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Best Good Night Prayers for Him in 2023

The night becomes more beautiful when there is an assurance that the one we love is having a peaceful night rest. There is no feeling compared to knowing that your sweetheart is kept in the refuge of God as he sleeps.

Therefore, one ideal thing to do to maintain this feeling is to secure his night with words of prayers. It’s another beautiful way of showing him how much you love, care and value him. That’s why these powerful good night prayers for him have been put together for you to bless your lover’s night as he sleeps.

One of the important things your lover needs before going to bed is a prayer of protection, and you don’t need to rack your brain to do this. Below are effective and powerful good night prayers for him you can send to your husband or boyfriend as he takes a night rest. Just copy and paste!

Good Night Prayer Quotes for Boyfriend

Wouldn’t you feel so special if you wake up tomorrow and your boyfriend appreciates you for sending some prayer a night before? Especially when they are powerful ones that everyone will love. They’re here, friend. Share these best good night prayers with him.

1. My dear, I’m happy you scaled through the day, but happier because I’m sure you will have the most beautiful night ever. I pray that the Lord keeps you safe from evil as you lie to sleep tonight. May He be your shield and buckler and may the Angels of the lord stay round about you. They will carry you safely to a new day. Have a good night, my love.

2. I tried not to miss you much, but I can’t help it. I wish I could be your pillow tonight and make you feel my soothing touch. I’m left with no choice than to pray you into the alms of our loving father. May He keep your night cool and spare you from the dangers of the night. May he grant you more opportunities to see more beautiful nights. Enjoy your night, my heartbeat. I love you big! Good night.

3. Thank you, Lord, for a great day. As the night approaches, it’s my prayer that you protect my special one and make tonight special for him. Take away fright from him and may his body be refreshed as he opens his eyes to a new day. May the day welcome him with greater opportunities, and may he find countless reasons to sing songs of praises. These are my hearty prayers for you, my king. Have a good night, love.

4. Nighttime is a time to rest and I give thanks to God for giving us another opportunity to relax. It’s my prayer that as you lie to rest, you will find complete peace. Nothing will trouble you for the good lord will take charge over you. He will crush your adversaries and bring into futility, the plans of the wicked. Though a thousand shall fall at your right hand, they shall never come near you. The lord will give you a glorious night rest.

5. Each day comes with its hurdles and its prospects. So also does each night. But it’s my prayer for you this night that you will find serenity, even in your dreams. Your night will not be cut short by anything because the peace of the Lord will rest on you as you close your eyes to sleep. Many sleep and don’t wake up; that will not be your portion, my sweetheart. Sleep and wake up with a heart of fulfilment, my love.

6. A beautiful night time to the man my heart always longs for. If I’m asked to love all over again, I would choose and choose you again. If I’m asked to say a word of prayer for you, I would rain innumerable words of prayer on you. And I’m so glad because the night has given me another chance to pray for you. May you find calmness as you take a rest. The good lord will cause you to wake up in good health. Sleep well, darling.

7. A peaceful night rest is my prayer for you, my king. Nothing pertaining evil shall come near thy dwelling for the Lord will stand in His strength and pull down every stronghold in your life. The wind of joy and glory shall overshadow you, and I pray for quick intervention of the Almighty God against the agenda of the wicked in your life. Have a splendid night rest, my treasure.

8. Beloved, I wish above all things that as you sleep tonight, may the Lord send his angels to watch over you. I pray you to have sweet dreams, and may there be total restoration to all the good things you have lost because the great God is sitting close to you, bringing everything you ever wished for to fulfilment. Sleep in the warmth of the lord and wake up with strength. Good night, darling.

9. I admire everything about you, especially when you lay innocently in bed. The sight of your handsome face reminds me of how beautiful your heart is. I miss you so much, my love, and I, therefore, lift your soul into the alms of God. May He carry you like a baby and guide you through every moment of the night. May His magnificent eyes not depart from you as you sleep. You are preserved, my king. Good night!

10. I bless God for the success of today, and I glorify His name for this night is going to be perfect for you. As you go to bed, the Lord God will fill your heart with joy like never before. He will renew your mind and quicken your mortal body. You will wake up with songs of thanksgiving unto the Lord for He will give you victory over the vices of the enemies. Have a good night rest, my darling.

Some sweet words of love and powerful words of prayers could be all your lover needs to have a smooth night rest. These are good night prayers for him to make him enjoy the night.

11. Sleep well, my love. Sleep well for your night is secured. The lord will keep you safe to see another great day. Good night, my love.

12. I can’t sleep without praying the Angels to keep you safe for me. May the Almighty God grant you a peaceful night rest tonight. Good night, sweetheart.

13. You are the man my heart prays for day and night, and this is another chance to usher you into the safe hands of God. Have a good night rest, my king.

14. Nighttime fills my heart with unspeakable joy because it grants me the privilege to see you in my dreams. It’s my prayer that your night is free from nightmares. See you in my dreams, love.

15. It’s time for my baby to sleep after all the hustles of the day. May the Lord grant you a wonderful night rest. Good night, my love.

16. My darling, I pray that you have a beautiful night rest just as your heart is beautiful for another beautiful morning awaits you. Sleep tight!

17. Missing you is inevitable just as praying for you has become my dinner. May you find the bed soothing and the atmosphere pleasant as you rest tonight. Here’s wishing you a good night rest.

18. My sincere prayer tonight is that your strength is renewed and that you grow stronger for the activities of tomorrow. Have a good night rest, dearest.

19. Let go of all the hurts of the day. May this night bring you refreshment for a better tomorrow. Good night, love.

20. “He that dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”. The shadow of the lord will keep you safe as you sleep tonight. Enjoy the night, my darling.

It is certain that your boyfriend would feel loved and cared for if he receives a powerful good night prayer for him from you. Don’t hesitate to reach him with these good night prayers for him to have a cool night time.

21. Fear not, my love, for the Lord has not given us the spirit of fear. His mighty hand will be over you, and He shall make you sleep like a babe and wake up as a giant. Good night!

22. My sweetheart, worry not over the disappointments of the day. The lord will make the impossible possible. Close your eyes and have a good night rest. I love you!

23. Tomorrow has a better offer. Tonight is made for you to relax and be rejuvenated for a new start and a new hope. May the lord cover you with his glory as you sleep. Good night, dearest.

24. The Lord who has begun a new thing in your life shall surely see it to the end. Tomorrow awaits your exploits. Good night, my love.

25. “Nothing shall by any means, harm you”. The angels of the Lord shall take charge over you. That’s my prayer for you, my love. Good night!

26. As you have not been smitten by the sun during the day, so shall the moon not smite you tonight. Everything will work together for your good. Have a lovely night rest, dearest.

27. Good night to the man I love. May this night time bring you new ideas for the success of tomorrow.

28. Heavenly Father, I thank you for keeping my husband through the day, and here are my night prayers for him: keep his spirit, soul and body in your love as he rests in your alms tonight. Sleep well, my dear.

29. May you find favour in the sight of God tonight. May His angels destroy every evil plan against you and grant you a restful sleep. Good night, sweetheart.

30. May the omnipotent God stand against every form of nightmares and manipulations of the wicked. I pray you to have sweet dreams. Good night, bae.

Sending some of these good night prayers for him could have a long way to go in assuring your boyfriend you care.

31. My heartthrob, I pray for you to have the best night rest ever. May you wake up to see better days and opportunities. I love you, good night.

32. Lord Jesus, I keep my husband in your refuge as he sleeps tonight. May calamities be far from his dwelling. That’s my hearty prayer for you. Sleep tight, my lover.

33. My darling, sleep peacefully and do not be afraid of the terror by night for the one who neither sleeps nor slumbers will guide you through the night. Good night to you!

34. As you sleep tonight, may the God of heaven and earth keep you from danger and give you a perfect night rest. Sleep tight, love.

35. May the peace of Yahweh not depart from you even as you lay to rest tonight. May it usher you into beautiful dreams. Have a good night, my dearest.

36. Keep your mind focused on God for He has promised to deliver you from danger. May your night be free from evil manipulations. Good night!

37. My heartthrob, As you set to sleep this night, may the God of peace bring you divine peace. Have a peaceful night, my love.

38. As the mountain surround Jerusalem, so shall the Lord surround you as you sleep tonight. Good night, my darling.

39. May all your enemies stumble and fall tonight. You are preserved of the lord, my prince charming. Have a sweet night rest.

40. As you go to bed tonight, may every gathering concerning you that is not of the lord be scattered in Jesus’ name. Amen. Sleep well, dear one.

It is a sweet feeling to know someone cares for you. That is why you need this good night prayer for him; your boyfriend or husband to make them have the feeling of being cared for, especially by you.

41. May you find strength over those that will rise against you tonight. Victory will remain yours. Good night, dearest.

42. Good night, my everyday choice. May tomorrow find you strong and ready to achieve the best. I love you very much.

43. I bless God for the glorious day he granted us. It’s my prayer that tonight becomes more glorious for you. Have a cool night rest, darling.

44. May God grant you victory over every spiritual battle of life. Go ahead and sleep, my hubby. Good night to you!

45. As you lay your head to rest tonight, may the good lord lift your burden and replace it with peace. Good night, babe.

46. May the God Almighty visit you with a cloud of comfort as you sleep tonight. Good night, my sugarplum.

47. A sweet night to you, my darling. No arrows that fly at night will find their way to you.

48. May God’s glory overshadow you as you close your eyes to sleep. His countenance will keep shinning on you. Have a good night, babe.

49. Sleep well my, heart desire. Never allow the unfulfilled plans of today be a hindrance to your night rest. May God give you more than you have lost. Have a good night rest, dearest.

50. My lovely hubby, may you find tonight’s sleep the sweetest ever. May the atmosphere be calm and may every evil attack be far from you. Here’s wishing you a sweet night rest. I love you!

This collection of good night prayer for him is the best for the purpose of lifting your boyfriend or husband into the hands of God. 

51. My darling, be rest assured that the omnipresent God is watching over you as you sleep tonight. Good night!

52. May you have a beautiful sleep, and wake up to a better day. The sky will be your starting point. Good night, sweetheart.

53. It’s my prayer tonight that the lord builds a wall of refuge around you. May he crush any evil finger pointing to you. Have a cool night rest, my love.

54. May all those that await your downfall be put to shame. Tonight will be the beginning of your rising. Good night, babe.

55. May the good Lord show you His glorious love tonight. May His mercy be sufficient for you to have a perfect night rest.

56. I pray that the mercy of God keep you safe as you sleep this night. May you enjoy it every moment of the night. Good night, honey.

57. Good night, handsome. May you find rest in the soothing alms of God. Enjoy a peaceful night time, my love.

58. Never give up on hope, love. What you couldn’t achieve today can’t be compared to the great breakthrough that awaits you tomorrow. Rest well and have a good night.

59. Always count your blessings every night. You will discover how much God has been good to you. And I pray that he takes you to a better height. Good night, dearest.

60. Nothing can best explain how much I miss you. I, therefore, pray that the all-powerful God keep you safe for me, and bring you to me in my dreams. See you there, love!

One of the sweetest feelings you can offer your boyfriend is the feeling of being rest assured that you have him in mind, and reaching him with any of these good night prayers for him is the best to do for this purpose.

61. As you close your eyes tonight, may everything work together for you to have a beautiful sleep. Sleep well, my king.

62. Our merciful Father in heaven will open the doors of heaven on you tonight, and he will provide you with the comfort you need to sleep well. Good night, baby boo.

63. You have had a stressful day, babe. No one deserves a cool and stress-free night more than you do. May you find serenity, even in your dreams. Have a great night rest, sugar.

64. I pray for a renewal of strength as you sleep. You will find a great drive to hit the success of tomorrow. Here’s wishing you a perfect night time, love.

65. May the lord fight for you and frustrate the plans of the wicked over you. May he increase your joy as you open your eyes to a new day. A blessed night to you, my lover.

66. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be available for you as you lay to sleep tonight. Have a graceful sleep, my darling.

67. It’s night time again as everything in you wants to take a sound rest. I, therefore, pray that the Lord will make you sleep peacefully and bring you to another beautiful day. Good night, sweet.

68. Close your eyes and sleep, babe. The moon is waiting to watch over you, the stars can’t wait to shine on you, and I can’t wait to see you in the morrow. Good night, my love.

69. I pray that our merciful father forgives you all your shortcomings and gives you a wonderful night rest. Sleep well, dearest.

70. Dearest one, as you lie to sleep, may the Almighty one keep you alive for His purpose. His joy shall remain your strength. Have a wonderful night, lover.

Sending these effective good night prayers for him; your husband of boyfriend will make him have a perfect night rest. 

71. Good to bed with faith, my love for the Lord shall make the night peaceful and the morning shall be bright as sunshine. Good night!

72. Good night to the one I love. Here are my good night prayers for him, heavenly father: take away his worries and give him a peaceful mind as he sleeps tonight.

73. My sweetheart, I have prayed my father to keep the one I love so much, and that’s you. Sleep and be rest assured that God is with you. Good night!

74. As you sleep tonight, may the lord visit you with mercy and renew your soul and body. Here’s wishing you a good night, my darling.

75. Just as the moon shines into the darkest part of the night, so shall the glory of the lord overshadow you tonight. Good night, sweetheart.

76. May the Lord’s eyes not depart from you as you sleep tonight. May He watch you through the darkest time of the night. Sweet dreams, my love.

77. A good night to a good heart. I’m sure the glorious God will make your night glorious as you take a rest tonight.

78. You are my darling husband, my everyday crush, the only I want to see all the days of my life. May you find peace and tranquillity as you sleep tonight. Good night, my love.

79. It’s my prayer that good things never depart from you. May the good lord favour you with a good night rest, my prince charming.

80. I choose to always love you and never cease to pray for you. May this night bring you love and calmness. The lord will always be by you. Good night, dearest.

Showing an act of love and care could be all you need to have a perfect relationship. Start by sending your boyfriend or husband any of these good night prayers for him.

81. As your day was awesome, so shall your night be recorded for good. Sleep well, lover.

82. Good night, my baby boo. May you find favour in the sight of God as you go to bed tonight.

83. May this night be the onset of good things in your life. You will wake up to a great day and nothing will stop your rising. Good night, sweetheart.

84. My treasure, my prayer for you tonight is that the lord honours you and make you sleep under his refuge. Have a good night, babe.

85. As you rest tonight, may the lord restore your energy. May He replace all you’ve lost with abundance. I pray you to have a sweet night, my love.

86. My prince charming, as you lay to sleep tonight, may the Almighty God keep in His safest place, and hide you in His grace. Good night!

87. The Lord will bless you as you sleep, reestablish you as you rest and make your dreams blissful. Have a good night rest, my lover.

88. May the Lord guide your heart, rekindle your strength, renew your mind and keep you in his love. Good night, sweetheart.

89. As you sleep tonight, may the angel of peace envelope you, and may the angel of love wake you up. Have a wonderful night, handsome.

90. Anytime you go to bed, bear it in mind that I will be right beside you praying for God to make you wake up with a broad smile. Good night, cutie.

Your fervent effectual prayers have a long way to go in making your lover enjoy safety. Make him feel safe tonight with these effective good night prayer for him.

91. My prayer for you as you go to bed tonight is that you experience God’s power over everything that troubles. Sleep well, my darling.

92. The experiences of today have become a past; let them go and embrace a peaceful night. The lord will give you a better tomorrow. Sleep tight, babe.

93. As you sleep tonight, I usher you into the garden of God’s love. May you eat from the fruit of long life and peace, and wake up with joy in your heart. Good night, lover.

94. No weapon formed against you shall prosper for the lord will arise against anyone that rises against you. Good night to you, my treasure.

95. Good night, heartbeat. Rejoice in the lord as you sleep tonight. Remember to wake up with Thanksgiving for His grace has been made sufficient for you tonight.

96. The left hand of the lord is under your head and his right-hand embraces you as you sleep tonight. Good night, cupcake.

97. As you lie in your bed tonight, may you think of who you love, and wake up in the morrow knowing that God’s love is the greatest. Have a good night rest, sugarpie.

98. Good night, bae. May the rose of Sharon usher you to a peaceful sleep, and the lily of the valley wakes you to a brighter day.

99. A bundle of love is my wish for you, and a prayer of long life is my heart desire for you. Good night, honey.

100. May you find your rest in the warmth of the lord, and arise and shine to a glorious day as the Almighty God wakes you up. Good night, my cherry.

You just went through the best of all good night prayers for him, and I hope they met your need. Don’t hesitate to like and share. Leaving a comment in the comment box would be highly appreciated.Thanks!

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