Trending Inspirational Birthday Quotes

2023 Trending Inspirational Birthday Quotes

Birthdays are beautiful reminders that the universe still needs the celebrant.

When it’s time to celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones, we often go out of our way to make this once in a year experience worthwhile.

Cakes, good wine and heartfelt wishes are amazing gifts but nothing beats a birthday inspirational quote.

Birthdays are moments to appreciate, encourage and inspire people we care about for the new year, so go ahead and pick an inspirational quote to celebrate your loved one.

Inspirational Birthday Quotes

Inspire your loved ones on their Birthdays with these best Inspirational Birthday Quotes.

1. “Another year, another 365 days of golden opportunities to get more amazing results, happy birthday to you dear.”

2. “My dear, you deserve all the good things life has to offer and this new year will bring you closer to all that and more, happy birthday to you.”

3. “Birthdays are amazing reminders that you can do more; that your dreams are valid. Continue to chase your dreams in this new year.”

4. “Getting older brings you closer to more wisdom so embrace each new age and keep winning my dear.”

5. “Cheers to new goals for this new year and more milestones and the grace to achieve all of them, happy birthday.”

6. “You stand out from the crowd so never settle for less, let your birthday give you new energy to propel you to the journey ahead.”

7. “I can’t believe how amazingly talented you are, much wiser than your age.
A new age to keep winning.”

8. “May your expectations never fall short, I hope you get great rewards for all your efforts in this new year.”

9. “As this beautiful day marks another year of success in your life, continue to explore and have huge success.”

10. “Because I believe in you and all the beautiful things the future holds for you, happy birthday dear.”

11. “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams, never met anyone more focused and determined to succeed.”

12. “As you become a year older, I need to know that there’s a lot of things you should be thankful for.
For the things you already have and the beautiful things coming.”

13. “I sincerely hope that in this new age, you experience nothing but complete joy and the zeal to keep going on, taking each day as it comes and giving your best.
Happy birthday, dear.”

14. “Happy birthday to you, every day of this new beginning is full of grace and beautiful moments.
Never met anyone more steadfast in everything like you.
Keep doing you.”

15. “A new beginning to keep working on yourself and all your dreams.
Live each day with gratitude and hope, amazing results show up.”

16. “I’m only here to give you all my support for this new chapter of your life, I will watch you become your best self in this new year and always.
Cheers to your new age.”

17. “I hope you are ready for everything the new year holds for you, I wish you a year of amazing breakthroughs and unimaginable successes. Happiest birthday to you.”

18. “I need you to know that everything is going to be alright, maybe not now but eventually.
You are an amazing person, many more years to you.”

19. “Dreams do come true as long as you keep believing and working hard.
I hope this new year brings you steps closer to achieving your dreams.”

20. “Keep the hope alive my friend even in the face of uncertainties.
All the efforts you put in will eventually pay off.
Birthday cheers to you.”

21. “There’s time for everything and now is the time for you to shine and reap all the fruits of your labour.
I wish you the best days for this new year.”

22. “I can feel it in my bones, better days are coming to you.
The great things you have only dreamt about is going to become reality sooner than you can imagine.
Have the best age yet.”

23. “Cherish every moment that comes to you, be grateful for the people and things you can call yours.
Be grateful for this new year in your life; a year of greatness.”

24. “Life gets better, it does but instead of counting the years, focus on making the most out of the moments.
Welcome to your new age.”

25. “Good things come to those who deserve them, may every good thing that you deserve embrace you as you become a year older. Cheers.”

26. “One bad chapter doesn’t mean that your story is over.
May this new chapter of your life bring colourful and peaceful moments to you.”

27. “As you add another year to your life, I need you to stay super positive, give off positive vibes wherever you find yourself, only then can you rise and shine.”

28. “Live a life of gratitude no matter the circumstances, life itself is a gift and adding a new year to your age is a blessing.
So live every day like it truly counts because it does.”

29. “Every moment won’t be a happy one so make the most of your happy moments, I wish you all the happiness there is for this new age, happy birthday.”

30. “Every new chapter presents life-changing experiences to us, I hope there are moments in this your new age that will change your life for the better.”

31. “And most importantly, I hope you still remember how to be yourself.
Who you are is amazing, take charge of the next 365 days of your life and make the best of it.”

32. “Sometimes, our reality supercedes our expectations, may the things that come to you in this new age be above and beyond all your expectations.
Happiest birthday to you.”

33. “You are an incredibly amazing person, you make the world better just by being you.
Let this next 365 days of your life bring more goodness to you.”

34. “Because things will unfold when it’s time, miracles will happen and gifts are delivered.
A glorious birthday for you, sending you so much love and light.”

35. “Patience is a virtue that only the brave have, happiest birthday to you, you are brave and strong.
Trust the process and your journey, it will all end in praise.”

36. “You have the power to choose what to make of your life, happy birthday dear, welcome to the first day of the best days of your life, receive the grace to reach your goals.”

37. “Today is the anniversary of your birth marks the beginning of everything you want, I hope things fall into place in your life, piece by piece until you find absolute fulfilment.”

38. “As you are a year older today, there’s no more room for doubt in your life, only self-improvement and happy moments.
Live your best life and make the best impacts always.”

39. “Because no one can be a better you, keep being your best self, work for you, make yourself proud and happy.
This new age, it’s all about you. “Have a beautiful birthday.”

40. “Sending you so much energy and positive vibes for your new age, I hope you get amazing results for all the efforts you put in, beautiful birthday to you.”

41. “I want you to be thankful for this past year of your life, be grateful for your new age as well.
The beginning of a new chapter is often accompanied by beautiful blessings.
Cheers to all the blessings coming your way in this new year.”

42. “A new year added to your beautiful life, an opportunity to grow and learn, to keep being your best self.
Let’s raise a glass to all the rewarding opportunities coming to you in this new year.”

43. “It’s each day that comes by that makes up a year, as you navigate the next 365 days of your life, I pray you experience moments of victories and laughs each beautiful day.”

44. “Success doesn’t happen overnight so I encourage you to keep working hard on your dreams.
Everything will fall in place at the right time, keep being your consistent self. Happy birthday to you.”

45. “You should never settle for less than you deserve.
However, make sure you appreciate even the smallest moments because they lead up to your huge moments. Cheers to your new age.”

46. “Create the moments you want, design your dreams and execute.
I will support you every step of the way forward.
Happiest birthday to you.”

47. “You might not have all you want right now but eventually, you will.
Don’t forget to celebrate your little moments and appreciate the things you have at the moment.
Have your best year yet.”

48. “I hope you get better things than what you have ever imagined.
Wishing you so many blessings and best for your new year.”

49. “And may each day of your new age be full of radiating positivity and enough of God’s light to brighten your path.
Cheers to better days ahead.”

50. “I hope you never forget how incredibly awesome you are, stop trying to fit in, you are a star so keep shinning.
Happy birthday, sunshine.”

51. “Dear awesome human being, happy birthday.
You are about to experience an increase that would prove to you that efforts are never in vain.
Stay happy.”

52. “Always remember that what’s ahead is far better than what’s behind.
Cheers to all the amazing things coming to you this new age.
Happy birthday, dear.”

53. “Happy birthday to you, you are one special person destined for so much greatness.
Keep being your best self and everything will be just fine.”

54. “It’s a new year for you dear, I want you to learn how to live in the moment, only then can you truly see life for what it is.
So have the best of the next 365 days of your life.”

55. “May this new chapter of your life bring forth periods of amazing breakthroughs and groundbreaking successes.
Happiest birthday to you, my dear.”

56. “It’s a new year for you, a new beginning of greatness.
Your time for excellence starts now and I will be right here lending you support.
Go out there and win, happy birthday.”

57. “The future is here and now, your new age has confirmed that.
Be thankful for the past, live thankfully in the present and give the future your best shot.
It gets better.”

58. “Everything you do today will determine how tomorrow will turn out.
So today being the first day of your new age, I hope you only do things that will yield amazing results.”

59. “The best things of life come when we least expect it.
So I hope that very many unexpected blessings will come to you in this new year of your life.”

60. “This is a new year to fly, to let go of everything that is holding you back and become the person you are meant to be; a champion.
Cheers to your new age.”

61. “The only difference between the person you are now and who you want to become is time and the efforts you put in.
I hope this new age brings you closer to the person you want to become.”

62. “I wish you a more peaceful life as you become a year older today, one that will let you be your best self and achieve everything you have ever wanted.”

63. “As you become a year older, I hope you never forget who you are and how amazing you are.
You can achieve whatever you want as long as you put the work in.”

64. “Birthdays are beautiful times to remember that we are given a new opportunity to pursue our dreams and win big.
Another year to your life means you have to go out there and win.”

65. “You are destined to be successful so no matter how many times you fall, get back up and keep trying.
Happy birthday to you.”

66. “This new age of your life demands that you become a better person, that you go all out and give whatever you are doing your best.
I want to hear those success stories soon.”

67. “One day at a time, I have watched you achieve things we once talked about.
The future is in your hands and every single day of your new year is yours to make amazing.”

68. “Another new chapter of your life is here in the form of an added year, keep working extra hard and smart.
Keep praying and living your best life.
Special birthday wishes to you.”

69. “New beginnings call for an improved and better life.
You are welcome to an extraordinary year that will be filled with lots of beautiful opportunities.”

70. “When you are gifted with a new age, it’s your responsibility to make the best of it, so have beautiful moments and plenty of laughter in this new year.”

71. “Getting older is a blessing, it means you are still needed on earth.
The world needs you to keep being your kind and selfless self.
Spread your love and light for all to see.”

72. “There’s no better feeling than witnessing another birthday, I wish you heaven’s best and the grace to keep doing all the good you do.
Sending you tons of love.”

73. “Amazing things come to you when you have so many positive vibes.
I don’t know anyone with more positive vibes than you.
Wait on all the amazing things coming to you, happy birthday.”

74. “Happy birthday to you, never lose touch with your core self because only then can you become your best self.
Stay humble always and put maximum work whenever needed.”

75. “It’s a new year for you to start today, the amazing ideas you tell me about, it’s time for them to become reality.
I believe in you and more importantly, I know you believe in yourself.”

76. “A new age is a time to make major changes in one’s life.
As you become a year older, it’s time to get that life you have always wanted.
Act on your dreams and see them become real, happy birthday.”

77. “It doesn’t matter how the past has been or the number of failures you have had.
What matters is who you are today and that this new age brings you this amazing opportunity to have a beautiful life.”

78. “In this new year, you owe yourself all the love, care and attention you give others.
You are always out to take care of others but for once, take care of yourself too.
Sending you birthday cheers.”

79. “Your destiny will never be denied, everything you meet on your way to greatness is only there to help you get there.
So on this anniversary of your birth, keep pushing!”

80. “Every new year brings us steps closer to realising who we really are and what we have to offer the world.
In this new age, I hope you realise that who you are is successful, now and always.”

81. “Although it’s hard to believe in you, sometimes that’s all you need.
I hope that this new year of your life will usher you into bigger and more successful ventures.”

82. “New beginnings bring changes too, sometimes good, other times bad.
And on this anniversary of your birth, I pray that every change that will come to you will yield amazing fruits.”

83. “Every experience from the past is usually a blessing or a lesson, take each and take charge of this new age and excel in all that you do.
May your reality match and exceed your expectations.”

84. “The person who will become is the person you make efforts to be.
Happy birthday to you and I hope that you find the strength to become the person you need to be in order to have an awesome life.”

85. “Your limit is as far as you push it, you don’t know what you are capable of until you try, so in this new year, go all out and win, cheers!”

86. “Nothing good ever came so easy, so when I tell you to keep putting in the work, I know that one day all your efforts will pay off in a huge way until then, do have a lovely birthday.”

87. “I’m super proud of you for never giving up on your dreams, one of these days, you will understand why you have to keep pushing forward.
Lines will fall into place in every area of your life, happy birthday to you.”

88. “Once you are living your best life, it’s so easy to get through life with all its hassles.
And as I wish you a very happy birthday, I want to encourage you to keep living your best life.”

89. “Live a life of gratitude, be excited for every new adventure and find people and things who inspire you to be the best.
All good things and more I pray you get as you become a year older.”

90. “Knowing that I have someone like you to live through life with makes it all the more worth it.
You are a daily source of light and inspiration.
Keep being your amazing self, happy birthday.”

91. “Life is beautiful when you live for yourself and even more beautiful when you live to make others better.
Thank you for being one of the most selfless and supportive people I know. Happy birthday to you.”

92. “As you become a year older, I need you to stop waiting around for things to happen and go out and make things happen, turn the tables in your favour and win big time.
Cheers to making things happen.”

93. “Every new chapter begins with the ending of another.
Embrace this new chapter of your life with all you have got.
Have patience because everything will fall in sooner than you expect.”

94. “When things are not going as planned, it doesn’t mean that you should give up.
It is then even more that you should keep giving your best.
Cheers to all the plans that will soon work out, happy birthday.”

95. “The only person you should strive to be better than is the person you were yesterday.
May this new chapter of your life brings you closer to becoming your best self.”

96. “The highest form of fulfilment one can have is absolute happiness.
I pray that as you become a year older, that you may experience complete happiness.”

97. “Be you, be strong, be positive, be optimistic and stay happy.
May the anniversary of your birth bring you moments of fulfilment for the next 365 days and beyond.”

98. “Sometimes, when you least expect it, the things you have been working for eventually come to you.
In this new year, keep working on all your goals, things can go from nothing to something in a flash.”

99. “Impossibility doesn’t really exist, it’s a state of the mind.
Now, if there’s anyone who could do seemingly impossible things, it’s you.
Cheers to all the grounds you will break in this new age.”

100. “You are no average human being so never you settle for an average life.
Here’s wishing you an excellent new beginning as you become a year older.”

101. “Everything you will need to have an amazing life is already inside of you, you just need to live it out.
Here’s to making the most of your inner strength, happy birthday!”

102. “This is a season for greatness. I welcome you to a new year in your life, have the best of it and I hope you continue to have people around you who make life worth living.”

103. “I hope something really amazing happens to you as you become a year older.
That’s the great wish I have for you.
Happy birthday, dear.”

104. “This is a new year for you, a year to spread your wings and fly to the top.
You are amazing, never you let that go.
Go forth and give your best to the world.”

105. “This season is yours, own it.
Every single dream you have ever had, every idea you have conceived are all about to become reality as long as you keep working on them, happy birthday to you.”

106. “I feel it so much in my heart, this is a time for rewards. I pray that all the efforts you have ever put in will yield amazing results as beautiful gifts for your new age.Keep being happy.”

107. “A good life is one in which you have absolute happiness and peace of mind, I wish you a good life in this your new age and every other year after that. Have a beautiful birthday.”

108. “A perfect life is a perfect lie; you shouldn’t exactly seek perfection, you should seek to be your best self. Happy birthday to you!”

109. “Birthdays are perfect reminders that we have a purpose to fulfil on earth, that we have a duty to give our best. I pray you live a life of purpose and fulfilment always and forever.”

110. “Accept yourself for who you are, that’s the only way you can truly live. Cheers to accepting yourself and having a beautiful new age.”

111. “Stop wishing and start creating, create the moments you want to have.
Have a beautiful birthday and an awesome year.”

112. “When you look back, it must always be with thanks and no regret, the future is coming with so much beauty for you.
Happy birth anniversary to you.”

113. “As you become a year older, I want you to get into the habit of becoming a better person.
Cheers to all the grounds you will break in this new year.”

114. “Don’t stop working until you have achieved your goals, every last one of them.
I will be here cheering you on, happy birthday to you.”

115. “The only person stopping you is yourself.
You and you alone are your only competition.
Keep living, keep winning, a beautiful to you.”

116. “As you become a year older, may your journey of life continue in peace and lead you on to more success, a very happy birthday to you.”

117. “Your life is a reflection of the choices you make, I hope that in this new age, you continue to make the choice that will make you a better person.
Happy birthday, dear.”

118. “Life is a risk, you just have to choose which ones you take.
May your expectations never be cut short, have a beautiful birthday.”

119. “Hard work and humility will take you places, keep that in mind.
Happy birthday to you and may blessings from on high come to you.”

120. “Health and wealth are very important for a good life, on this anniversary of your birth, I pray you have both in abundance today and always.”

121. “I know where you are coming from, I believe in your dreams and I know your future is going to be amazing.
Cheers to your new age dear.”

122. “Sincerely grateful to celebrate another of your birthday, I’m thankful for your new age and I celebrate the person you are. Keep living your best life.”

123. “You are getting older but also focused and more importantly, wiser.
I celebrate your new age and I wish you the very best things of life.”

124. “Age is truly just numbers, it what we do with the time that really matters.
I pray you make the best of the next 365 days of your life.
Happy birthday to you.”

125. “With a new age, we have hope for what’s to come.
I pray this next 365 days of your life is better than your last.
Have an amazing year ahead.”

126. “Friends and family make life a lot nicer, I pray your support system never fails you.
Cheers to all the breakthroughs for your new age.”

127. “Each new age comes with its own moments and experiences, I hope you have the best of moments in this your new year.”

128. “You literally have no choice but to become older each new year, that’s part of life.
May your light never grow dim in this new year and beyond.”

129. “The sun and stars shine at different times doesn’t mean one is better than the other.
This is your season, in this case, you are the sun and star because you will shine always.”

130. “Excellence is a state of the mind, have an excellent year going forward.
Exude excellence wherever you are.”

131. “The end of an age marks the beginning of another, I celebrate with you today and always, have a remarkable year going forward.”

132. “The only thing that is constant is change; get ready to embrace all the beautiful changes that will come to you as you become a year older.”

133. “It’s exciting becoming a year older especially when you are an amazing individual.
You are incredibly amazing, happy birthday to you.”

134. “Everything in your past is nothing compared to what’s in your future.
Best wishes to you as you celebrate your birthday.”

135. “Life isn’t measured by the number of years you have had, it’s measured by the lives you have touched.
Keep being your amazing self, happy birthday.”

136. “One of the greatest gift ones can have is people who make your life more colourful.
Cheers to having a colourful life year after year.”

137. “Because you are never fully dressed without a smile, may your new age bring you lots of reason to smile.”

138. “Some people just come into your life and make it a lot better, thank you for being a source of happiness, have a beautiful birthday.”

139. “You are getting old but it doesn’t matter because you are getting more awesome too, have a wonderful birthday.”

140. “Sending you tons of best wishes and prayers to guide you through your new age, have a blessed birthday.”

141. “The uncertainty of the future makes room for hope.
I hope this new age is all you need it to be and much more.”

142. “A new age has been added to your life, an opportunity to grow and glow even more.
Have yourself a fulfilling new year.”

143. “The beauty of life is that you get to choose how you will live it.
I pray your life choices and totally rewarding, have a beautiful birthday.”

144. “Don’t count the years that roll by, just concentrate on living your best life.
Wish you more success as you become a year older.”

145. “Life has its ups and downs, but I pray you experience more beautiful moments and rewarding opportunities.
A very beautiful birthday for you.”

146. “Leave everyone else a lot better than you found them, do this by being your best self, have an amazing birthday and do have a lovely year ahead.”

147. “Whatever you do, give it your best effort, have the most rewarding new year ever, happy birthday to you.
Cheers to all the beautiful results to come.”

148. “Life gets better when you become a year older, bask in the euphoria of the beautiful beginning.
Happy birthday to you.”

149. “Happiness means different things for different people, I pray you find your own happiness.
Happy birth anniversary to you.
Have loads of fun.”

150. “There’s no better time than now to start living an amazing life.
Have a wonderful birthday and cheers to living an amazing life.”

151. “The years go by faster than we think, I pray this next 365 days of your life is absolutely rewarding and full of love and beautiful moments.”

152. “Everything is not for you, but something is.
I hope you find exactly what sets your soul on fire and give it all your best.
Have the best birthday ever.”

153. “Each new age brings new and unique blessings of its own.
I pray that the blessings of your new age will be mind-blowing and takes you to a higher level.”

154. “Life is too short to live a boring life.
Have lots of fun, new adventures and exciting moments in your new year, happy birthday to you.”

155. “Live only for you, live your best life while at it.
A very beautiful birthday to you and I hope you have a fulfilling new year.”

156. “The right life is one where you can truly be yourself.
Remember this; who you are is a blessing to the world.
Have a splendid birthday and year going forward.”

157. “There is strength even in your weakness, find all the strength you need to make your dreams come true.
Happy birthday to you.”

158. “May your new year be as bright as the morning sun and as clear as daylight.
Have yourself a special birthday.
Cheers to a remarkable year.”

159. “Each new year should continuously be dedicated to achieving higher goals, I hope you stay winning and have amazing breakthroughs.
Have a beautiful birthday.”

160. “A new year is like another chance to make the most out of our lives, keep making the world a better place.
Happy birthday to you!”

161. “You are the most optimistic person I know and you bring so much positivity all around you, stay winning.
Have a wonderful birthday celebration.”

162. “You should always strive to have a better year than the last. As you add another year to your life, I pray that the successes of this new age exceeds that of the last and so on.”

163. “Out of a million, you always stand out because you are such an amazing person.
Stay amazing dear, happy birthday.”

164. “All the hard work you put in will yield beautiful results soon enough, you can be sure of that.
Have yourself an incredibly amazing birthday.”

165. “A new age is like a new chapter in a story.
I hope this new chapter of your life brings you every beautiful thing you deserve.
Happy birthday to you.

166. “The older you get, the more you know what you truly want out of life.
I pray that you find the things you truly desire and make the best out of them, happy birthday dear.”

167. “Dreams come true when you believe in them and give it all your best shot.
Cheers to all the success stories this new age will bring.”

168. “I pray you explore more of your potentials in this new age and make remarkable impacts.
Have a colourful birthday and a promising year.”

169. “You have the will and the power to make your dreams come true, so in this new age, I pray you get steps closer to realising your dreams.
Happy birthday, dear.”

170. “You are not allowed to give up on your dreams, I’m here to remind you that your dreams are very valid.
Special birthday wishes to you.”

171. “You have a duty to become better than the person you were a year ago.
May your new year be full of priceless beautiful moments, happy birthday.”

172. “You are a light to the world, never lose your beautiful spark.
Keep growing in God’s grace, a very happy birthday to you.”

173. “We live to make the world a better place, find your niche and give the world your best self.
Have a wonderful birthday and a new year full of exciting moments.”

174. “I pray your special day is a beautiful as the sunrise.
All the love and sunshine to give you an amazing birthday and a wonderful year ahead.”

175. “I hope you know that you are a star, nothing should stop you from shinning.
I wish you heaven’s best gifts for your new age.”

176. “Here’s praying that the next 365 days of your life is filled with beautiful sunsets and happy days.
Never lose touch with who you are, happy birthday.”

177. “A year from today, you will be a year older again.
I pray you have so much success stories to be thankful for in a year’s time.
Have an awesome birthday.”

178. “There’s no such thing as overnight success.
Keep putting in all that extra work, success is surely on the way.
Happy new 365 days to you.”

179. “Out with the old, in with the new.
May this new beginning of a new age make you whole in many ways more than one.
Happy fun birthday to you.”

180. “There will be tough days but you are way tougher.
I will remind you of that day if I have to, have a fun-filled day.
Happy birthday to you.”

181. “There’s no greater success than living a fulfilling life.
Let this new age of yours usher you into a life of complete fulfilment.
Have a wonderful birthday.”

182. “May your light so shine before men and reveal the glory of God wherever you go, more grace and favour to you now and always.
Happy birthday!”

183. “The goal is to become your best self while living a fulfilling life.
May your new age present opportunities that will bring you both and more have a blessed birthday.”

184. “Life is a journey and each new age brings us closer to our destination.
I pray that your journey is filled with moments of true happiness and contentment.”

185. “You only live once so you have to live it right.
Hoping you do a lot of great things this new year, special birthday wishes to you.”

186. “You will always have the power of being yourself.
Stay happy and positive all year round.
Have an incredibly remarkable year ahead.”

187. “A year is made up of months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
Even the seconds of your new age is blessed.
Have yourself a fulfilling new year.”

188. “More than anything, I sincerely pray your new age is everything you wish it to be an even more.
Keep sharing your good cheer with the world, happy birthday.”

189. “Champions always no matter what, you are a champion, so keep winning.
Sending you the best wishes for your birth anniversary.”

190. “Treasure every moment of your life because they are what makes you who you are.
I pray for many more beautiful moments for your new age.”

191. “New years often mean beautiful things are about to happen.
Get ready to experience very beautiful moments in your new age, happy birth anniversary.”

192. “I’m here to support you always, never forget that.
Happy birthday to you, have abundant health and wealth.”

193. “The secret to living your best life is being yourself.
Continue to have an amazing life, my dear.
A very beautiful birthday to you.”

194. “You effortlessly crush your goals, I’m super proud of all you have achieved.
I know your new age has a lot more in store for you.
Have a blessed birthday.”

195. “Your zeal to succeed is second to none, keep chasing your dreams and may your new age be filled with tons of cash and beautiful moments.
Happy birthday!”

196. “An extra special birthday wishes to an incredibly amazing person.
Keep shining as bright as a diamond.
Have loads of fun and a successful year.”

197. “The world has a lot of beautiful things to offer and I sincerely hope that your new age will gift you many of the world’s beauty in all that you do.
Cheers to a beautiful birthday.”

198. “You are a born winner, so I am counting on you to have so much success in this new year and always.
You know I have your back right?
Have a wonderful birthday.”

199. “Life is made up of moments, may each moment of your new age bring you comfort, happiness, warmth and lots of rewards for your efforts.”

200. “You wouldn’t be here if the universe didn’t need you.
So reach for the greatness inside of you and live it out.
May the future bring you many rewarding opportunities, happy birthday to you.”

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