Just Checking on You Text Messages, Poems & Quotes

Just Checking on You Text Messages

I sure know about the feelings and have been there. I must have been a candidate of its dictates... You call it "I'm just checking on you but I know the right word... You are missing your lover. Not only that... You really care. Yes? High five!

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Why Send Just Checking on You Messages and Poems?

A little baby needs a check on its diaper, and so do many nonagenarians. And going by history, people are getting more tensed than before. The boss at office demands more efficiency and, of course, more income at the end of the month; so the workload of the workers must be kept at the highest level possible.

If you are a boss of your own you are lucky and safe

But if you are under someone, as an employee, two things are involved:

It is either you are the employee after the boss' heart or a pain in the neck.

If you are the employee after the boss' heart you are fortunate and safe;

But if you are a pain in the neck, there are two things involved:

It is either you are seen as too powerful to be dealt with or like a mouse who accidentally enters a cat's house.

When you are such that is frustrated, whether because you keep your nose on the fry, because you know more than every dick and Harry in the office, or you are such that is high up, you need help.

And who knows whether your lover  needs such help?

If yes, then sending him or her “just checking on you” or “I am missing you love messages” could be the magic he or she ever needed.

What is Just Checking Up on You Meaning?

Ideally, the term "Just Checking Up on You" is relative. This means that there are many meanings to it, depending on the individuals involved.

While some people can use it to express loneliness, others can use it to proof that they care for the other person.

So what's on your mind whenever you want to check on the other person? 

No matter what's on your mind whenever you want to say, "I'm Just Checking on You"...  I've written the Cute Quotes and Text Messages you can send to check on your lover or loved ones. 

Send to your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband or Wife. 

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Just Checking on You in the Afternoon

Can I come over there? Just missing you

How is the day going with the love of my life? 

How is My Baby Doing? I hope things are working in your favour.

Are you too busy to miss me?

Just Checking in to see how you are doing. 

Would you mind calling me if you need a help? 

I hope the workload is not too much for you?

How is My Baby Coping with this Hot Afternoon?

Just Checking on You at Night

Can You See the Stars?

The Moon wouldn't Stop Shining

It's Time to Meet You in the Dreamland

I Trust the Stars and the Moon for Your Night.

I'm on a mission tonight. I'm keeping a vigil to make sure you sleep well. I'll be here when you wake up tomorrow. Good night, just came to check on you.

I know you're missing me but I know you'll be fine. Have a good night rest my dear.

Just Checking On You Poems

Would you love to express just checkng on you with poems? Then, here they are..

  • Know That I Care

Checking on you might not reduce your workload,

But it sure should make you know someone cares.

I hope it's not more than you can handle today, and bear.

Stay lovely and gorgeous for me, my dear.

  • You Are far Away

I needed someone to share my smile with and you were far away,

I thought it wise to send it via SMS, and hope it gets there.

You are missed here than you could ever imagine,

But please make sure no mistakes there.

  • I Wont Stop Thinking About You

I wish I could stop thinking of you sometimes.

This is the third time today that I've written you name,

Instead of another man's name. Is this what love can do!

I miss you. Just checking on you.

  • I Wish I Could Give You More

I wish I could make you stay cool forever

More than the AC in your office,

I wish I could give you more comfort,

Than the chair in the office.

I wish I could be all that you need.

But above it all, I wish you'll find your job so easy.

Stay great, I am proud of you.

  • I Just Came to Say Hi

Lovely and softly, I came to say hi,

To the one that I love, who makes me go high,

The one I will be with forever without saying bye…

I love you forever, please don’t ask why.

  • I Miss Everything About You

I Miss your smile, and I can’t help it,

I feel like my heart is failing bit by bit,

I feel like I stagger, and I am not fit…

Your love is killing me softly, I admit.