Good Night Messages for Best Friend

Good Night Messages for Best Friend in 2023

Good friends are like a rare commodity, they are almost always not found anywhere.
But then they are like food to the soul, they can be our support, lifeguard and even family. With them, we find common ground.

But of course, we might not get to always see our best friends as much as we want to. We still have to maintain that bond as much as we wish to, every moment as we wish.
But then, in all, we still have to let them know that they matter to us, no matter the time of the day.
This is another reason why it is important to always let them know that they are important and the bond you share with them unique.
You can let them know how amazing they are and how you wish them well at any time of the day even as they sleep at night by sending to them Good Night Messages for Best Friends in 2023.

Have a Good Night and Sweet Dreams Messages for Your Best Friend

So, some good night wishes for your best of friends? Here are the best collection of good night messages and quotes for him or her to have the best of sweet dreams. Send to your best friend and make their night worth it!

1. The stars are out already and the soft breeze is here already, just know that in this peaceful and still night, I miss your mischiefs. Have a nice night rest

2. I’m banking on you to have an amazing night rest, you deserve that.

3. I hope you’re still smiling from that joke from earlier? Well, I still am and I plan to, to sleep. Good night and sweet dreams.

4. To you my dearest friend that does his best to make me smile at every opportunity, I’m wishing you a good night rest.

5. You’re my best person in the whole world, you know I never get tired of saying that. I wish you an amazing night rest ahead

6. You’re a great person always, let that thought always be in your heart even as you go to sleep tonight. Have a wonderful night rest.

7. May this night bring with it, ease and comfort for your soul and mind. Have a good night rest ahead

8. Go to sleep with the thoughts of how awesome you really are. Sleep tight my best friend.

9. I wish you comfort, happiness and most of all, q good night rest.

10. It’s night time and I can’t help but remember all the jokes and laughter we shared during the day. Go to bed, we’ll continue in the dreams.

11. Today was another funfilled day and you made it so with the jokes and plays. Goodnight my best friend, have a good rest.

12. I wish there would be no night so we can stay up as long as we want and have all the fun! But then, good night my best friend.

13. I wish you my friend that I hold very dear the most wonderful of nights. Sleep tight.

14. If only you know hard I’m laughing right now, remembering all the jokes from the afternoon. You’re a good friend buddy, sleep tight.

15. Goodnight, sleep tight, have a wonderful night rest my best friend!

16. I just hope you have a good night rest inspire of how hard you’ve cracked me up today. Have a great night ahead buddy.

17. I hope your dreams are colourful and fanciful, I hope you get a good night rest. Sweet dreams.

18. People like you make the world a better place and more fun to be with you in it. Goodnight best friend, sleep tight.

19. I know you don’t have much time to rest, but then I wish you a comfy night ahead.

20. I want to wish you a comfy night and a very good sleep, sleep tight buddy.

21. Goodnight to you the best of my friends and the one that cracks me up with much fun and laughter.

22. Winks, knocks, pinches and jabs for you as you go to sleep, you deserve l he mischievous buddy, good night.

23. Have an iffy and fluffy rest bestie, goodnight from here and please no heavy plays in the sleep.

24. I wish you a very long sleep and a very good rest ahead this night. Good night, friend!

25. May your soul and body find a very good rest, good night to you the best of my friends.

26. With you, every moment is fun and exciting, I always look forward to being with you. Goodnight my best friend.

27. My precious friend, the one I feel safe with always, good night and make sure you have a good rest ahead.

28. My adorable friend, the most special to my heart! Well, I just want to wish you good night, sweet dreams.

29. You know that I hold our friendship close! I really wish and pray that you have a Good Night rest.

30. May the good night contain good things for you and you alone. Good night my best friend.

31. I just want to remind you that if you’re tired you should learn to rest, not quit. Good Night my best buddy.

32. Too much of this friendship is beneficial to both our health, I hope you know that? Sleep tight my best friend.

33. My best friend that I cam never get enough of no matter how many hours we spent together, I just want to wish you an amazing night ahead.

34. Even if we’re far apart at this moment, you are still my best friend and you’ll always be. Goodnight to you, cupcake.

35. Our hearts and minds are synced together and I just want you to know that you’re my best friend, now and always. Good night to you, dear.

36. Our friendship is beautiful and always unique, I just want you to know that you’re in my thoughts tonight as we go to sleep.

37. The foundation of our friendship is so unique that I’m quite sure we have the best friendship in the world. Have a goodnight rest pal.

38. Friendship with you is the most perfect in the world, I want you to always know his even as you go to sleep tonight.

39. Being in each other’s thoughts despite the distance between us is what makes our friendship very unique. Good night bestie.

40. I love that we have a friendship so strong that the distance cannot mar. Have a good night rest my best friend.

41. One of the major reasons to be grateful for the life that I have is the fact that you’re my best friend. Good night and sleep tight buddy.

42. Today is another day to be grateful life and our friendship! Have a good night rest ahead my best friend.

43. Our friendship is worth more than anything in the world. May we never be apart. Good night.

44. You’re one of life’s greatest blessings to me as you’re mine and true friend. I just want to wish you a good night rest ahead.

45. Despite all, we’ve been through and life has shown us, you’ve remained a good friend. Have a good night rest the best of all friends.

46. Trust me when I say our friendship is destined to last forever. Good night, and sleep tight.

47. Our guardian angels are on standby to usher you to a good night rest for your body. Sleep tight my best friend.

48. You’ve been a good friend, more than I even bargained for, all I wish you as a perfect night rest ahead.

49. May God bless and keep you for the night, you deserve that and more. Good night pal.

50. Happiness, goodness and sweetness be with you as you go to sleep tonight my best friend, have a wonderful night rest.

51. God bless you tonight, always and forever my best friend. Good night.

52. I was so busy today I couldn’t talk to you as much as we always do but then, know that you’re in my thoughts as you go to sleep tonight. Good night my best friend.

53. In my thoughts, in my heart, you’re always there even at night. I wish you a very wonderful night and God’s blessings.

54. My thoughts are with you even as we both go to sleep tonight and I can only wish you a very good night rest ahead.

55. True friendship means looking out for each other all the time, and I love that you’re my best friend, always good night dearie.

56. You got my back always, you’re more than a best friend, you’re my second heart. I wish you a good night ahead.

57. Until you came into my life, I didn’t know what true friendship is. Thanks for staying true always, good night my best friend.

58. Hey, I hope you know that I can’t go to sleep without telling you goodnight. Sleep tight my best friend.

59. Friendship and life, in general, is sweet with you in it with me, thanks for sticking with me. Goodnight buddy.

60. Friendship has a true meaning with you in it, thanks for all you do. Make sure you have a good night rest.

61. You hold a special place in my heart, always, you’re my most special being in the universe and I wish you the most special of all nights.

62. Another day has come to an end, I just want to say thank you for making it another beautiful day with your touch if friendliness. Have a good night rest.

63. All I want to say right now is that you have a wonderful night rest. Sleep tight my best buddy.

64. You’re a true friend, we’ve had an amazing friendship thanks to your efforts. I wish you a good night rest and God’s blessings.

65. One of the best things in life that I enjoy is a very sweet unique friendship with you. Have a good and sweet night rest ahead.

66. The difference between each day you’re not here with me to share in my the fun and laughter is very glaring.

67. I just want you to know that you, my best friend, are my last thoughts at night, I wish you a sweet night rest.

68. I wish your sleep will be as sound as a baby’s and you’ll have a good dream. Good night, my best friend.

69. Have a peaceful sleep, you deserve it more than anything, good night buddy.

70. Hey, I wouldn’t want today to end without me telling you what an awesome personality you have. Goodnight my best friend, sleep tight.

71. You understand me, even more than I do and I’m so lucky to have a friend as so. Thank you, my best friend, have a wonderful night rest.

72. The universe did me good and brought you to me and left you as my best friend. I love you, buddy. Good night.

73. I just want you to know that you’re my best friend, now you can go to sleep. Good night.

74. You’ve stood by me through thick and thin, you’ve proved yourself over time to be an amazing friend and I appreciate it so much. Good night my best friend.

75. Each night, I go to bed with thoughts of how lucky I am to have you as my friend. I wish you a good night rest.

76. The silent night holds with it a peaceful rest just for you. I wish your heart outstanding peace, good night my best friend.

77. You’re not just a friend, you’re my best human on Earth. Thanks for this friendship. Have a good night rest.

78. You know I always tell you that my nights are incomplete, without wishing you a good night rest. Sleep tight bestie.

79. Allow me to whistle softly to send you to good night sleep. Good night my best buddy.

80. People come and go, but best friends stay true in all. Have a wonderful sleep tonight.

81. To you my biggest life gift, I say a warm and heartfelt good night. Sleep tight.

82. You’re the biggest thing to happen to me, you’re amazing like that. Good night and sleep, tight, buddy.

83. You, my friend, are the sweetest person on Earth and you deserve a very good night rest.

84. All I want to tell you is that you are my real success, my best friend. Have an amazing night rest…

85. Nothing beats having an amazing and very free-spirited soul as a friend. You combined it all in one body and I love you for that. Have a great night rest my friend.

86. You’re my real-life success, my backbone. Thanks for being the most supportive friend in my life. Have a wonderful night rest ahead.

87. You, my good friend, are the measure of my success. Thank you for standing out and staying with me. Sleep tight.

88. You’re that only one person that stays true to me through it all. I just want to wish you a good night rest.

89. You’re my peace of mind, you’re my most valuable treasure. Just go to sleep and enjoy the world of dreams.

90. Switch off your lights and enjoy your journey into the land of dreams. Sleep tight pal.

91. At the end of it all, the only person left is your one true friend, and that is you. I wish you a good night rest ahead.

92. I wish we’ll go into the dreams and continue our fun times. You’re a darling friend. Have a great rest tonight

93. I am so lucky because, at the end of it all, you’re the one friend that sticks with me completely. Sleep, tight dearie.

94. I just want to wish you my lovely friend a wonderful night rest. Good night. Sweet dreams. Sleep tight.

95. I love that I get to draw my strengths from you at all times, you’re the best friend to my soul. Good night and sleep tight.

96. Thanks for all you do to me and for me, you’re the best friend anyone can ever wish for. I wish you a good night rest.

97. I’m here, wishing you were here with me so we can continue all the gist even into the night, but then, I wish you a good night rest ahead.

98. May the Lord bring speedy answers to every secret desire, you’ve been an amazing friend so you deserve it. Sleep tight my bestie.

99. Friends like you don’t come easily and then, I wish you’ll stay with me till infinity. Have a great night rest.

100. I just want to remind you tonight that you are the best thing that happened to me. Goodnight my sweet friend.

With these goodnight messages, you can show your best friend that you care.

If you’ve enjoyed this collection of good night messages for best friend, please reach out by sending in your comments, feedbacks and of course customized good night messages for your best friend.

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