Trending Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes

2023 Trending Short and Sweet Birthday Wishes

None of your loved ones has to celebrate their birthday without a wish from you.

Neither do they have to sense your speechlessness even though in your heart lies the burden of desire to make just one wish or two on such a special day on their behalf?

So, what are you waiting for?

These wishes are just for anybody that means so much to you. Be sure to make a befitting choice.

Short and Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes

No matter what lies ahead of you wishing someone you care for happy birthday wil l not reduce you but it will only add more to you. Here are Short and Sweetest Wishes for Birthday of Someone Special.

1. Happy birthday, dear. I’m wishing that your tall dreams make it to reality.

2. Happy birthday to you. May your new age be full of glamour of success.

3. Happy birthday, dearie. Your new age will make a din loud enough to proclaim your name.

4. Happy birthday to you. I’m wishing you a life of honour and befitting wealth.

5. Happy birthday to you, my dear. May your new age sparkle than a chilled champagne.

6. Happy birthday, dear. Your life will birth a new breed of successful adventures.

7. Happy birthday, love. With joy in the most sacred place of my heart, I wish you a fulfilling new year.

8. Happy birthday, sweety. Birthday is once in a year, may you become one of a kind.

9. Happy birthday, dearie. More than a wish, I’ll see you at the upper echelons of the most successful list.

10. Happy birthday, my sweet sister. By the virtue of your birth, I’m inclined to make a wish for long-lasting success and happiness on the sand of time for you.

11. Happy birthday, sweety. It’s no longer a mere wish, cause good success is at your bosom.

12. Happy birthday, bro. May you find true love that will make your heart pour out the beauty that secretly lies in it.

13. Happy birthday, dearie. My wish for you is to wake up in the midst of unexpected beautiful stardom.

14. Happy birthday, dear. May you be the king of your world, ruling it to the best of its glory.

15. Happy birthday, my love. May happiness find you faster than Romeo found Juliet.

16. Happy birthday, Superman. Your life will demonstrate a new dimension of happiness and success.

17. Happy birthday, dear. Fulfilment is what I feel when I see you. May you keep being the source of happiness for others.

18. Happy birthday, dear. Success will not merely pay you a visit, but rather dwell in your abode.

19. Happy birthday, sis. It’s time to level up your game. You’re a role model to me. Next, you’ll be a great influence to the world at large.

20. Happy birthday, brother. Greatness is what describes your ambition. Unsurmountable is what will describe your achievements.

21. Happy birthday to you. May you never be a debtor, but rather a giver to many.

22. Happy birthday, dear. Like a river, your life will possess tributaries of happiness that flow into many lives.

23. Happy birthday, dear. May others give way for you to shine brighter and lasting.

24. Happy birthday, dear. Your success will not only intimidate your foes but as well as, inspire many.

25. Happy birthday, sweety. Your walk to stardom will finally be reached as you add a new year.

26. Happy birthday, honey. Love is sweet. May your life be sweeter.

27. Happy birthday, boo. May your success in life be well guaranteed and fulfilling.

28. Happy birthday to you. This much I know, your life is about to take a new turn of happiness.

29. Happy birthday, dear. May the good angels never lose sight of you.

30. Happy birthday, my love. Have you been trying to make it out there? Your ambition is about to be met with success and fulfilment.

31. From the deepest part of my soul, I wish you a stellar birthday. Happy birthday, dearie.

32. Happy birthday, dear. May the angels bestow on you the sumptuous goodies of life.

33. Happy birthday, honey. May life reveal to you, her exclusive itinerary to good success.

34. Happy birthday, dear Sis. May significant helping hands be lent to you this new year.

35. As you add another year to your life, may a new star be added to your crown.

36. Happy birthday, love. I’m yet to find a gem like you. Therefore, I wish you the grace to discover an untold inestimable gem.

37. Happy birthday, sis. May all the sadness of the yesteryears disappear within a millisecond, giving way for a newly found joy.

38. Happy birthday, beauty. May your world blazon with glory.

39. Happy birthday, dear. May the azure of your pretty sky remain unclouded.

40. Happy birthday, dear. May you never walk alone in this journey of life. May your apportioned angels be your guide.

41. Happy birthday, dear. No matter how tasteful a fine wine may be, may your life taste exquisitely better.

42. Happy birthday, love. May you always dodge the bullet of sadness, whilst hitting your target of happiness.

43. Happy birthday, dear. May your new age push far beyond its yesteryears of dreaming.

44. Happy birthday, love. May you have everything good made anew again just for you.

45. May you experience better days in this new year of your life. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

46. Happy birthday, dear. May you discover new gifts that lie passively in you.

47. Happy birthday to you. May your new age be soothing than a breath of fresh air.

48. Happy birthday, dearie. May your new age premiere a fresh start of gaiety.

49. Happy birthday to you. Like a baby, you shall have no worries to nurse in this new year of your life.

50. No matter what lies ahead of you, may you come out unblemished and beautiful than you were.

51. Happy birthday, dearie. May your former clothes be replaced with royal apparels of many colours.

52. Happy birthday, dear. May every move you make this new year move you closer to your dreamland.

53. Happy birthday, honey. May the world present to you an astonishingly large audience to showcase your gift.

54. Happy birthday, dearest. May you have a better smile on your face and a deeper joy in your heart.

55. Happy birthday, dearie. May your new age start with a whole lot of joy and happiness.

56. Happy birthday, dearest. Henceforth, the only tears allowed to fill your eyes are the tears of joy.

57. Happy birthday, handsome. As you age stunningly, may you be super attractive than the Knight of Camelot?

58. Happy birthday, my love. May peace find its way into your heart and joy into your soul.

59. Happy birthday to you. May you be much more valuable than any legal tender of the highest value.

60. Happy birthday, dear. May your fears turn to your glory and your sadness, your joy.

61. Happy birthday, dearie. May the angels manage to make your life super admirable.

62. Happy birthday, sis. May your life takes a new and bigger turn than the way you ever desired it to be.

63. Happy birthday, love. May your world be the most beautiful and admirable place to be.

64. Happy birthday, dear. Wishing you stronger feet in the place of success.

65. Happy birthday to you. I wish you the kind of glory that was never seen and a joy never felt.

66. Happy birthday, dear. May your new age consists of three distinct tastes: taste of success, love and happiness.

67. Happy birthday, dear. May you find the way that leads to true happiness.

68. Happy birthday, dear friend. Wishing you the key to unlock dashing success and fulfilment.

69. Happy birthday, dear. May you find redemption from your past and a beauty out of your circumstance.

70. Happy birthday, my love. May you find the treasures that lie in secrecy.

71. Happy birthday, love. May you be the bridge between war and peace, likewise, hate and love.

72. Happy birthday, dear. May happiness be your new inmate and wealth your latest acquisition.

73. Happy birthday to you. May the angels, by all means, make you the next big thing in the world.

74. Happy birthday, beautiful. May you have a lasting bite of happiness and longevity on the sand of time.

75. Happy birthday, dear. May your outcome this new year appeal to your dreams and expectations.

76. Happy birthday to you. May your success evoke the will of others to succeed.

77. Happy birthday, dearie. May you have a supreme life, donned with true happiness.

78. Happy birthday, dearie. Wishing you the ability to turn your fantasy into something unexpectedly sterling.

79. Happy birthday, dear. May the world at large accord you a great reverence as you add another year.

80. Happy birthday, dear Sis. As an Amazon of success, may your tall dreams take you to a greater height.

81. Happy birthday, honey. May bigger and shiner crown be placed atop of your head.

82. Happy birthday, love. May this new age of yours be a silent breaker, with a thunderous applause from great spectators.

83. Happy birthday, love. Your eyes shall continuously twinkle with happiness all year long.

84. Happy birthday to you. May you be adored by all and sundry for your gifts and talents.

85. Happy birthday, sweety. May you never lose the vigour of your youth. Keep shinning and keep ageing agelessly.

86. Happy birthday, dear. May your eyes swam with joy all year round without the traces of despair.

87. Happy birthday, honey. My hearty wish for you is to remain younger than your years.

88. Happy birthday, dear bro. Come what may, life will never separate you from your loved ones.

89. Happy birthday to you. As you go through the year, you’ll perpetually swing with happiness and a contagious happy laughter.

90. Happy birthday, dear. May your achievements complement your prominent new age.

91. Happy birthday, dearie. May you walk with purpose and authority as you clock a new age.

92. Happy birthday, dearie. May your dreams shine as bright as the evening star and as radiant as the morning sun.

93. Happy birthday, love. May your success be moulded from a different caste and background than you have.

94. Happy birthday to you, lovely. May your service be spellbinding, until you have an overflow of success.

95. Happy birthday, love. May your journey to success be as swift as possible, as you add another age.

96. Happy birthday, honey. May your new age be enwrought in complete happiness.

97. Happy birthday, dearie. May you obey the clarion call to success and heed to the voice of goodness that beckons on you.

98. Happy birthday, sweety. May this new age never be short of beautiful stories and happy moments.

99. Happy birthday, boo. May this new age give your whole life a special meaning.

100. Happy birthday, bestie. May your new age present to you tons of superb opportunities, whilst grabbing them as they come.

101. To the one whose birth birthed a new world; happy birthday, my darling.

102. Wishes only come true with a heart of gold as yours. So, make them plenty! Happy birthday, sweetness.

103. It’s a new year in your life and of course a new season of prosperity too. Happy birthday, dearest.

104. Small might be your cake but enormous are the blessings that came with your new age. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

105. It’s the best day of the year today. Howbeit, this new year shall be the best ever. Have fun, my darling.

106. Life is good ever since you were born. Happy birthday, sweet love.

107. The beautiful ones were since born long ago on a special day as this. Heavens bless your new age. Happy birthday, darling.

108. You are special cause everything about you is not ordinary. Have a fabulous new year. Happy birthday, love.

109. To the best parent in the world; may you have reasons to smile for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, my guardian angel.

110. You make my dreams come true. May your dreams be made reality this new year. Happy birthday, bestie.

111. You’ll always count because whatever counts is you. Happy birthday, bestie. Have a blast!

112. The galaxies shine brighter because you were born on the brightest day ever. Happy birthday, dearie. May your days be just as bright as the galaxies up there.

113. I was touched by an angel who was born on this day. And to you, dear angel, happy birthday. Enjoy a divine new year.

114. Do you have a need to be met? Just whisper it to the sky because the heavens are in accordance with your blessings today. Happy birthday, sweet brother.

115. Smile as if it were your last on earth that way, it’ll be as broad as the ocean. Happy birthday, sweet sis.

116. Live long for me, live long for Dad and Mum and live long for your dreams. Happy birthday to my favourite sister.

117. May this new year blow your mind away. Happy birthday to the one that matters the most.

118. It’s ecstatic to be a part of this generation simply because you too were born amongst us. Happy birthday, sweet friend. May your dreams come true.

119. Walk majestically since you’ll enjoy the royalty of a king this new year. Happy birthday, dear friend.

120. You win my heart whenever you wear a smile. So, smile all through the year cause you’ll win the world with just a smile. Happy birthday, dear queen of my heart.

121. No words could truly match the beauty of your heart but all the blessings in heaven would be just fine as a reward. Happy birthday, love. Enjoy those blessings.

122. Sometimes, I’m carried away by your grace but forever I’m blown away by your essence. Happy birthday, dearie. Have a fabulous new year.

123. May the world revolves around you this new year and beyond. Happy birthday, love.

124. Wishes are made for friends like you. So, I wish you a splendorous new year. Happy birthday, friend.

125. You do not have to wake up early to make those wishes. I made them already on your behalf from the depth of my heart. Happy birthday, sweetie.

126. I wish you’d live the life of your dreams, I wish kings and queens will answer to you. Happy birthday, my darling.

127. On a deathbed, I’ll make a birthday wish for you because your day is most special to me. Happy birthday, love. Rule your world!

128. You rock! However, rock more this new year. Happy birthday, dear son. I love you to the moon and back!

129. You are the best daughter in the world. I know better because I’m blessed to have you. Happy birthday, love. Stay happy always.

130. I’m mostly delirious today because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday, love. May your days be prosperous.

131. May you live long enough to tell the story of hope and love. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

132. You mean the world to me. I hope you have the world at your feet. Happy birthday, sweetie.

133. Our lives, we owe to you because you’re simply the best grandparent ever. So, enjoy the best gifts in the world. Happy birthday, Granny.

134. To the best Grandpa in the world; may your days be filled with laughter. You know just how much your smiles mean to me. Happy birthday, my love.

135. May the Creator of the whole world look upon you for good. Happy birthday, godson. No one does it like you do.

136. Remember all your dreams are waiting on you. So, I wish you grace to go on. Happy birthday, sweet goddaughter. I love you!

137. Brighter days ahead of you, get ready for overflow. Happy birthday, bestie. I love you!

138. Your prayers didn’t go to waste because today marks the beginning of a show off of God’s blessings on you. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

139. Be grateful for life because you have just been welcomed to a new beginning of greatness. Happy birthday, son.

140. The heavens already conspired to bless you because you’re a good kid. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

141. Stay healthy and blessed this new year. Happy birthday, sweetie.

142. May your store be full to the brim. Happy birthday, bestie. I love you!

143. You’re my fountain of love. Dwell long in the garden of satisfaction. Happy birthday, love.

144. May you be a greater source of blessing to the world much more than you have already. Happy birthday, dear humanitarian.

145. You wow my mind every day but I hope today, heaven wows you unbelievably. Happy birthday, love.

146. Together, we’ll make those wishes because you deserve all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday, love.

147. I care for you. But the powers to be blessed outstandingly lies far above the clouds. So, I pray to the heavens to bless you this day and always. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

148. Life is worth living because of you. So, I hope you remain a spring of inspiration now and forever. Happy birthday, my darling.

149. May happiness be your guardian angel. Happy birthday to the one with the sweetest smile.

150. Making wishes is so much pleasure because they are for you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

151. May this new year taste better than the sweetest citrus. Happy birthday, my darling.

152. Far above the earth is felicific because an angel was born today. Reign on earth, my love. Happy birthday, my darling.

153. How would you feel if you had all your worries taken away? Happy birthday, love. Here comes the wind to sweep them all away.

154. Get a royal cup ready because the King just agreed to fill your glass to an overflow. Happy birthday, my bestie.

155. May miracle bring your prince charming and you together this season. Happy birthday, bestie.

156. Happy birthday to the most priceless gem in the world. You just go ahead and enjoy the life of your dreams.

157. Something tells me, this will be such a dreamy year for you. Happy birthday, love.

158. I get why the wind blew this morning. It’s only to deliver your orders from above. So, receive them with pleasure. Happy birthday, bestie.

159. Light up the candles, blow off the light. Then, it’s time to enjoy the wishes you’ve made. Happy birthday, dearest.

160. Happy birthday, my favourite person. May the best gifts of life surround your bed this new year. Have a blast!

161. Happy birthday, my love. I hope you have the best year so far.

162. You’ve paid the price. So, enjoy the prize this new year. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

163. Lovers like you come once in a while just as the eclipse of the moon. Hence, I hope you live for the longest time. Happy birthday, sweetness.

164. I love to throw you the best birthday party ever. However, until I can, accept my kind wishes for you. Have a fabulous new year, sweetie.

165. May you have an eyeful of beauty and serenity. Happy birthday, my love.

166. I’ll make wishes for you every 24hrs of the year. I just hope you have a special new year. Happy birthday, love.

167. May you enjoy the banners of greatness this year and beyond. Happy birthday, my sunshine.

168. I may not say this to you in person but with the whole of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday, my darling.

169. May the fog of blessings overshadow all worries in your heart. Happy birthday, bestie.

170. In darkness may you shine brightly as the stars. Happy birthday, genius.

171. Whatever may come your way, victory abides with you forever. Happy birthday, angel.

172. Happy birthday to the lily in my valley. I wish you an outstanding beauty of greatness.

173. You deserve my kind wishes but much more you deserve all of God’s blessing. So, enjoy its abundance. Happy birthday, angel.

174. Happy birthday, cutie. Your cakes were made in heaven, so, enjoy to your satisfaction.

175. Your blessings this new year ain’t the ones to be named because they are wild as a wildfire. Happy birthday, dear one.

176. Happy birthday, graceful one! My wishes are countless but they’re for your own pleasure. Enjoy, sweetie.

177. You’re the remedy to the world’s problems. So, do not hide your light. Happy birthday, genius.

178. Do not get an umbrella, it’s the rain of blessings falling on you, sweetie. Happy birthday, love.

179. Before you is the path of joy and fulfilment. So, live long to walk it all the way to the end. Happy birthday, sweet brother.

180. With the speed of light may your benefactors find you. Happy birthday, my one true love.

181. Just as the root draws nutrients from all around it. May you also enjoy kindness from all around you. Happy birthday, darling.

182. It’s a hurricane of prosperity coming on you. Do not take cover! Happy birthday, my only one.

183. May your voice be heard as it is the voice of change and positivity. Happy birthday, dearie.

184. The angels are all around you just whisper to them your desires. Happy birthday, my love.

185. May your blessings revolve all year round about you just as the earth around the sun. Happy birthday, my love.

186. My box isn’t without the gifts but also, it comes with the wishes of prosperity and longevity. Happy birthday, sweetie.

187. You have the right to heavenly blessings. After all, you’re an exceptional angel who left the palatial heavens for the turbulent earth. Happy birthday, sweet angel of kindness.

188. I’ve exhausted all the good wishes on you. However, you deserve even so much more. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

189. Can’t get you off my mind. So, I’ll rain outstanding blessings on you all day long. I love you to the moon and back, sweet daughter.

190. Happy birthday, bestie. You always have a friend in me. Do not forget that!

191. To the diamond in my sky; happy birthday, my love. I wish you nothing but joy.

192. I wish you a robe of many colours signifying all the desires of your heart. Happy birthday, sweetie.

193. You’ve grown a year older but you age just like the sun. Happy birthday, my love.

194. Happy birthday, sweet love. Candies taste so much better when I share them with you. So, I hope you live long to share those candies with me forever. I love you!

195. Happy birthday, sweetie. It’s time to shine so brightly. I hope you do! I love you!

196. Take a look at the tree by the riverside. You’ll never wither as it is your nature to prosper just like the tree planted by the riverside. Happy birthday, love.

197. May the rainbow of hope appear on this day just for you to be blessed every day from now on. Happy birthday, my love.

198. Just as the sun never gives up on the planet earth. I wish the angels of blessings be with you forever. Happy birthday, my dearest.

199. With understanding, you shall walk the path of greatness this year. Happy birthday, dear sister and friend.

200. Joy like a river, peace like an ocean, and wealth as the treasures of an island shall be your portion now and forever. Happy birthday, sweet Momma. I love you!

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