Birthday Messages for a Male friend

Best Happy Birthday Messages for a Male friend in 2021

Not all men are known to treat their females with tender love and care. That is why finding a man who knows how to treat a woman right is a special thing. Be it their Mothers, Sisters, Wives, Daughters and even platonic friends.

And on special occasions like birthdays, it is only right that we show our appreciation for whom these men have chosen to be in our lives… The man who treats us right. The men who makes us feel special.

Here are some awesome 100 birthday messages you can use to return the favour.

 Birthday Wishes for a Male friend

The best collection of Happy Birthday Messages to celebrate a Male Friend on his Special day.

1. Each time this day comes around, I grow more proud of your mother and envious of your siblings. Having you as a friend is a blessing. Had it being that you were a blood brother, I would have considered myself favoured. Happy birthday.

2. Today I pray that you grow into a wealthy, strong, old man. Keep rising, for the sky is but a takeoff point. Happy birthday.

3. This new year, everything about you will work in perfection. Happy birthday.

4. May this new year bring to you, all that is pure, beautiful, wonderful and honourable. May you find peace in the most unlikely places. Happy birthday.

5. This year will be a great year for you my friend, for God will favour you on all sides. Happy birthday Friend.

6. If I am to retaliate, I would have prepared a concoction of Garri and red oil, wait for you at home and pour it on your head. But I will not… Maybe next year? Happy birthday.

7. As you grow older, you grow wiser and I believe you are wise enough to become rich so this new year, May riches unfathomable come your way.
Happy birthday.

8. When it comes to you, random thoughts don’t work. Because you are special in a spectacular way. Knowing you in itself is a blessing and that is why your birthday is a special day. Happy birthday.

9. Cake and gifts I may not be able to pass along but this prayer I offer for you on this day, that you live long and have peace in your heart. Happy birthday.

10. So it’s your birthday and we are miles apart. Just letting you know that my heart is with you and I will drink in your name tonight. Happy birthday.

11. Bigger you each year! Happy birthday to you from me.

12. In this New Year may grace suffice for you. Happy birthday.

13. Wherever I go, I have always looked for you in every friend I made but none compares to you. Happy birthday my special friend.

14. Nothing can make me forget this day. So cheer up! For you are loved. Happy birthday.

15. Look to the sky. What do you see? As many stars as there are shining in the sky tonight, so shall your blessings be this New Year. Happy birthday.

16. May the divine peace of God envelop you from now till eternity. Happy birthday.

17. Whatever you lay your hands on this New Year shall prosper. Happy birthday.

18. This year, you shall fulfil destiny. Happy birthday.

19. Arise and shine! For the glory of the Lord has descended upon you! Happy birthday.

20. In this New Year, you shall be honoured wherever you go. Happy birthday.

21. Peace and love shall be yours in this New Year. Happy birthday.

22. As you clock another year, may you find peace and be favoured on all sides. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

23. From today onward, goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

24. This New Year, you shall have beauty for ashes, the word of God for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Happy birthday.

25. From this day onward, you shall struggle for nothing. For with ease, good things shall find their way to you. Happy birthday.

26. For this New Year, I speak into your life, blesses unfathomable, peace incomparable, love unconquerable. Happy birthday.

27. Make sure to ROCK tonight for you can only be 50 once. Happy birthday.

28. I am sending over in a hamper, some gifts straight from my heart. Love, Prosperity, Peace, Harmony, Riches and Favor. May they never be void in your life. Happy birthday.

29. As you celebrate today, you will never have reason not to jubilate again in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

30. This New Year, the stars shall align in your favour. Happy birthday.

31. This New Year all your efforts shall be rewarded in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

32. As you add one more year to your life on earth, you shall age with grace and good health. Happy Birthday.

33. May this New Year bring you good tidings and great joy. Happy birthday.

34. All you desire, you shall have this New Year. Happy birthday.

35. Goodness and mercy are conspiring to hold you captive and I am in cohort with them. You deserve what is coming for you. Happy Birthday.

36. This New Year is your year of great achievements. Happy birthday Love.

37. As you wake up this morning, stand in front of your house and gaze at the sky. Watch the sunrise. Do you see it? That is you raising above your adversities this New Year. Happy Birthday.

38. Tonight gaze at the stars. As they ‘spot -filled’ the sky, so shall blessings ‘spot-fill’ your life. Happy birthday.

39. Favor shall embrace you, grace shall work for you, and God blessing shall abide with you this New Year. Happy birthday.

40. The Lord shall set before you a great feast and you shall be honoured among your mates this New Year. Happy birthday.

41. It’s not just a happy birthday day. It’s also a happy victory day for the day you entered this world, victory entered our lives. Happy birthday.

42. Check out the sky tonight. Your victories shall cover the earth as the stars cover the sky. Happy birthday.

43. Live in every moment, celebrate every success because that is all you will do this New Year. Happy birthday.

44. Your happiness will not be bottled up. Your joy shall go forth like a dam breaking river and your peace calm like a gentle stream. Happy birthday.

45. This New Year, you shall know no hardship. Ease into easy. Happy birthday.

46. This New Year colours of the rainbow will be added to your swags. Happy birthday.

47. This New Year, you will not work for time. Times will work for you. Happy birthday.

48. As you walk into this new year of your life, you are walking into victory. Happy birthday.

49. This New Year, all the dark corners of your life shall be illuminated by the light and love of God. Happy birthday.

50. Your joy shall know no boundaries, friend. Happy birthday to you from me.

51. Just like the sunflower, your smile brightens up places. As you go into this New Year, May the light of God brighten up your life too. Happy Birthday.

52. I am wishing you from the depth of my heart, a new year of accomplishments. Happy Birthday.

53. May you experience a life without stress as you add more days to your years. Happy Birthday.

54. Rain signals the beginning of growth and beauty, this New Year signals the beginning of your success story. Happy Birthday.

55. As you grow older my friend, keep dreaming for each day of this New Year will be a success story. Happy Birthday.

56. Looking back to our first meeting and how far you have come, I know that greater things you will yet accomplish. So this New Year, I will only ask one thing of God. That He protect and guide you as you go on to fulfil destiny. Happy Birthday.

57. HEY! Remember to pause and smell the rose this New Year! For all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Happy Birthday.

58. Nothing to give you that can equate your importance in my life so I will add to this bottle of wine a little prayer. That God bless you beyond human comprehension. Happy Birthday.

59. I wish you for each grey hair, a new blessing. Happy Birthday.

60. May all your endeavours meet with faith and grace this New Year. Happy Birthday.

61. This new year, you shall be likened to a tree planted by a stream of water. Happy birthday.

62. God Himself will stand for you in all situations this New Year. Happy Birthday.

63. This New Year, your gifts shall pave ways for you. Happy Birthday.

64. Seasons –In, Seasons-Out, You shall prosper for God is with you. Happy Birthday.

65. This year you will call upon the Lord, and He will answer! Happy Birthday.

66. Remember my friend that blessed are those who take refuge I the Lord. You are blessed. Happy Birthday.

67. Be calm in all situations this year, because God ‘gat’ you! Happy Birthday.

68. Tonight sing praises, Tomorrow indulge because this will be your routine this new year. Happy Birthday.

69. For every dishonour and mockery of the last year, you shall have double the honour and the reverence this New Year. Happy Birthday.

70. You may have fallen short of expectations this past year, but see this new one as the birth of a child. The chance to start afresh. Buckle up! Get up! Get going! And know this, you are not alone! Happy Birthday.

71. To everyone that comes in contact with you this year, you will be the water that quenches their thirst. Happy Birthday.

72. Go forth! Take over! It’s your birthright to prosper! Happy birthday.

73. Remember to table it all. And He will rise to the occasion. Have a wonderful new year. Happy Birthday.

74. This year, you will meet and supersede all expectations. Happy Birthday.

75. You are the first of your kind, which is why your birthday is special. Happy Birthday special one.

76. This year, nothing will be able to pull you down. Happy Birthday.

77. May you live a fulfilled life in good health and complete peace of mind. Happy Birthday.

78. If only I could make it rain tonight and have you dance in the rain. For as the earth socks up rainwater so shall you be drenched with blessings this New Year. Happy Birthday.

79. This New Year, songs of praise shall be sung in your name. Happy Birthday.

80. May the Lord continue to gift you with goodness. Happy Birthday.

81. This new year, everything will harmonize in your favour. Happy Birthday.

82. The limitations you see are not real. They are only in your head. This year, Endeavour to break boundaries. Have faith and you shall make exploits. Happy Birthday.

83. This New Year will be unto you, a bag of surprises. Happy Birthday.

84. This new year, all your blessings shall be in the multiples of seven. Happy Birthday.

85. A new page, A clean slate, A new set of possibilities shall this new year be unto you. Happy Birthday.

86. You are one of the most awesome people in my life. A brother from another mother and on this day, I am wishing you the best of the bests. Happy Birthday.

87. I pray that the Lord in this New Year will open doors of blessings and favour and you will walk through them into your prosperity and victory. Happy Birthday.

89. Every challenge that is following you into this New Year will result in testimonies. Happy Birthday.

90. This New Year, the grace of God shall make everything possible for you. Happy Birthday.

91. As many as the seashore sand, so shall your blessings be this new year. Happy Birthday.

92. This New Year, you will till the land and it will yield you profits in Jesus name. Happy Birthday.

93. Despite the situation of the country, you shall know no want this New Year. Happy Birthday.

94. As the muscles, veins, flesh and skin returned to the dead bones in the book of Isaiah so shall every blessing that is yours but has eluded you find their way back to you this New Year in Jesus name. Happy Birthday.

95. No matter where you go this year, blessings, peace and honour will always search you out. Happy Birthday.

96. At the end of this year, you will look back to this day and burst out with praise for everything will change for good in your life from hence forte. Happy Birthday.

97. This New Year, the Lord shall be unto you the sun by day and a pillar of fire by night. For no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. Happy Birthday.

98. This New Year, your name shall mean blessing. Happy Birthday.

99. This New Year, the Lord shall set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Happy birthday.

100. This New Year there shall be no course for alarm in your life. Happy Birthday.

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