May God Bless You With Good Health and Long Life

May God Bless You With Good Health and Long Life Quotes (2023)

It becomes necessary to wish our loved ones and friends good health and long life on certain days of their lives. Those days mostly come as birth anniversaries. Hence, it is inevitable to make these wishes for them.

They need not be boring and like the old way. Thus, the most creative way to wish the ones you cherish the most longevity and perfect health have been penned down here to soothe your desires.

The hardest part is making your choice ’cause all wishes put together here have a taste of creativity and excellence.

Grab them now since they are exclusive and limited, cause these 2023 may God bless you with good health and long life wishes are not your regular type.

Read for yourself:

Wishing You Good Health and Long Life

If you want to tell someone, may God bless you with good health and Long life on their birthday, use these wishing you good health, happiness and long life quotes for him or her. Best for friends, lover and loved ones.

1. As you grow, may your strength, resilience and wisdom grow further. Happy birthday, my dear. I’m wishing you longevity and good health.

2. Oh, mum! Seeing you in my world brings me joy and peace. If they must last, you must enjoy good health and long life. So, my wish for you on this bright day is to see you live to enjoy all the good things in life.

3. If all I do is behold your glory every dawn, my life will become perfect. Enjoy this time on earth with me. Stay here forever in good health, baby. Happy birthday.

4. I hear your sweet voices in my head. It brings me serenity. Don’t ever live me, stay here with me till forever. As you blow off your candle, have yourself a happy birthday.

5. May God bless you with good health and long life. So many lives are tied to yours; you’re a channel of blessing. May your will to live this life to the fullest never die.

6. If we could dance all night and stay awake for a lifetime, I’ll never get weary of you. Happy birthday, my dearest lover. Stay healthy and stay alive till eternity.

7. I love you, dad. You’re irreplaceable and your sacrifices are inestimable. I wish you strength that never fails when a million of grey hairs unfold and the muscles are void of energy. Happy birthday, my dad.

8. I have a partner in you forever. I hope you never have to go, for you have everything to live for with me. Enjoy your birthday. Reminiscence on the beautiful memories we ever created.

9. Life is worth living to the brim. I hope you have a long and healthy one. Glow till forever and merry like it’s always a happy day. Wishing you good health and long life.

10. The more I live this life with you, the fonder my heart grows for you and thus, I can’t help but wish you live this earth till forever with happiness and joy. Happy birthday, my love.

11. May God bless you with good health and long life. May you always be there when you’re needed the most. Happy birthday, mum. I love you so much.

12. From here onward, may you never have to battle for your health. May the angels keep charge over you instead of the doctors. Have a peaceful life. Happy birthday, sweety.

13. Once I look into your eyes, I desire to stay in your world till forever. I hope you give me this chance till everlasting. Do have a great time as you celebrate your new age.

14. Your laughter makes my heart wish for one more thing: good health and longevity, not for me, but for you, my dearest child. Happy birthday, little one.

15. Each moment with you is priceless. It teaches me the value of living every moment like it were the last. Happy birthday, my love. Many blissful returns.

16. May your lofty dreams become your reality. May you begin to take bold steps that lead to a great place. I love you till the end of time.

17. May your prosperity be accomplished with good health. May your good health last for a lifetime. My love, do have a happy birth anniversary.

18. May you remain unsurmountable. May your challenges give way for your breakthrough. I hope all that you go through be an inspiration for you. Happy birthday, sweet sister.

19. Wishing you good health and prosperity. May you never ask for the good things of life and get the worst of them. Your gifts shall meet your needs.

20. You shall be at the top and never be found eating the crumbs from a high table. Happy birthday, my baby love.

21. As much as I wish you true love and happiness, I also do wish you good health to relish in it and long life to have it for a lifetime.

22. May God favour you with all that your heart truly desires. I hope you keep getting your goals accomplished. May God’s grace never depart from you.

23. If I could make just a wish, I’ll ask for good health and prosperity on your behalf. And I won’t stop asking until they are yours. I love you, babe.

24. Dad, I hope whenever you see me, you’ll wear those beautiful smiles and take those cheerful steps. Happy birthday, dad. It’s fun to be around you.

25. May God bless you with good health and long life. May you never be bedridden and in need of assistance to live your life. Happy birth anniversary.

26. I hope you find each day of your life worthy of your smile, happiness and hope. Never give up. It took so much for you to get here. I love you. Happy birthday, dear.

27. May your heart desires come to pass on this very special day. May your night become so warm and radiant like a starry sky. Happy birthday, my best friend.

28. May your deepest fear never come to pass. May it vanish into thin air without a trace. Enjoy your day, the month and the year.

29. Wherever life takes you, I hope you never stop living and staying happy whilst hoping for the best to come. Happy birthday, my bosom friend.

30. A fabulous new age is what you’ve earned. May you enjoy it in good health and sheer abundance. Keep glowing.

31. May you never give up at the edge of a breakthrough. May your angels guard you and bring to you all that you need to be the best you can.

32. Happy birthday, baby. May our love never become less of what we know it to be. May our commitment never diminish. Each moment of this day belongs to you. Enjoy it.

33. Never forget to live your life so free that your fear transforms into courage. Happy birthday to a very happy child.

34. In good or bad times, may your will to live never run down. May you always find the silver lining in the gloomy sky. Happy birth anniversary, my dearest one.

35. Let joy take over your heart. Give no room for depression. Laugh your pain away and give way for your happiness by so doing. May this new year of your life be indeed splendid.

36. You’re the reason long days soon becomes a short while. You make time run so fast whenever I’m with you. May God bless you with longevity and make your health blossom.

37. May the good angels of love preserve your heart and keep it warm. I pray you know no sorrow, but remain such a delight to behold. Happy birthday, my dear.

38. In your eyes lay the hope that I yawn to see. Your presence is heavenly and your words are blissful. I hope that the good God sustains your breath till eternity.

39. All I have for you is my dying wishes and fervent prayers. I pray you to enjoy good health, prosperity and unconditional love. Happy birthday, bestie.

40. I wish I can make you smile for forever. My wish is that you become immortal and never die. My life needs yours to survive. Happy birthday, dearest love.

41. No matter the battles you get to fight, may you never have to sacrifice your life for it. No matter the storms that roar, may your happiness never be gone with it. Happy birthday, beautiful.

42. You’re the reason I have a friend to call my own. With your company, my bosom is forever rich in love. Happy birthday to one of my favourite persons in the world.

43. No matter how discouraging the going gets, may you never throw in the towel. And when it seems like you can’t make it, may your determination grow even more. Happy birthday to my knight in shining armour.

44. May every step you take onward lead you to that special place you’ve always dreamt of. May that smile bring you your dream of love. Happy birthday to my kindest friend.

45. May the rarest and most precious gifts of life find their way to your bosom. May you never lose the ones dearest to your loving heart. Enjoy the rest of your life, dear cousin.

46. I hope you find it in you to forgive all that have wronged you and to let go all that brings you pain. May you find the peace that keeps the heart at rest for a lifetime.

47. I pray your journey becomes smooth from this time. May an end come to your battles. May you become greater than you ever were. I love you so much, dearest son.

48. I pray gratitude becomes your watchword. I hope you always find a reason to smile, give and to love. Happy birthday, dearie.

49. May your soul never be troubled. May your heart be cared for by the hosts of heavens. May you live life to the fullest till your joy becomes full. Happy birth anniversary, my love.

50. May you conquer your fears and have the courage to go after your true happiness and love. May this new year of your life be the one you’ve always desired.

51. An amazing celebrant as you deserve more than a centenary to live. I hope you live longer than the rock and you enjoy all of life’s beauty while at it. Happy birthday, angel.

52. May God bless you with good health and long life, cause you have the most beautiful heart and smile. Happy birthday, baby.

53. The earth is a jolly perfect circle because you’re one of her inhabitants. Happy birthday, angel. May God bless you with good health and long life.

54. May you not lack anything good and while you don’t, may God bless you with good health and long life. Happy birth anniversary, sweetheart.

55. Your friendship has kept me strong and your love has kept me warm. Happy birthday, bestie. May God bless you with good health and long life.

56. From now till forever, may your health blossom daily like the flower on the field. I wish you a long life in your journey on earth. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

57. May you have your friends around your table, and your family surrounding you with love. Happy birthday, my one and only. I hope all your dreams come true this year.

58. Wisdom to live right, understanding to avoid mistakes and knowledge to break new grounds are my wishes for you on this day. Happy birth anniversary, my darling.

59. May your smile not fade away, may your troubles be expunged from your world. Happy birthday, beautiful. Wishing you good health and long life.

60. In this new year, I hope you sing a new song and dance a new dance wearing apparels of joy and gladness. Happy birthday, my darling. Live long and prosper.

61. Whatever turn and route you take, may you find happiness and victory. Whatever thing you do, I pray you to find satisfaction and prosperity. Happy birthday, sweet pie. It pleases me to know that you’re ageing so gracefully.

62. None of your past hurts and failures defines you. So, set your heart on the right path to win. Happy birthday, angel. Wishing you good health and long life.

63. Wishing you a life free of accidents and pain. I hope you have many years decorated with love and gaiety. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

64. May the sun shining on this day bestow upon you blessings from above and inspire in your heart ideas that’ll change the world for good. Happy birthday, my love. I revere you.

65. Your future is so bright. Hence, the beauty of this special day. Your life is a miracle, thus, you’ll see many more years. Happy birth anniversary, deary. May your big break come this new year.

66. The sound of your laughter gives me joy. So, I hope you have every reason to smile and laugh out loud. Happy birthday, my dear. Life is a beauty with you inside.

67. Your heart is such a large one, I hope it contains all the good of the world. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you always have plenty of reasons to smile and inspire.

68. You have a thousand years to live and a million more to demonstrate your strength. Happy birthday, my love. May you live long and prosper.

69. You’re the perfect one of your kind, the most beautiful that’ll ever exist. Happy birthday, my dear. May you live long on earth and savour all the good fruits it bears.

70. The sun is thankful to shine on you, the moon is delighted in being your guide and I am indebted with gratitude for being your friend. Happy birthday, superman. May line fall in pleasant places for you.

71. Let the world hear your voice this year, let the people see you dance this season. It’s the only way to win. Happy birthday, deary. May God bless you with good health and long life.

72. May you be sprayed with the perfumes of honour and love. May you smell of grace and favour. Happy birthday, my darling. I’ll cherish you till the end.

73. Only the tears of joy shall flow freely from your eyes and with your mouth shall you testify of God’s goodness. Happy birthday, dear celebrant. You rock.

74. On this new age of yours, may the good Lord do what only He could do. Happy birthday, my dear. It’s such a privilege knowing you.

75. May your pocket be full of wealth and your barn be full of harvest. Happy birthday, my dear. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with the whole of you.

76. May your energy be renewed on a daily basis, may your strength make room for you where thence you go. Happy birthday, deary. I love how you shine.

77. May all your dreams come true, may the angels above make all of your wishes true. Happy birthday, my dear. May you live long to behold your prosperity and growth.

78. On every day of this new year, may your eyes light up with hope and your lips widen with joy. Happy birth anniversary, sweetness. May you keep on shinning.

79. May the angels find you when you’re lost. May the world applaud you when you climb the stage. Happy birthday, my dear. Enjoy all the love and joy that you get to feel today and beyond.

80. You’re strong and worthy, so, run with goals and hope. Happy birthday, my dear. I’m prepared to see you wear the gold medal. May God bless you with good health and long life.

81. May your health not fail you, and may God be your ever-present help in times of need. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you outshine the sun and the moon.

82. May the odds be in your favour. May the good be your portion and the bad drift away from you. Happy birthday, princess. May your days be long.

83. May your efforts be honoured with success and your joy be crowned with love and prosperity. Happy birthday, my dear. Life is such a bed of roses with you.

84. Like the moon, may you be surrounded by the many stars of love, joy, health, wealth and peace. Happy birthday, my dear. I love you.

85. May you not lose the things dear to your heart, may your heart be full of love and thanks. Happy birthday, sweet love. I appreciate you truly.

86. Better days are nowhere. Happy birthday, sweetie. May your dreams pave way for you and your successes give you a lasting legacy.

87. God’s about to blow your mind. It won’t take the time anymore. Happy birthday, sweet celebrant. I hope you have all the good things of life like a few blessed do.

88. Like David, you shall dance, like Solomon you shall shine with wisdom. Happy birthday, my darling. May you never lack the good things in life.

89. As time passes by, may you enjoy favour and love while as the clock ticks, you have many immaculate reasons to smile. Happy birthday, my dearest.

90. It means the world to me that you have a pleasant celebration and a lifetime of fulfilment and joy. I hope you have them all. Happy birthday, my dear.

91. May your castles be built on earth and your dreams be made a reality. Happy birthday, my dear. You’re a year older and finer.

92. May your feet conquer noble stages, may your face grace notable billboards. Happy birthday, my dear. I hope your dreams take you far and near.

93. May your health not grow weak and your wealth multiplies speedily. Happy birthday, sweetness. I’ve had a good time on earth with you.

94. May your package of fulfilled dreams and joy arrive at you on this special day. Happy birth anniversary, my love. May God bless you with good health and long life.

95. Like a fantasy, you’ll lead the life you dreamt of. Without doubts, you’ll gather and not scatter. Happy new age, dearest. I hope you prosper and merry all year long.

96. It’s that time of the year when the day is bright and all is fair. So, on this historic day, I wish you good health and long life. I pray you make sounds of victory and the oil of joy overflow in your domicile. Happy birthday, deary.

97. May everything today please you, may everything you see inspire you and may the words you hear rebuild you. Happy new year, deary. You’re super special to me.

98. May your investment give you fruitful returns this year, may you have blissful encounters of joy and prosperity. I hope you soar higher and higher. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

99. You’re the most beautiful my eyes have seen and the most graceful walking upon the earth. Happy birthday, my darling. May God bless you with good health and long life.

100. I hope your heart finds its treasure and your hands find many gold and silver. Happy birthday, my love. A thousand years will you live in good health. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

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