Cute Birthday Letters to a Friend

Happy Birthday Letters to Your Best Friend

Stop treating your friends to monosyllabic words and start making them read heartfelt letters.

It doesn’t matter the length and breadth of these messages, cause a glance at it will attract even the most impatient friend to read slowly and surely till the end.

Moreover, it’s their birthday, curt birthday wishes or messages won’t do, else you’ll be perceived as a rude or plainly asinine friend: you don’t want to be tagged insensitive, do you?

So, these letters are exactly what a friend needs to read to know just how much they mean to you.

Do well, to send any of these happy birthday letters to your best friend and see if you won’t top their friendship hierarchy.

Go ahead!

Best Happy Birthday Letters to a Friend

The best of happy birthday letters to a friend you cherish all you need to do is to send it to him or her as birthday special gift.

1. Dear friend,
It’s been you through the good and bad times. Without you, maybe, I would have stopped living.

Beyond a friend, you’ve been my confidante, my benefactor and my motivator: all wrapped up in one.

You’re always welcome into my life and believe you me when I say there is no boundary between us. We’re meant to scale through life together. I’ll always be there for you, whether, it inconveniences me or not.

Happy birthday to you. You’ll always be that special friend.

Faithfully Yours

2. Dear bestie,
Happy birthday to you. Today is your day, however, I want to make it a confession time.

You’re indeed beautiful beyond the special glow on your face. Your arms of friendship are always stretched out at all time. I love you for your pure heart of gold. So you know what? I won’t be leaving you any time soon or later.

I wish you were my sibling, but you came in as a friend, that means, I didn’t lose you. Thanks for being you. I wish you the treasures you’ve been seeking for.

Forever Yours

3. Dear best friend forever,
You wouldn’t be paid for treating me especially, yet you do it for the love of it: that is what I call true friendship. In the journey of my life, I’ll take your memories with me and all that you are with me.

This is another dawn of our beautiful friendship. Happy birthday to you.

Never forsake your dreams, hold onto them tight and fight for what you believe in, at all time. Nothing is allowed to hinder you.

I wish you good success and beautiful journey on earth and beyond.

Your everlasting friend,

4. Dear friend,
Happy birthday to you. A friend like you is what I really want and admire. Good for me, that isn’t a wishful thinking, it’s rather, the reality of my life.

Together, we’re insurmountable and we’ll last till eternity comes.

Thanks for bestowing on me your benevolence, charming laughter and healing smiles. Your beautiful sense of humour makes the world go round.

Happy birthday to you, dear friend. I can’t say it all, but this much is true: you’re loved and appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

5. Dear sweet friend,
Happy birthday, dear friend. I can’t get enough of this day, because you mean so much to me, so much so, words cannot capture all that you are to me.

I admire your resilience to life. You’re a goal getter. You even made our friendship one of your goals, that’s one of the reasons we’re still together. I can’t forget you for fighting to let this friendship stay.

You’re simply an angel. You love human with a very pure kind of love.

Your character is endearing. Your intelligence is for good. Everything you have, you’ve turned to a blessing for all.

I wish you joy and happiness. May your new age treat you kind and give you all that you ask of it. Make your wishes, this is your time to see your desires come to life.

Yours faithfully,

6. Dearest friend,
It’s your birthday. Today reminds me of you. Guess what, all the memories I have of you are good, with no double intention.

Being your friend has brought many good things my way, but I promise you this, I won’t just be there to share in your joy, but when things ain’t fine, I’ll be the shoulder you can lean on.

You’re more than a friend to me. Thanks for being considerate and kind. Thanks for making sacrifices and yet acting like it’s nothing. All these make you irreplaceable and one of a kind.

Happy birthday to you, once again. Wishing you your heartfelt desires.

Yours sincerely,

7. Dear best friend,
Look into the sky and say a little prayer. Blow your birthday candles and make a sincere wish. Today is your day, so the higher power is in your favour.

Seeing you come this far is such a beautiful thing. If you were the only friend I had, then it’s going to be enough for me, cause you’re everything that a true friend should be.

You make me happy for no reason. You’re the type of friend that is rare: an inestimable gem.

My good wishes to you are endless. See your life shinning so bright. Have a merry birthday.

Yours faithfully,

8. Dear friend,
Have yourself a wonderful birthday like it were Christmas. Make hay, it’s your birth anniversary.

I love this day of the month because it’s always a time when beautiful memories occupy my mind and sweep my thoughts.

With a friend like you, I have all I need to live for. You’re inspiring and supportive. What more can I possibly need?

May all your hidden wishes be granted. May all your fantasy come to life. Have so much fun today, because today is meant to be lived.

Your beloved friend,

9. Dear friend,
I’m the friend that adores you so much. Sometimes, I admire you from afar, other times, when we’re together. Irrespective of how far, I’m always going to love you.

Happy birthday to you. I’ll be here to always wish you a superlative birthday. I can never forget your day.

Even when we’re not in touch, I still have you in mind and can never ditch the memories we made together.

My wishes for you will be fulfilled, once I see you happy, cause I wish you joy and happiness at all time and in all things.

I’ll never forget who you are to me.

Your lovely friend

10. Hello dear friend,
I’ll have to start by saying “you’re absolutely amazing.”

You’re the type that is rare to find, but yet the universe blessed me with you, I guess, I must have done something good in my former life.

You’re such a pillar to your friends. You’re even a benefactor to a stranger. In all of these, you’re an angel.

When I was down, your words lifted me, soothed me and took me from a place of dejection and melancholy to a very confident and lovely place.

I may be a weirdo, yet you understand me perfectly and bring out the best in me.

Be it day or night, I’ll always be there for you. You’re such a majestic individual to have been born on this day.

I wish you the fruits of your hard work. May you be rewarded with joy, long life and peace of mind.

I’m the friend that truly admires you.

Yours forever bestie,

11. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend. You’ve been more than a friend. Your words have been something I look forward to hearing, cause they hone the life in me. Many happy returns to you.

12. Happy birthday, best friend. Without you, the cycle of my life would have been incomplete: thank you for perfecting me. You’re the friend everyone would love to have. I wish you all of your hearty desires.

13. Happy birthday to you, my friend. The more you count your days and years on earth, the more I’ll keep appreciating you for good. It has been you through thick and thin, beautiful and ugly moments. I’m glad to tell you how much I love you today. Wishing you a joy that never goes sour.

14. You mean so much to me, best friend forever. Once I knew you, I knew what true friendship entails. You gave me your best on a platter of gold. I wish you a very enriching life like that of gold. Happy birthday, dear friend.

15. I wish you multiple of whatever it is that you long for. A friend like you is rare and a birthday like yours is a must celebrated. Happy birthday, dear friend.

16. May your dreams never fade away like the day. Happy birthday, my friend. You’re a paragon of a real friend.

17. May each day inspire you to be the best that you can be, cause you’ve been a source of inspiration to me. Happy birthday, my friend. I love to celebrate you every day. Many happy returns.

18. Happy birthday, dear friend. Your wishes sing so well, that they are bound to come to pass. Your birthday is one of my memorable moments on earth. Thanks for making it as special as yourself.

19. Happy birthday to a very good friend. A day like this makes me reminisce all that you have been to me. I look forward to sharing a more beautiful future with you than hitherto. Have a very stellar birthday.

20. Be it as it may, I’ll always celebrate your birthday, as though it were mine. Take it from me, my life is incomplete without you in it. Happy birthday to you dearest friend. Long live your time on earth.

21. Happy birthday, dear friend. No matter what life brings your way, you scale through like a great knight. I wish you more beautiful steps than the horses. May your dreams come to fruition.

22. Happy birthday, best friend. No matter where I look at today, it’s your face that I see. You’re everywhere like an omnipresent because your work speaks for itself. Great are you, best friend. Wishing you many beautiful years here on earth.

23. Happy birthday, friend. You’re the dearest of them all to me. You’re valuable and appreciated. What more can I wish you, than the fruition of your good prayers? Have a very great new age.

24. You’re worthy to be celebrated. I mark this day with true joy and great importance because you’re the reason for the day. Happy birthday, dear friend.

25. Happy birthday, best friend. You’ve come this far because you’ve been living like an angel even on earth. Have a great new year.

26. Happy birthday, my sweet friend. May you always feel the love in the air that will keep you happy at all time. Many happy returns to you, dear friend.

27. Happy birthday to a cute friend. Words fail me to completely describe how much that you mean to me. Nevertheless, I’ll celebrate you the best way that I can. Wishing you a super duper lovely birthday.

28. Happy birthday to an everlasting friend. We’ll always be together because what you have to share are love and joy. How I love you! I dream of seeing you celebrate your old age.

29. Happy birthday, friend. Today is bright and as fair as you are. I wish you all that makes you happy and grateful.

30. Happy birthday, my good friend. You’re the true definition of graceful. Your steps are poise and inspiring. I wish you much more beautiful walk on the sand of time.

31. Happy birthday, dear friend. With you, my heart will always make long beautiful wishes, because all you deserve is a great life, filled with happiness and joy. Many more fulfilling years will you see on earth.

32. Happy birthday to a rare gem who came in as a friend. Your worth is inestimable, however, must be appreciated. I wish you a long life, cause you to make this earth a beautiful place to be.

33. Happy birthday, dear friend. You’re great and larger than life itself. You bring a special touch to everything you do, making it desirable. You’re the person who makes friendship sail so well. Wishing you many happy returns.

34. Happy birthday, friend. I wish you so much joy and happiness that will leave you forever blissful. You deserve to reap the fruit of long life, so longevity is your reward, donned with joy and peace of mind.

35. Happy birthday, friend. I look forward to your day as I look forward to a beautiful morning. It’s a time of merriment when your birthday knocks around the corner. Have a great birthday as you deserve.

36. Happy birthday to a great friend that brings joy and happiness to my life than any other friend I know. You make friendship a thing to have. You live a life worthy of appraisal. Today is special because you’re the special one. I wish you a befitting life worthy of acknowledgement.

37. Happy birthday to a friend who makes friendship real and graceful. You deserve everything you have today and even so much more. In many years to come, I’ll be celebrating you as a great-grandparent. Your life will be well spent and lived in joy, good health and happiness.

38. Happy birthday to a friend that rocks better than a rock star. You know what friendship entails and you offer it in a beautiful way. I’ll love to do this life again with you in it. Many happy returns to you.

39. Happy birthday to you, my friend. You came into my life, gifted me with a present of friendship whilst asking for nothing in return. The world will die to have you, yet I have you on a platter of gold: you’re appreciated. I wish you bigger and better days ahead.

40. Happy birthday to the friend behind my smile. With her, each laughter is beautiful and every moment is worthy. All I want to tell the world today is the good news of your birth many years ago. You’re forever young. Many more beautiful years to come.

41. Happy birthday to a friend forever. I wish life treats you kind. I wish life takes you to a place of bliss, where there will be no return to sadness. May this new age befit you than the previous one. I love your birthday as much as I love you.

42. Happy birthday to an irreplaceable friend. Words fail me to describe you, but you never failed in showing your kind heart to me. Have many happy returns.

43. Happy birthday, dear friend. Your good days are ahead in this new year. You’re such an amazing friend. You’re a gain to many and that includes me. I love you to the moon and back.

44. Happy birthday to you. You’re a friend indeed with a heart of gold. Seeing you come this far is one of my greatest and hearty well wishes ever granted. Have a splendorous new age.

45. Happy birthday my favourite friend. Today, it pleases the universe to bless you with the purest beatitude known in heaven. You’re such a beautiful soul. May you see many more years to come.

46. Happy birthday to you, dear friend. I urge you to treat yourself to the most tender and lavishing treatment. You deserve it and so much more. Wishing you all the best in life.

47. Happy birthday, dear friend. From today, you’ll be treated uniquely, cause you just clocked a milestone. You’re no ordinary person: you’re unique and great.

48. Happy birthday, my bestie. I wish you so many beautiful things such as uncountable goodness and unfathomable joy. Many happy returns.

49. Happy birthday to a lovely soul. Because of you, the world is such a beautiful place to live in. With you, there is heaven on earth. You bring nothing but bliss and bliss shall you reap from the earth. Many happy returns.

50. Happy birthday, dear friend. You’re one of a kind with a special gift for everyone who comes your way. You’re the reason I have a friend to run to. Never stop being you: it’s such a beautiful thing.

51. Happy birthday, dear friend. You’re the type of friend I can run to and the type I can’t afford to lose. Your meaning of friendship is a helpmate. Can’t trade you for the glory of this world, because you’re worth so much more to me. Remain your happy self.

52. Happy birthday, my long time bestie. What is life without a friend like you? You give sense to everything and happy am I for having you as a friend. Enjoy long life and happiness.

53. Happy birthday to a dear friend. May your sadness be replaced with joy. May your gains overshadow your losses. You’ll always be happy. Stay young forever like the pretty stars in the sky.

54. Happy birthday to you, my friend. No matter what they say, irrespective of what they do, you’ll always be my friend. I love you more than a friend. Have a happy new year.

55. Happy birthday to a special friend. No ones do it like you do. You make friendship strong even without an oath. It feels good to be your friend. I’m so blessed having you around in my world. Many happy returns to you, dear.

56. Today is your day. You have the gift of life. What more can I desire a good friend? I wish you joy on earth, a palace in heaven, prosperity for the works of your hands and a fulfilment of all that you dream of. Have a merry new year. Enjoy the bliss of today. Happy birthday dear friend.

57. A friend like you deserves to be celebrated as an icon. My wishes for today will always be reserved for you alone. So, may rivers path for your sake. May countries obey your voice. May kings and queens come to the brightness of your rising. May you live to enjoy the seeds of greatness you’ve sown in time past. Enjoy this day, and the new year much more. Happy birthday, dearie.

58. Every day I’m fascinated by the purity of your heart. And the genuineness of your smile draws me even closer. You make my world a better place because you fill it with love. Today I wish you all that you wish for yourself. Happy birthday, my good friend. You’re worth more than a thousand of a friend. You deserve a festival in honour of your big day. I hope you get one in the future but you’ll always have one in my heart.

59. Today gladdens our hearts and put smiles on our faces because a royalty was born. Happy birthday, great one. I’ve always thought today befits you more than anyone else. I do hope every day like this brings you closer to your dreams and every new year takes you to the places you’ve always wanted to be. I wish you all the joy you deserve. Make your wishes as numerous as possible, they’ll come true because you’re an angel of kindness. Enjoy today and make it count.

60. We make friends on earth but our friendship I want to keep for eternity’s sake. Happy birthday to a friend I would never let go. You matter more than a thousand of besties. I don’t know how you do it but you make friendship such a magical feeling. I wish you all that you wish yourself but above all, I wish you love and health. Have a goodly day. Enjoy the rest of the year, angel.

61. Happy birthday, darling friend. You’ve made wishes but I’ll make much more for you because you’re most worthy of such kind gesture. May each day of this new year be ordered from above to lead you to a place of prosperity and love. May you have every reason to be happy. Continue to do good and help the world after all it’s what you do best. Have a blissful day and a gorgeous new year.

62. You’re a beautiful friend just like the roses in the field. However, you abide longer like the rock of ages. Happy birthday, friend turned sister. Life is a bed of roses because you exude its smell and add such beauty to my life. May this new year count for you more positively. I hope everything works together for your good because you deserve it. Today is your day, go ahead and enjoy the euphoria.

63. Even without wishes gushing from the north, south, east or west. This new year would be just great because you’ve been a good friend doing good to all and sundry. Happy birthday, dearie. It’s hard to put down a wish when my heart is flooded with too many just for you. But you can be sure that I wish you longevity and prosperity, health and wealth, happiness and peace and the fulfilment of all your dreams. Today is your day, do enjoy it!

64. Happy birthday, dear friend. May you not be separated from the good things of life. May your joy be a priority of all the archangels in heavens. May men come to your rescue when you seek help. May this day always count as your day of joy. The wishes are unending and so is my love for you. I hope you have fun and I pray you encounter joy all the day long.

65. Your kind of friend is hard to find. However, I was blessed with you. Your heart is a golden treasure bestowed upon all the poor men on earth. I’m glad you’ve enriched my world since I met you. Happy birthday, dear friend. You’re the reason why today exudes so much love even from all weather elements. I wish you joy and love, peace and health, prosperity and longevity. Have a splendid new year but first, enjoy today.

66. Happy birthday, dear friend. May you shine brighter than the sun. May the moon always be your friend at night. May your joy be an overflow. I love you more as each day passes by. Enjoy your day!

67. Happy birthday to the one who knows how to love. Friends like you rock every now and then. So, I wish you a lifetime of health and prosperity. Enjoy your day and have a beautiful new year.

68. I’m sure, this’ll be your best year ever because before us all you’ve sown the seeds of greatness. I wish you a lifetime of prosperity and happiness. Get a glass and get a wine. Pour one into the other and enjoy your day.

69. Happy birthday, dear friend. I hope all our good wishes come true just so your happiness is unending. May this new year be one of your dreams. I wish you joy and peace. Enjoy your day, lovely one.

70. You deserve to be celebrated in the open. And in the secret, good wishes should be said in yours. But to you, I declare a lifelong happiness. Enjoy your day, dearie. May the rest of the year be even more exciting. I love you!

71. You’re the one I love with all my heart. You’re the one I’ve given up this day for. Happy birthday, dear friend. May all your dreams come true as you’ve helped mine. Have a blessed new year.

72. Happy birthday, dear friend. Wishes of good health, good news, prosperity and love to you. May this day mark the beginning of other exciting, happy days ahead. Have a blast! I love you!

73. Happy birthday, dearest friend. With you, there are no ugly humans because you make sure to put a smile on all our faces. I wish you joy and peace, health and wealth, prosperity and longevity. Enjoy your day, sweetheart.

74. You’re my number one from day one. Happy birthday, dear friend. You’ll always have a friend in me. May this new year draw you closer to your place of joy, peace and honour. Have a fabulous new year.

75. Happy birthday to a special kind of friend. You breathe life in an amazing way. You ooze love like you’re a fountain of it. Enjoy your day, sweet friend. I wish you all that you wish for yourself and many more. I love you!

76. Words would fail to describe you on this day but my kind wishes wouldn’t fail to come true. Happy birthday, dear friend. No one does it better than a friend like you. Have a fantastic new year.

77. All hail the king of today. Happy birthday, dear friend turned brother. You’re amazing, so, I wish you an amazing lifetime of joy and prosperity. Have a blast! Today is only the beginning of a wonderful year.

78. Happy birthday, dearest. You deserve to be happy, so, I wish you happiness. You deserve to be loved, so, I wish you, true love. You deserve to be healthy, so, I wish you good health. Enjoy this and many more, dearest friend. Have a fulfilling new year.

79. But for you, a true friend wouldn’t exist in my world. Happy birthday, dear one of a kind. I wish you all the joy the earth can possibly contain. May such grandeur of happiness live in your heart. Enjoy your day, dearest. I love you!

80. Happy birthday, dear friend. May your life be as lovely as the morning dew. I wish you an eternity of happiness here on earth. You rock!

81. Happy birthday, sweetness. A world without you is better uncreated. I’m glad you walked into mine. So, I wish you happiness unending, peace overflowing and wealth like the richest forest. Enjoy your day, sweetie.

82. None like you because being you is amazingly special. Happy birthday, dearest. I wish you all that you wish for yourself and much more. Have a wonderful new year.

83. A year that counts is the year that leads us to the right people. I hope this year order your steps to the right ones and to the right things. Happy birthday, my friend. I’ll love you forever.

84. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Your life is a breath of a fresh air. So, I pray you live long in a world of global warming. I hope all your dreams come true. I love you!

85. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Today is undeniably your day even as the sun testifies to it by shining just as bright as you. I wish you joy, love, peace, health and wealth. Do have a splendid new year. I love you!

86. Happy birthday, dear friend. You make my world a better place because your smile is always around to brighten up my day and your arms to keep a friend sane. I wish you long life of good health, joy and peace. I love you!

87. I’ll always be the friend you can always run to. May this new year announce you to your world. And make you share good news everywhere. Happy birthday, sweetie. Enjoy your day.

88. Happy birthday, my darling. You’re a true friend in the midst of frenemies. You give hope in a world of hopelessness. I pray your joy never ends and your peace passes all understanding. I love you, dear friend. Do enjoy your day.

89. Today is here already and so are the many wrapped boxes of joy, health, favour, love, prosperity and peace for you. Happy birthday, dear friend. Have a graceful new year.

90. Happy birthday, dear friend. To you, I offer my kind wishes. May this year be your best so far. And may this day make you shine your teeth to the world in such an exciting manner. Have a blast, sweetheart!

91. Happy birthday, my dear. May the ocean of peace gush into your world, may the river of passion flow into your heart. Have a fabulous new year. You’ll always matter to me because you’ve made your mark in my world. I love you!

92. Happy birthday, dear friend. Today is a good day because of you, my dearest. So, I hope you find this new year very exciting and fulfilling after all you deserve it. Have a blast, sweetheart. I love you, my angel.

93. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Make a large barn this new year because your harvests will be many. Make a room in your heart because an angel of love is arriving to stay. Have a splendid new year. I love you!

94. Happy birthday, sweet friend. May the taste of love never turn sour in your mouth. May your river of joy never run dry. Have a beautiful new year, my darling. Be joyful and glad!

95. Happy birthday, my dear friend. May all your dreams come true. May your hard work pays in unexpected ways. I wish you all that you wish for yourself. Have a blast!

96. Happy birthday, my darling. Do not stop smiling because the world depends on it to brighten up. I wish you many more reasons to smile happily. Have an exciting new year.

97. Happy birthday, angel. May your guardian angel arrive with your blessings on this day. May you live long and healthily to enjoy it. Have a great new year.

98. Happy birthday, my angel. May your source of happiness never run dry. May your blessings run out of numbers. I hope you get to your dreamland this year. Have a blast!

99. Happy birthday, sweet friend. May the heavens bless you with many more amazing friends like yourself. May you have great reasons to live. I hope you smile all year long. I love you, sweetie.

100. Happy birthday, dear friend. Who does it better than the friend who cloths, shelters and feeds another friend? No one else but you! So, I wish you the life of your dreams where you can bless as many as you want. Have a fabulous new year. You rock!

Written By Taiye Christiana.

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