Trending Romantic Good Afternoon Messages

2023 Trending Romantic Good Afternoon Messages

Who says sending wishes to your sweetheart is limited to mornings and nights only?

It is so sweet and beautiful when a message lips up in your phone, a romantic good afternoon wish from the love of your life.

No matter how tiring or stressful the day might have been, this little charm will definitely work like magic and will make that loved one smile as it will touch their heart to know they’re always on your mind, even in the very hot and hectic afternoon.

When that loved one is going through a tough day, your good afternoon wish to them brightens the gloom.
And when they’re having a pleasant day, a good afternoon wish from you will definitely boost their confidence as it affirms your love and support for them any hour of the day.

Check out these 2023 Trending romantic Good Afternoon Messages. Make your choice of which to send to that special person so that they can have wonderful thoughts of you, even while they’re at work.

Sweet Good Afternoon Wishes for Him or Her

Whether you’re trying to express your feelings of love or you want to check on your lover, these sweet romantic good afternoon text messages and wishes are best for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

1. Do you know you’re always in my mind? Even in the heat of the day? I love you so much darling, how’s your day going?

2. I can’t stop thinking about you. Whether it is morning, noon or night, every time of the day is convenient for you in my heart. Good afternoon to you, my love.

3. I want to be with you, hold you close, whisper my love to you every moment of the day. You are my best love, good afternoon baby.

4. Whether afternoons or evenings, there’s no difference with me, I always want you every time of the day. Hope you’re not too stressed? Good afternoon sweetheart.

5. ‘To hold and to hug tight no matter the time of the day’ is what I live for every day. Good afternoon darling.

6. No matter the miles apart or the time of the day, my love for you is very strong. You hold my heart in every way. Good afternoon my best woman.

7. To the most handsome and strongest man I’ve met, good afternoon. You came into my thoughts and I decided to say hi.

8. You can’t imagine how much I love you with each passing minute and hour. Good afternoon my sweetness.

9. I love that I can think of you anytime I want to. Each day, my love for you grows stronger. Have a lovely afternoon, darling.

10. The day is wonderful, the weather, amazing. The perfect time for you to be in my thoughts sweetie, good afternoon to you.

11. I love that you’re in the morning, afternoon and of courses the evening, with me. How’s your day going darling? I just want you to know you’re in my thoughts, always.

12. My mornings, afternoons and evenings are just all about you darling, of course, you know that already.

13. I hope you’re having a stress-free day, as you deserve my love. Good afternoon to you.

14. I love afternoons, it gives me the opportunity to surprise you with an “I love you”. Hope your day is going well, baby?

15. You are already an indispensable part of me, so it is just right to wish you any hour of the day. Have a pleasant afternoon sweet.

16. You came into my life, you made it new. You are an amazing woman and I’ll always cherish you for that. Good afternoon my love, how’s your day going?

17. Hey baby, I’m just stopping by to say hi to you. Remember, life without you is completely meaningless. Enjoy your afternoon sweetheart.

18. I don’t know why I miss you so much as this when it’s only just afternoon. Well, I miss you, baby, good afternoon to you.

19. No matter the distance between us, you know it can never stop me from wishing you a good afternoon. How are you doing darling?

20. It’s a hot afternoon and I remember that the reason for my discomfort is because I haven’t wish you a good afternoon. Enjoy the rest of the day, love.

21. To my perfect woman and the most amazing being in my life, good afternoon to you. Kisses from here.

22. Have you had lunch? I hope you’re good? Don’t tell me you’re stressed? I just want you to know that you’re here in my heart, beating all my stress away…

23. You know more than anyone that I would give anything to be with you every time of the day. Just know you’re always here, in my heart. Good afternoon to you baby.

24. The sun today is perfect, did you noticed? But know it can never shine bright as you do to me, baby. Good afternoon love.

25. It’s not a perfect afternoon until I’ve said hi to you. There, I said it. Have a beautiful afternoon, sweet.

26. I want to spend every moment of my life with you, but until then, let me wish you good afternoon right now baby. I love you always.

27. Can we go for a walk after this hit sun goes down? But before then, I love you baby, good afternoon to you.

28. To my perfect sunshine, my one of a kind, good afternoon darling.

29. Let me seize this special money of lunch to say hi to you. Good afternoon my most treasured gem.

30. I trust that you’re doing fine baby? Good afternoon my special woman.

31. I just want to remind you that nothing can stop me from loving you, not even the scorching sun. I love you, my love.

32. Let me send you cool hugs and kisses to comfort you for this scathing heat. Remember, I love you always.

33. I hope you receive the special kisses I sent you this afternoon so you can have a stress-free day? Don’t forget that I love you.

34. Hey you, you hold the key to my heart and this heat got nothing on how much I love you. Good afternoon my love.

35. I’m sending this wishes to you so that you can be comforted in the stress of the day. Kisses and love from me to you.

36. You bring happiness and light to my life, you shine brighter than the sun to me always. Good afternoon my wonderful husband.

37. I just want to wish you blessings and joy this afternoon. I love you.

38. I hope you’re having a wonderful day baby? I wish you blessings in your work today. I love you.

39. To my dream come true man, I hope you’re having a comfortable day. I love you, dear, good afternoon to you.

40. Good afternoon to my love that is brighter than the sparkling of the stars. Have a nice evening ahead.

41. I’m sending you kisses and hugs to keep you cool till when we see in the evening. Good afternoon my best.

42. I know I’m so lucky to have you, I always remind myself always. Good afternoon my love.

43. Hey, cute, I just want to remind you that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re everything to me, my love, good afternoon to you.

44. My darling, I hope you’re having a comfortable afternoon in this heat? I just want to say hi and tell you how much I love you.

45. It’s just afternoon and I miss you already, can’t wait to see you in the evening baby. Good afternoon to you.

46. You are my special and regular dose of happiness. Good afternoon my love.

47. I’m quite sure you’ve overwork yourself again this afternoon, I can’t wait to get home and rub those tired arms and legs. Good afternoon my love.

48. Make sure you enjoy your work today. Don’t mind if you’re tired and dirty, I’ll be here for you always. Good afternoon my love.

49. If you think today has not been as you plan, just relax baby, it’s only noon. Take care of yourself, I love you so much.

50. Stand up and go for a break baby, you deserve it. Enjoy your lunch and don’t forget that my love is with you always.

51. The efforts you put into work is highly commendable. You deserve the best always darling, but before then, go out and enjoy lunch.

52. A wonderful afternoon wish to my most wonderful baby right now. I love you sweet.

53. I love your energy and exuberance always. I love you in countless ways baby, good afternoon to you.

54. I wish you the best at work today honey, now take a break and go enjoy lunch because you’ve earned it.

55. Don’t look at the way today turned out to be hectic, it’s just afternoon, the best of the day is yet to be here. Good afternoon sweetheart.

56. Hi love! I miss you already and it’s just lunchtime. I can’t wait to see you after work. Take care of yourself.

57. Evening feels like a long time away, my eagerness is getting the hold of me. I can’t wait to see you my love, good afternoon to you.

58. I miss you so much, my love that I can’t wait to see you in the evening. But before then, enjoy your afternoon sweet.

59. My handsome, hope you’re having a nice day? Good afternoon to you.

60. Don’t forget that I am praying for you every moment of the day, receive the strength to finish up the day.

61. I can’t stop thinking about you my darling. Good afternoon dearie and enjoy the rest of this day.

62. I just want to see you right now and hold you so tight, but as I can’t, let me send you a nice kiss for the afternoon.

63. Every moment of the day is memorable to me as you’re always in my heart. Good afternoon my love.

64. It’s been a tiresome day I know, but let thoughts of our love energise and boost you for the rest of the day.

65. My dream come true and the only woman for me, good afternoon to you.

66. My one and true love, how’s your day going? Good afternoon to you and don’t forget to enjoy the rest of this day.

67. I know the days can be stressful but I hope you’ll do your best to enjoy this afternoon. I can’t wait to hold you, my love.

68. I wish I could do something to be near you right now, I miss you already my love. Good afternoon to you.

69. I just want to quickly seize my lunch time to wish you an awesome and beautiful afternoon just as you are.

70. My baby is busy with work I know, but don’t forget to take your time for lunch. I can’t have you break down darling.

71. Hey baby, I just want to remind you not to let the stress if the day vapourizes your beautiful smile. I love you so much.

72. Thoughts of you leave me breathless, I can’t stop loving you, my angel. Good afternoon to you.

73. I just want to wish that you have a wonderful afternoon, my treasure.

74. You know, I am always grateful that you came to my life. I can’t stop loving you. Don’t forget to have a great afternoon.

75. I have a feeling that my baby is tired already. But don’t be sweetie, you know you’re stronger than it all. Good afternoon darling.

76. My sweetest baby, hope you’re having a nice day? Take care of yourself and enjoy the afternoon.

77. I want to remind you that there’s nothing else that matters too much to me except you. Have a good afternoon babe.

78. Nothing makes a man happier than the thoughts that he’s always in the thought of his perfect woman. Good afternoon to you darling.

79. Thinking of you is just by default to me.

80. You know I’m always proud of you my love, your strength and energy are indescribable.

81. I don’t want to know which time of the day it is, I’m contented as long as I can think of you always. Hope you’re having a nice day?

82. Afternoon, evening, night or even morning, you know I don’t care baby. I just want you to be in my thoughts as you always are in mine. Good afternoon darling.

83. Let me just take a moment out of my tight schedule to wish you my amazing woman a good afternoon. I love you.

84. The way you’re so special to me is what I can’t even think of explaining. Just know I love you any and every time of the day.

85. Life without you is completely meaningless, I know what I’m saying. Good afternoon my darling.

86. Thoughts of you in my heart every day is more than the seconds in the clock. I hope you’re not too stressed at work? Good afternoon sweet.

87. As much challenging as the day may be, I just want you to have it at the back of your mind that someone is madly in love with you and that’s me, baby.

88. I’ll be here waiting for you after a hectic day so I can help take those worries away. Be fine baby, good afternoon.

89. I wish I can be as the soft breeze and take all those stress away from your face. Hope you’re good darling? Good afternoon to you.

90. How’s work going babe? I just want you to know I’m thinking of you, even while I’m at work. Good afternoon love.

91. I love that you are my love now and always. Good afternoon to you and enjoy the rest of your day.

92. I hope your afternoon is as wonderful as your thoughts in my heart? I just want to say hi and remind you that; I love you so much.

93. My life blessing and most treasured gem, good afternoon to you. How’s your day going?

94. I want you to have a nice and wonderful afternoon so that you can show me those beautiful smiles when we meet in the evening.

95. You know I can’t thank you enough for being an amazing part of my life. Good afternoon baby, I love you.

96. Have a great, beautiful, wonderful, blessed, amazing and productive afternoon. Don’t forget that I love you so much.

97. I hope the sun is not scorching you right now, my sunshine? Good afternoon and enjoy the rest of the day baby.

98. Have fun and enjoy this afternoon baby. You know I love you beyond words.

99. To the sweetest girl in my life now and forever, I send kisses and hugs for the afternoon.

100. You deserve warm and sweet wishes for the afternoon baby. You’re the best. Good afternoon to you.

101. Do you know that you complete me completely? I love you so much baby, good afternoon to you.

102. Having a bad day? I’m so sorry you had to baby. I promise to hug you close so that all those anger can disappear. I love you, baby.

103. You know I wish I could be with you every time of the day. I love you baby, good afternoon to you.

104. My baby, my love, the one that completes me; I just want to say good afternoon to you.

105. You are my peace of mind, no wonder I glow every day. Good afternoon sweet.

106. Having you in my life brought me joy in many ways. Hope you’re having a good afternoon?

107. I knew you, I knew peace of mind. Thanks for being my heart desire. Good afternoon my crown.

108. Let me quickly take this moment to wish you my most beautiful woman a good afternoon.

109. I pray for you a very smooth afternoon today. My love from here to you sweetheart.

110. Hey baby, you should know by now that no matter how busy I am, I’ll still wish you a beautiful afternoon. Take good care of yourself for me till we meet in the evening.

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