes, today is not the end of your education, another journey starts from the moment your car is flying in the air, congratulations on your graduation.

17. Today, as you take further steps into a new beginning, take up new challenges, seize every open opportunity, and break new grounds, happy graduation.

18. Congratulations from me to you, you sure deserve some accolades for finishing strong today from all the intense education you went through, happy graduation.

19. Graduation is a reminder to you that the world is waiting for you, patiently waiting for you to come and bless them with your talent, I hope you’re ready.

20. Just like a baby taking its first step, graduation is you taking your first step in the real world where you’ll make every challenge into opportunities, happy graduation.

21. From every graduation you’ve had, from elementary school to college, to a higher level, graduation never stops, it comes with great achievements, congratulations to you today.

22. The fact that some people got here before you didn’t make you a failure, it just means that everyone’s timing is different and today is your day, be happy and be ready for the next steps ahead, happy graduation.

23. I hope you’ll keep it in mind that you’re stronger, braver than you seem, coupled with your smartness is what has brought you this far, keep it up, for you still have many miles to cover, congratulations on your graduation.

24. Graduation is another moment to take a breather, you know not what awaits you, but I can tell you it involves making money and some responsibilities, happy graduation.

25. This is your chance to make all the dreams you’ve dreamt come pass, starting from this day of your graduation, go live the life you’ve imagined, congratulations on your graduation.

26. You wearing your graduation gown today takes a lot of courage and sacrifices, take time to celebrate your success today and get ready for the next level. Happy graduation.

27. Savour this moment today because it marks a great milestone, congratulations on your graduation and best wishes to you on your next adventures in life.

28. You’ve really come far as expected, but you need to be ready for new opportunities that await you as you explore each new day, congratulations on your graduation.

29. You started this journey sometimes ago, now you’re here, and after, on your way to being great, enjoy this moment and be happy graduation.

30. It’s your graduation ceremony today, while your car is in the air, spread your wings and fly, for there are more of this day to come, happy graduation.

31. Graduation is another mountain you just finish climbing, many more mountains are on your way, ready aim and fire yourself into action.

32. Congratulations to you on your graduation, you believed in yourself and you did it, continue believing, for you still have more honours to bag.

33. After today, the adventure ahead of you is the journey to leaving your mark in the heart of many, let the journey begin but make it count. Congratulations!

34. You know a new future starts for you once you put on your graduation gown, with all you need within you, go into the world and be great, happy graduation.

35. Be ready for life, because your education never ends with today’s graduation, it’s just a moment to create memories and start all over, Happy graduation.

36. Today is a special day, cause it’s your graduation, it’s time to go into the world and be the best version of you, congratulations on your graduation.

37. A mind that has no education is just a body with no soul, today is to show the world that you’re sound and ready to give back to it, happy graduation.

38. From this moment on, let your passion feed your purpose and let your purpose, in turn, be an adventure for you, it’s your graduation, congratulations to you.

39. Today is your day, get yourself ready, there are many mountains before you to climb, you’re now a mountain climber, go surprise the world with your skill. Happy graduation.

40. For all the dreams you want to make come true, for all the imaginations in your mind you want to bring to life, today is the beginning of them all. Happy graduation.

41. As you graduate today, expect another world from the one you used to, in this new world, you’re to make decisions and make things happen. Congratulations.

42. You might not know where you’re going, but once you’re done throwing your cap, chart a new course for where you wish to be, congrats on your graduation.

43. Whatever you do as from now on, do it with a conscious mind, because your future depends on it, happy graduation.

44. As you graduate today, let each of your dreams become a plan, intensify every of your wishes into a burning desire, and back that desires of yours with continuous passion till you make your mark in the world.

45. Happy graduation to you, I hope you keep learning, advance your talents and skills, while you continue growing yourself.

46. Schooling doesn’t end with graduation, the learning continues, but you know you can now change the world with what you’ve acquired, congratulations on your graduation.

47. Graduation is about commencement and not termination of education, this gown is not just for this day, it’ll still be needed on another occasion, but for now, have a happy graduation.

48. I hope from this day, life becomes all that you ever wished it to be, and I hope you are able to move ideas with your words as you walk on that stage in your gown, happy graduation.

49. As you take your steps further into the real world of works, don’t allow obstacles make you take your eyes off your goal, be more focused and be unique, congratulations on your graduation.

50. We all know that half of the things we learn in school came from outside the learning walls, that means after today, never stop acquiring more knowledge, happy graduation.

51. It’s your graduation today, archive this moment in your memory, while you look forward to the future ahead with a positive mind, happy graduation.

52. Today, you finally proved wrong all the silent voices in your head, telling you it’s not worth it, and you’re on your way to proving many more voices wrong in the real world, congratulations on your graduation.

53. Congratulations on your graduation today, I hope you know the real work has just begun, but I want you to look at it with an adventurous spirit and not a stressful view.

54. Whatever you’ve learned in the past few years, are the preparation for all the deep things and adventures waiting for you in the world. Happy graduation.

55. Going into the world today, never allow life push you over, my friend, take your steps carefully but strongly and take the world by surprise, happy graduation.

56. There is a new journey starting for you just as take off your gown, your purpose and potential will be revealed within this journey, get yourself ready. Congratulations on your graduation.

57. Whatever the future holds for you, never loosen your guard, dare to be different every day because you’re now different from the rest, congratulations.

58. All you’ve learned in these past few years aren’t enough to give you answers to many mysteries out there, that’s why you should keep learning after this day, happy graduation.

59. You’re now capable to change the world, you have enough energy to push forward inside of you, you may not have all the answers but do your best, have a pleasant graduation.

60. Today, I’m happy to congratulate you on your graduation and I am wishing you great success with your dreams and career.

61. Nothing is impossible, you just need to put your mind to achieving it, good luck on your adventure in life and happy graduation.

62. From this day on, I wish you all the best in everything that lies ahead, don’t just stop here today, continue to soar above in all your endeavours.

63. After today, continue pursuing more knowledge, cause there is unlimited knowledge awaiting you in the world, just tap into it and it’s yours for keeps. Congratulations.

64. I congratulate you today because you started it and you are now on the finish line, but the journey is not stopping here, wishing you all the best as you graduate.

65. Today, it’s been proven that you’re not just a brilliant person, but you’re also a go-getter, congratulation on your graduation and onto the next level.

66. This is a major event in the history of your life, you still have many more hills to climb, keep on going and soaring higher. Happy graduation.

67. Your graduation is a start to another level in your life, it’s time to start showing off your acquired skills and earning money for it, congratulations.

68. You’re here now, it means you’ve come a long way, you’ve heeded a lot of instructions, it’s now time to be you, wishing you all the best life has got to offer.

69. As you’ll be walking with pride in your boastful gown and square shaped cap, don’t let all the accolade cheers you’ll receive make you lose focus, make sure you stand your ground. Good luck to you in the future.

70. Let every word coming out from the graduation podium today, build inside of you courage to take charge of your dream. Congratulations on your graduation.

71. Congratulations to you on your graduation as you have achieved today, good luck and happy graduation!

72. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you try, that’s why you should have it in mind to try as much as you can once you go into the official world of works, congratulations.

73. May every of the endeavours you embark on from this day, bring you lovely income and peace of mind, happy graduation to you.

74. Hey, graduand, as you become a graduate today, make sure you ready yourself with a courageous heart for the future, I wish you the best of adventures as you take new steps.

75. May this new phase of life that you’re about to embark on give you a tomorrow much more than you deserve. Congratulation on your graduation.

76. When you get your certificate today, let it be a sign of the knowledge you have on your inside, and make changes to the world with it, have a happy graduation.

77. Today, you’ve added more accolades to your amazing self, go out with your head held high, because you’ve done something extraordinary, wish you a successful future.

78. The world is at your feet now, use your abundant gift that’s stored up inside of you and make the world a better place now that you’re a graduate

79. The society’s already expectant of some innovations and creativeness from you, be ready to surprise them in a unique way, I’m wishing you happiness on your way to becoming the best of you.

80. Many eyes are on you from this day, looking at what you’ll become after graduation, go steadily on your path and create your own success, congratulations.

81. After today, your certificate won’t matter to people but to you alone, what matters to them is what you make out of it and the value you add to the society. Happy graduation.

82. No matter how or where you start your journey from, just aim for the best and success will fall in places for you. Happy graduation to you.

83. Congratulation as you go further into the next phase of life, don’t stay long in your comfort zone, move around, take up challenges and bring beauty to the world with your gifts.

84. I want you to look back at all of the sacrifices and commitment that got you here, then focus your energy on exploring every available opportunity out there as you go on, good luck and happy graduation.

85. This new stage of life you’re embarking on, be among those that are making a difference and are ready to add beauty to the society, wish you great success with your dreams.

86. I know the past few years had been a struggle, from early lectures to long studies and research, the next phase could be much more, but never give up, for your dreams to come true congratulations.

87. It’s finally official, you’re now a graduate, here’s to the next level in your life, I wish you success all the way, happy graduation.

88. Don’t stop now! Your graduation shouldn’t put a stop to you acquiring more knowledge, the finish line is still farther away, keep at it. Good luck on your graduation.

89. There are bound to be failures on your path as you go ahead now, never see them as setbacks, see them as a learning process, a stepping stone to your goals, wish you a successful future.

90. Immediately you fling your graduation cap, put on your thinking cap and get busy with your dreams, wishing you a wonderful future as you graduate.

91. You might not be able to change the world but as you go on about your next phase of life now, do your part and influence as many to be the change, happy graduation.

92. This is the time to start, it’s your time now, to offer yourself and give back to the society, what you’ve acquired. Congratulations on your graduation.

93. If you’re willing put a smile on the face of many in the world, take a step now, that’s where the journey starts from, wishing you the very best in your journey and happy graduation.

94. Your fate is in your hand, let this moment be stamped in your mind while you make every step count from this moment, good luck and happy graduation!

95. Graduation is more than just a farewell, it’s a memorable reminder that brings to mind all the sacrifices and strength it now gives to your soul, congratulation to you.

96. In the new world, you’re going, you may feel a bit out of place but don’t feel strange, it’s part of the process of making your dream come alive, happy graduation.

97. You’re going to meet all kinds of people as you begin a new journey, there will be competition, how strong you stand is what makes you unique. Congratulations as you graduate today.

98. It is impossible to not expect failure at all, so open your mind to see beyond the failures, it’s a way of building you up, I wish you happiness on your way up.

99. Today is a memorable day for you and a proud moment for your family and friends, wishing you all the best in what lies ahead and good luck.

100. In life, I hope you know that many things do not come easy, just like you getting here wasn’t easy, so keep strengthening your mind to go through it all the way, happy graduation.

101. Always have it in mind that, the journey is impossible, not until you try, that’s when you know it’s possible, so try it and make it happen, congratulation on your graduation.

102. On the way to your new journey, the road to the top is slippery, but the joy in it is to never quit when you fall, stand again and again till you get to the top.

103. If you wait for opportunities to come, you’ll wait very long, you need to get on your way and get the opportunities waiting for you, good luck and happy graduation.

104. When you go out there, remember not only this day but also the days before now and all the sleepless nights and never give up, happy graduation to you.

105. You finally did it, you put all the unbearable days and the tension that comes with it behind you, now it’s time to look forward and be the best.

106. Here’s to making dreams come alive, wishing you success as you pursue your dreams and goals, congratulations and happy graduation.

107. Stay alert and aware of the future, for all the plan you think you made doesn’t take much time for life to change it.

108. Warmest congratulations to you on your graduation, focus on your destination and you will end up at the top.

109. I congratulate you on your graduation today, the time will never be just right, that’s why you should go out and make something happen.

110. There are two-lane in life, positive and negative, but you shouldn’t have your mind set on the latter cause it doesn’t end well, stay positive and happy graduation.

111. Nothing is better than being conscious, take your consciousness with you on your way, the greatness awaits you. Happy graduation.

112. You’d be surprised how strong you can be when you finally get on your way to making dreams come true, best wishes on your graduation.

113. Nobody said the path to success would be easy but with God on your mind and perseverance, you’ll get to the top, happy graduation.

114. There are challenges out there waiting to test your ability, you must hone your survival skills in order to achieve your goals, wishing you success.

115. On your way, there would be barriers to frustrate and delay your journey, never relent, if they make a roadblock, create a new path to your dream. Congratulations.

116. Congratulations on your graduation, now it’s time to aim higher, let not the sky be your limit, go beyond it.

117. You’ve made your family and friends happy today, don’t let it stop there, let your success story in years to come put smiles on their faces, happy graduation.

118. Even if you’re slow at it, just have the mindset of attaining greatness, one step at a time from today, you’ll surely attain it, happy graduation and good luck.

119. This graduation is a foundation for building your dreams, fill your mind with positivity and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities you’ll attract.

120. After graduation, there’s going to be a lot of questions in your head and your mind filled with curiosity, be imaginative about them and you’ll make magic in the world.

121. Some people would get to their destination by air, rails, or sea but it’s not the case for everyone, some destinations are meant to be reached by passionately working hard. Good luck and happy graduation.

122. From now on, be passionately curious and look for answers, you’ll see something amazing on your way, congratulations on your graduation.

123. I’m congratulating you on your graduation, do not be too free that you lose focus of your dream, let your eyes be your goal.

124. From this graduation day onward, keep your eyes on the road and let the light in your heart keeps glowing onto your path, you’ll get to your destination in no time.

125. I don’t know the life you’ve imagined for yourself but to have gotten you to this stage, it must be a life aiming for greatness, so keep at it and best of wishes as you go on.

126. Today, you’re closing a chapter and opening another, congrats on your graduation and I wish you the best of luck in your next phase of life.

127. Another journey begins for you today, it might be a struggle at the beginning but if you keep at it, you’ll realise it is not impossible. Happy graduation to you.

128. Today is the beginning of a new journey, spread your wings and fly and soar higher than the rest of the world, happy graduation.

129. I hope you’re as excited as me for all the new adventures waiting for you as you take on this next level journey, best wishes for you as you graduate.

130. Happy Graduation. I know you’re going places from here, I’m wishing you continuous success in achieving your dreams cause I can’t wait to celebrate that one as well.

131. This day, you will relish in years to come, because it’s a huge milestone in the story of your life, congratulations on your graduation.

132. Congratulation to you as you graduate today, the future is looking so bright and promising, I trust you’ll explore the beauty of it.

133. As you embark on this new phase of your life, tread lightly and carefully, but all the same, I’m sending you best of wishes to push you through. Happy graduation.

134. You’re a dreamer of dreams, never stop dreaming, it will surely come true just like today. Congratulations on your graduation.

135. Today, I’m celebrating with you on your graduation, it’s now you and your dream against the world, best of luck.

136. As you go into a new world, life would bring your way both challenges and chances,
may you rise above every challenge and turn every chance into a blessing. Happy graduation.

137. As you graduate today, seek more knowledge, dare new challenges and believe in you that you’re the best and you’ll make dream come true.

138. Congrats and best wishes for success in your brand new life, I couldn’t be more proud of you today.

139. This moment is yours, to step into a new future and be great, don’t be greedy along the way, be generous and also learn to be content, congrats on your graduation.

140. This day is for merriment, anyone can tell how happy I am, may your achievement today unlock many more blissful moments and achievements for you.

141. From this moment, try as much to devote your energy and time to make your dreams come alive but while at it, have fun and fall in love. Have a happy graduation.

142. The path to success usually lies within hard work, but if you’re smart enough, you’ll find it easy. Happy graduation.

143. Graduating today means you’re taking steps towards your dream, what you do from now on will determine how you are going to your dream, so never leave your path.

144. Be thankful for this day, many started with you but here you are, standing tall, may success continually find you, happy graduation.

145. Every person you meet knows something you don’t, do not let your achievement today make you arrogant, learn from even the ones lower to you. Congratulations on your graduation.

146. Today, I’m glad to congratulate you as you graduate and I want to wish you success as you move to the next phase.

147. Here’s saying goodbye to the past few years and welcome to the new years of making a decision and becoming a great achiever. Congrats on your graduation.

148. Congrats! It’s your time to shine your light more, never allow the struggles on your way to the top dim your light, the light is all you’ve got. Happy graduation.

149. I would advise you create your own path as you’re going now, so you don’t end up joining the rest of the world in traffic, congrats on your graduation today.

150. I’ve always known that you will make us all proud, I’m sure and I can’t wait for you to continue surprising us. Congrats! It’s your moment to be happy!

151. As you move into the next phase of life, surround yourself with friends who see greatness inside of you and are ready to help you achieve it, happy graduation.

152. This is the beginning of a new journey, new opportunities, and the start of wonderful things for you. Congrats and happy graduation.

153. Congratulations as you are graduating today, now it’s time to dream big and turn the dreams to reality, best of luck.

154. Congratulations, graduate! Well done your achievement, my wish is that you acquire more success in your next phase of life.

155. Don’t be afraid to try when you find new challenges, in trying, you’ll discover something new and probably exciting. Happy graduation.

156. To the last few years, it’s goodbye and to the next chapter, I say welcome, and good luck to you on breaking forth, congratulations on your graduation.

157. You’ve crossed another hurdle today, it’s now time to start dreaming, start with a bigger dream, no matter how impossible it may seem, believe it will surely come to pass, happy graduation.

157. As you go for the new life ahead of you, I hope you keep being on the right path and never lose sight of yourself. Congrats to you, graduate.

158. Your graduation today is to open up a new beginning of a beautiful life that lies ahead of you, follow through with that beautiful life and you’ll come to a beautiful destination.

160. If you think you can do it, then back it up with faith and dare it, then you’ll see what you imagine manifest into reality. Happy graduation and good luck.

161. Now that you are a graduate, don’t let your dream stop there, continue chasing after your big dream till you reach the finish line.

162. You must learn to believe in yourself and be willing to walk your journey alone because some of those you’ll meet along the way might choose to go separately. Happy graduation, graduate.

163. As you go on, to the new phase of your journey, learn to stand up for people who can’t help themselves and you’ll be unique among others. Congrats and good luck.

164. On this glorious day, I celebrate with you on your graduation and I wish you happiness in your new life and endeavours.

165. Congratulation to you on your graduation today, it’s now time to endeavour many more opportunities that lie ahead in your journey. Happy graduation.

166. Now that you’ve graduated, if there’s any dream you want to achieve, this is the best time to start working towards it.

167. As you become a graduate today, I pray you will know which direction to go from here, and I hope you never lose yourself when you get to the top. Congrats to you on your graduation.

168. Graduation can be full of emotions cause of the goodbyes friends but it can also be exciting, thinking of all the opportunities life may hold for you, I hope you enjoy your new journey.

169. This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, congratulations and best wishes to you, I can’t wait to see you excel in the nearest future. Happy graduation.

170. A warm memories of the past and many dreams of the future, that’s what graduation signifies and you should be ready to embrace both. Happy graduation and best wishes to you, graduate.

171. You’re a born fighter, so as you go further into the next phase of your future, go on a treasure hunt and never stop until you find it. Happy graduation.

172. If you’ve been wondering how it feels to toss the cap in the air, today is your own time and moment to experience it, congratulations on your graduation.

173. Your adventure into the real world start after today, with different challenges awaiting you, I wish you strength and courage to face them all, happy graduation, graduate.

174. Graduation is a completion time that ends a phase, a celebration moment, and yes, a new beginning to a new future. Enjoy your moment on the journey.

175. After today, I pray that you easily overcome all the obstacles that life may drop on your way to achieving your goals, congratulations and happy graduation.

176. May God especially guide you every step you take on your new journey to life, you’ve done a great job to get here, congrats on your graduation.

177. I thank the Lord for bringing you this far from when you embark on this journey until this point of graduation, I pray God continually be with you in the next phase, congrats and happy graduation.

178. Now that you’re crossing over into the real world of unlimited opportunities, dreaming alone won’t do the job, you will have to dream, act, believe, and hope. Happy graduation.

179. Now that the real journey of struggles is about to start, I hope you make every step you take towards your goals count by believing in yourself and never tiring out of the journey, good luck on your new future.

180. Today, you graduated and start a new beginning, with new opportunities and goals in view, offering your talent and gifts as services back to the society. Congrats all the same and best wishes in your endeavours.

181. I know you have so much to offer the world, now that you’re a graduate, I’m wishing you many more milestones as you go on in the future, congrats on your graduation.

182. Congratulations to you, graduate! May success and happiness shine upon you always, even as you proceed to your new level of fulfilling your dreams.

183. Hearty congratulations, from me to you as you graduate today and about to get into the real world, best wishes that from this moment, your success story will never stop.

184. Happy Graduation to you, and to the bright future ahead of you, I pray it comes with ease of mind but go with all that you’ve got and surprised the world.

185. May your ultimate aim in life after this graduation bring you more happiness and may you be successful in your new endeavour. Happy graduation and best of luck.

186. For the new future your heading to, always keeps a good heart and mind that’s pure, cause it’s going to help you achieve more success on the way. Congratulations.

187. May you attain a beautiful level and greater heights as a result of this graduation, may you never stumble on your way to making dreams come true, have a happy graduation.

188. As you’re about going through to the next phase of your future, never stop learning new endeavours, try out new ideas and feed your curiosity. Best of luck as you are going further.

189. Congratulations on your successful graduation, it’s now time to go and be more successful in your chosen endeavour, I wish you all the best.

190. Today, all your hard work has paid off, I’m really so happy to see you achieve this, remaining many more to go, now get to it. Good luck and happy graduation.

191. After graduation, it’s time to choose where to put your many skills to use, I hope you thrive in the field you’ll be choosing in the future.

192. As you embrace your new place and endeavour in life, may success and happiness shine upon you always. Happy Graduation!

193. Congratulations on your glorious graduation, wishing you much success as you pursue your new dreams and goals in life.

194. I am indeed happy to celebrate your graduation with you on this day, may all the dreams in your heart after today, turn out successful. Happy Graduation.

195. I’m so proud of you as you attain new level for yourself, I don’t doubt that you’re going to go far and amazing things in your new future, congratulations, graduate.

196. Congratulations to you on your graduation, your sacrifices and dedication have been rewarded today, bask in the happiness of this moment, you deserve it.

197. So many exciting things are in store for you in the future, I hope you’re ready to charge for more success as you’re embarking on this special journey to the future, happy graduation and best of luck.

198. Congratulations on being a graduate, but you know the struggle never ends there, it’s a continuous journey and I wish the best life has got to offer in the future.

199. Spread out your wings to soar higher, the next level has many opportunities in stock for you, now it’s time to turn them into success. Congrats and happy graduation.

200. Congratulations to you on your graduation, today is for celebration and gratitude for a successful completion of efforts, Happy graduation.

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