Trending Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Sister

2023 Trending Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Sister

One group of people you most likely will love for the rest of your life are your siblings. Beautiful memories can be made with them, memories that may never leave your mind.

So it’s your sister’s birthday and you’re searching for sweet prayers and blessings to bless her with? Then here’s a list of trending ones for her, every single one created just for you.

You are just a copy and paste away from putting a smile on her face.

So there you have it — our list of trending birthday prayers and blessings for sister. If you love it (we are sure you do), and you don’t mind sharing it with a friend, then we’ll love it if you do share it. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday Blessings Quotes for My Sister

Send these birthday wishes and prayers to your sweet sister on her birthday and make her feel extremely loved by you.

1. Happy Birthday, darling sister. In this new 365 days of your year, may blessings from God locate you speedily and latch unto you and everyone connected to you in one way or the other daily throughout this year and forever.

2. It’s another year of God’s faithfulness in your life, dear sister. I pray that in this new year you’ve just moved into, may God’s faithfulness be evident in your life and in everything you commit yourself to. Happy Birthday, sis.

3. Happy Birthday, lovely sis. In this new year, I pray that doors you have knocked in the past and were closed to you become open forever. I pray for all round blessings in all your affairs from now on. Amen.

4. Happy Birthday, dear sis. May God shine His face on you and give you all your heart desires all through this year and beyond. May favour find you on every path and in all you do throughout this new year.

5. To my beautiful sister as you celebrate your new age today, may God add to you immeasurably in every way possible. I pray you experience a rapid and outstanding increase in every sphere of your life in this new year.

6. Happy birthday, sister. May God, whose hands fashioned you so beautifully and made you an extension of His beauty specially favour you with blessings that will render you full of praises in this new year of your life and after.

7. It’s a new day and a new year for you. May God bring newness into all your affairs, dazzling you with quick responses to all your heart desires and requests to him. Happy Birthday, dear sis. God bless you, dear!

8. When God chooses to bless a person, there is no way to remain in obscurity. In this new year, may God bless you so much that people will travel to find who God has blessed so exceedingly. Happy Birthday, sister!

9. At the turn of the year, the calendar changes. It’s a chance for new things. At this turn of your new year, I pray opportunities for many even better things come knocking and begging at your doorstep. Happy Birthday, sis!

10. God never tires of blessing us. In this new year, may God shower you with blessings that will make you wonder if you are God’s only priority for the year. Happy Birthday, dear sister. Enjoy a year of God’s blessings!

11. God’s ways are not our ways and His plans are not our plans. I pray that in this new year, God’s blessings will locate you and distinguish you from every other person around you. Happy Birthday, sister. Enjoy your year.

12. Happy Birthday, sis. May God’s light shine on you in this new year and illuminate every area of your life and show you to the world so that they can clearly see how much He blesses His own. Enjoy, sis.

13. Happy Birthday, sister. In this new year, may God bless you with blessings that never cease. May each day of this year be filled with great news and lots of reasons to celebrate how amazing God has been to you.

14. The mercies of the Lord are new every morning, and his blessings are forever and ever. I pray that the Lord bless you with awesome blessings that will last forever in this new year of your life. Happy Birthday, Sister.

15. God’s blessings are given to us and never bring sorrow. In this new year, may you never have reasons to cry. It will be celebration after celebration every day in this new year of your life. Happy birthday, dear sis.

16. Today, we celebrate the beginning of another year of your life. Throughout this year, I pray you always have reasons to celebrate and the means to do so. Happy Birthday, sister. Enjoy God’s best blessings in this year. Happy Birthday.

17. Happy Birthday, dearest sister. In this new year, may each day have a symbolic meaning when it comes to blessings received. May good news come your way daily throughout this new year. Have the best year of your life yet.

18. With God, the latter is always better than the former. I pray that this new year of your life will be greater and better than the last and that in this new year, all your dreams come true. Happy Birthday.

19. Happy Birthday, sister. I pray that in this new year of your life, God will reveal new ways to be blessed and to be a blessing to the world to you. It’s a great year. I wish you God’s best.

20. In this new year of your life, God will make new in the wilderness and provide fountains of water in the desert. Everywhere you turn this year, may you find divine favour both with God and with man. Happy Birthday.

21. Happy Birthday, sister. May God bless you with longevity. I pray that death, pain and sickness will stay far away from you and your family and friends. May God’s blessings to you rub off on your family and friends too.

22. Happy Birthday, lovely sister. May God’s blessings on you in this year not only leave a massive impression in your life but will also be so overwhelming that the blessings will tell their own story of how good God is.

23. In this new year of your life, may God make an example of you of how He blesses whoever He has chosen to bless. May God reconstruct all your affairs and make you the model for blessing lives. Happy Birthday.

24. Happy Birthday, dearest sister. May God lift you high, hold you there and make you a symbol of excellence to the world. I pray that the Lord will shine His face on you and make you better than your peers.

25. Happy Birthday, sister. I pray that God will give you an excellent spirit that will make you come out on top among all your equals and betters and make you head where you have formerly been lower than their station.

26. Happy Birthday, sister. May God release treasures to you this year that will turn your life around and make you a blessing to all those who are around you forever. In this new year, may God grant you boundless promotion.

27. Happy Birthday, dear sis. May God perfect all that concerns you in this new year and give you reasons to smile every day. May God fill your heart with joy throughout this year and beyond. You are blessed beyond measure.

28. Happy Birthday, sister. I pray that all the days of this new year become fruitful to you, and every project you begin shall be completed in good health and with ease that can only come from God. Enjoy your day!

29. Happy Birthday, sis. In all your undertakings in this new year of your life, may God always stand by you and help you achieve every goal you set out to achieve without any form of stress and in good health.

30. Happy Birthday, sis. May God bless you so much that generations will make reference to how much God blessed and increased you. I pray that for your sake, all the windows and doors of Heaven be opened forever to you.

31. Happy Birthday, sis. In this new year, may all who have laughed at you begin to look for ways to be favoured by you. I pray for favour from God to bathe you thoroughly so much the world will notice.

32. Like a rock, may God stand unmoved on your behalf when you need Him. Like the morning sun, may God bring needed warmth into your life throughout this beautiful new year of your life. Have an amazing year. Happy Birthday.

33. From today henceforth, may God fill your heart with gladness, your cup with wine, your house and family with good tidings, your work with increase. May your store never dry up. May your laughter never cease. Happy Birthday, dear sis.

34. It’s your birthday, sister. Happy Birthday. May your life knows balance in all things, I pray for you today that balance will play out in your life. For every point you have ever been sad, may joy be your portion henceforth.

35. Happy Birthday, sister. My prayers for you today are:
365 days of blessings, 365 days of happiness, 365 days of exploits, 365 days of continuous impact.
May your days be long and your journey to greatness be smooth without hitches.

36. Happy Birthday, awesome sis. May God personally shield you from every form of destruction. May God anoint you for evil to pass over always. May God exalt you and keep you safe and sound in Him throughout this new year.

37. As you celebrate your birthday and look forward to the new year, may the peace of God reign in your home and within your family. May God calm every brewing storm that may affect you negatively, sis. Happy Birthday, sis.

38. As you celebrate this new age, it is my prayer that God will open to you the doors of abundance. May God make you a beacon of hope to all those who are presently seeking His blessings. Happy Birthday, sister.

39. Happy Birthday, beautiful sis. May God hide you in His secret place and fill you with victuals to go on and shine. May He illuminate your path always and make your ways straight. In this new year, you will prosper.

40. Happy Birthday, sis. May God bombard you with lots of gifts on this special day. May you walk freely into favour, goodness, mercy, prosperity and all the beautiful things of life every day of this new year and forever. Amen.

41. With all my heart, a special wish goes for a special sis on a special day. May you be a light to brighten up the world. May your accounts never be empty of money. May you never lack. Happy Birthday.

42. It’s another year to be grateful for life. With birthdays come the jingling of the bells, the shouts of rejoicing, the dancing feet…May your life be filled with rejoicing and each day with reasons to cheer and dance. Happy Birthday.

43. Our lives are a compilation of experiences. I do wish you the beautiful things of life as you add yet another year. May success and breakthrough stories be yours to tell every day of your coming years. Happy Birthday, Sister.

44. Another year has passed and memories keep been built. May your life be filled with wonderful memories of laughter and happiness. I pray that whenever you knock, doors will be opened unto you beyond your wildest expectations. Happy Birthday, dear.

45. I pray that this day and this new year will be a remarkable one. May all things work together for your good henceforth. May all your dreams come true. May your heart know true happiness all your days. Happy birthday!

46. Today is a day to celebrate and be merry. It’s a glorious day. My prayers for you are more of life, more of grace, more of riches, more of joy. All your prayer requests will receive instant answers. Happy Birthday.

47. Happy Birthday, sis. It is my prayer for you that your days be continually filled with joy, gladness, happiness and all-round success as you celebrate yet another milestone. May today be the beginning of better things in your life.

48. Today is a special day to celebrate the most special of sisters. Sis, I pray that all of your heart desires come true in this new year of your life. Wishing you lengthy days filled with goodness and sound health.

49. Just as the morning sun, may your life be bright and shiny. Just as the twinkling stars, may it glitter always and may you never know gloom. Just like the full moon, may your light fill the earth. Happy birthday.

50. As the priceless jewel you are, my prayers and wishes for you are unending. May your light never go out. May your oil never dry. Celebrate many more years in happiness, peace of mind, breaking records. Happy Birthday, dearest sister.

51. My prayers for you today as a year is added to your age is this: May blessings from the east, west, north and south locate you and overtake you, sending you into riches forever. I love you. Happy Birthday, sis.

52. Happy Birthday, sister. As the sun rises each day, may it bring immeasurable blessings to you and your family. Even as the sun sets each day, may it bring with it peace of mind unequaled to all your loved ones.

53. May God fill you with wisdom in this new year like He has never given any human. May you have solutions to national problems. May people seek you from far and near for solutions to problems this year. Happy Birthday.

54. No one knows the future except God. May God influence your present and rain blessings upon your future. May God’s hands always be upon you for greatness, uplifting and special blessings. May God honour you specially this year. Happy Birthday.

55. In this new year of your life, may God make all things new. New reasons to smile, new sources of income, new blessings to make your life far better than it presently is in this new year. Happy Birthday, sister.

56. May your blessings be as innumerable as the stars. Like A Star, may you shine even when others are in dark times. May your light shine so bright this year. You are dearly loved. Happy Birthday. Have a fulfilling year!

57. In this new year, my prayer for you is that whatever negative thoughts anyone has towards you, God will change them for good. In this new year, I pray that God will establish you and make you great. Happy Birthday.

58. Regardless of where you are or go, may God’s blessings of heaven find you. Even if you are holed up in a mountain, may it become a centre of commerce. May your works command positive attention this year. Happy Birthday.

59. Happy Birthday, sis. In this new year, may everything you touch prosper. May nothing connected to you ever wither. I pray that in all you do, success will be the only result. May your light shine like the morning sun.

60. Like a tree planted near a river, may you blossom in this new year. May all your labours bear fruits that will last the test of time and bring increase like never before throughout this new year. Happy Birthday, sis.

61. In this new year of your life, sis, may you never record losses. May every project you set your hand upon this year bring you untold blessings. This year, I pray for favour and God’s grace upon you. Happy Birthday.

62. I pray for you in this new year, dearest sister, may the peace of God reign in your life. May God prevent troubles from coming towards you. May God keep you and your family from danger. Happy Birthday, dear sis.

63. How does one act when one is specially blessed of God? You should start practicing, dear sister, because God will shower unlimited blessings upon you this new year till your purse is filled to overflowing. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your year!

64. May blessings come with the wind to you this year. May people come from far and near to be a blessing to you. May those who have forgotten you suddenly remember you for good and bless you. Happy Birthday, sister.

65. In this new year, I pray for showers of blessings upon you, your work and all you do. May everyone connected to you be recipients from the truckload of blessings God will give to you this year. Happy Birthday, sister.

66. I wish you 365 days of good news, 52 months of unceasing blessings, 12 months of unmerited favour, a year of massive breakthroughs and a lifetime of joy and happiness. Happy Birthday, dearest sis. The world awaits you, shining star.

67. Today is all yours. May you partake of all the blessings of today. May today be the beginning of new things in your life. May today bring you bliss and happiness like you have never known before. Happy Birthday, sister.

68. Happy Birthday, sis. You have always been there when needed. May God Almighty always be present whenever you need Him to intervene in any situation. May God’s attention be focused on you all through this new year of your life.

69. Happy Birthday. It’s a great day filled with love and care. May love from God and man be showered in you every day of this new year. In this new year, may care flow towards you like water to the sea.

70. May your life be sweet and your days be long. May all you touch begin to prosper. May all your dreams begin to come to fruition. I pray you have a day and year to remember for good. Happy Birthday.

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