Good Afternoon Messages for Him

Heartfelt Good Afternoon Messages for Him in 2023

Love is a beautiful feeling. And its even more beautiful and practical when you have someone who you love, and who loves you right back.

Of course, love doesn’t only happen in the mornings and nights alone, it is still there when the sun is blazing hot when the tension is mounting and people are sweaty. Lol!

Below are good afternoon messages for him. Ease the mounting tension, give him something to look forward to, make the noon worth it, make him pause even if for a moment, put a smile on his face.

Yes, we love, even in the afternoons.

Romantic Good Afternoon Quotes for Him

Send the following heart touching good afternoon text messages and good afternoon quotes for him to your boyfriend or husband or and you will how grateful he will be.

1. Have I said good afternoon yet? Well, good afternoon, my love. I miss you and I love you.

2. If I can, I’d keep you with me all day. But distance wouldn’t stop me from saying a good afternoon to you. I love you, boo.

3. Its midday already but, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve all of your plans still. Good afternoon, sweety.

4. I know I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. I love you plenty, sweety. Good afternoon.

5. Good afternoon, baby. I miss you plenty.

6. You’ve been on my mind all day; I can’t seem to get enough of you. Good afternoon, sugar.

7. I’m still regretting I didn’t keep you in bed today; but I know we’ll be together soon. Good afternoon, wifey.

8. This is a virtual hug and kiss, and to wish you a good afternoon, my lady.

9. I think of you, and I can’t help the smile that permeates my heart. Good afternoon, sunshine.

10. Of course, you’re still the colour in my heart and life. Good afternoon, angel.

11. Will you hurry on home already? Good afternoon, baby.

12. Here’s to us sharing many afternoons together. Good afternoon, baby.

13. Chocolate, shawarma and flowers are on the way. Good afternoon, baby.

14. You’re a big part of my life. And for every moment, I’m grateful for you. Good afternoon, my love.

15. Here’s a reminder of how blessed a man I am because you’re in my life. Good afternoon, sweety.

16. I just want you to know how I never want to be apart from you, ever. Good afternoon, bae.

17. You’re all shades of awesome, sweety. Good afternoon.

18. Have a lovely afternoon, baby. I love you.

19. May your noon be filled with blessings and serendipity. Good afternoon, wife.

20. You have my heart at all times. Good afternoon, my lady.

21. You’ve won my heart and I’m yours forever. Here’s saying a good afternoon, and that I love you plenty.

22. You’re a source of strength and calm to me. Good afternoon, wifey.

23. You’re everything I prayed for and more. I love you, baby. Good afternoon.

24. Are you doing okay, baby? You know you can always reach me right? Have a lovely afternoon.

25. Good afternoon, sugar. Have an awesome one.

26. Sweety, regardless of how much you still have to do, you’re steps ahead of where you were. Good afternoon, baby.

27. Sweety, you’re always beautiful. Just keep being you. Good afternoon.

28. You still have now to get your plans together and achieve them. Good afternoon, baby.

29. You won’t fail, sweety. Just keep at the consistency. Good afternoon.

30. You know you can always count on me right? Good afternoon, love.

31. Even though we’re not together, I still feel your presence with me. Good afternoon, baby.

32. Your love has made me an addict, and I want no other prescription other than your love. Good afternoon, bae.

33. You give me strength and hope when things look bleak. You’re my angel. Good afternoon.

34. It’s totally okay that you’re my weak point. Good afternoon, sunshine.

35. The Almighty loves me to have given you to me. I cherish you, my queen. Good afternoon.

36. Here’s another opportunity to say you’re my angel. Good afternoon, my angel.

37. Afternoons are special; I met you on one of them. Good afternoon, babe.

38. I wish for you the very best things that life has got to offer today and always. Good afternoon, baby.

39. Before I get carried away with work and other things, good afternoon, baby. I love you.

40. Don’t fret too much, the day isn’t over yet. Good afternoon, my love.

41. Being with you is a delight. Good afternoon, my girlfriend.

42. May success and happiness be not far from you. Good afternoon, angel.

43. You’re my girl; never forget that. Good afternoon, angel.

44. Amazing people are rare to find, and you’re one of such. Thank you for being mine. Good afternoon, sugar.

45. You’re my sunshine. So, just shine brightly. Good afternoon.

46. You make me the happiest man alive. Good afternoon, my woman.

47. I’d never ever hurt you; you’re my woman. Good afternoon.

48. This is to remind you to smile and not fret; you have everything under control. Good afternoon, boss lady.

49. A lot of things might change but, my love for you isn’t one of them. Good afternoon, baby.

50. You’re the one I want as my future wife and the mother to my children. This isn’t changing any time soon. Good afternoon, girlfriend.

51. If I have to spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me, then I don’t mind. Good afternoon, wifey.

52. My love for you is unconditional, unchanging, unfailing. Good afternoon, my wife.

53. You deserve the good things of the world. Good afternoon, baby.

54. When you smile, my world is all right. I love you, sugar. Good afternoon.

55. My love for you goes deeper; deeper than the ocean. Good afternoon, my love.

56. You’re my sweety, my sugar, my honey, my lover and the one I think of. Good afternoon, baby.

57. I couldn’t dream of a more romantic, sensual, caring and sweet second half. Good afternoon, love.

58. The best thing that ever happened to me was meeting you. Good afternoon, queen of my heart.

59. No gift would be too much for you. You deserve plenty and more. Good afternoon, baby.

60. I reaffirm that I will honour you with all that I am for as long we live. Good afternoon, sweety.

61. Other than God, your love is the most precious thing to me right now. Good afternoon, my love.

62. Good afternoon, sweety. I love you so much.

63. You’re my happiness always. Good afternoon, my queen.

64. You’ll always be my favourite girl. Good afternoon, baby.

65. You are my dream come true. Good afternoon, sugar.

66. Happiness for me is every second, minute, hour and day with you. Good afternoon, girlfriend.

67. I still don’t know what I did to deserve you. But I’m very grateful. Good afternoon, sweety.

68. Your image is forever imprinted in my heart. I love you like that, honey. Good afternoon.

69. Thank you for the unlimited bliss you bring to my life. Good afternoon, sugar.

70. I love you madly, baby. Good afternoon.

71. I know my children will grow to be amazing with you as their mother. Good afternoon, sweety.

72. I love you and love you some more. Good afternoon, sugar.

73. Everything with you is beautiful, including your sleepy face. Good afternoon, sweety.

74. I dedicate myself to making you happy for as long as we live. Good afternoon, my queen.

75. May we live long to enjoy more bliss than we already have. Good afternoon, sunshine.

76. Here’s to remind you that we’ve got many more years together. Good afternoon, love of my life.

77. Your love makes me vulnerable in a good way. Good afternoon, sugar.

78. Your love makes me strong and courageous and a better man. Good afternoon, dear.

79. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to see you happy. Nothing! Good afternoon, angel.

80. I dedicate myself to spoiling you senseless whenever I can. Good afternoon, my love.

81. I thought we’d just be friends, but weeks into the friendship and I knew I wanted you as my wife. Good afternoon, wifey.

82. You’ve changed my life drastically, and I love all of it. Good afternoon, dearie.

83. You have my most valuable asset- my heart. And you have it for all times. Good afternoon, sweety.

84. You’re my one true love. Never forget this. Good afternoon, love.

85. You are my first love and will remain my only love. Good afternoon, sweety.

86. Your name is enough to make my day. Good afternoon, babe.

87. To share many sunrises and sunsets with you is all I dream of. Good afternoon, angel.

88. How you’re willing to share in my sad times and happy times is nothing short of amazing. Thank you. Good afternoon, love.

89. That you stick by me even in bad times is proof that you’re not going to leave me. Thank you for this. Good afternoon, sweety.

90. Every moment I share with you is pure magic. Thank you for the happiness. Good afternoon, dearie.

91. Forever is what we have; the effort we put into our love will make it so. Good afternoon, my woman.

92. Just smile. I just want you to smile when you read this. Good afternoon, queen.

93. You’re a combination of many things, and I’m in love with all of them. Good afternoon, empress.

94. You’re the best girlfriend I could have ever asked for. Good afternoon, my best.

95. It’s been a few months with you and I’ve learnt so much. Thank you! Good afternoon, best friend.

96. I’m smitten with you. Totally, irreversibly. Good afternoon, angel.

97. I’m crazily in love with you, and I don’t ever wanna be cured. Good afternoon, queen.

98. You warm me better than anything else. Good afternoon, sunshine.

99. To lose you is to lose myself. I love you dearly. Good afternoon.

100. I’m totally into you and this isn’t changing forever. Good afternoon, beautiful.

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