Trending Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male

2023 Trending Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male

We all have that one person we love to be around, who brightens our days and is almost always on our side, cheering us on. I don’t mean our mothers or siblings, I mean our Best Friends!

Our best friends are our favorite people, and so we do not hesitate to talk to them about everything, inappropriate or not. Sometimes, this takes a toll as we tend to run out of words when there’s an important occasion in which we need to express our feelings to them.

Are you currently wondering how to tell your male best friend happy birthday in a way that he’ll forever remember? Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. The only thing you need to do is copy, paste, and personalize. Have fun going through our list!

Funniest Happy Birthday Messages for Your Male Best Friend

Send this collection of most hilarious messages to your male best friend on his birthday and make him have the best of fun. Make him feel on top of the world with these funny birthday wishes for him from the heart.

1. It’s really funny how I have known you for this long, although you were a total jackass at first, you turned out to be a very good companion. Happy birthday, dear.

2. Happy birthday to one of the most funny human I know, you have been a good friend through good and bad times, I pray you enjoy your day and I wish you God’s continuous blessings.

3. A wonderful personality you are indeed, my crazy best friend, the one that motivates me to do stuff I would never have thought of doing. I want to wish you a very happy birthday.

4. Distance won’t stop me from doing what I’m meant to do. Happy birthday crazy human, you have really been a source of fun to everyone around you, make sure you enjoy your day, and God bless you.

5. I sincerely don’t have much to say, you are one of the best humans I have ever met, although you are funny in your own way, you are still the best of the best. Happy birthday, dear.

6. I could write a whole paragraph for you, knowing you have been fun all the way, I really wish you enjoy your day and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Much love from over here. Happy birthday.

7. First of all, I am grateful to God for allowing you see yet another year, and I am really happy I came across such a funny person as a friend, so there hasn’t been any dull moment. Happy birthday, bro.

8. Not everyone is funny these days, but you sure know how to crack me up. Happy birthday to one of the comedians I know, and a very good one at that. Have a blast.

9. Staying a day without saying a word to you is like hell like you know how to turn my sorrow to a whole lot of joy, and you are really funny and fun to be with. Happy birthday best friend.

10. I pray you find peace and joy that you give to others whenever you are around wherever you are, and I also hope you enjoy your day and be funny as usual. Happy birthday, dear.

11. Knowing you have been really fun all the way, on this your special day, I wish you everything good and most especially God’s bountiful shower of blessings. Happy birthday, dear.

12. Today has really made me realize what a wonderful and funny person I have in company, on this your birthday, I wish you all you wish yourself and I am really grateful for everything. Happy birthday, dear.

13. Most of the time, I often sit and ponder on how I came across such funny and good heart like you and I pray that God keeps you alive even as you clock another year. Happy birthday, bro.

14. It has really been a very long while since we knew ourselves and today I thank God for bringing such a funny being as you into existence. I really appreciate all the time I have spent with you. Happy birthday, dear.

15. Happy birthday to the reason behind most of my smiles, someone that can change your mood immediately, no matter how bad it is. I pray you have fun today and you enjoy your day. Happy Birthday once again.

16. I just hope God keeps you alive to enjoy more fruitful years; you have made a lot of people smile because of your funny doings. I pray for God’s blessings and a happy birthday.

17. I don’t have much to say, so I will make it as brief as possible. To one of my very funny friends and to the person behind most of my laughter, I want to wish you happy birthday and many more years.

18. Knowing you have never had any dull moment, my ever active friend, one that put others first before himself, I want to wish you a very happy birthday and I pray that you live to see many more years.

19. It has really been a while since we last met, and I hope you are still as funny as ever, always cracking ribs wherever you are. On this your special day, I wish you happy birthday and more blessings.

20. We have been through a lot as friends, and that’s why I hold you up so high, funny as it is, I don’t even know for how long we have known each other, but I know you are a true friend. Happy birthday, dear.

21. It’s quite funny how I got to know someone like you, minus being more like a brother you have really been a great part of my life and I really appreciate that. Happy birthday, bro.

22. Days have passed greatly, it seemed like yesterday that I knew you, when you pulled all your funny antiques back then, you’ve grown a lot I know, but you’ll still remain my best friend, Happy birthday man.

23. You are just more than a friend, you are everything anyone will ever want in a friend, you are funny and always caring, I just want to wish you a happy birthday. Stay blessed.

24. Sometimes I wonder, are you truly a friend or an angel? But the answer that always comes is that you’re an angel sent from heaven. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. Happy birthday.

25. I don’t know if it’s the best time to say this, but, I really love you, like you’ve been there for me from the beginning I don’t know how else to say thank you, and I just want to wish you happy birthday.

26. Happy birthday to the only friend anyone will ever wish for, he’s so caring and very funny. On this your special day, I want to wish you happy birthday and many more fruitful years ahead.

27. Words can’t explain how I feel today, it’s almost like it’s my own birthday, I’m really happy that you are a year older, and I wish you God’s continuous blessings. Happy birthday.

28. Happy birthday bro, I really wish I could say more but trust me, words can’t explain or express how special you are to me. I wish you long life and prosperity. Have a blessed day.

29. Happy birthday to the sweetest friend ever, you’ve really been the best so far, and I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. On this day, I wish you happy birthday and many more years.

30. It’s not easy to find genuine friends these days, but in you, I must say I’ve found not only a friend but a very good companion. On your special day, I wish you happy birthday.

31.Happy birthday to a quintessential best friend, whose heart harbours the feelings of greatness. You would be very silly to believe that. Happy birthday

32. The clouds rained. The earth was stained. And the flowers smiled. With beautiful sleep of spreading aroma, celebrating your birthday! I just don’t know why it rained, but you owe me shoes. happy birthday best friend.

33. You’re a treasure so rare in a mining hole, you’ve been my friend from times of old. You are really very old. Happy birthday best friend.

34. Happy birthday. Make the sun shine. Cause the rain drop. And I’ll see you’re an angel. Cause only angels act The way you do. Happy birthday best friend

35. To my special best friend, don’t be sad on your birthday Because you are getting older and nearer to death. I will help you keep your chin up. You need it. Happy birthday.

36. I appreciate the fact that my best has actually reached the age of wisdom, the Solomon of our time, but I don’t want to listen to you. Happy birthday, age with abundant blessings.

37. Happy birthday best friend, remember when you said you want to drop out of school. Don’t! How else would you learn how to say “paper or plastic”? Happy Birthday.

38. How I so much want to say ‘age with Grace’ but at the rate you are aging, anti-aging serums have nothing on you! Don’t be sad, rejoice, it’s a good thing. Happy birthday best friend.

39. To my best friend and Partner in crime and well doing Happy birthday old man, you should really plan on making better days ahead. Lying about your age would be a good start. Happy birthday, bestie.

40. Happy birthday best friend, don’t count the candles on your cake, it is too many. You will have to squeeze your eyes and increase the wrinkles on your face. Just be glad you’re not down for the count.

41. About the fire insurance, we carelessly talked about yesterday, I was serious. Don’t forget to top them, you’ll need it considering all the candles on your cake. Happy birthday best friend.

42. If your future stands a chance of being as bright as the light from the candles on your cake, then you would have a great future. Your cake is brighter than your future. Happy birthday best friend.

43. I always feel happy and lucky whenever I remember where the frisbee is, and I use it every day. I just don’t know how you would expect me to remember your birthday, at your age. Happy Birthday, Bestie.

44. Happy birthday best friend, may you live long enough to know how your favourite movies end. They are too boring and serious, like someone I know.

45. Birthdays are good things, we should be happy for it, but for your best friend, it means time is ticking and Drawing closer to when your only gift from me would be a set of teeth. Happy birthday.

46. Happy birthday best friend. I do hope you would appreciate the gifts I bought for you. A watch to tell you how fast time is ticking and a calendar to remind you of your age. Happy birthday.

47. At your age best friend, you should really try to see everything as larger than life, starting with your diapers and then large prints. Happy birthday.

48. Happy birthday best friend, at your age, the only way to look younger would be to add ten more years to your age. Grow up, kid! Happy birthday

49. As it is your birthday, I hereby commit as your best friend to support you in case anyone calls you Old. We would hit them with your walking stick and throw your teeth at them. Happy birthday

50. My dear best friend, if you think your age had become like your pride, too huge to swallow, just add a drop of whiskey, whisk it to your celebration. Happy birthday.

51. Happy birthday, dear best friend, don’t worry about getting older, worry about the teeth, the canes, the homes for the old and the diapers. You will need them.

52. I hereby find you guilty for getting a year older without waiting for me, and a year smarter. I will give a death sentence if you believed that second part. Happy birthday best friend.

53.To my best friend, Happy birthday to you, how do we know if the date is true. But we gonna celebrate, for there’s wine and there is food.

54. Knock knock! Who’s there? It’s me. You Who? Your best friend that has brought you Gifts. A walking stick and teeth. Happy birthday best friend!

55. Happy birthday to my best friend on his special day. But you are my only friend. I guess I’m stuck with you. Happy birthday all the same

56. Happy birthday to you on your special day. Wished you long life many months ago, see how old you have grown to be. Now I wish you wisdom. Age with wisdom Bestie.

57. Happy birthday best friend, how old are you now? The age makes no difference, you still look ugly. Don’t go for surgery, my wishes are enough. Wishing you more handsomeness

58. When you were a child, you wished to be a grown-up, then you became a grown up and you are wishing to be a grandpa. How times fly, you are still like a child to me. Happy birthday Best friend.

59. Happy birthday best friend, wishing you all the best in life. How times fly, you will soon grow old and bent. While I remain Straight.

60. Do you know what they say about getting older? You are supposed to get stronger. But you don’t. You grow weaker like a child, then you can be pampered all over again. Happy birthday best friend. Grow old strong

61. To my beautiful best friend do well to forget the past you can’t change and a future you can’t predict. Also, forget the present. I didn’t get you one. Happy birthday.

62. It doesn’t matter where life takes us my best friend; you are the very best thing that has happened to me after every other best thin, especially chocolate. Happy birthday.

63. Happy birthday to the dearest friend I ever had. Let’s celebrate this special day drinking beer and foaming mustache and party like there’s no tomorrow. Happy Birthday.

64. One single birthday will not make you old; neither will a dozen do. But decades of it will eventually do. Happy birthday and journey mercies on your trip to old age.

65. Everyone can be satisfied if they can see beauty. Anyone who has this ability never grow old. Try to see more beauty best friend, do not wrestle age with Methuselah. Happy Birthday.

66. Happy birthday best friend, get wiser with age, get more productive with age and do not forget to get older with it. And have fun at it.

67. I hope that your birthday gets as funny as you are, but that would be setting a very high standard. Cause you are a funny friend. Happy birthday best friend.

68. I wish that your birthday would be celebrated like a national holiday so. That I can get a day off from you. It has been a whole long year. Happy birthday.

69. To me, it is the highest honor that the best man in this world is my best friend and like a Brother to me. Happy birthday to you.

70. Happy birthday, dearest friend! May your life be fruitful and plenty as the candles on your birthday cake. Happy birthday best friend.

71. Happy birthday my number one buddy, here is to remind you that you have to get older, no need growing up. You don’t need it. Happy Birthday best friend.

72. Happy birthday my best friend, thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you all the best. I hope it is as funny as you are.

73. They say forget the past and move on, I say don’t, you’ll lose that memory as you grow older. Live life to the fullest, start with a cake. Happy Birthday, best friend.

74. May each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams, and may the light from the candles on your cake illuminate your paths. Happy birthday best friend.

75. I love partying and spending your money, thanks for having a birthday and allowing me to reduce your bank account. Happy birthday best friend.

76. Being young and well built is a privilege. Being attractive and handsome is a genetic gift. But being old is all you. Happy birthday best friend.

77. I Love you, but I also love vanilla flavored cheesecakes. Happy birthday and may vanilla flavored cheesecakes be everywhere in your party.

78. Happy birthday to my best friend who has succeeded in being the only person that has placed a smile on my face. He’s that funny.

79. You can never be as young as you were, so have mad fun, but don’t forget you have never been as old as you are. Happy birthday best friend.

80. Happy birthday best friend, glow and shine and give the world a proof that mother nature wins the battle with father time.

81. Happy Birthday best friend! You are only young once, so enjoy it to the fullest. Time passes way too fast, and you can’t get these years back.

82. Water is better than friendship, blood is thicker than water, but cakes are better than either. Happy birthday best friend.

83. A message to my best friend. Remember, just when the caterpillar thinks that it is growing up, it becomes a butterfly. Happy birthday, butterfly.

84. The older I see myself getting, the more realize that I am still younger than you are. Happy birthday best friend.

85. Happy birthday best friend, don’t forget to not give in to temptation to be relatively comfortable and also remember to give into temptation to immediately increase your happiness.

86. A birthday means that you are getting a year older, but the party means I’m getting cakes and a chance to see you act ten years younger. Enjoy the party.

87. Happy birthday to my very old best friend. Take the whole week off, put your feet up, watch tv, and eat popcorn. You deserve it and so much more.

88. No matter what throws at you, I will always have your back, though you get old, I will still love you anyways, Happy birthday. Best friend.

89. Best friends are things that will never change, not likely. But I would like to remind you at least once a year how old you are getting. Happy birthday.

90. Thanks for the fun times we shared and for being my best friend. I would not be the same if it weren’t for you. Happy Birthday.

91. I never had a choice in whom to have as a best friend, but if I had, I would have picked you, after cheesecakes. Happy birthday best friend.

92. On your birthday, may your spirits make you soar, and your whiskey and brandy make you high. May love hope and light be filled in the prosperous year ahead. Happy Birthday.

93. Warmest wishes to you on your amazing day. Hope that you continue to change the lives of others with your funny jokes, and beautiful personality. Happy birthday best friend.

94. I don’t have a lot of friends, but I have the best one. They think I’m crazy; they haven’t seen you with me, cause if anyone heard our conversation, we would end up in a mental hospital. Happy birthday.

95. Dear Best friend, I know you know I love food, and I will never love you more than food, I hope they will be food at the party. Happy birthday.

96. Dear best friend, birthdays are natures ways of telling us to eat more cakes and go to heaven. So dig in! Can’t wait to see you with a walking stick.

97. Happy birthday Best friend, pray it doesn’t rain, cause your other friends would give you umbrellas, but I sure as hell am going to take it from you.

98. Dear best friend, this is to remind you I was once very innocent and fragile until you came along. Keep up the good works. Happy birthday.

99. Dear best friend hope you do not plan to fall on your birthday; I will surely laugh at you then go and call for help. I don’t see me helping you. Happy birthday!

100. Dear best friend just wanted to remind you that between the both of us I don’t remember who the hermit is. Happy birthday.

101. Dear best friend, please may your party be filled with cupcakes, for the fatter you look, the slimmer I look. Happy Birthday.

102. Today is your day dear best friend. Look handsome and adorable, dance with fairies, ride a unicorn, swim with mermaids and chase rainbows. Happy birthday.

103. The naughtiest person I know happens to be born on the same day with the person I love so much, and I have only one person born on that day. Happy birthday

104. Happy birthday to my very best friend, cheers to another year of loving the sound of our laughs, laughing at our jokes and dealing with silly people. Happy birthday.

105. If you need a friend for your party, call me! If you need an assistant to eat the cake, I’m your right hand. But if you need money, this line is currently unavailable. Happy birthday.

106. You and I are more than friends; we are more than best friends, we are our little gang. But when you get caught, you’re deaf, and I don’t speak English. Happy birthday

107. To my best friend who is the fork to my soup, I wish I could turn back the hands of time, so I could find you sooner and love you longer. Happy birthday,!

108. We wouldn’t be best friends if you were not weird and wild, and since we both support wildlife, let’s have a wild birthday party. Happy birthday.

109. Remember I needed your help blowing out candles because I was so young? Now you need help blowing out yours because there are too many. Happy birthday.

110. I don’t know how I got along having you as a best friend. But when I look back over the years, I see the candle growing in numbers. And I realize how lucky I am. Happy birthday best friend.

111. Your birthday makes me realize how long you’ve had to live on earth with a fish’s brain. I wish the evolution to a human brain will happen this year. Happy birthday, love!

112. You are the realest therapist I know world over! Thank you for listening always. May this birthday bring all your huge dreams to reality. Happy birthday!

113. Dear best friend, thank you for being the voice of reason when foolishness coos my name. Happy birthday. Have the best in your new age.

114. Happy birthday, dear best friend. You are such an awesome gift from God, and sometimes I wish I could put you in my bag and take you everywhere. I just might someday, you know.

115. For late nights, for holding my hand when I cried, for the calls at odd hours, for gifting me a thousand plus smiles, for everything and nothing. Happy birthday, darling!

116. Here’s to hoping you finally get a brain and stop depending on mine. Happy birthday to you my best friend. Cheers.

117. The way you light up the room when you walk in, I’m tempted to switch off the bulbs. Happy birthday! Don’t dull your shine.

118. Dear best friend, how you deal with my craze and yours and still are sane is magical. So here’s a clink to more years. Let’s create more magic!

119. Roses are red, violets are blue, I could search the world twice over and not find any male like you. Happy birthday best friend.

120. When God created you, I’m certain he added an unfair amount of smartness to the mix. Your problem-solving abilities are epic. I celebrate you now and always. Happy birthday!

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