Congratulation Messages for Graduation

Trending Congratulation Messages for Graduation in 2023

Success does not come cheaply, more reason we must celebrate it.

No one puts on a graduation robe with a cap on their head and yet feel unaccomplished. So, give a graduand one or more of these messages like you would a candle on a cake just to let them know that they truly celebrated.

Here are 100 congratulatory messages to mark a graduation.

Congratulation Text Messages for Graduation

You’ve shown to everyone that through diligence success is achievable, these and many more are the words you should send to a Graduand in celebration of success achieved. Here are Encouraging Sms for Graduand.

1. Today marks your accomplishment and your graduation cap looks just like a crown on you. I’m happy to see you celebrating this feat. Happy graduation.

2. It gives me the joy to see you climb another success ladder majestically. You’ve indeed won yourself a great crown. Happy graduation.

3. It pleases me to see you putting on your grad gown. You look like a king in his royal apparels. Success looks so bright on you. You stole the spotlight. Congratulations.

4. Happy graduation, sweety. Not so many scaled through this phase, but when it was your turn, you won and you did that diligently. You’re an epitome of success.

5. Happy graduation. You just added to the numbers of your crown. Grad grown looks so good on you. Congrats, dearie.

6. Happy graduation. No doubt, you’re the brightest star amongst the graduands of today. Having an irresistible aura of success and a poise of diligence. You deserve every bit of accolades.

7. Not only have you made yourself proud today, you’ve equally shown to everyone that through diligence success is achievable. Thanks for being such a phenomenal person. Happy graduation.

8. You came, you saw and you conquered. Happy graduation, dearie. Today was a day I looked forward to, and I can tell you that I’m satisfied.

9. Happy graduation. You ran the race and won the race. Not only do you stand out amongst your colleagues, you’re a role model to them. I’m sending all my felicitation to you.

10. From the depth of my heart to the depth of your heart, I’m wishing you a happy graduation. Thank you for being a hardworking individual. It sure pays!

11. I felicitate with you on your graduation. It warms my heart to see you end a phase of your life with so much joy. You’re indeed a star.

12. Happy graduation. There’s a melody in my heart today and it’s all in your honour. Keep moving from glory to glory.

13. Wow! The D-day is here, I can’t help but be filled with so much ecstasy. You’re an inspiration for the rest of us! Happy graduation.

14. Happy graduation. Today, everyone is marching out in your honour to rejoice with you. May your new degree bring you good success.

15. No success story is as beautiful and well told as yours. Your life is an expression of possibilities. Happy graduation, my favourite one.

16. Happy graduation. This day brings so much joy to my heart. You have a reason to smile, a reason to be happy and a reason to yearn for more. Wishing you success in your future endeavours.

17. For so long, the world waited for your manifestation. Today is more than a dream come true, you broke barriers and set a new standard. You’re the best thing to ever happened in the history of Academics. Happy graduation.

18. Happy graduation. I do not only jump and leap for joy today but as well dance in the rhythm of success. You make me proud. You made it and for that, you’re a graduand.

19. Happy graduation. The world stops today to felicitate with you, even the host of heavens are aware it’s your day. Thank you for making it till the end. Success is truly beautiful, you made me realize that.

20. We’re celebrating a dream that was dreamt, nurtured, watered and now it grew to become a full-blown success. You’re full of the energy to succeed and yes you won. Happy graduation.

21. Happy graduation. I feel like sending you to the moon as a present for this beautiful feat you achieved, to see that indeed you can be on top of the world. You deserve all the accolades. Happy graduation.

22. It pays to be focused and today I see a reason to beat my chest and stand up for what I dream of. You’re an inspiration. Happy graduation, happy dream come true.

23. Your dream was akin to a little spark, some years ago, but today it shines so bright and illuminates you with a great magnitude of splendour. Happy graduation. I look forward to your future.

24. Happy graduation, dear. It seemed so far, but you waited patiently for it. Today, the glory is all over you. You’re the most admirable celebrant today.

25. Like a mission, you set out to achieved a degree and like a warrior you made it. You came out as a forerunner. Happy graduation.

26. Today, your name has just been included in the hall of fame, your achievement cannot be overlooked. You deserve more than a gold medal. Happy graduation.

27. No one does it better, little wonder you steal the spotlight. Today, you’re like a bride, everyone waits to see you in that gown. Happy graduation.

28. As you walk to receive your degree, the light shines brighter and the applauds sound louder. You simply stand out. Thumps up to you. Happy graduation.

29. Who else deserves a standing ovation, if not the one who ran a beautiful race and came with a beautiful evidence? Today, you won more than a gold, your life has more value than yesterday. Happy graduation.

30. Happy graduation. I wanna behold the look in your eyes, I wanna see your smile sparkle and see you take a relief born out of success. You deserve the merit.

31. The world is at a standstill because an unusual celebrant just arose. This race you just completed comes with the happiness similar to the birth of a baby. Happy graduation.

32. Your face is all I see today because it’s all about you and your success. I rejoice with you, you’re an achiever. Happy graduation.

33. A grand congratulations to you, overcomer. You took a bold step and today your feet are forever on the sands of time. Happy graduation.

34. Today, the world celebrates like the inauguration of a great king. You’ve thought me to believe and I’ll rise. Happy graduation, this didn’t come cheaply. You deserve every bit of this great reward.

35. Aside from seeing you on the podium today, I also see you at the top. Winning is what you do best. Happy graduation, dear.

36. Today is as colourful as the celebrant. Your gown gives an aura like that of a coat of many colours. Happy graduation, dearie. You deserve it.

37. Happy graduation, you went as a warrior and came back as a victor. You’re distinguished today because you worked hard.

38. Though the devil barked, the lion roared, the sea stormed yet, you came out strong and as a winner. You made it, for that you’re a reason to be celebrated. Happy graduation.

39. Happy graduation. You started from the bottom and made it to the top. Indeed, the slow and steady wins the race. You’re a winner.

40. Your feet are those of a winner, your head fits the crown, no gainsaying, you’re the best. Happy graduation. I felicitate with you.

41. Happy graduation. You made the best of your time, by doing something worthwhile. Today, your reward is quite evident as you put on a graduation gown like a warrior’s armour.

42. Happy graduation. You’ve shown the world what it takes to actualize a dream and that’s persistence. You were patient to the end. The difference is clear.

43. Congratulations, dear. I wish I could congratulate you in all spoken languages on the surface of the earth. Nevertheless, you’re the reason for the season. Happy graduation.

44. You faced the challenges that came along head on and today, the reward is beckoning on you. Happy graduation, dearie. See you at the top.

45. Like a bird you got up and flew to the sky, today everyone beholds that star in the sky. Happy graduation. I appreciate you for making it to the end.

46. Happy graduation. Today, you’ve made the world bigger and better with your accomplishment. Your dream is realized because you didn’t give up. The world awaits your manifestation.

47. Happy graduation. Look how far you’ve come. You put in your best, the difference is clear today, the joy is unspeakable. I felicitate with you.

48. Happy graduation. I can’t wait to see you with your certificate and above all, see you do greater things with it. The world dances and rejoices all because of you. A star is amongst our midst.

49. The world is sending you a thunderous applaud as well as, a beautiful standing ovation to mark your graduation. You stood for your dream and today, the world stands for you. Happy graduation.

50. Happy graduation, dear. Thanks for your patience, thanks for standing in the face of trial, thanks for making it this far, thanks for burning those candles. Today marks the reward of a diligent individual. Happy graduation.

51. You’ve reached a milestone. Congratulations on your graduation. It’s a new beginning of greater accomplishments. Hakuna Matata!

52. Congratulations on your graduation. It’s well deserved. I admire your strength and valour. Know that you got yourself a fan!

53. With joy in my heart, I say Congratulations to you, dearie. It’s praiseworthy.

54. Congratulations to you, my dear. I’ll also like to thank you for motivating success within me by your bravery.

55. I’ll write you an accolade because, you are strong, patient smart, worthy, and successful. Congratulations on your graduation, it’s no easy feat.

56. Congratulations on your graduation. I bet this is only the beginning of your successfulness.

57. Congratulations on your graduation. Aim higher, work harder and expect more successes. Love you!

58. Just like yesterday, you are here now, adorned in a robe of honour, bearing on you the crown of glory. Congratulations on your graduation, darling. I adore you!

59. Congratulations, champion. You plied the road of success, though not easy but, you came through with a well-deserved certificate. You earn my utmost respect, darling!

60. Congratulations on your graduation. Let this success story be a reminder that you have wings to fly and the possibility of dreams coming true. You are a role model!

61. Congratulations on your graduation. It is my joy to see you put on that robe of honour, seeing how much you’ve laboured for it. You deserve it and you’re the best!

62. You’ve never looked more stunning than you are in a garment of honour. It just confirms mine believe how success is your identity. Congratulations on your graduation. I’m super excited.

63. It took time but yet, it came through. It took strength but still, you never failed. You’re a victor, a champion and a warrior. Congratulations on your graduation. It can only get better.

64. Now you know success isn’t so far away but within the reach of our determination and will. Congratulations to you on your graduation. I love you!

65. There’s no better reward for your hard work and consistency, than the actualization of putting on a well-deserved graduation robe. Congratulations on your graduation. You rock, darling!

66. Go into the world and conquer. You sure have all it takes! Congratulations on your graduation. You rock!

67. You are empowered, you’re stronger and now a force to reckon with. Congratulations on your graduation. You deserve it!

68. The candles burned, the leisure times turned studying times ain’t gone with the wind but well rewarded with a certificate. Congratulations on your graduation, champ.

69. There is time for everything says the Holy book. There was a time you sowed, now is the time to rejoice with your certificate in your hands. Congratulations on your graduation. You sure deserve it!

70. The joy beaming in your eyes, the satisfaction in your heart and the robe of honour well placed on your proud shoulders, are never to be traded with the short-lived gratification of laziness, slothfulness and sleep. Congratulations on your graduation. It is well deserved.

71. Success isn’t the absence of failure but an outcome of struggles and pains turned into motivation. Congratulations on your graduation, you made it through, despite all odds.

72. Congratulations on your graduation, sweetheart. You did well not because you never failed but because you choose to rise above it!

73. Congratulations on your graduation. Indeed if you can see it, you can be it! This is a dream come true.

74. Congratulations on your graduation. You have inspired us to know that the failure of a dream to come true, isn’t the presence of trials and challenges but the lack of will and determination to see it through. Thank you for being an inspiration.

75. Congratulations on your graduation. The only one I need to know that dreams come true is you. Thank you for being a light in the dark.

76. Congratulations, dear achiever. You’re graduating today because hard work, hope, resilience and faith didn’t fail you. I’m happy to call you a graduate! Love you!

77. Congratulations to you, sweetheart. You are the best that I know. You have your whole future ahead of you, do not dim the light!

78. I’m happy you let that little light of yours shine so bright. Congratulations on your graduation. You made it!

79. You’ve put naysayers to a hush. Your failure is now your success story. Congratulations on your graduation.

80. A journey of a thousand miles is over but now is the beginning of a greater milestone. Congratulations on your graduation! I celebrate you!

81. Do not be afraid to go get what is yours in the world. If it was possible in the university, it is possible in the world. Congratulations, dear graduand.

82. I believe in dreams again. Dream again, dearie. This is only a starter. Congratulations on your graduation!

83. History has just been made by a warrior and a champion. Congratulations on your graduation. It is well deserved.

84. You bring so much joy into my heart knowing that you fought so hard to be here and now you have it all to you. Congratulations on your graduation. I admire your valour and your success.

85. I feel the awesomeness of your glory cause, I know your story. Congratulations on your graduation. You sure deserve it!

86. Another feather to your cap, another gem to your crown. You’re a priceless jewel. Congratulations on your graduation.

87. It gladdens me to know that you’re wiser, smarter, and a gift to your world. Congratulations on your graduation.

88. Congratulations because you made it through thick and thin. Happy graduation day, dear achiever. The sky is your starting point.

89. Congratulations on your graduation. Indeed tough times do not last forever, only tough people do. You’re my hope!

90. Congratulations on your graduation. I bet it feels so good to wear such a robe along with a radiant crown. Perfect!

91. Congratulations on your graduation. This is beautiful because it is your time and it is your season. Enjoy being a graduate, sweetheart. I love you!

92. Congratulations on your graduation. Hard work plus patience is such a good combination, now I know it’s true.

93. Congratulations, beautiful graduand. Your smile makes it altogether more beautiful, and your journey makes it even more honourable. I love you, darling!

94. Congratulations on your graduation. Whatever step you desire to take next is sure to be a success because this is a testimony.

95. Congratulations on your graduation. You stand out because you journeyed on your own path and won your own battles. Happy graduation, sweetheart.

96. Congratulations on your graduation. May the desire to succeed never depart from you cause, that is the beginning of true success. I love you!

97. Congratulations to you on your graduation. You never let fear stop you, nor failure shame you. I’m proud of you, darling! The future sure is brighter!

98. Congratulations on your graduation. Choose to live for all that you can give. This is just the starting point.

99. Congratulations because you never said goodbye to your own dreams. Happy graduation, sweetheart. This is praiseworthy!

100. None of these was on a platter of gold. You passed through the fire to become a refined gold instead. Congratulations on your graduation, dear medalist. You’re appreciated.

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