Best Together Forever Quotes

2023 Best Together Forever Quotes

Love breeds desire. Love longs for intimacy. With love comes a craving for oneness and togetherness.

One of our many cravings is to live together with those we love and care for, for as long as we exist. It’s like paradise on earth to be together forever with a loving heart that you dearly desire.

The contents of this post are for you to express your love and desire to be together forever with the one you love.
Use them to communicate with your partner and enjoy love in its beauty and splendour.
Make your love life exciting.

Romantic Together Forever Love Quotes

The best collection of Together Forever Love Quotes you can send to your lover.

1. “My sole desire above all other is to be with my beloved together forever.”

2. “Life’s winds and storms won’t consume the love we have for each other. Our love is stronger than whatever life can throw us. Our love will wax in strength and we will be together forever.”

3. “I dream of us, sweet, beautiful dreams. I dream of us living together forever in happiness and in wealth.”

4. “Since I found you, since I fell in love with you, I’ve cherished nothing more than your company. I want to be with you, together forever.”

5. “My sweetheart, there is no limit to what we can achieve together forever.”

6. “My heart throbs to be with you my dear, together forever.”

7. “When the sun rises and the morning comes, I will fulfil my dream to be with my beloved, together forever.”

8. “My heart beats to be with my dearest, together forever.”

9. “As eternity is forever, so do I want to be with you, together forever.”

10. “The biggest opportunity ever presented to me is being with my dearest, together forever.”

11. “The sun is forever the light for the moon. I will forever be your light and you will forever be mine. We will be together forever.”

12. “An unbreakable bond is what binds you and I. This bond will bind us together forever.”

13. “We are like birds with the same wings. We will soar together forever.”

14. “We may grow old and weary but our love will never grow old or weary. We will live in love together forever.”

15. “The calmness of a still water is a simulation of the love which binds I and my dearest. This love will be with us, together forever.”

16. “We are souls without borders bounded by love that binds us together forever.”

17. “My love for my darling will know no bounds till we live together forever.”

18. “The cute voice in my heart sings a song of love that will soothe our hearts together forever.”

19. “The rhythm of my heartbeat rhymes with yours through the bond that we share and we’ll continue to share together forever.”

20. “The noise of the whirlwind is not strong enough to distract us from the future which we are building to live in, together forever.”

21. “Together forever, shall we cling on to ourselves like a snail clings to its shell.”

22. “Together forever as days never end, our love shall not cease to exist.”

23. “It pays to stay together forever with someone you love with your whole heart, and who loves you too.”

24. “Paradise on earth can only be with one who will make you happy forever.”

25. “Love is the strongest bond that can hold us together forever.”

26. “I look to loving the rest of my life with you.”

27. “Together forever, we can glide the skies and pour down showers of love.”

28. “Together forever, we will hold each other’s hands and look into each other’s eyes to the beautiful future that will always lie ahead for us.”

29. “We will be sunk in our arms together forever.”

30. “I will be king and you will be queen. Together, we will rule our empire forever.”

31. “I have a home in your heart and you have a home in mine. Together we will live in our hearts forever.”

32. “Together forever, we will live, love and rule.”

33. “For the best of years ahead of us, we will live together forever.”

34. “There’s no end to how long the earth will circle the sun, there’s no end to how long I will love you.”

35. “As the rainbow never splits, so shall we never be torn apart. We shall be together forever.”

36. “You live in my mind, everywhere I go. Together we will be forever.”

37. “Hold my hands. Stay with me. We will be together forever.”

38. “Ride with me to the summit. Together we will be formidable forever.”

39. “Together forever we will soar across the skies.”

40. “Together forever we will ride against gravity as the sky hangs against gravity.”

41. “The light we share never fades. Together forever we shall glow.”

42. “Together forever, I will be your man and you will be my lady.”

43. “Together forever, our hearts will beat for each other.”

44. “My heart will be with you everywhere you go and yours with me. Our hearts will beat together forever.”

45. “Time is endless, so is our love. We will love each other together forever.”

46. “A blossoming life can be said of a green, fruity garden. We will blossom together forever.”

47. “Hold me close, I want to be with you forever.”

48. “My love for you knows no end. I will be with you forever.”

49. “Together forever the earth lives with the moon as its satellite. Together forever, I will live with you as my star.”

50. “If love is a trap, I want to remain trapped with you, together forever.”

51. “I have reached this height with you by my side. I want to be with you, together forever.”

52. “You file my rough edges and make smooth my haggard path. I want to be with you forever.”

53. “She mesmerizes my being with an intense soothing touch, that I wish will last forever.”

54. “Together forever, we will light our world with a light that never fades.”

55. “Together forever, we will keep our fire burning.”

56. “Together forever, our light will shine to the ends of the earth.”

57. “I can’t wait to live with you, together forever.”

58. “Love speaks of freedom. It’s how I feel knowing I will be with you, together forever.”

59. “The excitement to be with you will forever exceed my worst worries.”

60. “Together we will be one forever.”

61. “This is the beginning of a life with you, together forever.”

62. “My world is shaped to be yours. To be with you, together forever.”

63. “Together forever, we will make stardom in our home.”

64. “Together forever, we will live in bliss and in peace.”

65. “Together forever, we will make the best couple ever.”

66. “I have the best ally ever. Together we will stay formidable forever.”

67. “The greatest force ever known binds us together forever. Nothing can split us. apar.”

68. “Unto you will I cling on forever.”

69. “Together forever, we shall stick to each other.”

70. “Together forever, we shall remain hopelessly in love with each other.”

71. “Together forever, we shall flare the fire in us.”

72. “Like a roaring thunder, we shall storm the world together and rule our space forever.”

73. “Others may spilt but we will stay together forever.”

74. “Together forever, we will be the happiest people on earth.”

75. “My whole being is for you as you are for me. We will live together forever.”

76. “I desire to be with you, together forever, for my happiest moments are with you.”

77. “I crave to be with you, together forever.”

78. “There’s one way for us to be always happy. It’s sticking together forever.”

79. “I can imagine we will always be happy if we stick together forever.”

80. “The best decision I’ve ever made is to love you and stay with you, together forever.”

81. “Together forever with you is the life I dream to live for the rest of my life.”

82. “I wish I could spend every moment with you. I wish I could be with you together forever.
83. “When you’re here and when you’re not, you bring smiles every day. I am together with you to be with you forever.”

84. “You live in my heart. everywhere I go. You are with me always. We will be together forever.”

85. “I am a product of your sincere love. Together forever, we shall love each other sincerely.”

86. “Together forever, we will be bound by the beauty of our love.”

87. “Together forever, like a starlit night, we will light up the dark sides of our lives.”

88. “Together forever, our love shall be a beautiful song that would make the stars sway at night.”

89. “Our love will rise every day like the sun. We will live in its light together forever.”

90. “My heart brims of love to be bonded with you forever.”

91. “Together forever, we will share our love, the best gift of our lives.”

92. “Nothing else compares to the dream of loving you forever.”

93. “My heart beats eagerly for your company, to be with you together forever.”

94. “We will forever be together in the light we created from our love.”

95. “Reawaken your dreams with the one you love, to live the life you always dreamed of together forever.”

96. “The impact of your love stretches past a thousand miles in my heart. My heart beats to be with you together forever.”

97. “The dream to love, together forever, is the most ecstatic feeling ever.”

98. “A plethora of things may walk out of my way, but not you. My heart will beat together with yours forever.”

99. “I feel free with you. Make me yours to be together forever with you.”

100. “Love with you is immortal. We will love each other together forever.”

101. “Open the door of your heart to the one you will love together forever.”

102. “In the confines of our love are treasures of gold, that will be with us together forever.”

103. “I am flowing with milk and my love is flowing with honey. Together forever, we will live in a home flowing with milk and honey.”

104. “Together forever we will be bonded with a bond stronger than mountains.”

105. “My love for you is unmovable. I will live to love you forever.”

106. “Love is an inexplicable virtue of our union that binds us together forever.”

107. “I am here for you, to live for you, to live by you and to live with you together forever.”

108. “Through busy valleys and lonely hills, we will walk relentlessly until we reach our place of rest.”

109. “Touch my heart with your thrilling words, make me yours forever, to be together with you.”

110. “I’ve found a road map to success and I’m not going there without you being with me, together forever.”

111. “Life with you is most appealing. I will spend my forever, together with you.”

112. “Together forever, we will glow with a light that’s superior to the sparkling glow of sunset.”

113. “Together forever, we will make our world beautiful.”

114. “The heights we’ve never climbed are set to be our footstools as we bond in our union of love together forever.”

115. “Together forever, we will rise to heights we have never dreamed of.”

116. “You are my top priority and forever you will be.”

117. “The scent of your skin makes me glad right being with you together forever.”

118. “Words create life. Words have made us who we are and will make us who we will be, together forever.”

119. “Together forever, we shall be unstoppable to achieve the dreams we create.”

120. “Together forever, we will create spectacles of beauty for the world to behold.”

121. “Together forever shall be our mantra for our unity and stability.”

122. “Together forever shall the bond between us live to exist.”

123. “Together forever, our bond shall be as the unending serene view of a mighty ocean.”

124. “Together forever, we shall wield a strength that’s stronger than roaring ocean waves.”

125. “Together forever, shall be the song on our lips for the bond that we share.”

126. “As long as the day breaks after each night, I will stick to you together forever.”

127. “My heart craves to be bonded to yours together forever.”

128. “I am yours with you together forever.”

129. “As the clock ticks, my heart beats to be with you together forever.”

130. “Nothing compares to my love for you, to be with you together forever.”

131. “Like eagles, we will fly across the sky together forever.”

132. “Together forever, shall my voice be like a soothing balm to you.”

133. “Together forever, we shall be like the winds to which the trees pay homage.”

134. “Together forever, our faces will be embodiments of smiles.”

135. “Love is the reason I desire to be with you together forever.”

136. “Never can I afford to miss out on being with you together forever.”

137. “Together forever, shall we pleasure ourselves in ecstasy.”

138. “We are figures of endearing endowments pleasuring each other together forever.”

139. “Happiness is a fruit of our union, standing sure together forever.”

140. “Love me intently as I love you, together forever.”

141. “The cravings of our hearts are in unison together forever in bliss.”

142. “Together forever, our hearts shall be temples of our desires.”

143. “Together forever, I will be your king and you will be my queen.”

144. “Together forever, you will be my lord and I will be yours.”

145. “Together forever, we shall savour the beauty of our love.”

146. “Together forever, our love will drip like honey and pure fresh milk.”

147. “Together forever, the scents of our bodies will pleasure us.”

148. “I am yours and you are mine, together forever.”

149. “Together we shall grow in love forever.”

150. “Together forever, we shall beam expression of love in its finest form.”

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