Good Evening Love Messages

2023 Trending Good Evening Love Messages for Him or Her

Loving someone and knowing you are loved back is the sweetest feeling in the world. Therefore, hearing from them at any time of the day is usually the best part of the day. If you want your lover to get the giddy love feeling that we are all familiar with, then you should send them a message in the evening, the time they least expect it.

Good Evening Love Quotes for Her or Him

Nothing is as sweet as sending some evening love quotes to someone you cherish. Ready? Use these good evening love quotes for him or her and your boyfriend or girlfriend will feel extremely special for the day.

1. Your smile is so important to me, not only because I actually enjoy seeing your smile but because it tells me you are happy. I always want to see you happy. Good evening, sweetheart.

2. If only you could see yourself the way I see you and feel for yourself what I feel for you, you will realise that you are the one for me. Good evening, darling.

3. Your heartbeat sounds like music to my ears. I’m so in love with you. Good evening, honey.

4. I was thinking of you, so I wished on the stars last night that your life be full of joy and happiness. Good evening, love.

5. Our love story is my favourite story. I’d read it over and over if it was a storybook. Good evening, angel.

6. I wish you a wonderful evening, beautiful. I hope the gentle breeze is whispering how much I love you to you.

7. It doesn’t matter how many people are in a building, they all fade away in your presence and your light. Good evening, sweet.

8. You are even more awesome than I prayed for. God must really love me to give me someone like you. Good evening, dear.

9. I wonder how I was able to survive all those years without in my life. You are irreplaceable. Good evening, sweetheart.

10. I hope you are having a refreshing evening as I am having here thinking of you. Good evening, love.

Good Evening Sweetheart Messages for Him or Her

The best collection of sweet good evening sweetheart messages and quotes for him or her. yet the best of romantic good evening love messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

11. I was attracted to you immediately I saw you. I didn’t know you were going to become a vital part of my life. I love you deeply. Good evening, dearest.

12. I believe I’m the most qualified to love you and make you happy. I don’t have to try, it comes naturally to me. Good evening, sweet.

13. You are the cutest person I know and the best person I know. Good evening, love.

14. It probably amazes you how much I hold on to you, don’t blame me. It’s because of how much I love you, I can’t help myself. Good evening, darling.

15. I love you and all the little things that you are made of. Every little thing about you makes me happy. Good evening, dear.

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16. I am happy I am the only one for you and I hope you know you are the only one for me too. Good evening, my love.

17. I started believing in fairy tales after I met you. Happily ever after does exist. Good evening, dearest.

18. Wishes could be horses, I think because I wished for love and I found you when I least expected it. Good evening, sugar.

19. The way I feel complete with you now, I wonder how I empty I would have been without you in my life. Good evening, honey.

20. I want to be with you now, always and forever. Good evening, sweet.

21. Hearing from you always makes me happy. It always assures me that to someone, I’m a priority. Good evening, my love.

22. You are not just the love of my life, you are my favourite person in the world. Good evening, dear.

23. It’s been years since we have been together and my heart still races when I see you. Good evening, darling.

24. I love looking at you and seeing the same look I have in my eyes when I look at you. Good evening, baby.

25. If love were a crime, I don’t mind being a criminal. I enjoy loving you. Good evening, love.

26. I know I sound really corny when I say this but you are the only one for me. I really love you. Good evening, sweetness.

27. I enjoy every moment I spend with you and really hate being away from you. I love you. Good evening, dear.

28. I love hearing you speak. The sound of your voice is so soothing and relaxing, I could listen to it all day. Good evening, babe.

29. The butterfly feeling in my belly? It’s real. I honestly feel that anytime I’m around you. Good evening, honey.

30. You really are a wonderful and amazing person. I wish I know how you do it. Good evening, angel.

31. I have always known love was worth fighting for. But when it is love with you, it is definitely worth fighting for. Good evening, sugar.

32. Being wrapped in your arms is the best place in the world to be. Good evening, babe.

33. I know you complain about all the flesh you are adding but I need you to know you are beautiful to me all the same. Good evening, sweet.

34. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were going to be very important to me and I was right. Good evening, dear.

35. Hearing from you first thing this morning made my day great. I don’t want that feeling to go away, that’s why I’m sending a message to you now. I hope you are having a great evening, my heart.

36. We have heard so many ups and down. What made the downs tolerable was having you be there for me. Good evening, love.

37. Something was definitely missing from my past; you were not there. Good evening, boo.

38. I miss you every time I’m away from you. I just wanted you to know that. Good evening, love of my life.

39. My days are better with you in it. Good evening, sugar.

40. I hope you are thinking of me as much as I am thinking of you. Good evening, darling.

41. You are all I have ever wanted. You are all I want. Good evening, dear.

42. If I am ever to be stranded in a desert, I want it to be with you. Good evening, angel.

43. You are the only one who can get the silly giggles for no reason out of me. I really love you. Good evening, sweetie.

44. You are everything to me; lover, best friend, a partner in crime and confident. Good evening, babe.

45. I didn’t think it was possible to love you more than I do when we first started but I love you more every day. Good evening, love.

46. For some reason, I just realised that I cannot afford to lose you. I’m sticking with you forever. Good evening, sweet.

47. I can’t wait to leave the office and see your beautiful face again. But before then, I wanted to send a message in anticipation. Good evening, my heart.

48. You have always been a ray of light in a dark day. You brighten my world. Good evening, boo.

49. I want to take this moment to assure you that you will never be alone. Good evening, love.

50. Being with you makes me feel like a silly teenager again. I can’t help the giddiness I feel around you. Good evening, dearest.

51. If loving you is a sickness, I never want to get cured. Good evening, dear.

52. I always want to be around such a pure heart that you have. It’s very pleasant. Good evening, babe.

53. I want to assure you that your heart is safe with me. I’m not going to hurt you because your happiness is mine. Good evening, darling.

54. Anytime I am worried or stressed, all I have to do is think of you and it melts away. Good evening, dear.

55. My heart belongs to you. You captured it and gripped it. It’s permanently yours. Good evening, love.

56. Being around you is as important as breathing. I love you. Good evening, sugar.

57. Don’t ever doubt it; I will always love you. Good evening, my beloved.

58. The joy I feel when I’m around you is a testament to how indispensable you are in my heart. Good evening, love of my life.

59. You are a very kind, loving and caring person. I wonder what I did to deserve you. Good evening, baby.

60. I have messed up and made mistakes before. In the midst of that, I did the right thing by falling in love with you. Good evening, boo.

61. There will always be you in my life as long as there is me and I have a heart. Good evening, beautiful.

62. The word, soul mates, became real to me when I met you. Good evening, soul mate.

63. Every moment we spend together means the world to me, so I always look forward to it. Good evening, handsome.

64. Just by being yourself, you have inspired me to be a better version of myself. Good evening, love.

65. Nobody has ever been able to capture my heart the way you do. Good evening, sugar.

66. I love you, without reservations. And I couldn’t prevent it even if I tried. Good evening, darling.

67. When the going gets tough, just look beside you, be sure that I will be by your side. Good evening, angel.

68. Thank you for all the times you have been there for me even when you didn’t have to. I appreciate you. Good evening, my beloved.

69. I know we are not yet married and yet to take the vow but ’till death do us part’ is already real to me. Good evening, dear.

70. You are a rare gem and a special human being, that’s why I’m never letting you go. Good evening dearest.

71. Fairy tales sound so interesting when it’s the story of you and me. Good evening, babe.

72. I love how much we are in tune with each other; you just seem to know when something is wrong and I do too. You really are the one for me. Good evening, sweetheart.

73. You are my inspiration and my hero. I will celebrate you any and everywhere. Good evening, dearest.

74. I like the look in your eyes when you are listening to me. It shows me I am important to you. Good evening, angel.

75. My heart always leaps for joy when I see you and it sings joyful songs when I’m around you. Good evening, beautiful.

76. It gives me peace to know the one I love loves me too. Good evening, dear.

77. You know it’s true love when you can’t live without each other. I love you truly. Good evening, babe.

78. I wake up to the thoughts of you and I sleep to the thoughts of you. Good evening, darling.

79. Your smiles and hugs are as important to me as food, shelter and clothing. They are my basic needs. Good evening, love.

80. When I’m having a bad day, all I have to do is set eyes on you and everything is alright again. Good evening, my beloved.

81. Thank you for giving our love a chance. It would have been a tragedy otherwise. Good evening, sugar.

82. I hope you are enjoying the coolness of the evening. That’s just me sending my love your way. I love you. Good evening, baby.

83. You give me peace of mind. Being with you makes me feel complete. Good evening, darling.

84. I don’t know how it is that I can’t stop thinking about you. You are always on my mind. Good evening, boo.

85. My life is definitely better with you in the picture. Good evening, dear.

86. I honestly believe you are perfect, in everything. Good evening, darling.

87. I feel satisfied seeing the world celebrate your goodness and knowing you are mine. Good evening, sweet.

88. You have stolen my heart but I don’t mind that because I know it’s secure with you. Good evening, honey.

89. I believe that I am going to love you more in the future than I do right now. You are just so lovable. Good evening, sugar.

90. The way I feel about you is definitely new, different from what I felt for others and better. Good evening, babe.

91. The only ways I can describe you is perfect and the love of my life. Good evening, dear.

92. I really appreciate you for loving me so much, despite my flaws. Good evening, dearest.

93. I can’t help the silly smile that I have on immediately I hear from you. It’s one of the symptoms of love. Good evening, love.

94. I am honoured to have you in my life. I know many that would snatch you in a heartbeat if given the chance. Good evening, beloved.

95. I am sending hugs and kisses your way. I hope you are receiving them. Good evening, angel.

96. The definition of love will not be complete without you and me. Good evening, my beloved.

97. You are in my dreams every night and you dominate my daydreams as well. Good evening, sweetie.

98. I adore everything about you. I cherish all that you are. Good evening, darling.

99. Whoever said you fall in love once is so right. You are the only one I’m in love with. Good evening, honey.

100. Falling in love with you and being with you is the best thing that ever happened to me. Good evening, my jewel.

101. I know they say love is not easy. We have had our differences but I’m yet to understand what they mean because even in our differences, I can see how much we love each other. I love you always. Good evening, dearest.

102. There are two things I don’t joke with; food and sleep. When I found I could forfeit both for you, I knew I loved you. Good evening, sweet.

103. When you catch me staring at you, don’t be surprised. I’m mesmerized by you. Good evening, darling.

104. When I met you, I was immediately attracted to you. Then I got to know you and found out you have the most beautiful heart ever. Good evening, love.

105. You are more precious to me than silver and gold. Good evening, babe.

106. The only time I feel low is not when life becomes messy, it is when I miss you. Good evening, babe.

107. Life battles don’t matter so much when I have you as my lover. Good evening, sugar.

108. I am addicted to you. My love for you is like an addiction, the good kind. Good evening, boo.

109. Your smile always brightens my day, just as you brighten my life. Good evening, darling.

110. I don’t mind being called jealous when it comes to you. I want you for me, myself and I alone. Good evening, sweetheart.

111. I love how we understand each other so much that we can even understand our silence. Good evening, beloved.

112. I’m so used to your touch that I can recognise it even when I close my eyes. Good evening, angel.

113. What amazes me about our love is that I do not only love you, I actually genuinely like you as a person. Good evening, beautiful.

114. Sleeping with you cuddled next to me and waking up with you in my arms are the best moments of my life. Good evening, handsome.

115. Is there anything you can do to make me stop thinking about you because it is your fault I think about you so much? Good evening, honey.

116. You are the main reason I look forward to waking up each morning. Good evening, love of my life.

117. I realised why I didn’t settle for less when I met you. Good evening, my prince.

118. I always look forward to your messages and hope every phone chime is from you. I hope you feel the same way. Good evening, sweet.

119. In sickness and in health, in good times and bad times, I will always love you. Good evening, my jewel.

120. Love with you made me realise life doesn’t have to be perfect before it can be good. You bring me so much happiness within. Good evening, love of my life.

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