Good Afternoon Sweetie

Good Afternoon Sweetie Messages and Quotes (2020)

Ever imagined receiving a sweet message from your lover in the heat of the afternoon when your head is fixed with one given task or the other? It surely eases the pressure off of you, and gives you a romantic feeling for some seconds, right? Yes, that’s the magic behind afternoon text messages: giving you a progressive feeling of how the evening and night can be.

Be it a male or female, man or woman, boy or girl, everyone desires to feel loved and be loved. And even though it has often been generalized that guys are moved by what they see and ladies are moved by what they hear, it isn’t okay to limit text message sending to any given gender at all: anyone can take up the duty of sending sweet text messages in the heat of the afternoon.

Just so you know, romantic messages in your relationship aren’t meant for morning and nights alone: you can also send some sweet-romantic messages in the heat of the afternoon despite the stress that comes with such heat.

And you will be surprised how a simple and beautiful afternoon message can change your bad day to the most tantalizing and interesting day ever.

Let’s dig into some good quotes and messages.

Good Afternoon Messages for Him or Her

Apart from the normal romantic messages you send to your lover in the morning or at night, they deserve some more in the afternoon. To help your ministry, I wrote these cute sweetheart good afternoon messages, wishes and quotes for your sweetie (Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife). Let him or her know that you are checking on them because you care and cherish them.

1. Good afternoon my gorgeous; how’s the work coming?

2. The sun is scorching down my throat, but it’s crazy how I still get to be wetting my pants thinking about you. I miss you, babe.

3. Hey babe, I wish you were here with me right now so I can get to kiss you and hug you. The stress is too much and I’m beginning to have a burnout.

4. Hey, how about we have a hangout tomorrow afternoon? The work has been hectic for us already, and we need something to relieve us of our stress. What do you think?

5. Quick facts: there are 4 hours, 240 minutes, and 14,400 seconds in the afternoon and I spend every bit of thinking about how beautiful/handsome you are.

6. Looking forward to having you in my arms this evening and eating you all night long. For now, it’s a good afternoon babe.

7. Sometimes, I love sending you afternoon messages; some other times, I love receiving afternoon messages from you. But this particular time, I’m using an afternoon message to let you know I need an afternoon message from you. Good afternoon.

8. One day, our lives will be better and we’ll get everything we’ve been working so hard to acquire. For now, I want to encourage you to keep trying your best and giving your all for our dreams. I really love you darling.

9. Do you have an idea of what I do with my spare time in the afternoon? Undressing you in my head and telling you how much I love you as I kiss you deeply and caress you slowly. Now if you want to get this in real-time, come home quickly.

10. Sweetest lover of all time; hope the stress isn’t much on you? Good afternoon. I thought of saying hi.

11. This love is love a love cute love way love of love keeping love you love glued love to love me love for love at love least love sixty love seconds love pending love the love time love you love figure love out love I’m love just love saying love I love miss love you.

12. Where are you? I’m across the street. Just check through the window and say hi. Good afternoon sweetie.

13. My darling, I’m checking on you to make sure you’re doing good. How’s it going? I love you.

14. Good afternoon my darling. My soul is so connected with you that every moment without you feels like you’re a million miles away. Please try and come home early.

15. Hey babe, I don’t want you to be discouraged because of how dull your morning was; you still have the rest of the day to make it a beautiful afternoon and a blissful night rest. I love you, babe.

16. I desire you, I desire your love, and I desire your love in my life. Good afternoon my pretty angel/prince charming.

17. I always love it when I send you text messages on moments you least expect: like this afternoon. Good afternoon my sweetheart.

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18. My dear, I decided to check on you and ask how you’re doing. Hope you’re having a great? Good afternoon dear, I miss you.

19. Mornings are meant for beginning the day brightly, nights are meant for reminiscing how much you’ve achieved during the day, and afternoons are meant for letting you know how much I love you.

20. Hey babe, the day is far too young to be nervous and anxious about how the day would end. Remember how beautiful I always say you are? That’s how beautiful your day will end. I love you, babe, good afternoon.

21. You have no idea how addicted I am to you. I can’t think without you, I can’t live without you, I can’t work without you, and I can’t even have a good afternoon without you. Thank you for always giving me a reason to live. I love you, babe.

22. This morning, you asked for what I want: I want to have a spa session with you this afternoon or to spend some hours with you on the beach. Make your choice and reach out soon enough. I miss you already.

23. Just as afternoon lies somewhere between morning and night, you’ve always lain between my body and soul. I love you. Good afternoon.

24. Mornings are meant for kissing you, nights are meant for having sex with you, and every afternoon, I just want to tell you how much I love you.

25. Here comes the best time to have fun with the best thing that ever happened to me in life. Good afternoon my love; How are you doing?

26. One of my favourite moments in the afternoon is when I pick up my phone to send you sweet afternoon messages like this. Good afternoon my dear, I miss you.

27. I cherish when I’m on the couch with you; chatting and enjoying the beautiful afternoon together. I miss you my darling. Good afternoon.

28. Here is to a beautiful afternoon and a beautiful you. Cheers!

29. Being around you is one of the best things that has happened to me in life. The best thing is being with you.

30. I pray for you that all of your heart’s desires and wishes for today will be achieved. Good afternoon darling.

31. Always remember that you can count on me any day, anywhere and anytime. Just say the word and I will be there for you. I love you. Good afternoon sweetie.

32. Hello dear. Just want to let you know that I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my mind: in the morning, this afternoon, and later at night.

33. I desire to be with you always: to hug you, hold you close, and kiss you till the rain stops falling. Good afternoon my love.

34. Every day, my love for you keeps growing. And every day, I keep falling in love with you more and more. I just felt I should send it to you as a message this afternoon.

35. Babe, since the day you came into my life, it’s been one surprises after another. Can you imagine that I haven’t stopped sending you afternoon messages since that afternoon we met? Thank you for becoming a part of my world.

36. I know one day we will be together, but the distance cannot stop me from wishing you a wonderful afternoon. I miss you babe, and I love you so much.

37. My prayer is that we spent our remaining mornings, afternoons, and evenings together forever. Good afternoon sweetie.

38. On this special hour, I would like to let you know how much I love you, miss you, and care about you. Good afternoon my sweet love.

39. Good afternoon sweetie. How is your day going? Let’s have lunch together during your break.

40. Sending you all of my love, hugs, and kisses: to keep your day going smoothly, and your afternoon less stressful. I love you, sweetie.

41. You bring happiness and joy into my life, may your afternoon be filled with blessings. I love you.

42. Hello sweetheart. Hope you are having fun and your afternoon is going on smoothly? I love you dearly.

43. Every day, I am always lucky to have you comfortably swimming in my thoughts. I love you, babe.

44. Wishing you a less-sweat-stress-free afternoon. Good afternoon my love.

45. I want to spend every moment of my life hanging out with you. You are very special to my heart and I can’t imagine a life without you. Good afternoon love.

46. Hey babe, I plan on giving you the best treat this afternoon, but I’m honestly out of ideas on what exactly to do. Can you please be of help with your beautiful ideas?

47. The day is only about to hit halfway and I’m missing you already. Can we please meet at the central park for Ice cream? Good afternoon, my sweetheart.

48. Hey babe. I ordered lunch for us this afternoon. You can stretch your legs a little by coming to meet me. See you soon hun, I love you dearly.

49. My sweetheart, if your day has not been less productive, don’t beat yourself too hard for it. There are still many hours before the day ends to make things better. And there’s still a lunch to have with me at your favourite spot.

50. Sweetheart, sure you’re doing great at work. Remember we have a movie to see this evening. Wishing you the very best. Good afternoon sweetie.

51. My love, I already miss you, can we meet for lunch? Waiting for you at our usual spot.

52. Just a few hours until evening, and we’ll get to continue from where we stopped this morning. Good afternoon horny pie.

53. I feel like being by your side this afternoon: to hold you tight and tell you how much I love you. Good afternoon baby.

54. To the most beautiful/handsome sweetheart ever, good afternoon dear. I love you so much.

55. Hey babe, I want you to know that your love has given me the strength and courage to do more than I could have ever done before you came into my life. Thanks for making my life meaning, and a sweet afternoon to you.

56. To the special person, I want to spend the rest of my life with, a sweet afternoon to you.

57. A minute cannot pass without me thinking about you. You are my beauty, my sunshine, my happiness, and heartbeat; and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Good afternoon my love.

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58. I just wanted to take a moment to wish the most beautiful angel in the world a good afternoon. Good afternoon babe.

59. Good afternoon sweetie. Thank you for filling my life with peace, joy, and happiness. I love you every day.

60. For every day that goes by, I will never stop loving you. Good afternoon my happiness.

61. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, you are very important to my life and I want to spend every second with you. I love you, and I’m wishing you a good afternoon.

62. To the most amazing person in my life, I can’t imagine a day without you in my life. I love you so much, and I am wishing you a good afternoon.

63. It’s very rare to find a person so caring, loving, and filled with great understanding like you my love. And I am going to treasure you for the rest of my life. Good afternoon my love.

64. Good afternoon to the most beautiful person in the whole world! Have the best afternoon.

65. Good afternoon my love! May the peace of the Lord keep us strong for the rest of our beautiful lives.

66. May you have a beautiful and stress-free afternoon. Good afternoon my love.

67. My beautiful and intelligent sweetheart, how are you doing this afternoon?

68. My love, thank you for giving me a reason to live, be happy, and very successful. I love you so much, and I’m wishing you a good afternoon.

69. Babe, you came into my life at just the right time; and made my life become brand new. Now I can’t spend a day without not thinking about you. Good afternoon my love.

70. Darling, you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life. Sending you my sweet good afternoon message, and then I’ll give you a massage later in the evening.

71. Being in love with you has made me find happiness and peace in life. Thank you for everything. Good Afternoon my Love.

72. You are the only person in my life who gives me butterflies. I appreciate being your lover and I wish you a good afternoon love.

73. Sweetheart, I want to thank you for letting me into your heart and giving me a reason to still have a heartbeat, to still be living. God bless you my love and a good afternoon to you.

74. Hey babe, I have a special surprise for you this evening. You afternoon my love.

75. To the most beautiful girl in my world, may you find ease while doing your work. Good afternoon my love.

76. Darling, I wish you a good afternoon filled with love and happiness.

77. Good afternoon to the only person in my life who is my motivator and inspiration!

78. My afternoon is not complete without telling you how much I love you, my dearest. Good afternoon babe.

79. Hello beautiful! How is your afternoon going?

80. Just in a short message and not a long sweet paragraph, I want to tell you that I love you dearly. Good afternoon my prince charming.

81. My sweetie, dearest, sugar pie, and one and only: I miss you so much, and I just want to say thanks for bringing joy and happiness to my life.

82. You’re truly a rare gem and I’m saying thanks for the peace and unspeakable joy you have brought to my life in the past months. Good afternoon dearie.

83. This beautiful afternoon is a reminder of how blessed I am to be with you. I cherish you always. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

84. Starting from when we met and up to this moment, the thought of you always gladdens my heart and I want you to know that I’m happy to have you. Good afternoon, beautiful.

85. Hello love, I hope you’re having a great afternoon? If not, just put a call through and I will be there to make sure your midday is fantastic. Good afternoon, my baby.

86. If you don’t know or you’ve forgotten, I want to remind you that you’re the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. Good afternoon, beautiful.

87. Hello damsel, I wish you a pleasant afternoon and I can’t wait to see you this evening. Good afternoon sweetie pie, do have a fabulous day ahead.

88. You’re the joy and happiness of my life and I’m honoured to have you in my life. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

89. An afternoon being with you is sweeter than ice cream. But this afternoon, I want to have both you and the ice cream. Can we do this? I’ll be waiting.

90. The harder I tried to concentrate on my work, the harder it was I wished you were here, because being with you, I’m always rejuvenated. Good afternoon my lovely friend.

91. How’s your day going, my dearest friend, I hope you’re enjoying your day? Good afternoon handsome, do have a fabulous day ahead.

92. It’s my prayer that you finish your day in a grand and best way you can and God will bless your endeavours. Good afternoon my dearest friend.

93. Dear friend, I wish and pray the very best thing that life has got to offer will be yours to have and keep. Good afternoon my lovely friend.

94. To my beautiful, caring, understanding and loving friend, I say good afternoon!

95. My life is totally incomplete without you. Good afternoon my angel.

96. As you go through your day, remember that I got your back always. Good afternoon my dearest friend and do have a wonderful day ahead.

97. Either in the morning, afternoon, evening or night, you can be rest assured that I will always be here for you. Good afternoon, handsome.

98. I yearn to share this wonderful midday with you, but you’re distant away from me. I miss and love you so much. Good afternoon my wifey.

99. Your love for me is like the air that I breathe. I can’t see it but it’s always present. I love you more than love itself. Good afternoon my prince charming.

100. Good afternoon my darling. May your afternoon be filled with so much joy and happiness.

So, there you have it: 100 of the 2019 Best Good Afternoon Sweetie Messages and Quotes for your sweetheart; and I want to believe you’ve found the perfect combination of words you’ve been looking for to express your ideal afternoon thoughts to your sweetheart.

Remember, you have the freedom and liberty to custom-select your specific choice message in a way that best expresses how you feel in this period in time, being certain that you’ll find one that’ll help get her up on her feet again.

What do you think about our post? Which particular number gets straight to your heart? You can share the post with friends or drop a comment to tell us exactly how you feel. That’s one of the best ways to make us know you appreciate our writings.




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