Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life Message

2023 Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life Messages

If you think that he or she is that person you call “the love of my life”, then you’ve found the right page. How many years have you been together? Do you want to send a beautiful message to mark the day?

Whether you’re married yet or not, there are messages here that will fit into your perfect happy anniversary message. Take advantage of this beautiful collection to always send a wish to your loved one on this special day, anytime you want to.

A copy and a paste will be all you need.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

The journey has been sweet, right? It’s time to let your boyfriend know how sweet it’s been, really. Use these happy anniversaries to the love of my life messages and wishes for him.

1. Candlelight dinner? Cinema? Play a game? What can we do to mark this amazing day? Happy anniversary to you.

2. To be honest, I wouldn’t prefer to have spent all these years with someone else. Every year we spend together just gives more proof that you were meant for me. Happy anniversary.

3. What can I tell you that will explain how much I love you. Just know that I love being with you and won’t trade it. Happy anniversary to us.

4. Try separating me from you or you from me and see how woeful you will fail. Because God has a plan for us and that plan involves us being together. Happy anniversary.

5. I really love the way you smile, walk, talk. I love everything about you. I also love that we’ve progressed together, that we are one. Happy 2nd anniversary to us.

6. To me and to you, the love of my life, do I wish a happy anniversary. If words can explain what you mean to me, then I would have made an attempt to try to explain. I love you.

7. No amount of messages I send today can express the joy I have enjoyed being with you for three years. Without saying much, this is to wish us a happy 3rd anniversary.

8. Really, I have never seen a pair as awesome as we. Even God smiles when he looks at us. This is to say happy anniversary to us.

9. You, my love, shines brighter than the sun, and this light has shone on my life for two years. I’m grateful to you for affecting me the way you did and to God for bringing you my way. Happy second anniversary to us.

10. I really want to say much, but then you’re so amazing that I forget a lot when I think about you. For now, I’ll just say happy anniversary.

11. Three years later and you’re still the love of my life. I can’t wait to see what the years ahead have for us. Happy anniversary to you and us.

12. A story of our few years together is one of love and joy and peace and laughter and a lot of good things. Happy fourth anniversary.

13. If we haven’t loved ourselves the way we did, I promise we won’t be here today like us. I’m excited and happy to say happy anniversary to you.

14. How bad can we get? Remember last year when our relationship was shaky? That’s the worst we can ever be. I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

15. When great things happen to me, I try to compare them with you happening to me. Honestly, you beat them all. Happy anniversary to you.

16. One year ago, I had just met the love of my life. One year later and it feels like two hundred years of joy. I still love you, and happy anniversary to us.

17. I gave a chance to love and I got you and I have never regretted being with you. Ours seem not to have the challenges my friends complain of. Happy fifth anniversary to us.

18. How many years more before you conquer these fears and match with me to the altar? Two? Happy second anniversary.

19. Any tear I see run down your face today and from today forward must be one of joy. Feel me? Happy anniversary.

20. The love that came into my life and set me on an entirely new and beautiful level, I appreciate you and wish you a happy anniversary.

21. Good morning to you. Guess what we’re celebrating today? Two years of awesomeness and love. Happy anniversary.

22. What do I need from you that you haven’t given me yet? You have treated me like a queen, the queen that I am. Today, I wish you a happy anniversary.

23. If I’ve ever suffered at your hand, it was from an overdose of too much love and care and affection. I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

24. The love of my life is tall, broad shouldered, slim and dark skinned. The love of my life is you. Happy fifth anniversary.

25. I’m so excited that I want to wish us happy 2nd, 3rd and 4th anniversaries today. For now, happy 1st anniversary, darling.

26. When I prayed to God for the biggest of blessing, he answered exactly four years ago. I love you, honey, and wish us a happy anniversary.

27. I have never preferred to be blessed with any other man than you. Plus you make it hard for me to think of having other men. I love you. Happy anniversary, baby.

28. Happy anniversary to us. May today bring you more joy, and may you not lack love for the rest of your life. I love you so much.

29. Good day, baby. Did you forget today makes us six months together? How horrible can you be? Lol. Happy half-anniversary to me and you.

30. With love from me, I wish you the best of days on this day that marks one year of us. Never forget that I love you. Happy anniversary.

31. The calls I get from you lift my soul. The messages I get from you excite my spirit. You are what I need, I swear. Happy anniversary.

32. Happy anniversary to you, love. And to me too. However it goes, I’ll be here to wish you and us more happy anniversaries.

33. All my life, I never felt the way I feel with you. Everyone has had their role to play in my life and you have played yours well enough to earn a distinction. Happy anniversary.

34. When I say things I’ll willingly do for you, it’s partly because of the things you’ve done for me. I love you, baby. Happy anniversary.

35. Happy anniversary, darling. Of all the things I’d love to say to you, let me just say the three greatest words. I LOVE YOU.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Girlfriend

So you looked back and saw that it’s been bliss all the way with your girlfriend and you wish to express that in words to her? Happy anniversary to the love of my life messages and wishes will do the magic.

36. Hey, darling. Good to know that you’re still getting better and stronger and doing all you can to lake me a better person. I love you. Happy 2nd anniversary.

37. You’ve not only made me a better man, but you’ve also made me the best man ever — not the best man at your wedding though. Lol. Happy anniversary to you.

38. Only one year gone and it feels like I’ve been in heaven for ten. I love you, girl. Happy anniversary to us.

39. It feels like a very long time since I wished us a happy anniversary. Had to check the calendar. It said it was just one year ago. Wow. We’re here again. Happy anniversary.

40. I heard some people get madder the longer we are together. Wow. I can only hope they become better because I’m not leaving you. Happy third anniversary.

41. I want to take you out. To a club, not with a club. Lol. I hope you get it, love. Happy anniversary. I love you.

42. Hey. How’s today? Guess what? We’re three years together! Happy third anniversary to me and to you. I love you.

43. The difference between you and I is that I am the sweetest man in the world while you’re the sweetest woman in the world. Lol. I love you, honey. Happy anniversary.

44. The world is in trouble today because we will celebrate this day till there’s an earthquake. I pity the earth. Happy 4th anniversary.

45. Hey, dear. I woke up like a “king”. By the time I’ll sleep, there’s be no “dignity” left in me because of how much I’ll celebrate today. Happy anniversary to you.

46. My love, how many more times should I tell you today that my love for you is unending? Happy anniversary to us.

47. Being with someone like you, I should be celebrating our anniversary every single day. Today, I wish you have the best of anniversaries. Happy anniversary.

48. Without mincing words, you’re unarguably the best thing that has happened to me. Happy anniversary to us.

49. I wanted you to love God more than you love me. You did just that and now look how much you love me. I love that you still love God that way. Happy 2nd anniversary.

50. I’m laughing at those who said we won’t go far like “ha ha ha, this is three years and counting”. I love being with you. Happy anniversary to you.

51. If I should make a list of people that affected my life in the most positive ways, you’ll be on the choicest part of it. I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

52. No matter how low I get, remembering that I have you brings me back up. Honestly, you are a pillar to me. I love you. Happy anniversary.

53. I thank you for being in my life, for giving me peace and bringing me trouble too. I thank you for being awesome. I love you. Happy 4th anniversary.

54. Happy fifth anniversary. Five years of love and peace and joy and favours and blessings. I know you’ll still be with me five years from now, and we’ll still enjoy all these blessings. I love you.

55. Good afternoon to you. I hope your work today is going amazing. I thought to interrupt to remind you of our anniversary celebration tonight. And yes! happy anniversary to you, and us. Love.

56. I appreciate every second we’ve spent together and I don’t see that coming to an end. I love you so much and wish you a happy anniversary.

57. Let the whole world try to fight against our being together and let’s see if they’ll succeed. We are one, with God, so we’re majority!

58. I’ll be lying if I say we are just like when we met. See, we are far better now. Happy anniversary to us. I love you, baby.

59. Just like heaven have you been to me. I have heaven because I have you. I love you, honey. Happy anniversary to us.

60. You’re a lot of things to me. My best friend. My best sibling. My best partner. My best “a lot of things”. I love you. Happy anniversary.

61. This our unfailing love is so beautiful that it feels like “Amazing Grace”. Never forget that I love you and that today us our 5th anniversary. Love.

62. May our anniversary be happier than every other one we’ve had in the past. I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

63. Hello, darling. You deserve me spelling your name with only capital letters and more than that. I love you and say happy anniversary to you.

64. One day, we’ll be together in a different and maybe lore exciting way. Till then, I won’t stop loving you. For now, happy second anniversary.

65. Good morning and happy anniversary to me and to you. I look around remain grateful that you’re in my life. I love you madly.

66. I just want to distract you for a minute to say that I love you and will never let you go. Today makes us four years together. Happy anniversary.

67. I know you know that I can’t do without you. So what do you plan to do with that piece of information? I love you, honey. Happy anniversary to us.

68. Great has God been to us and great will he remain to us. And, yes, God is proud to see us together. I love you. Happy anniversary to you.

69. One time for the kisses. Two times for the dinners. Three times for the love that we share and everything that comes with it. I love you, baby. Happy anniversary to you.

70. Everything changes, but we don’t, or rather our love doesn’t. And if it does, it only changes for the better. I love you. Happy anniversary to you, love.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Oh, mind-blowing adventure, right? I know how it feels too. And now it’s the time to tell your husband how getting married to him has become your all. Use this happy anniversary to the love of my life messages and wishes for him from the heart.

71. There’s a lot I can do if I’m not married, but I’ll rather miss them all just to be with you as my husband! I love you and you better know that. Happy 8th anniversary.

72. Nothings greater than love, and this love we share is one of the standards for measuring love. I love you madly and pray that you get the best of the moment as you celebrate two years of us. Happy anniversary, love.

73. I don’t wish to be loved in any particular way because you love me just the way that’s perfect for me. A woman like me without you is a no. I love you, honey. Happy anniversary.

74. Obviously, 200 years will be insufficient for us to finish expressing our love for each other. These 5 years are nothing, yeah, but it has meant more than the world to me! Happy 5th anniversary, love of my life.

75. I and you as a team are unstoppable. The love bond between us is unbreakable. If you ever feel unloved, I’ll be here to reassure you of the love we share. I love you madly, baby. Happy anniversary.

76. What are you waiting for, man? I love you. Now go on and prepare for this big day! Happy seventh anniversary to us, baby. Love.

77. No offer of comfort from others is as potent as yours. If you’re a stranger, I’ll still choose you. I love you, honey. Happy anniversary.

78. With the way you love me, if I ever find myself doing something to hurt you, I’ll be sure I’m in a bad dream. Your love challenges me to be good to you. Love. Happy anniversary, baby.

79. Be sure that you redefined love for someone — me — in your few beautiful days on earth. I love you and wish you a happy 6th anniversary.

80. I’m in love with you. That is what I was made for. And, yes, whatever I did to demonstrate my love for you these three years we’ve been together are just practice. More is coming! I love you, baby. Happy anniversary.

81. To my husband and my frame. To my pillar and my light. I wish you a happy anniversary and pray that God’s blessings never stop pouring on you, on us. Amen.

82. I’m aware that I am in a safe space, because you are strong, because you are loving, and because you’re mine. I love you and wish you a happy 6th anniversary.

83. Today, the world is about us. Let’s forget about what every other person says and rock our seventh anniversary like we bought the day. Happy anniversary to us. I love us.

84. Even if love lives the earth today, I’ll still love you. I love you like the sun loves light. And I don’t want to be without you, ever! I love you. Happy anniversary.

85. I’m not the prettiest or richest or curviest woman in the world, but I am loved by you and that is enough. I wish you a happy eleventh anniversary. I love you.

86. You have spent your time and money on me. You have invested in me. Watch out for the results. I love you. Happy 15th anniversary to us.

87. Ten years down the line and you’re more handsome and loveable than when we started before the line began. I’m happy to have spent the last ten years of my life with you, watching you grow too. I love you and say a happy anniversary to you.

88. These years have seen us grow from strength to strength. Together, we can face the world, have always been able to face the world. I love that we are us. Happy anniversary.

89. All the people on earth should come to these four years old marriage and learn how to love. Everything about us is worthy of applause and admiration. I love you, honey. Happy anniversary.

90. Hello, man! You did not forget that today is the day that we celebrate our union, that we celebrate ten years of you daily sweeping me off my feet, did you? I love you, babe. Happy anniversary.

91. My love for you will still walk ten kilometres just to say “hi”. It hasn’t “grown-up” yet. It is still “young”. I love you. Happy anniversary to us.

92. Thanks for being an amazing part of the last five years of my life. I love you and all you do for me. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

93. The number of all the messages I’ll send to you today when multiplied by a million is nowhere close to the number of beautiful things I love about you. Happy anniversary to you.

94. So there’s this day that my joy knew no bounds. Today is to celebrate what happened that day. I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

95. Let’s kick off the day by me telling you how your music list looks like when the songs are arranged according to the most played. Try me? Happy anniversary, darling.

96. To the love of my life, I am not tired of saying this to you every year: Happy anniversary. I love you.

97. Happy anniversary to you, baby. I can’t stay a day without you, and that may never change. I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

98. Thanks for being the man I want to be with. Thanks for being my spec. I love you. You’ll always be the love of my life. Happy 6th anniversary.

99. A hundred messages and calls today won’t go halfway to say how much I appreciate your presence in my life. I wish you a happy anniversary, baby. And I love you.

100. Many years later and I’m still loving the man you are and the man you’re becoming. Ten years is quite a short time. Happy anniversary to us. Love.

101. Thanks for being my man. I love you and will keep doing so till the end of my days. Happy twelfth anniversary.

102. I don’t care if seven is the number of perfection or not. All I know is that you have completed me for the seven years we’ve been together. Happy anniversary, darling. I love you dearly.

103. Maybe I’d just send you photos with my wish instead because, no matter how many words are in these messages I send, a picture still says a thousand words. Happy anniversary, darling.

104. Twenty-five years is gone and we still have over twenty-five more to enjoy our company. I love you, babe. Happy anniversary to you.

105. We are the best for us and will remain that way. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, please, cut off his tongue. I love you, baby. Happy anniversary.

106. I just discovered that there’s someone I’ll readily dump you for. That someone is you. I love you, dearie. Happy 8th anniversary.

107. My prayer is quite simple. That God guides us into being stronger, wiser and better. I wish us a happy anniversary. I love you and us.

108. Good morning. I hope you woke up ready to party all day? Were twenty years together and I’ve never been more excited. Happy 20th anniversary to you, love.

109. For some days now, I’ve been thinking of places I would want to go to without you and I haven’t gotten one. And yes, I love you much. Today makes us 15 years together as husband and wife. Happy fifteenth anniversary.

110. My dear, anyone who isn’t prepared to see us together should just travel out of this continent, if not, he’ll have to see us together to deal with for the rest of his life. Happy anniversary to you, babe.

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Wife

She’s been the love of your life and has given her all to the success of the marriage. You just concluded how much of a blessing she’s been since you got married and it’s expression time. Yes, these happy anniversary to the love of my life messages and quotes are all you need to celebrate your wife on the occasion of your wedding anniversary.

111. Ten years of looking at your sleepy face every morning and of bumping into you in the kitchen and I still love you. Happy anniversary.

112. I’ve never had a day in my life where I decided that I’ll be better off with someone else. A day like that will never come. Happy 1st anniversary to us.

113. I’m not perfect, neither are you. But we’ve been perfect together for roughly five years. Happy anniversary to the love of my life, you!

114. I’m ready to continue walking with you, through darkness and through light, when I’m strong and when I’m tired. I love you, darling. Happy first anniversary to me and you.

115. Today makes it two years since our families agreed to merge into one. Nope, we are not just celebrating you and I being together. We are celebrating the creation of a community that keeps growing and getting better. I love you, baby. Happy anniversary.

116. What else can I say than the truth, that you are the love of my life, that I don’t want anyone that’s not you, that I need you to survive? I love you, baby. I wish us a happy anniversary too.

117. Verily, I say unto you, except in death, I have no plans to be without you. Happy 4th anniversary to my pretty face and your curvy body.

118. It is never too late to send these messages that try to carry the full weight of my love with them and fail woefully. This one is to wish you a happy anniversary, our anniversary. Always remember that I love you always.

119. You are a source of a sizeable number of the best things to happen to me. I’m forever grateful to you, as my wife and as so many other things. I love you. Happy 3rd anniversary.

120. Baby girl, I want to change your name to Platinum or Diamond or something very valuable just so maybe you’ll remember more often how valuable you are to me. I love you and wish you a happy second anniversary.

121. There are people that are not my favourite people. You are not one of them. Baby, I love you and will always do. Ten years down and you’re still amazing. Happy 10th anniversary.

122. We have come a long way and here we are still loving ourselves. It’s amazing. I expected it, though. Happy anniversary to you, dear. I love you.

123. Honestly, I can’t count the number of amazing things that I’ve been blessed with by you in just six months. I know there’s more ahead. I love you. Happy half-anniversary.

124. When next I see you, remind me to kiss you until your lips fall off. That’s to thank you for being the best wife these 8 years. Happy eight anniversary. I still love you.

125. Where will I rather be than with you? Mead on your stomach? My hands on your hips? My body in the same room with yours? Well, today is for anniversary wishes, so happy second anniversary, girl. Love.

126. I’m excited and proud to say that I have spent five years with you. I knew this day will come because I was sure that we were meant to be. Happy fifth anniversary to you, honey.

127. You don’t need to tell me how much you love me. I have felt it, seen it, experienced it. Please, know that I love you too. Happy sixth anniversary.

128. If not that I am a changed man, I’d have shut your phone up with messages upon messages, one sign of excitement from me. Well, I hope this message is enough to say happy anniversary to you for now. I love you, dearly.

129. You have made the world look more beautiful to me. Even before we got married, you were a source of light to me. I appreciate you for being a blessing to me. I love you. Happy 2nd anniversary.

130. Our marriage may be young, but right now it’s just the way I want it to be. I want to live in this moment with you, especially as I know that I will live in every other moment with you. I love you, honey. Happy 8th anniversary.

131. Nothing can separate or bring this love we share to an end. I want you to know that you are precious to me. I love you, darling. Happy 4th anniversary to you.

132. Good day, honey. I hope you enjoy the best of days today, especially as its the day to celebrate 6 years of us. Happy sixth anniversary, honey. Love.

133. I’m here wondering what could possibly make me get tired of life now that I have you. I’ve thought hard and can’t come up with anything. You are more than an angel, at least to me. I love you and always will. Happy 9th anniversary.

134. You were sent from God to me — it’s so evident and undeniable. Through you, I get to see an illustration of God’s love. Through you, I get to feel God’s love. I love you, honey. Happy 13th anniversary.

135. With you, there’s nothing else I need in a woman. You are enough for me and will always be. Hope you know I love you more than I love food? Happy anniversary to us.

136. Go ahead and remain who you have he n this past 14 years. That’s how I like seeing you. I love you, honey. Happy fourteenth anniversary to you.

137. Hello, baby. I’m so excited today that I really have this feeling that I will literally take you to the moon today. I love you, baby. Happy 18th anniversary.

138. You and I make the best of couples. As a matter of fact, I see us as the couple of the millennium. I love you much, honey. Happy sixteenth anniversary.

139. I may forget our anniversary on every other year, but not this year that tells me that you’ve spent the same number of years married as you’ve spent unmarried. Yeah. Happy anniversary to the love of my life.

140. I don’t need any special stage to tell you how sweet you are. In fact, wherever I stay to tell you how sweet you become the best stage ever used. I love you, darling. Happy anniversary to us.

141. Amazing fact: do you know that we have more time to spend together than we have already spent? I will always love you, dearie. Happy 11th anniversary.

142. From what I’ve seen in these eight years spent together with you, I can now call you “Queen”. I love you and wish you a happy anniversary.

143. I’m more than pleased to have spent time with you, loving you and living for you. I’m grateful to have had you in my life for six years now. I love you madly. Happy anniversary to us.

144. Here I am, with all I have and you on top them all. Forget about me for a minute and let’s thank you for being the best wife ever. I love you, baby. Happy fourth anniversary to you.

145. You are all I need and all I’ll ever need. I celebrate you and all you have been to the world and to me. Without you, I can never be complete. I love you, dear. Happy third anniversary to us.

146. Today is a great day. Maybe because it’s a day to mark 13 years of being together. Maybe it’s because I get another chance to spend 24 hours with you. Whatever the reason, happy thirteenth anniversary to us. I love you, honey.

147. We have looked out for ourselves—played together, worked together—and raised beautiful children. Let today give us a moment to do a throwback and thank God. Happy twelfth anniversary. Love.

148. I see how awesome life with you has been and I wonder how better life can get. You are worthy of all the love I will ever have for you. I love you so much, darling. Happy anniversary to you.

149. I believe strongly, from my experience with you, that life only gets better with you. I believe strongly, from knowing you, that every negative thing I heard about you are lies. Today, I celebrate you in my life, my love. Happy anniversary to you.

150. There comes a time when you have to celebrate God’s best blessing in your life. Today is one of those times. I celebrate you, my love. Happy fifth anniversary.

So here’s our list of happy anniversary messages for the person you beat your chest to call “the love of my life”. We hope you had a good read. Won’t you share it with someone else?

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