Good Night Message for Someone Special

2023 Good Night Messages for Someone Special

The night is a time to unwind and let go of the stress of the day. For some people, its a time of reflection and strategic planning while for others, it’s a time to let go of all the stress and worries of the day.

Our families, friends and inner circles make up a variety of special people and they all need to have a smile on their faces and what awesome way to do that than to send them goodnight messages. It shows they are uppermost on our thoughts.

For your delightful reading, these goodnight messages for someone special have been written. Pick the one that speaks uniquely to that special someone.

Good Night Sweet Dreams Messages for Him or Her

These are great good night messages for that special someone you have in your life and you cherish. The best of good night sweet dreams Messages for Friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Also great for family members or loved ones.

1. Be grateful for the opportunity to complete a day in sound health and not in the hospital. Count your blessings and be grateful for all you have. Good night.

2. Live each day to the best of your ability and try to complete each day, with little or no regrets. Good night, dear.

3. The stars come out to dance in the night and beautify the sky. Close your eyes, dream of the beauty of life and living. Good night, dear friend.

4. As the stars come out to play in the night and add beauty to the sky. You have added beauty to my life. As you rest and sleep tonight, may your rest be blissful. Good night, my dear.

5. May your night be one of wonderful dreams and precious rest. Have a great night. Good night, my darling.

6. Just as you are precious, your night would be precious. I am wishing you the best night rest, as you sleep tonight. Good night, darling.

7. Stop worrying about the future and dwelling in the past. Let go of all your fears and challenges. Good night, my friend.

8. May God preserve you and keep you safe as you retire for the night. Good night, my darling.

9. With night comes a time of rest and renewal of energy of lost strength. Sleep well and stay safe. Good night, my darling.

10. You are very dear to my heart and my mind. As you close your eyes to sleep, may your sleep be blissfulness. Good night, my sweetheart.

11. Good night, my dear friend. May tomorrow shine bright with the joy of living and your night be full of relaxing and fulfilling rest.

12. Sweet dreams to a great man. You are the best Dad. Your strength and wisdom are of great value. Thanks for blessing my life daily with your presence. May God improve your strength. Goodnight, Dad.

13. Always keep being the unique person I know. As you retire for the night, think of the great things you need to accomplish tomorrow. Be rest assured that your night would be restful. Good night, my dear.

14. Be true to yourself at all times and in all circumstances. From here, I wish you a great night. Good night, my dear friend.

15. May your sleep be peaceful. As the sun has gone to rest with the assurance of it’s rising tomorrow. May your sleep bring with it, the opportunity for you to see tomorrow. Good night, my dearest friend.

16. Live a life that brings out your fullest potential. Make space for the right people to enter and challenge the potentials in you. Good night, dearest.

17. Reflect on the day and all you did. Be glad for the good you’ve done and learn from the mistakes made. Sleep and plan to face the next day with energy and renewed strength. Good night.

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18. The stars come out to play and cast their beauty on the earth, just as you have cast your love in my heart and beautified my life. Good night, baby.

19. Sleep gives you rest, improves your mental alertness and renews your strength to conquer, attain greater heights and obtain greater things. Good night, my friend.

20. Have a sound sleep and blissful rest. May your night be as awesome as you are. Sleep and wake up with fresh thoughts to conquer the day. Good night, my dear.

21. Good night and sleep well, my dear one. There would always be space for your greatness, so don’t limit yourself.

22. May the angels protect you and watch over you as you close your eyes to welcome sleep. Good night, my dear.

23. Good night and sweet dreams, my husband. I bless God every day for making me choose you. You are more than special and I love you more with the passing of each day.

24. My prayer for you tonight is a prayer of preservation and protection. May God’s grace watch over you and enrich you. Good night, my dear friend.

25. Night rest can only be a blessing if we don’t borrow the problems of the future and focus on the is takes of the past. So, forget your worries and have a wonderful sleep. Good night, my King.

26. Let your dreams take you beyond the horizons of your natural world. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Good night, my dear.

27. Dream of the great things you want to do and places you want to go. Awake in the morning and take the necessary actions to bring your dreams to fulfilment. Good night, my darling.

28. Worries change nothing but destroys our peace of mind and drains our energy. So don’t worry, relax and be full of gratitude. Good night, my baby.

29. Gratitude should be expressed every time of the day but most especially at night when we take count of all our blessings. Be grateful for everything, both small and great. Good night, my Earl.

30. I am grateful that God kept you safe, despite the plan of the enemies against you. May your night be as spring of refreshment, just as you are to me. Good night, my darling.

31. Nighttime displays to us a great miracle and it’s one of the greatest proof of the power of true creativity. Don’t be scared to imagine and become as creative as you were destined to be. Good night.

32. I miss you and wish you the best sleep you have ever. Good night, my dear friend.

33. Diamonds and stars are bright and the sparkle but none can spark the flames of my heart or illuminate my life like you. Good night, my angel.

34. Stay blessed and live a fully enriching life, filled with the blessings of quality relationships, wealth and greatness. Good night, my darling.

35. I am grateful for our friendship and the bond between us. You are very important to me. Good night, dear one.

36. Don’t close your eyes to sleep without a full smile on your face in acknowledgement of the blessings of today. Good night, my dearest friend.

37. I want to wish you a lovely night that would brighten your day. Good night.

38. I know I messed up today, but you are still my favourite person in the world. Good night, my Darling.

39. Good night and sweet dreams as you sleep. May all the forces of the earth join to make your rest an astonishing one.

40. Good night and sleep tight, my dear. Close your eyes and before you know it, the sun would shine. So, make sure to enjoy your sleep.

41. It’s night, so let go of your worries and embrace the beauty of sleep. Good night, my dear.

42. Night is a moment to relax the nerves, mind and body. So forget the mistakes and worries of the day. Plan to correct the ones you can correct and have a great night rest. Good night.

43. One of life’s greatest blessing is that of true and boundless friendship. I am blessed to call you friend. Have an awesome night, my dear friend.

44. With my knees on the ground and my face lifted upward, I pray from the depth of my heart that it shall be well with you. Good light, my friend.

45. Good night, to all the wonderful people in my life. My unique family, friends I call my second family and the love of my life. Good night and sweet dreams to such wonderful souls.

46. You give me the motivation to keep moving forward and being dedicated even when I can’t find reasons to. You are a blessing to me. Good night.

47. May your day end in a good note. May you be singled out for greatness. Good night, my dear.

48. To friends, I treasure more than gold. My source of inspiration and motivation, my critics and fans, but above all, my siblings from different parents. Your worth is indescribable. Good night, to such great people.

49. I wish we could spend a great deal of time with each other but that’s not to be. The little moments we spend with each other makes all the difference in my world. Good night, my love.

50. Be happy and always full of joy, worries and sorrows do nothing but snatch the life out of you. Be full of gratitude at all times and you would find enough reasons to be happy. Good night, my dear.

51. As the stars are bright in the sky, so may our light, shine so bright. Good night.

52. Sleep is our escape route from the realities of the troubles present in living. So, enjoy the opportunities as you sleep tonight. Good night.

53. Value everyone, you meet cause they would leave an impact, sooner or later. Appreciate everyone, some would be your critics who challenge you to improve and others, your friends who would bring out the best in you. Good night.

54. We don’t need perfect people or perfect days, we just need imperfect people willing to accept their imperfections and yet make the most of their lives. Good night, my friend.

55. You bring delight to my heart and another dimension to my life with the way you love me. Good night, my love.

56. Leave behind the tensions, fatigues and engagements of the day and embrace rest present in the night. Good night, my darling.

57. Don’t let the mistakes and hurts of others sap out the joy of living from your life. Live fully and lively. Good night.

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58. Be graceful and grateful at all times and in every situation. Enjoy every moment you have to spend with each person, and rest your body and heart at night with contentment. Good night.

59. Don’t let anyone pull you down and don’t pull anyone down. Lift as many people as you can in the pathway of life because there is room for everyone at the top.

60. Every night is a chance to refresh your life by resting and making new decisions to improve your life. Good night, my darling.

61. The sun has retired for the day and the moon as awaken with the twinkling stars to give you a sweet and sound rest. Good night, friend.

62. You are wonderful to know. You champion the cause of the weak and uphold justice. Your friendship has enriched my life. May your sleep enrich your body, just as your presence, words and love enriched my heart and life. Good night, friend.

63. I could never be able to repay your love, care and devotion. Thanks for doing your best to make sure I grew upright. Good night, Dad.

64. I pray that the good things in your life become the best and the worst things are transformed into better things. Good night.

65. Our friendship brings out the best in me and transforms me into a better person. You are a Godsend and I would forever cherish you. Good night, my friend.

66. If I were to describe your love to me and I would say, it’s sweeter than honey and deeper than the ocean. Good night, my dear.

67. Your patience in dealing with me still leaves me overwhelmed. It is true that only a few people who truly understand you and bring out the best in you. May your night be a blessed one. Good night.

68. Tonight, try as much as possible to forget about work and relax. Lay on your bed and enjoy the comfort from all your hard work. Good night, my friend.

69. Night brings dreams and dreams contain the possibilities and aspirations you have relegated to the background. Tonight, bring them to life through your dreams. Good night, my dear.

70. Be enthusiastic about tomorrow and great and mighty things would happen to you. Have a sound sleep and a blessed morning by the time you awake. Good night, my dear.

71. Rest well tonight, so that you would be confident enough to break new grounds tomorrow with courage and boldness. Good night.

72. Let joy fill your heart and dispel your fears. May your life be filled with wonder as you sleep. Have a sound rest. Good night.

73. Never let the realities of life stop you from dreaming like a child. Be confident and believe you can achieve the impossible and you will. Good night, my dear.

74. Before you retire for the night, appreciate all the wonderful people who have contributed to making your life as blessed as it is. Have a great night. Good night, my friend.

75. Sleep tonight, knowing fully well that your tomorrow would be far greater than today. Your challenges would give way to blessings untold. Good night, my dear friend.

76. You possess on your inside, all you need to achieve the success you crave. Believe in God and believe in your ability and your success is guaranteed.

77. Relaxing does not only mean sleeping. It means letting go of worries and hard feelings, so you can be truly free of the burdens of the heart. Tonight, make sure to relax and have a great rest. Good night, my dear.

78. Be a winner in everything you do. Winning is not only in gaining the price but in learning from the failures made and converting them to successes. Good night, my darling.

79. I wanted to tell you how much I love you before you sleep. Have a great night, my love and remember, you are always in my heart. Good night, my dear.

80. I look forward to my nights because then I can hold you in my arms unrestrictedly. Good night, my beautiful wife.

81. If it were possible to have nights without days, I would be a happy woman because then I could rest forever in your arms. Good night, my husband.

82. My day pales in comparison to my night because then I can stare at your face and be grateful for God’s gift to me. Good night, my love.

83. You quench my soul’s thirst and make my worries vanish with your captivating smile. Good night, my forever love.

84. I don’t mind the stress of the day because I know my nights would be a lot awesome, thanks to my jewel. Good night, baby.

85. I love to view your face first thing in the morning and as the last thing at night. You are truly remarkable. Good night, my love.

86. I wish I was beside you, but not to worry I would compensate by dreaming of you and how amazing you are. Good night.

87. Through sunrise and sunset, day and night; you make me realize that my life is truly complete and blessed. Good night, dear.

88. Good night, sleep tight and pleasant dreams to my ever stunning love and the pride of my eye. I love you. Good night baby.

89. You add a pleasant fragrance to my life and make everything feel great with your love and devotion. Good night, my darling wife.

90. You are the world on which my heart revolves. You make my world all it is. I don’t know how I would be without you. I love you. Good night, my love.

91. I have worked hard and given my best to achieving things. I felt justified having them but with you, I don’t understand how I got blessed. You are my blessing. Good night, darling.

92. How you keep loving me with this much devotion, I don’t understand. I am glad you love me with as much love as you do. Good night, the apple of my eyes.

93. May your night be filled with enchanting dreams and awesome moments. Good night, my darling.

94. You are the only one who continually sparks the flames of love in my heart and peace in my life. Good night, my beloved.

95. My beloved and forever treasure, you are a constant delight to my life. Have a good night rest. Good night, my dear.

96. You are the woman any man would be proud to call his wife but I am blessed to call you mine. Good night, my dear.

97. I long to open my eyes at dawn and watch you sleep and then cuddle with you at night for as long as we live. Good night, my dear.

98. The night can never come fast enough or last long enough for me to cherish the jewel you are. Good night, my wife.

99. Time is never enough, so I promise to love you till eternity. I would love you till life and breath are no more because you are my life and love. Good night, darling.

100. I cherish my night not because they are alright but because you make everything seem right with your presence. Good night, my love.

Putting a smile on someone’s face is also a balm to our hearts. Be the reason why someone smiles.

Kindly drop your comments. Your feedback would be appreciated.

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