2020 Wedding Anniversary Wishes

2023 Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Wife on Facebook

Hello! It’s your wedding anniversary!
I’m so happy for you!

Love for whoever we love makes us want to have them around us all the time and makes us consider marriage.
As you well know, marriage is a life-long journey and other than love, it takes courage and absolute commitment to want to go down this path.

Now, you both are already together and it’s your anniversary.
Isn’t that just worthy of celebrations?

I know you are here because you have an amazing wife you want to make feel unique on Facebook on this special occasion. You want to show the world your love and desire for her even after months and year(s) of marriage.
Aw… So dear.

To this effect, if you are celebrating your first to the tenth year of marital bliss, I have prepared for you, wedding wishes to celebrate your wife on Facebook on the occasion of your anniversary.
I have done this with a very warm approach and gladness of heart.

And it doesn’t matter if yours exceed ten years. All you have to do is insert the number of years of your marriage in the text of your choice, for this is the right place to be.

Do make a wonderful choice and celebrate your wife.
Hey, don’t forget to get her a cake!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Facebook Posts for Your Wife

You want to show how grateful you are with your wife on your wedding anniversary? These happy wedding or marriage anniversary wishes to wife on Facebook will give you the best options available online. Choose one and make a post with her picture then tag her or mention her.
From your 1st anniversary to 10th and beyond, you can use these wedding/marriage anniversary quotes. You’ll only have have to change the year.

1. Today marks two solid years of bliss, darling. Life has been awesome with you walking down this path with me. Happy anniversary to us, pumpkin.

2. Just like in the beginning, I’ll always choose you above all else. It’s you and me, together and forever. Happy 3rd Wedding anniversary, my baby.

3. You know, baby, when you agreed to be mine, you made me the happiest man alive! And it’s five years already, and I’m still the happiest man.

4. 7 years and counting. What would the past seven years of my life have been like without you in it? I don’t want to imagine. I’m so glad you are mine, honey. Happy 7th wedding anniversary, honey.

5. You are beautiful in and out. As long as I draw breath, I’ll always love you. Happy Wedding anniversary to us, sugar.

6. Nothing gladdens my heart than sleeping with you in my arms and waking up to see you, still by my side. I love you, forever, baby. Happy Wedding anniversary to us.

7. Thank you for agreeing to be my partner in this journey through life, because this journey has indeed been a beautiful one because you are by my side. Happy first anniversary to us, baby.

8. Here are cheers to forever, baby. Even as we grow older together, our love for each other would never wane. You’d always be my dear. Happy 2nd anniversary, baby.

9. Yay! Four years down, forever to go! The past four years have been the best of my life that I’ll never trade for anything in this world. Happy anniversary, love.

10. This journey has been beyond pleasant. Journeying through life with you is the best thing that has happened to me in recent times. Happy first anniversary to us, my love.

11. Ten years down, forever to go. Being your life partner is a duty I enjoy. I love being with you, my essence. I’d never tire of you. Happy 10th year anniversary to us, my love.

12. Meeting you has redefined life’s purpose for me. Now, loving you is one of the key things I live for. Cheers to more years, baby girl. Happy 5th anniversary, darling.

13. I don’t care which other woman is out there, you’d always be the most beautiful, caring and lovable woman to me. I love you so much. Happy 7th anniversary, sugar.

14. The past 3 years have left me with memories enough for a lifetime. And baby, we still have a lot of years together. We’d definitely make memories our generation would not be able to exhaust. Happy anniversary, love.

15. Our home is a refuge for me and where I always want to be. And you made it so. You’ve made our home so peaceful and with you, I’m safe. Happy anniversary, my safe haven. I love you.

16. Always, I’d love you. You gladden my heart like no other and I tell you, baby, you are worth the wait. Thanks for being so dear. Happy 4th anniversary, love.

17. Marriage was a whole new journey for me. But I was comforted because I had my best friend by me. It’s a pure first year of bliss. Happy anniversary, mine.

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18. If I’m asked to pick a life partner a million times over, I’d still choose you. You make life beautiful for me. It’s our 3rd anniversary and I celebrate the love we share.

19. 8 years together and stronger. It hasn’t been easy, has it? But we are both willing to make things work and that, my dear, is very important. I love you as always. Happy anniversary!

20. What would have happened to me if I missed this gift in human form? I have found a gem in you and till my last breath, I’m not letting go. Happy 9th anniversary to us, darling.

21. Marriage is two different people coming together. You understand our differences and have learned to live with them. What more can I say? You are the best. Happy first anniversary, honey.

22. Our home is heaven on earth because of your level of maturity which will always drop my jaw. I love you now and always. Happy 5th anniversary, baby girl.

23. The peace of mind that I get from being married to you is not one I’m gonna trade cos I’m sure I’d find it nowhere else. Happy 6th anniversary, sweetie pie.

24. The fact that I’m loved by you makes me look forward to coming home each day. You’ve made our marriage beautiful. I celebrate you and I celebrate us. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

25. My dear wife. My one and only. I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to go on this life-long journey with me. But, I’d never take you for granted. Happy 7th year anniversary, wifey.

26. Moments when you are not at home leave me wondering what life would be like without you. I don’t want the answer to that. I want you by my side, always. Happy anniversary to us, sweetness.

27. I love you today, as I loved you that day when I first talked to you. My love for you has swelled since then to an overflow. I simply can’t stop loving you. Happy 3rd anniversary to us, my sugar pie.

28. Do you want to know how much I love you, my darling wife? My love for you can never be measured. But one thing is certain, it has grown in leaps and bounds since our wedding. Happy anniversary, babe.

29. It’s been 6 blissful years, honey! And we definitely have a hundred to go. I love you as always, my love. Happy 6th year anniversary to us.

30. Babe, I cherish you so much. And I’d do more than I’ve done to have you in the next life. I wish us the best in the coming years. Happy wedding anniversary, my love.

31. 10 years down and I’m still very much in love with you. I can never stop loving you, my dear. Happy 10th year wedding anniversary to us, my love.

32. Saying that marriage to you is the best thing that has ever happened to me sounds like an understatement. Truth is, no word would clearly convey how I feel about you. Happy 4th anniversary, baby.

33. Today, darling, I celebrate the fire that keeps our love for each other burning. We’d keep fanning this love to a flame. Happy 7th anniversary to us.

34. It’s been a long time together. Minutes have spanned into hours, hours into days, into weeks, into months and into years. I’d never stop loving you, honey. Happy 9th anniversary, my love.

35. Before me, you can never fade. Your glittering is forever. Happy 6th anniversary, my dear wife. We would definitely last together.

36. The future is bright! We have more years ahead than we’ve spent together. With God on our side, we’ll scale through the coming years, just as the past years. Happy 4th anniversary, my special one.

37. Pumpkin, it’s 2 years of togetherness, of being and living as one. You’d always be dear to me. Happy 2nd year anniversary, sweet pumpkin.

38. It’s one year already. The euphoria of being newlyweds must be over now. It’s time to make serious and beautiful memories. And babies too, baby. Happy first anniversary, love.

39. I celebrate our past years and what we’ve both learnt by being together even as I eagerly anticipate what the future holds. Happy 5th anniversary, my baby girl.

40. You accepted my flaws like none other. You’ve sharpened and helped me be the awesome man that I now am. I am not making a mistake when I tell the world that I can’t live without you. Happy 3rd anniversary, sugar.

41. Other than your birthday, our anniversary is one day I look forward to. I get to celebrate you and the love I have found in you. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, my darling.

42. After a good wife who gives me so much peace, what more can I ask for? I’m blessed to have you, baby. Happy 7th anniversary to us.

43. Baby, I wish us more blissful years together in the best of things and sound health. Happy 10th year wedding anniversary to us.

44. Rather than fade, our love for each other would wax strong. I love you from now till eternity. Happy anniversary, baby.

45. Your presence is what I love coming home to. You and the joy you radiate will always be cherished by me. Happy 6th wedding anniversary to us, darling.

46. My love for love stories is no news, my dear. But ours will remain my favourite for all times. I love our meeting and everything that has proceeded from it. Happy first anniversary, my love.

47. My other half, on this day, years ago, we were joined and became one flesh. I’d always keep the vows I made that day. Happy 5th anniversary, baby.

48. I’m stuck with you for the rest of our lives and I’m glad for it. It’s another of our anniversaries, baby and I’m glad we can rejoice on this day. Happy 9th anniversary, sugar.

49. Waking up to see you by my side is the best thing that has happened to me. Your arms around me on cold days is what I look forward to. I love you so much. Happy anniversary, sweetie.

50. My essence, I’d never trade you for anything. Every moment we have will always be cherished by me. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, dear.

51. Every day of the past 2 years that have been spent with you ends with gladness in my heart. I got married to the bone of my bone and I’m a complete man. It’s our second anniversary. And I am glad you are mine.

52. I can’t overemphasize the fact that I married the very woman meant for me 5 years ago. With each passing day, this fact is proven. I will always love you, honey. Happy 5th anniversary.

53. Seven years down the lane. Marriage has been awesome because you are the one for me. I love you now and always. Happy 7th year anniversary, darling.

54. Thinking of what life would be like without you will only give me the feel of pain I’d never experience. Because sweetheart, I’m not doing life without you. Happy 8th anniversary, dear.

55. My wifey, in whom I’m well pleased. Our home is heaven on earth because of you. I’m never trading the peace we have for anything. Happy 3rd anniversary, lovely.

56. To my ever supporting wife. I am who I am today because I have always had you standing by my side. Like you’ve never left my side, I’m never gonna leave you. Happy 8th anniversary.

57. From the very first day that I set my eyes on you, I was quite certain you were made for me. 6 years down and my convictions about you still stand strong. Happy 6th year anniversary, darling.

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58. You’ve managed my flaws effectively. More than anyone ever has. You understand me so well. Life would be dull without you, baby. Happy 1st anniversary to us.

59. My biggest fan, my number one cheerleader. Your support in all that I do is very tangible and never to be taken for granted. Happy 10th anniversary to us, my support.

60. My dearest wife. Words would never be sufficient in the description of your beauty that constantly leaves my mouth agape. Happy 5th anniversary, my beautiful one.

61. You simply are the best. I wonder where I would be without you and the love you share without measure. Happy 3rd anniversary, baby.

62. Each year, I feel like I’m just getting wedded to you. Marriage with you feels new annually. Happy 10th anniversary, darling.

63. I simply asked God for a wife and I got one whose worth is far above rubies. I know for certain that I’m more than blessed. Happy anniversary, baby girl.

64. 4 years and counting. Fours years ago, I bought you home that I may cleave to you. And you know, baby, I’ve been blessed for it. Happy 4th year anniversary, love.

65. You really are a gift of God. The kind of joy and happiness you radiate, only one from God can. I love you very much, baby. Happy 6th anniversary to us.

66. I loved you from the very first time I set my eyes on you. Knowing you has shown that your looks didn’t even portray how amazing you are. For you are more amazing than what is seen on the surface. Happy anniversary, love.

67. On this occasion of our 7th anniversary, I just want to remind you that I love you so much and that you’d always be the one for me.

68. My beautiful Queen, your laughter lights up my life. Your happiness makes me giddy with happiness. You’re the love of my life. Happy 3rd anniversary, darling.

69. Like I said on that day, 10 years ago, I want to grow old with you. So, it’s 10 years down and forever to go. Happy 10th anniversary, my lovely wife.

70. I’d never find anyone who supports me as you do. I’m not even searching. You are the best woman a man can pray for. I love you dearly. Happy 2nd anniversary, babe.

71. You will always be my sweet little girl, my chocolate. My sweet honey, I love you so much. Cheers to many more years together. Happy 1st anniversary, sugar.

72. Gazing into your eyes fills me with warmth. And when I do this in the mornings, I have pleasant days. And at night, sweet dreams. Happy anniversary, darling.

73. Your companionship these past years is more than enough reason to choose you over and over again. Thanks for standing with me. Happy 4th anniversary, cupcake.

74. I don’t mind drowning in the pool of your love. I don’t care about being caught in the web of the sweetness you offer. I just want to be with you. Happy 6th anniversary, pumpkin.

75. Baby girl, my one and only. You have been amazing, every step of the way and I’m blessed and glad to have such a dutiful life partner. Happy 2nd anniversary, baby girl.

76. Happy 8th wedding anniversary to us, my dear wife and confidant. I love you so much, dearest.

77. Pretty Queen of my Dynasty, with each passing year, you look more beautiful to me. Happy 5th anniversary, love.

78. I’d love that the showers of your love continually pour on me. I want to love you always. Happy 1st anniversary, baby girl.

79. You and your presence in my life are worth celebrating every day. You will always remain dear and cherished to me. Happy 8th anniversary, love.

80. You’ve never made me feel alone at any point in time in our marriage of 6 years. Like you have, I’d always be by your side. Happy 6th anniversary, baby.

81. Sweetheart. You simply are the best. You are an embodiment of so many things that words cannot describe. Happy 1st anniversary, my love.

82. You are my one and only wife. The one who stood by me when things were tough and every other left. It’s our anniversary and I just want to celebrate you cos you made us happen. Happy 4th anniversary, dear.

83. Forever dear. Forever mine. We will be together forever. I love you, darling. You are the best. Happy 9th anniversary, honey.

84. Thank you for letting me lead us well, my baby girl. Thank you for trusting me enough to let me be your man. I love you, dearly. Happy 8th anniversary to us, cupcake.

85. Amongst my friends, I’m known to be a blessed man. And the blessing I have is you. You are a gift to me. And because of you, I have been blessed. A blessed 5th anniversary to us, sugar.

86. It’s been 4 years of journeying this path with your hands in mine. It’s been 4 years of trusting your opinions. 4 years of having you love me. 4 years of loving you. Happy 4th anniversary, love of my life.

87. You are my helpmeet. What do you think I can do without you? Cos I don’t think there’s any. Happy 1st anniversary, baby.

88. I’ll love you till my last breath, darling. You will always mean the world to me. It’s our anniversary and I celebrate us. Happy 3rd anniversary, my dear wife.

89. In your arms, baby, is comfort. And in your bosom, peace. I’ll always be yours and you, mine. Happy 5th anniversary, baby.

90. Sugar, even after 10 amazing years, you are still as ravishing as the first day I brought you home. I’m still in love with you. Happy 10th anniversary, love.

91. For being such a supportive wife, how can I thank you enough? Still, I’ll thank you for standing by me through thick and thin. Happy 7th anniversary, my love.

92. We still have so many years together and I’m so excited. Excited that I still have you by my side, journeying through life with me. Happy 2nd anniversary to us, my dear.

93. I’ll always cherish every moment that I get to have you in my arms. I’ll cherish our nights and mornings and the pleasant days I have, all because of you. Happy 5th anniversary, dearest.

94. Strangers as we were to marriage, I can say we are doing great after 2 years. It’s our second year of bliss, baby girl. Happy anniversary.

95. I remember pledging forever with and to you. We just have 5 years down and many more. And no, I can never get tired of you. Happy 5th year anniversary, sweets.

96. My ever beautiful wife. I do not regret choosing you. In fact, I’m so glad that you are mine. It’s our first year together and I still love you. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, sweetheart.

97. It doesn’t matter that I see you every day and wake up to you every morning. I insist that I begin to miss you the moment I step out of our door to work. Just as I miss you, now. Happy 4th anniversary, love.

98. Baby, thank you for filling our home with sounds of your beautiful laughter and your radiance. I love you and will always appreciate you. Happy 9th anniversary, honey.

99. I am grateful to God that has spared our lives to witness yet another year together. I love you, now and always, wifey. Happy 8th anniversary to us.

100. Sweetheart, on this special occasion, I once again, promise to always love you and put you first. From the love of your life, Happy 10th wedding anniversary to us!

I am sure that you are not disappointed.
Furthermore, I am convinced that you have made a very beautiful choice. You have picked a very lovely wish to your wife for your wedding anniversary and it’s to be shared on Facebook.

I wanna wish you both more beautiful years together in love.

Don’t forget to share this with friends, even on Facebook.
And I’m sure you would be back next year.

Cheers to your love!
And Happy Wedding Anniversary!

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