Birthday Wishes for a Guy You Like

Birthday Wishes for a Guy You Like in 2023

Hi, beautiful one.
I present to you, the most pleasant of opportunities.
You are here because today is your crush’s birthday.
You know, I love when ladies skillfully shoot their shots when an opportunity strolls in.

Now, see the opportunity in this; you can hide under the cloak of his birthday and make your intentions and heart desire known!

Who knows, your sweet words could cause a spinning head for him and eventually endear him to you.

You see, I know that you need this and just before you got here, I have wonderfully scripted beautiful texts that you would personally fall in love with, let alone the one who the text is meant for.

These are the best Birthday wishes for a guy you like in 2023.
Have a nice time perusing and I trust you to make a great choice.
Happy birthday to this guy that you like. Cheers!

Happy Birthday Messages and Quotes for a Guy You Like

These touching birthday wishes for a guy you like are the best of birthday messages and quotes for him from the heart of your heart. Your Crush is waiting to get your own Wishes and greetings for his birthday. Note: you can send these to your male friend or boyfriend too.

1. On your special day, today, I’d like you to know that you are very dear to my heart. Happy birthday, dear.

2. I’m so happy to have you around. I see it as a great joy to be one of your closest friends and I really hope we can be more. Happy birthday, honey. Cheers.

3. This day is special. The month is special. And it’s because a special person was born on this day. Happy birthday to you, dear.

4. Today, I join every other person in celebrating your birth. It’s a new year for you and I wish you an abundance of joy. Happy birthday, dearie.

5. Dearest, in your new year, I do hope that you experience love like never before and from a special person. Have a blast, dear.

6. Wonderful people deserve to be celebrated and you are one of such. You deserve all the love that you get today. Happy birthday to you.

7. Today, I pray that every of your heart desire is granted. It is well with you, dear. Always. You are loved. Happy birthday!

8. You are a year older today. But, you will always look admirable to me. Because, in my eyes, you get younger each day. Happy birthday to you!

9. Hey, handsome. I woke up giddy with excitement and when I checked my calendar, the marked date told me that it’s your special day. I’m so happy on your behalf. You will remain dear to me and I celebrate you.

10. To one so precious and dear, I wish the best of birthdays. May you always have reasons to smile and never lose your relevance. Happy birthday.

11. Meeting you was pure bliss. And being friends with you has been heaven on earth. Dear, I could not have asked for a better friend. Happy birthday to you.

12. Today, have a blast, break a leg and walk however you want to. It’s your special day and I’m right behind you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

13. I celebrate the best of friends today. Ever wondered what my life would be like without you in it? Happy birthday, love.

14. You are valued, treasured and cherished. Your type is rare and I appreciate the friendship we share. Happy birthday.

15. A friend like no other. You are the best of them all. Thank you for all that you do for me. Happy birthday, darling!

16. It’s your day, today, friend. You are a year older and I’m happy for you. Thanks for being my friend even though I wish we can be more. Happy birthday!

17. Hi dear. It’s your birthday today and your new age should be celebrated. Happy birthday to you. Many happy returns. You are loved.

18. I’m beyond blessed to have you by my side at all times. You have stuck closer than a brother and I’m grateful. Happy birthday, dear.

19. I wish I can be with you and enjoy this day with you. You are very special to me. And if this day is special for you, it is for me. Still, I celebrate you. Happy birthday!

20. The manner with which you go out of your way to help me still baffles me. I’ll always cherish you, my dear. Happy birthday.

21. Watching you smile gets me happy. Your happiness is my happiness. Happy birthday to you, dear. You are cherished.

22. You are in my heart today, just like every other day. You hold a very special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you, darling.

23. There’s a phenomenal being I know who is so special to me. That being is you. You are so dear. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

24. Happy birthday to the best guy I have as a friend. Words would not fully express your essence in my life. But, you are dearly loved. Happy birthday once again.

25. Happy birthday to the most caring person ever! I know it’s your day, but can I make a wish on your behalf? I wish that you’d be mine on your next birthday! I love you!

26. If you have ever caught me smiling when there was no reason to smile, believe me, thoughts of you crossed my mind. I smile because I have you. Happy birthday, dearest.

27. Happy happy birthday to you, dear friend. Today, I sincerely wish that you are blessed beyond measure. Happy birthday once again.

28. You’re a darling who will forever remain dear to me. The very best is what I wish you in your new year. Happy birthday to you, dear.

29. You are one of the very few persons who light up my world. You are dear to me
Happy birthday, dear.

30. Obsession is a strong word. I’d have said that I’m obsessed with you. But it is true that I cherish you. Happy birthday, sweets.

31. You are crazily awesome, you know. And every single moment with you is one treasured. Happy birthday to you.

32. I really love spending my time with you. I do hope we have more time for each other in your new year. Happy birthday to you.

33. As today marks the beginning of a new year for you, I put it to you that there’s no need to look on the things that are past. The future is here. Happy birthday, dearie.

34. May your years ahead be filled with lots and lots of laughter, blessings, joy and every good thing that life’s got to offer. Happy birthday.

35. On your special day, I’d like you to know that you are dearly loved and desired. Happy birthday to you, dear.

36. To the one I consider the best of my friends, I really wanna wish you the best of birthdays on this day. Happy birthday to you.

37. Happy birthday to a very special person who is dear to my heart. May you have all the good things that you sincerely desire.

38. Hi dear. On your birthday today and even all days of your life, may you remain happy. Happy birthday to you, dear.

39. May every day of your new year be filled with rejoicing and laughter. Blessed are you always amongst people. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

40. Happy birthday to a very good and awesome person. Life is fun with you, dear. Hugs and kisses.

41. I do hope that you have a lot of fun and really enjoy yourself today. I wish you the very best of birthdays!

42. For every wonderful memory that I have with you, I’m grateful. Thank you for making life so sweet. Happy birthday to you, honey.

43. For always making me happy and glad, I hope you get the best things and wishes today. Happy birthday to you, dear.

44. I pray that you’d experience everything beautiful in your new year, more than in past years. Happy happy birthday, dearie!

45. I’m so happy that you exist.
Beyond that, I’m happy you are really living life. Happy birthday, sweetness.

46. You are every shade of awesome and I’m so glad to be associated with you. It’s your new year. Soar, flourish and thrive! Happy birthday, sugar.

47. You’re everything a girl wants. And even more. I’m glad you are my friend with hopes that we can be more. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

48. I’m glad that you share your life and moments with me. It’s something I’d never take for granted. Happy birthday, dearly beloved.

49. Friendship with you is something I’d never be able to afford. But, I’m so glad you came into my life without price tags. Happy birthday, dear friend.

50. Right now, you are the most special person to me. Happy birthday to you, dear. You are loved.

51. It’s your day again, today. And I’m really happy to see you alive and full of life. Happy blessed birthday to you, dear. Have fun.

52. Happy birthday to you dear. I wish you experiences of things beautiful. Thank you for always being around, dear.

53. This day marks your birth and the very beginning of your existence. I’m so glad you were born. Happy birthday, dearie.

54. Today is a wonderful day because you were born in it. I wish you the best of the best things. Happy birthday to you.

55. I wish your birthday were every day. So, I’d always have an excuse to send a text without seeming clingy. Have a blast, dear. Happy birthday.

56. I wish I can shout how much I love you on the rooftops. Maybe then, you will believe me. Happy birthday, dear. You are loved.

57. The best for you and of you is yet to be seen. You are going higher and higher, dearie. I wish you the best of birthdays.

58. The sky will always be a starting point for you. You have got a good number of potentials and I can’t wait to see them unleashed. Have a great birthday, honey.

59. I really can’t wait to be by your side, walking hand in hand with you. I hope this dream comes true. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

60. My love for you is from the distance that separates us. Can’t we build a bridge and come together? Happy birthday, lovely one.

61. You are the best of all men. And I really do wish we’d be one. I’d be the happiest if my wishes become a reality. Happy birthday, darling.

62. It’s your special day, today. Happy birthday, dear. May you grow with peace and joy in your heart at all times.

63. Count your blessings, dear. It’s a new year for you. And through tough times, I’d always be near. Happy birthday to you, dear.

64. I’d be at your house shortly and I hope my gifts would be the best you’d receive. Happy birthday, dear. I love you.

65. Lovely one, it’s a new dawn for you. Walk into your new year confidently like the boss that you are. I’d always be rooting for you. Happy birthday, darl.

66. In your new year, may you have an abundance of blessings, much more than you can imagine. Happy birthday to you.

67. Cheers to a new year, baby! I love you and I hope you have a better birthday this year. Happy birthday! Cheers!

68. I’m literally screaming my lungs out, one would think it’s my birthday. But if it’s your birthday, it’s my birthday! Happy birthday to us! I love us!

69. I’ll always be grateful that I’ve got one like you who’s got my back. I have your back just as you’ve got mine. Happy birthday, sweetness.

70. This birthday and new year is gonna be the best yet! You’re gonna have every desire you wished and prayed for. I love you, darling. Happy happy birthday!

71. My cherished one, you are so dear. And I’d do all within my power to keep you happy. May you have the best birthday this year. Cheers, dear. Happy birthday!

72. I’ll like that this comes as a reminder to you of my love for you. Baby, I can’t do without you. Let it always be me and you. Happy birthday, love.

73. Your love grows daily in my heart. And I celebrate you on your special day. And I’d keep hoping that your eyes are open to see that I’m a special one made just for you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

74. You have been my muse for a long time now. And I sense that you feel something for me. Today, being a special day, should we take things a step further? Happy birthday, dear.

75. Guess whose birthday it is! I’m beyond glad that you were born and I celebrate your existence with every fibre of my being. Happy birthday!

76. To the world’s most handsome, your special day greeted us with an abundance of rain, showing that you are well cherished. Happy birthday, love.

77. I’m so happy that you are alive to witness yet another age and new mark of living. Here’s to much more in this new year of yours. Happy birthday, dearest.

78. As it dawned today, I felt that today was special. And my guess was confirmed when I checked the calendar for any ticked dates. Your type is rare and I love all that I know about you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

79. Lovely and desired one, may the new year usher in a bounty of good tidings and blessings. Enjoy, be blissful and catch fun. Happy birthday, handsome.

80. Without your birth, our path would never have crossed. So, you are not a mistake, because I’m glad you dropped on earth. Happy birthday, darling. Have fun.

81. Your presence warms my heart in ways unimaginable. I love to always spend time with you. Happy birthday, dear.

82. Happy birthday to you, whose company gladdens my heart. It pleases me that our paths even crossed. Cheers to greater heights for you, dear. Long life.

83. Today, I wish you joy and everything good. May you always have reasons for laughter. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

84. Each day that I see you is one made already. Your dimpled smiles make my days. Happy birthday to you.

85. A very happy birthday to the one whose existence gives me joy. May your light never go dim, honey. Enjoy the day!

86. It’s the special time of the year again. This day, many years ago, you were welcomed into the world. Happy birthday to you.

87. It’s a very good day today. This is the day that marks your birth and it gladdens my heart that you were born. Happy birthday, dear.

88. Since you’re so dear to me, your special day counts as mine too. It is a day of joy, darling. Happy birthday!

89. Another year has rolled away and today we usher in a new year of your life. Happy birthday to you, darling. Live long and enjoy the blessings of life.

90. As you grow older, may things you need be added to you. Every step of the way, you remain blessed. Have a lovely birthday.

91. On this special day of yours, may you be showered with God’s choicest blessings. I wish you the very best, dearest. Happy birthday to you.

92. What can I say? You’ve been so wonderful that a day without seeing you ends leaving me hurt. You’re so special and I hope you get all that you want. Happy birthday, my desire.

93. What better day to celebrate your awesomeness than the very day that you were birthed? Awesome being, I’m truly happy for you, today. Happy birthday to you.

94. I’m so happy and relieved that you are alive on this beautiful day of yours. The devil thought he had you, but you will always be a testimony. Happy birthday, sweetie.

95. When I see one destined for greatness, I know. And I’m sticking with you, for you are indeed, a special one. Happy birthday, darling.

96. I’m sending a truckload of love your way on this day, dear. You deserve every good thing that you get today. Happy birthday, love.

97. Here are cheers to a new year of exploits and great things. Happy birthday to a great man that I’d love to be with forever. Happy birthday, love.

98. It’s another time to celebrate! I’m celebrating you, dearie, today, as always. I wish you the very best that life’s got to give. Happy birthday, dearie.

99. This is a day to be happy and merry. Cheers to a full life ahead, sweetheart. Happy birthday to you.

100. You, darling, are every shade of awesomeness. Though I hope for more between us, I’m glad to be this close to you. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you.

Hi, girlfriend!
I’m glad you love these messages as much as I do.

After today, I can assure you that he’d see your green light which shows that you agree to a life together with him. And your shot will be well received.

I wish him a happy birthday and of course, I wish you both a full life together, in advance.

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