I Love You to the Moon and Back Quotes

120+ I Love You to the Moon and Back Quotes in 2023

Nothing beats the feelings that come from the realization of love that’s bound to win, and continue to win, your heart for as long as there’s breath in you.

You wake up, go through the activities of the day with unparalleled joy and unmoved by the challenges that come your way because you’ve got someone whose affection you can bank on for a lifetime of success.

Every moment with this special person brings you closer to the dream you’ve ever nursed in love. And right now is the time to relish the feelings, through these I Love You to the Moon and Back Quotes for Him or Her (for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend).

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I Love You To the Moon and Back Quotes for Him or Her

When you love him or her with everything in you, and you need to say I love you to the moon and back, use these lovely quotes and messages.

1. The fact that you’re going to be mine forever always makes my day. You see why I love you to the moon and back?

2. The feelings that come from the knowledge that our love is bound to last is phenomenal. You rock my world.

3. I wake up daily to the awe of your love. I Love all of you, even to the moon and back.

4. I’m completely lost in the bliss that your love always give and I don’t want to find my way again. I love you, to the moon and back.

5. Finally, I found the best place I want to be forever, and it’s right beside you in love. I love to love you!

6. My anxieties are gone the moment your love settled in my heart. I’m loving you forever, even to the moon and back.

7. The thoughts of love messages and quotes became evergreen since you came into my life. I love you forever!

8. Every boundless feeling I’ve had about love and life came because you became a part of my life. I heart you, forever.

9. Hi, love. You should know you’re the reason I’m grateful for every passing day. I can’t thank you enough.

10. When I thought about heights, I never imagined the pinnacle of bliss that your love has taken me. I love you to the moon and back.

11. I’ve had countless dreams about love, and I’m glad they all came true in you. I love you to the moon and back, baby.

12. My heartbeat rate is the new trend. It’s amazing how it feels having you inside my heart! I love you loads!

13. It’s amazing how the rainbow tries to compete with every smile I receive from you. You’re awesomeness personified! I love you.

14. I’m not afraid of having an earth without stars since mine is in your eyes. I love you to the moon, even to the stars, and back!

15. Your love has become my favourite supplement. My life is complete with you, forever. I love you with all of me.

16. You’re my new fragile. I’m handling you with utmost care. I love you to the moon and back!

17. All of me wouldn’t stop humming all of you. Aren’t we lovely together! I love you, with all my heart.

18. Your love is the only drug I’ve used with no expiry date. I’m addicted to you forever!

19. Throw away your watch, my love for you is timeless because you’ve got my heart and you’ll forever be mine.

20. I can boast of a lifetime of fortune because your love is all I need. I love you. Forever.

21. Just be next to me and I can despise anything and everything in the whole world. I love you to the moon and back!

22. There’s something about you to my heart. My heart races each time I set my eyes on you.

23. Your gift of love is like I’ve been offered the whole universe! I love you with all my heart, to the moon and back.

24. Your thought has been the propelling force I needed to keep winning on a daily basis. Can you now see why I can’t stop loving you?

25. I have no fear of challenges because you are always by my side. I love you to the moon and back, my love, I missing my sweetheart.

26. I found all I’ve really wanted in your love. You’re all things beautiful and lovely to me.

27. I just can’t stop falling in love with you because that’s all that makes romantic sense for now and forever.

28. I can see a blissful future with you, even though I don’t look like a prophet. I love you.

29. Every day is another day of Limitless love and joy from me to you because I love you to the moon and back.

30. My heart won’t stop beating from you for as long as I have blood in my veins. I love you so much.

31. My heart is on a mission to perpetually beat for you. I love you beyond the moon!

32. You’ve got my heart’s drumsticks, don’t stop making it beat for you!

33. I love you beyond your flaws, even to the height of the moon and back. Kisses.

34. Go get the world’s best calculator, you just won’t find out how much I love you.

35. You are my sunshine, even when it’s dark within and without. I love you to the moon and back.

36. I thought I had a fair share of love until yours came, sweeping me off my feet. I love you beyond words.

37. The thoughts of you are like dreams I don’t want to wake up from. I love you, I love you, I love you.

38. I lost the key to my heart the moment you walked in majestically. You’re here to stay, forever!

39. My heart was once a vacuum until it got filled with all of your love. Now you see why I can’t stop loving you?

40. For your love, I don’t mind being tagged a fool at 40. I’m full of your love!

41. Happiness has become my default setting because you gave all that mattered. I love you.

42. Your love is my medicine, I can no longer be sick of affection. I’m loving you to the moon and back.

43. I’ve put your love on repeat in my heart. I can’t be tired of you, never. I love you so much.

44. Contentment got hold of me when I knew you got all I ever wanted and needed. I love you.

45. I wish I could count my love for you by the world’s population but we have just some billions!

46. When wants meet needs, the best of love is brewed. With you, I have the best!

47. Every thought… Every whisper… Every word… Every single thing makes me want to stay with you forever.

48. With you, I’ve finally walked away from the troubles of my life. I love you to the moon and back.

49. In everything, you’re my favourite and that’s what you’ll forever be. I adore you!

50. You’re my current affairs because your love is ever current to my heart. I heart you.

51. You’ve been my “numero uno” since my heart clung in love with you. Now. Forever. And. Ever. That’s. All. You’ll. Be.

52. Beyond abundance, you’ve got all that answer to true and undying love and that’s why I love you to the moon and back.

53. If my eyes are made into a fruit, it’ll be an apple because you’re the apple of my eyes. I love you.

54. In love, falling is awesomely romantic so I’ll continue to fall in love with you until there’s no breath in me.

55. My appetite for limitless affection got triggered the very moment I tasted your love. You’re my heart’s favourite!

56. Your love has proven to be a spring of wealth I can never use up. You’re the centre of my affection!

57. Your love is like an ocean of wealth for me. With you, I enjoy limitless bliss. I love you to the moon and back, my dearest.

58. The journey of life has been daunting but have you made the difference I ever needed.

59. All the good, the bad and the ugly moments we’ve had are worth it. I cherish my time with you.

60. Love has been a daunting adventure and I bless God that gave you to me. I love you so much.

61. The good times and the bad ones have made the beautiful moments we share together. I love your heart, forever, my love.

62. If our love story is a sentence, it’ll still be all perfect without a comma and full stop. I love you eternally.

63. I joined the force of hearts because I’m going to be protecting you all my life. I heart you!

64. All I’ve ever wished and hoped for began to make a romantic sense since I found you. I love you, cutie.

65. You’re the Baker who helped make sense out of every nonsense of my life. Your love is legendary.

66. Everybody appreciates nature when they see its adorning powers and that’s the same reason I’m thankful for the gift of you.

67. Perfection is no longer what I hope to become but what I now am since you got into my heart. I love you.

68. I’ll say I love you and use the rest of my life to ascertain that. I love you to the moon and back.

69. You got my heart from the first hello. Its rhythmical tunes will be for and with you forever. I heart you.

70. Love isn’t just interesting since I met you; it all together became my interest! I love you.

71. I give all there is to brew happiness in this relationship. I can’t afford to see you said! I love you.

72. My smiles got swags because they now have an undertone of the unspeakable awe of your love. You’re my happiness!

73. I’m giving all of me to make you happy in love. I’m starting today and ending it a day after forever.

74. It’s becoming difficult to define your love since it wouldn’t stop its endless magical surprises.

75. You’ve been the drug I needed in my down moments. You’re a lifetime of support system to me. I love you.

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76. There are many things to thank God for and one is the gift of you for which my gratitude is perpetual!

77. Your heart and soul are brilliant! Your love never fails to give its best to see me going greatly. I heart you.

78. It’s been an overflowing and unspeakable desire to have you. And I’m glad it happened on a platter of gold. I heart you.

79. Since your love teaches contentment, I’ve finally gotten to the end of the road in search of what’s not! I’m yours forever!

80. Your thoughts are always on my heart’s to do list. I wouldn’t stop thinking about you.

81. You always fill my thoughts, little wonder I’m always looking out for you.

82. The days ahead of you are upward and bright, that’s what I see when I look into your eyes.

83. Even in trying times, I always have a reason to be joyful. You’re that reason.

84. My love for you knows no bounds. It keeps getting better and better.

85. My deep undying love for you is renewed as I catch glimpses of parts of you I never knew existed.

86. I’m always in a state of thanksgiving every time I set my eyes on you.

87. I pledge my never ending allegiance to you, babe, you know I love you

88. Being just beside you while the sun sets and rises has always been my dream.

89. Even in the land of dreams, my love for you reigns supreme.

90. The love I have for you has no expiry date. It’s meant to last forever!

91. I’d like to only be seen near you because you make me whole.

92. Among other things tasty, you’re my acquired taste.

93. You’re my only choice. Now and forever.

94. You’re Stoic, solid and permanently supportive.

95. My eyes, body, spirit only reflect the beauty you’ve created

96. Bravery is never measured by expectation but by the ability to bare one’s feelings regardless of uncertainties.

97. You’re an express definition of charity to me.

98. What I have for you transcends the physical. It’s love in the most unadulterated form

99. I can boast of a world full of love and magic because you’re in it.

100. Every day spent with you in my life is perfect.

101. My place is right here with you and it’s not an option.

102. To get lost in your loving world is what I always fantasize

103. Wordiness is vain when describing you.

104. Day by day your love grows in me.

105. The start of a new day comes to not without you my lucky charm.

106. My love for you overthrows any other even though with your love no other exists.

107. Following my heart leads me to you and it gives me happiness.

108. Choosing you is the best choice I’ve ever made.

109. The craziness of your actions hooks me to your love.

110. My everything is matchless to your nothing.

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