Simple Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

2023 Simple Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

Sometimes, we want to say how we feel about our loved ones but we cannot find words. As much as you do not know what to always say, you owe them special greetings on their birthdays.

And these Simple Birthday Wishes for someone so special to you would do.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Friend

So far in your life, I believe you have met some people who made significant impacts in your life’s journey.
I guess you will not want to miss their important days, especially their birthday.
Below are lovely wishes you can send, by just copying and pasting them to that friend of yours.

1. Friendship is a funny journey. You wish all goes right but wrongs also find their place. Thanks for staying in thick and in thin. Happy birthday, pal!

2. Anytime I remember how we met, I always thank God as it is my most blessed moment on earth. Happy birthday!

3. Friendship is for direction. To have a friend like you has made me made the right decisions in life. Happy birthday!

4. The path of friendship is sometimes rough but the destination is always sweet. It is good to look back and see how long we have walked together along this path, Happy birthday!

5. Despite our age differences, you still stood by me and took me seriously. You are a true friend and I know this in my heart. Happy birthday!

6. Not everyone is a good listener, I am also a terrible talker but you have always had time to hear me out. Happy birthday, great communicator!

7. I learn very fast, but majorly when I became friends with you. You taught me a lot and I know I am now attractive to relate with. Happy birthday, model friend!

8. Humility is a quality rarely seen in early achievers. You have stood out by the conduct of your life so far as my friend. I am proud of you, happy birthday!

9. Time is a thief, distance is even worse. How I wish I could buy back what the duo had stolen from me–YOU. I miss being together with you, happy birthday!

10. Understanding is key to attaining long-time friendship. I celebrate you as you have been instrumental to my growth over the years by your depth of insights. Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Brother

Simple Birthday Wishes for Brother: I believe your brother will love to see these wishes listed below. Happy birthday to him.

1. Birthdays are for reflections, anytime I remember your day, I find every reason to become better as your life daily teaches me. Happy Birthday, Brother.

2. Days are important but one stands out. You have been a beacon of hope to me and my family. Continue to soar higher in your endeavours. Happy Birthday!

3. Every name has a meaning, fragrance it brings to the heart. I celebrate the day of your birth because you have brought so much meaning to my life, brother. Happy Birthday, Live on and live long!

4. Uniqueness is always admired, albeit, it’s hard to find in people. I admire you because you are uniqueness spelt out in all regards. Happy Birthday!

5. Relevance is earned, not bought. You have been there for me and many others and your day is important to me. Happy Birthday, Brother!

6. You are a treasure, your life challenges me daily to push towards my goal. May the rest of your days on earth be as lovely as you are. Happy Birthday!

7. Friendship appreciates when the hearts involved are knitted in truth. Thank you for making me understand friendship even as your brother. Happy Birthday!

8. Having you as a brother was not your choice but dealing with me as one is a lifetime privilege I will be forever thankful for. Grow and make more impacts, Happy Birthday!

9. You are a star, a light that adds value to lives. May you continue to live like a prince yet find joy in the company of lowly men. Happy Birthday to you, brother.

10. As water brings refreshing to the bowels of men, may the outpouring of your living from this special day bring freshness to the lives of all that meet you? Happy Birthday, Lots of love!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Sister

You have a sister? Wow, you are lucky! They are that part that adds colour and splendor to the home bringing fragrance of love in every situation.
Today is her birthday, I guess.
Below are messages that show all that you have bottled up as wishes for her in writing.
Send it and make her heart glad!

1. The lack of a thing can make one lose value they others see in it. Your coming to our family gave me a definition of what a true lady should look like. Happy birthday, sister mi!

2. Whenever I see you, prayer wells up in my bowels. Not for money or cars, but for a wife that will look exactly like you in all areas. Happy birthday!

3. I just bought a book: ‘knowing the right man for her’, I want to know the man who would be right for you my sister, for you are precious to me. Happy birthday!

4. You are a beauty with brains, a wonder to me. I love the way you make me feel like your brother. Happy birthday Sis!

5. Anytime I remember how we grew up together, survived the storms. I always wish for more fruitful years for you for you have come this far in life without relenting. Happy birthday Sis!

6. I used to think that your correction was hatred until I had a girlfriend. Thank you for staying through with me even in your constant discipline. Happy birthday!

7. You have a tender heart yet courageous. Living with you has been easy because you have learnt how to manage the excesses of others in a friendly way. Happy birthday, sis!

8. You are not just my sister, you are a lady that is perfect for a king. Shine on and become better this new year. Happy birthday!

9. May you always find expression this year just like the morning sun, refresh the lives of others just like the drizzling rain. Happy birthday, sis!

10. Colours blend together and beautify a picture. May all things that pertain to you blend together and may your life be in one accord as you advance in age. Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Father

As we grow up, some people are not privileged to have a father to look up to.
They love them but they cannot see them, let alone wish them well.
You have a father and you know he is wonderful.
Is it not good for you to thrill him with a birthday wish? Look no further, we have packaged special messages for him below.
Just choose the one that best fits his person and make his day glamorous.

1. My Dad is a King, his throne is in my heart, his counsels are the ones I live by. Happy birthday to the King that gave me life!

2. No matter how far I go in life, I will always look back to see a Giant who left his strength in a seed to become a Me. Happy birthday, Dad!

3. There is always a boldness you have knowing that you have a father. I am overjoyed to have a father who knows how to lead a Son. Happy birthday, daddy!

4. Many grow up to be wayward because they lack the light of right living. My daddy is a light, I see through his eyes. Thank you for raising me up. Happy birthday!

5. When challenges come, I do not fear for I am not empty. I have been filled with insight for life. Thank you, daddy, for your love and sacrifice. Happy birthday!

6. Every child behaves by the example he grows up to see. Thank you for being a good example that we all could follow. Happy birthday, Dad!

7. I have a walking stick, I walk better than men around me. My father’s word is my walking stick, so my walk has a difference. Happy birthday, dad!

8. Whenever I am down and discouraged, I put a call.across to my dad for he has a word for every situation. Thank you for being there, Happy birthday!

9. Daddy is a people’s person, his life has taught me how to make more friends than enemies. I have fewer troubles around me because of you, happy birthday daddy!

10. Daddy is a bank, I make minute by minute withdrawals yet he never closes his vault of wisdom from me, Happy birthday My Daddy!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Mother

I love my mother and I trust you do too.
I know how to take care of her and make her happy.
As much as it can be hard to get something special for her today,
A simple birthday wish from us can make the whole day special and put smiles on momma’s face.
Scroll down to see and send these lovely messages to her.

1. Mother is a professional, she has mastered all facets of human life just for me and my siblings. You mean so much to me, Happy Birthday!

2. It’s your Golden Jubilee celebration mummy, you are indeed my youth of old age. Rise and don’t stop shining. Happy birthday!

3. There are many women but not all understand motherhood. Thank you for making me know the dealings of a mother in life. Happy birthday, Mummy!

4. You have laid down your life that our lives might be laid up in a victory. I appreciate you mum, Happy Birthday ma!

5. May you continue to appreciate in life even as I appreciate you today for your love mum, Happy Birthday!

6. May the light of your day not grow dim and may you make progress in all ramifications? I love you mum, Happy Birthday!

7. It is glorious to remember your day mother, for you have given us the confidence to face life regardless of any situation. Happy birthday, ma!

8. I celebrate you, mother because you made available pathways for life for your children. I particularly am forever grateful. Happy birthday!

9. May you find every reason to give thanks on your special day as you have brought forth nations from your womb. Happy birthday, mummy!

10. On this day, a special person was born. You are an epitome of excellence and joy. Continue to live and love life. Happy birthday, mother!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

There is that special somebody that walks into your life at a crucial time, which turns the light on for living appropriately.
I know you have that person who is a companion.
Why not make him feel loved, knowing that he truly has a worthy girlfriend.
We have crafted wonderful wishes for him and we know it will spark love the more in his heart.

1. Your life is a wonder. I don’t know how living at this time would have been without you in my life. Happy birthday dear!

2. I pray you don’t stop loving God, seeing a better you and that you don’t stop seeing us together in a lovely future. Happy birthday, boyfriend!

3. You are a leader, your life influences me to influence others around me positively. Happy birthday, darling!

4. Men are like gold, but you are priceless. Thanks for believing in our love walk! Happy birthday.

5. You see the good in everything. It is a great blessing that you always have a positive mind. Happy birthday.

6. You are destined for great things. I am proud to be known with you. Ride on in grace and splendour. Happy birthday!

7. Keep growing with your leaves green, keep glowing with your leaves always open to a fresh breath of life. Happy birthday!

8. You are valuable with a difference. My journey is fruitful because you are with me. Happy birthday!

9. The atmosphere you carry is inspiring. Wherever you get to, you inspire others to do great things. Happy birthday, hero!

10. You are a bundle of joy to your generation. You are handsome and sweet inside out. Happy birthday, a man of deep thoughts!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

I don’t love it, I don’t love it…
If someone forgets my birthday? No.
I don’t love it if you just call me without sending pleasant wishes to celebrate me.
I know your girlfriend also feels the same way and we have made sure she loves what we have written below. Wishing her a happy birthday.

1. I cannot but think about you every day. You have actualized so much especially in the project ME. Happy Birthday, dearie!

2. Today is beautiful because I have a queen not on any throne but in the kingdom of my thoughts. Happy birthday beautiful one!

3. When I met you, all about my life changed. Friends began to wonder and raise eyebrows until they met you. Happy birthday to the bringer of my morning!

4. You are not just my lady, you are a bundle of virtues that money cannot buy. I celebrate the one who makes me understand what it is like to be in love. Happy birthday, dearie!

5. You are smart, the best of your kind. Any man that meets you knows In himself that he has hit a jackpot, fortunately, I am the only one for your kind. Happy birthday, my kind of woman!

6. You are a sister, mother and friend. You fit into every day that makes a man complete. Happy birthday, dearie!

7. Perfection, they say is difficult. I found the possibility when I met you. You are second to none, darling. Happy birthday!

8. From the time I met you, I prayed less for the words of your mouth are always answers to my heart desires. I long for more of life with you, happy birthday dear!

9. I did not know how to make accurate decisions, in fact, mistakes described me. You are a timely agent, you changed the course of my life. Happy birthday dear!

10. There is nothing as pleasurable as having what to live for and who to live with. I have got both, the latter completes it all. Happy birthday, dearie!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Your nephew is an added friend, one that has been with you from the days you rode tyres together even till this moment. He deserves real wishes today that can leave a lasting impression on his heart outside the day to day comments on his person.
We also looked into this and crafted heart-warming birthday wishes for that nephew of yours below.

1. May you be abundantly satisfied with good things this new year and may men with good hearts seek your company. Happy birthday!

2. May you continue to bear fruits and just like a vine, may you make higher strides in places you never imagined. Happy birthday!

3. In the years ahead, may your rest be definite and may you constantly find reasons to rejoice. Happy birthday!

4. From this day in your life, grow more in strength as cedars and haste towards your goal. We all love and believe in you. Happy birthday!

5. You will continually be an addition to life with fewer regrets and many thanks on your lips. You have been of benefit to me, Happy birthday!

6. You are loved, special, unique and bright. Your type is so hard to find. Live prosperously! Happy birthday.

7. Seasons typify fruitfulness and each has distinct marks. May you make indelible marks on the lives of people you meet at your age. Happy birthday!

8. May you be dogged towards success even as your thoughts take you on a higher pedestal this new year. Happy birthday!

9. May you remain fresh and young in heart even you age higher. Happy birthday, Nephew!

10. Happy birthday to you, a bundle of talents. You deserve no cake as you have been a source of sweetness to all of us. Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Niece

Familiar faces are mostly taken for granted, reason being that we always have them around us.
You can seize this opportunity of your niece birthday to show her how much you value her place in your life and family.
Well, you have beautiful and thoughtful wishes listed below to choose from, in wishing your niece a happy birthday.

1. May you lose count of your blessings as you grow older. Why? Because you will be blessed beyond the logic of multiplication table. Happy birthday!

2. May you always find the power to impact individuals at various levels of life even as you age and increase in understanding. Happy birthday!

3. May you be here with us in health for long with greatness not absent in your journey. Happy birthday!

4. May you always record special moments in your life from today even as you are special to my heart. Happy birthday!

5. May you not lose significance at any time yet make significant increase in all ramifications. Happy birthday!

6. May your life be as colourful as the rainbow, may every choice you make from today make your life more meaningful. Happy birthday!

7. As you celebrate a new age today, may nature conspire with heavens to bless all that concerns you. Happy birthday!

8. May the change of times from this day never cause you to regret living for the good of others. Happy birthday!

9. May you sustain all your relationships tighter and stronger like a love potion in your journey. Happy birthday!

10. May you dig deeper into your treasures on this new age of yours. May precious moments fill your life. Happy birthday.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Love is a wonderful thing especially when it is shown to the persons concerned.
As much as they tease us daily, you don’t get to tell them how much you love them.
Below are some wonderful wishes that will really express your heart to your cousin on this day.

1. May you find help in the days to come. Nevertheless, may you be a help to many who find you on their journey. Happy birthday!

2. May it be a crime for failure to come your way, may your paths be laced with success always. Happy birthday!

3. Just like the butterfly, may your flight be smooth and may your beauty be manifest to the world this year. Happy birthday!

4. Lively cousin, may you always find space in lively places. May you not fade into obscurity among your contemporaries. Happy birthday!

5. May you attain great heights and be phenomenal this new year of yours. Happy birthday!

6. May your type of life find your type of person with a fulfilling year ahead of you. Happy birthday!

7. May all your efforts this new year be rewarding and may blossoming find you always. Happy birthday!

8. May you be strong and tall as the palm tree and may you find space to spread your tentacles in life. Happy birthday!

9. You are awesome and I want to let you know that sometimes I feel you can just be like me. Happy birthday!

10. Smart, intelligent and gorgeous cousin. May you radiate light as a candlestick yet keep your purity and not wax cold. Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Husband

Men love it when they are celebrated by their wives, especially when their ego is massaged.
Don’t think he does not need it, send him pleasant wishes on his birthday will surely strike a chord in his heart.
What to write? It’s not a problem, we have got it all laid out below.

1. May your aspirations for this new year in your life come speedily. Happy birthday!

2. May you continue to connect to wisdom to rule the home even as you increase in years. Happy birthday!

3. May you not lose touch with things that made me choose you as the man for my life and children. Happy birthday dear hubby.

4. I have become a better woman over the years not be strength but by the man, I married. Find strength to become a better husband on your new age also. Happy birthday!

5. Men are in cadres, husband in kinds. You are a different breed, a model for our children to follow. Happy birthday!

6. May all your dreams come true and may you always pass the different tests that life brings to you. Happy birthday!

7. Your life has been teaching me and many others how to walk and walk well. Happy birthday!

8. You are exceptional and generous. May your heart grow bigger t love even as you age. Happy birthday!

9. I am able to boast about my husband because I know he is able to keep me on course even without a cause. Happy birthday!

10. The journey to a new year would be better as you will make greater exploits as the father of our children. Happy birthday, husband.

Simple Birthday Wishes for Wife

Women are easy to please. You seem surprised? Yes, that’s how we all look when this statement is made.
Words are the only way to a woman’s heart, if you can get the right words at the right time.
A lovely message will spice her day up much more than pack of gifts reserved for her.
We have it all ready for you to choose the best for your wife.

1. I have not only believed God, you have made me value following his instructions by your commitment to him also. Happy birthday my love!

2. There is nothing I have prayed for that I have not achieved, why? I made a choice to marry you and I am okay. Happy birthday.

3. May you become more beautiful as your year’s increase. May all that brings joy find you this new year. Happy birthday!

4. May all good things of life abound towards you this new year. You are dear and tender to my heart. Happy birthday.

5. You are a picture of a nation. Our children are the bits that form the picture. Happy birthday!

6. You are wonderful and the thought of you always gladdens my heart. Happy birthday!

7. May you always find joy in little, happiness in plenty and love in always being with me. Happy birthday!

8. Light makes all things pure. Your person has helped to purify my life and goals. Happy birthday!

9. There is fulfilment in knowing you did not make a mistake in choosing a wife. Thanks for making me a blessed man. Happy birthday!

10. Anytime I remember your love and care, I will always give thanks for you are a virtuous woman and friend. Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Son

It is good to celebrate your children, especially your son.
Many times, we do not know how to say what we mean in such a way that it will show that we mean what we say.
There is a list of hearty wishes below that you can send to your son to assure him that he has got not just wonderful parents, but ones who truly care for him.

1. Times and change are inseparable. May the days ahead of you make you a better individual with a desire for change. Happy birthday, Son.

2. A sharpened Axe makes more impacts, may the days ahead of you make you more impactful to all around you son. Happy birthday!

3. May the sweetness of the times find expression continually in the days from now. Happy birthday!

4. As you age, may you always find a page in your life’s book to retain instruction that you may benefit all around you? Happy birthday!

5. Age more, believe in yourself and always tell yourself the truth. Happy birthday, son.

6. Find reason to always forgive, love more and pray more. Happy birthday.

7. The path to the top is for those who desire it, may your desires take you to the height of your career. Happy birthday!

8. Life makes you what you want to make in it. May your choices from today make you bigger and better. Happy birthday!

9. Loneliness kills, may you always find good company and friends who will lead you aright. Happy birthday, Son.

10. Anytime I remember your name, I laugh within with assurance because I know I have a true son. Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Words are powerful, smiles count.
The pleasure of kind words are countless.
Your daughter cares so much about the words you speak to her.
We have packaged kind words in wishes to celebrate her and put a smile on her face on this special day.
Don’t hesitate to scroll down and pick the perfect one for that dear daughter of yours.

1. May you always find life pleasing to live as you age more and may you feast on greeness always. Happy birthday!

2. May you grow well, in health and live the life you desire. Happy birthday, daughter!

3. May your attain possibilities and landmark success in all endeavours this new age of yours. Happy birthday!

4. As you grow older, may your life always be in order? Happy birthday!

5. May you be guided by wisdom and take appropriate steps toward greatness again this new year. Happy birthday!

6. May your days be long as the length of life and may you always find reason to hope for a better day. Happy birthday!

7. As you age, may your aspire to be greater and may the memories of yesterday always bring smiles to your face. Happy birthday!

8. Count your blessings, they are many. You are a blessing to me, you are unique and special. Happy birthday!

9. Your goals may be big, don’t give up on them for you are bigger and we celebrate you today. Happy birthday, daughter!

10. Whenever I see your smile, I remember how I was your age and I see how better you can become tomorrow. Happy birthday!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Everyone loves to be celebrated.
People are just like that.
We all have our uncles and we love to make them feel special on their birthday.
We have outlined these wishes just to make their day memorable.

1. You are nice, you bring people together. You are also a good story-teller and it makes me want to be like you when I grow up. Happy birthday, Uncle!

2. You are a prudent person yet generous to a fault. Only God knows how you blend both together. The wisdom that does that, I still earnestly crave for, Happy birthday Sir!

3. Every time you call me to encourage me, telling me you know how it can be tough for a young man out there. It means the world to me, I love you Uncle, Happy birthday!

4. You have been a pillar of blessing to me and my family over the years, I appreciate you for your long-standing care and support. Thank you, Uncle, happy birthday!

5. Your path in life has not been easy, yet you were not hard on us when we were staying with you. You are a book, full of lessons to learn daily. Happy birthday Sir!

6. May you always look back on your youth and make joyful sounds and move towards your old age with satisfaction. Happy birthday Sir.

7. On this special day, may your influence as a person be stronger as you age in places that matter. Happy birthday Sir!

8. May you find ease to do big things, joy to do hard things and courage to dare impossible situations. We are proud of you Uncle. Happy birthday!

9. May you continue to be a resourced person to your society and may your authority in your area of interest not wane. Happy birthday Sir!

10. May all stumbling blocks be removed from your way, may you to make unlimited progress from this new age. Happy birthday Sir!

Simple Birthday Wishes for Aunty

Days count but a day always count to everyone, the day of their birth.
Your aunt needs to see an inspiring message for the value she has added to your life in uncountable ways.
Don’t you think she deserves it? We have this and much more for her.

1. I appreciate God for keeping you alive for us to gain from you. Happy birthday, Aunty, my heart and mouth are full of gratitude to you!

2. Patience is a virtue, to be lovely is an attitude. You possess them both, that makes you my model aunt always. Happy birthday Sweet Aunty!

3. I want to tell you a secret, you are captivating in speech and personality. But for family ties, I would have loved to marry you. Happy birthday, aunt, pls don’t laugh at my secret.

4. You are an example of tolerance, I would have been in emotional exile but for your caring attitude and open arms. Happy birthday Aunty. I would change for the better this new year!

5. May you make more profits in your business and incur fewer costs and fewer problems to solve in all you do. Happy birthday!

6. You are fun to be with, a listener per excellence. May your good nature towards others not be corrupted and may you be around with us for long. Happy birthday, ma!

7. May you always be a picture that younger ladies would look up to and find pattern for living even as you grow older. Happy birthday!

8. May your turn around be radically blissful and may your face not cease to shine. Happy birthday Aunty!

9. You make things that are difficult for me simple just by the conduct of your life around us, Aunty. Happy birthday!

10. May the essence of your living at this time not be lost, may you always find the path to more victories as you age and make increase in your years. 40 looks good on you, Happy birthday Aunty!

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