Best Goodnight Paragraph for Him in 2023

Every day brings a new dawn and dusk. But for a girl in love, there’s no better time to express her love and show her affections, and caress his mind with her words than on a silent night.

Therefore, to meet your need, the best and most romantic goodnight paragraphs for him in 2023 have been laid down here for your own use.

Give the best man in your life any of these perfectly written love messages and see his eagerness to see you at sun dawn heighten. Go ahead!

Romantic Good Night Love Paragraphs for Boyfriend or Husband

You want to make your boyfriend or husband feel so loved as they retire to bed tonight? You’ve made the right choice by visiting this page, so grab a few lines of sweet dreams, goodnight love paragraphs and send to him.

1. Who makes my heart wander aimlessly at night? It’s you alone, my love. Dreamy nights come when you’re in my thoughts. Sleepless nights come only when you’re far away. This dusk will be different, for you alone will take the place of my cushion. Let my headrest upon you, while we both travel far away with our minds. My love will endure the dawn and the dusk when you’re miles away but once you’re here I’ll have an everlasting pleasure by your side. Have a blissful night, full of stars though it may be dark.

2. I’ll sleep regally knowing fully well that my prince charming has me at heart. Tonight will be a different kind of one, as I’ll be by your side even when you can’t see me. Take my warm kisses to make your cold night disappear. Don’t slip away into the lonely night, let me keep you company. I promise from this dark time, I’ll always be the light that keeps your path bright. Have a wonderful night, my love for this night is going to be the best you’ve ever had.

3. My nights are no longer lonely since the songs of our love accompany it. You may be miles away, but from a distance, I’ll whisper a symphony of love to you. You don’t need to chirp like a bird before I arrive at your end. I’ll always be the sound that chases the silent night away. I promise you, that my prayers will be for you when I go to bed and even as I sleep, I’ll never stop meditating to God on your behalf. My precious love, I hope you find the strength to sleep alone tonight once you read this epistle of my love for you.

4. The coming of the night signifies a new dawn for me, ironically it seems. It’s my love for you that has made it so. My night is inundated by my dream of love with you. If I get another chance to spend the night with you, I’ll make sure it lasts for a lifetime. Nothing more makes the sundown more welcoming than the smiles with which you wish me a pleasant night. If the wicked forces make the night a starless one, your love will no doubt bring a rainbow even in the midst of it all. My prayers remain answered for as long as you make my dream come true all night long. Have a peaceful sleep, my handsome king.

5. I sleep like a baby because I now rest in your love and not on my empty bed. What brings me so much comfort and peace at night is nothing other than your unwavering affection. The miracles I experience at night is because of the unconditional love you give me during the day. I promise you one thing, once the morning comes, I’ll spend the rest of my life with you till eternity. Sleep gently and sleep kingly. You’re no less than a warrior who conquers all demon so the angels can reign. If you don’t love me tonight, who will? I bless the day I found you, but I’ll never forget my first night with you, my love.

6. What more would I want right now than your protective arms? What more does my soul desire than your sweet kisses? For all I want in the world is you and all I dream is a life with you. You’re the light in the night; beautiful and attractive, hopeful and pure. I pray that you see the sun with me and feel my kisses and touch my love under its warmth. I hope the morning comes, so I behold your face with a smile full of contentment and joy. Sleep like the waters upon the sand; undisturbed and unbroken. Enjoy the silence of the night and remember my love for you just as your heart beats at night.

7. I’m blessed to be loved by a man whose heart is as large as the oceans, and whose hands of generosity tosses up and down like the leaves upon tall trees. The night gives me pleasure, for I can think of you till I doze off to sleep. By your side I am safe, little wonder I hate when we drift away. With me, you can be sure to be happy for a lifetime, cause my heart is willing to love you till the oceans in the world ebb into the desert. My words may not be good enough, but my actions will speak as loudly as my soul desires. Have a good night rest, my love. It is all I ask for as the moon comes to stay.

8. Terror may come in the night, but we’ll lay peacefully in each other’s arms till we see the sun. Before the glimpse of light, I’ll look upon your comely face for an assurance of love. Do not doubt a bit of my love for you, for all I do and ever will, are to your own pleasure and gladness. I wouldn’t make for you empty promises, but ignite greater passion in you with the goodness of my heart. Have a beautiful night rest, my love, like the rainbows across the sky by eventide. Enjoy the darkness of the night, for the angels, are around to keep you safe from harm.

9. Hear the whispers of the wind talking about my love for you. See the beauty in the flames, telling of our strength and power. Let us burn all night of love. Let the ashes of pain and separation be swept away by the breezes of the night. Let its darkness overshadow all doubt and fear. No matter how long the night maybe, it’ll never tear us apart. For with our passion and determination we’ll see forever together in each other’s arms. You have my love until the end of time. I love you, dear sweetheart.

10. Know that my heart is opened all night as the flower on the field awaiting your love when the morning comes. I’ll lay on my bed with your thoughts in mind, I’ll arise when it’s dawn only to feel the purity of your love. No matter how long the night may be, I’ll wait for you until you come with the light. I’m lucky to have found you, I’m blessed that you are mine for good. Sleep like a newborn, awake like a giant and come taste my kisses like my only love. Yes, you’re mine for good and I am yours until the end. Yours only!

11. I’ll stay awake all night just to think of you and to make a new home for you in my heart, my one and true love. Have a great night, sweety.

12. I promise to love you till the end of time and to give you my best even in the most difficult of times. I love you, my dearest husband.

13. I love to chase after you in my dreams for when I finally catch up with you I can’t help but helplessly fall into your warm arms. Rest tonight and feel my love even while you do.

14. The sound of your voice gives me some goosebumps. I shudder at the thought of not seeing you when the morning comes. Stay alive till eternity for my sake, baby.

15. My dear love, no matter the kind of men out there, you’ll always own my heart even without a struggle. My fear is losing you to the world. Help me fight this fear and my love will remain with you till the end.

16. Like a night watch, you’ve made my night safe. Now, I sleep knowing that your love has formed a protective covering over me. I love you, cute boyfriend.

17. Your throne is at the forefront of my heart. Do well to seat on it all day and night. If truly I love you, there’ll be no time I’ll ever forsake you.

18. You’re the most powerful of all men, cause you’ve brought down the walls around my heart and made me fall in love with you so helplessly.

19. Sleep well, my baby. This night shall go on to be the first of many beautiful ones. It shall usher in your blessings. Receive and embrace it, my love.

20. Wonderful is my love for you. Unblemished and unsoiled by the sins of this earth. I promise you a timeless love. Have a splendid night, my babe.

21. There’s no sun that rises that will not tell of my love for you. There’s no star that shines that will never illuminate my love for you. You’re the reason I have a heart.

22. Goodnight, my baby. I hope you have a night that treats you kind and keeps you at rest. Think of me tonight and ignore every worry that may lurk around your heart. I’ll do same over here.

23. If there’s a reason not to love you, I’ll give a million reasons why I should. And if ever I find none, I’ll love you yet unconditionally, for my night prayer was answered when I found you.

24. Once the night comes, I’m reminded of the man who loves me throughout the day and whose love keeps me awake all night. Thank you for being that man.

25. The thought of you keeps my heart at peace and my soul in love. Nothing renews my affection for you than the lovely smile you endeavour to share with me all day long.

26. Your presence is the heaven I dream to make every night I go to bed. I hope when I wake up, it becomes a dream come true for me, my love.

27. I just need you to know that there’s a love that never dies even at the peak of darkness and the lowest of moments. Such is the love I have for you, my love.

28. Goodnight, hubby. Seeing you next to me isn’t enough, I long to behold your lovely face in my dream. Visit me tonight once I close my eyes and I’ll fall asleep.

29. I look forward to spending every night of the days ahead with you. Your bosom has become the home I long to dwell in. Goodnight, my love.

30. If I should spend one more night on earth, it will be because of my undying love for you. Thank you for loving me this much. It has brought me so much joy.

31. I hold a steadfast love for you. The one that never dies, but burns like a bush set on wildfire. I hope you have a special kind of night this evening, baby.

32. If I ever get to spend a night with you, I’ll never be envious of the day anymore. You’re the reason I look forward to seeing the stars at night for they remind me of someone special.

33. I have you at heart and for that, I have joy ringing in my being. I love you so much I can’t believe you’re mine.

34. I have you and thus, I have no fear to witness the dark and starless nights, for with you by my side, all horror becomes blissful. Have a good night, my love.

35. Even at night, I dance upon the air for I know you’re there to stop me from falling when I miss a step. Have a good night, my love.

36. Sweet night is what I have here with me cause your love is still awake in my heart. Love me some more tonight, baby.

37. Let’s meet in the secret night before it becomes bright and all prying eyes are cast on us. See you when it’s dark, baby. I love you, this much I know.

38. The shortest day has become the longest night all because you’re many miles away from me. I desire to see you once the morning comes.

39. Let’s meet in my dream tonight. Let our fear be overwhelmed by the confidence we have in this secret love we share.

40. In the light of the dying day, our love shall blossom like a lily flower surrounded by water and covered by sun. Goodnight, my love.

41. I believe what is to come tonight is nothing but sheer happiness and good dreams. I’m super excited to see you when night falls.

42. We will be together tonight and our loneliness shall no longer be there to surround us like the night sky. I’m so satisfied to know you, my love.

43. I lift my face to the sky to dream of our love. I’m sending you all my kisses tonight, I hope they help you fall deeply asleep.

44. You’re the best hubby I could ever have wished for. Once it’s night, the beauty of your heart is displayed and the light of it is so blinding. I love you dearly, my baby love.

45. If this night becomes my last, I’ll be glad that I spent it thinking about you and nothing less. I’m a proud wife because I get to caress your innocent face just before you fall asleep in my arms.

46. Even in the thickest darkness, I feel drawn away from fear and death, because you’re here to spend the night with me. You’re the joy and peace that kick my anxiety away.

47. No matter how loud the thunder rumbles, it will never overshadow the melody of my love for you. Have a good night, sweet boyfriend. I love you truly.

48. My love for you feels so strong tonight and can consume a wildfire that burns too fiercely. I hope you can feel the heat of my emotions even from a distance.

49. Let’s travel on the waves of love. Let’s make it to each others dream tonight. I love you, boyfriend. I hope to see you once more tonight.

50. I’ll keep staring into the night, perhaps I’ll get a glimpse of your smile in the darkness that lurks around the sky. I love you like never before.

51. You fixed my broken heart and have given me a true love that has become my anchor. For the rest of my life, I shall cherish every moment you’ve given me.

52. If all I have tonight is you, I’ll never go hungry again. Make my wish come true, take away my loneliness and keep my cold bed warm, handsome.

53. Love may become dark at night, but not ours. You’ve shown me selfless love. I promise to give you an unconditional one. Sleep knowing that I’ll be right here waiting for you till the morning comes.

54. True love has overshadowed the fears in my heart. You’ve made me love you so truly and I fail to deny my affections for you. I love you, sweetheart.

55. There’s no place I’ll rather be than with you tonight. I’ll love to spend the rest of my life beside you, for it is the only way to give meaning to my darkest night.

56. It’s the night time again, my love. I hope you have peace as you sleep. I hope you enjoy the comfort and dream of our love all night long. I love you.

57. The starry night is amazing because your love begins to wander in my head as I sleep. Now I long for your touch and itch for your kisses, my darling.

58. What I love most in this world is you, I hope you scale through the dark night and its terror. You’re my love till the morning comes and goes, my love.

59. Forgive me for loving you too much; my heart simply wants you, for there’s nothing else it’d rather have. Enjoy the best of the night, my darling.

60. It wasn’t a mistake to have fallen in love with you. It was the right thing to do, hence, I’ll journey on this path with you till the end comes. I love you, my boo.

61. Sleep with the knowledge of my love for you in your head. Beat to the rhythm of our passion in your heart. Also, sleep tight, my darling.

62. The night may be dark and full of stars in the sky, but remember; in my heart is where all your love dwells, it’ll be there even by the dawn of the morning, my darling.

63. Do not be afraid to sleep through the night, cause the angels are around to caress your skin to sleep when I’m away. Sleep with my love soothing your heart as it beats, my love.

64. The sweetest thing I’ll ever taste would be your love. I thought you should know tonight. Have a splendid night rest, my darling.

65. I’m glad that I’m married to you and that you’re mine forever. May we keep the vows we made in secret and in public forever, my darling.

66. The night does have more than the stars in the sky and the darkness in its form, cause I have your love within my heart too. Sleep tight, my love.

67. I sleep with a smile on my face knowing that I’m loved by the most delectable man on earth. Sleep like a baby, my darling.

68. Nothing scares me more than the night’s darkness without you. Stay with me all night long, my love and be by my side even with the sun shining.

69. The melody of love plays in my head at night and in my dream, we dance to it all night long. What a beautiful night it always is! Love you, my darling.

70. We were made for each other hence, the joy in each other’s eyes when we see and the light surrounding our every hug and kiss. Goodnight, my love.

71. The hope of seeing you in the morning time gives colour to my dreams at night and joy to my heart in the middle of the dark night. I hope you have a sweet night rest.

72. My love is guiding and protecting you even from afar. I’m confident that we’ll see the morning with greater love in our hearts for each other. Enjoy your night, my darling.

73. The night isn’t lonely, cause I have your love in my heart and enjoy every sense of it within me. I hope you have a lovely night too, my darling.

74. When my head lays on my pillow before I slumber into sleep, I see you, me and our lovely kids in a home full of love and kindness. What a beautiful world it’ll be. Goodnight, sweety.

75. The sight of you is more pleasurable than the morning sun and you matter more than the moon at night. Believe me when I say so, my love. Enjoy your night.

76. Life is now a bed of roses, cause it has blessed me with your love. It is now a path smooth and straight, for I’m walking with you in love. I love you, my darling.

77. There’s no doubt in my heart that I love you. I only hope that we spend the rest of our nights together watching the stars and enjoying each other’s company.

78. The best night is the one you and I spend together doing nothing but feeling our breath on our skin. It feels good to be that close to you, my love.

79. Saying I love you isn’t enough. But till the end of time, I’ll be sure to say it as often as I can and show it as much as I can. Goodnight, my love.

80. I hope you have the rest of the good things in this world, cause you already have me to yourself. Have a beautiful night rest, my darling.

81. From the moment I started loving you I knew it was you I’ll rather say, I do too. You’re the man I’ve always hoped for. My love for you will thrive until the end. Goodnight, my love.

82. Nothing scares me, for your love has consumed my fears and worries. Nothing beats me anymore, cause your love has blown me away. I’ll love you till I’m cold, my darling. Goodnight.

83. You make the night shine brightly, cause your love has illuminated my heart with joy. Sleep tight, my darling. And wake up to my undying love.

84. Forgiveness is so easy because I love you so much. Nights are unbearable cause I can’t stand our separation, my darling.

85. Come paint my lips with your kisses, and cleanse me with your caresses. For they’re the best gifts of the night time, my darling.

86. Your arms have brought me home. Your love has softened my heart. Now I’m yours forever. What a beautiful night it is of love!

87. Your love has perfected me in the midst of so many imperfections. I feel the most beautiful and loved, for your passion is most forgiving and endearing. Goodnight, my love.

88. You’re my dream come true. For with you by my side at night everywhere is filled with light and love. Sleep tight, my darling.

89. The night is beautiful with every of your thought in my head wandering about. I hope our love continues till we’re old and ready to go home together.

90. My kisses will be your breakfast when you wake up. I hope you’re excited to have them. So sleep and wake up on time, my darling. I long to behold your handsome face.

91. It does my night good knowing that I am loved by you. It brings joy to my heart seeing us together even in the dream world. Goodnight, my love.

92. No matter how dark the night may be, regardless of how bloody the moon may be, my love for you will surpass its terror. I love you tonight and always, my darling.

93. Throughout the night, my heart will be filled with your love and I’ll say a prayer to the angels hoping they keep you safe till dawn. Goodnight, my darling.

94. There’s no bondage in this love. There’s no impossibility for this heart, cause it has been consumed by your love and it’ll do anything to please you. Enjoy your night, my darling.

95. Forget the worries of the day, sleep with our love freeing your heart of every pain and trouble. Enjoy the night, my love.

96. The beauty of my night isn’t in the stars and on the moon but in your very love that I breathe. It feels good to be loved by you, my darling. Goodnight.

97. Let’s make up for the lost nights by saying I do and spending the rest nights in each other’s loving arms, my darling. Enjoy your sleep, my love.

98. Loving you will be forever even if the night separates us. Desiring you will last forever even if a million of men exist on earth now and to come. Goodnight, my love.

99. Our love story has no end, for we’ll live it till the world stops to exist with no one to read it. Have a peaceful night rest, my darling, cause I will with your thoughts on my mind.

100. Our love is boundless. So, be not afraid of the night. Instead, it’ll surpass the night’s darkness and become even stronger by morning time.

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