2019 Touching Missing My Husband So Much Quotes

Has your husband been away for a while? Then you should send him these lovely messages to show him love and let him know you miss him.

There is no better way to tell your lovely husband how much you miss him than with these lovely quotes composed for you. You can be sure he'll come back to you soon! Smiles.

Enjoy these "2019 touching missing my husband so much quotes" specially written for you!

I Miss You So Much Messages for My Husband

When your husband is an awesome friend, great companion and a super lover, a second away from him could count eternity. And these I'm missing you so much Messages and Quotes for my husband are best for your better half.

1. Hey sweetie, nights without you are cold, all the stars we steal from the night will never be enough. I miss you, dear husband!

2. The moon whispers your name and the stars send your affection but that can't be compared to your presence. I miss you dearly, my husband!

3. All of our moments together linger in my heart and that make me miss you more than my heart can hold. I miss you, my loving husband!

4. I feel incomplete when you're not around, this time around, the feeling is more intense! I miss you, my dear husband!

5. I wish the wind can take my tears to you, and tell you how much pain I'm feeling without you by my side. I miss you, dear husband!

6. I wish I could hold you close and never lose sight of you for a second! I miss you, baby.

7. This note is to remind you that someone misses you and I'll be glad to have you by my side if I can have my way. I miss you, dear husband!

8. No matter where you are, there's nowhere else I'll rather be than your side. I miss you, dear husband!

9. I'm sending sweet kisses and hugs your way so that you won't feel all lonely. I miss you a lot, dear husband!

10. You might stay all busy throughout the day, get all worked up but know that there's someone who misses you here. I miss you, dear husband!

11. The days seem longer without you to compliment it, hope you know you're the one who compliments my days. I miss you, dear husband!

12. When you're not here, I feel a better part of me missing and it's so hard to get myself together, I hope to see you soon, my king!

13. I've come to admit that you're that special piece I need for life, it is impossible to live without you! I miss you, honey.

14. I miss our moments together, your sweet kiss and warm hug, I can never get enough of them. I miss you, dear husband!

15. When you're not in sight, its like a piercing in my heart, I feel less good. I miss you, my baby!

16. You're my life and so it's impossible for me to stay apart from you for a long time, I'm losing my breath without you. I miss you, honey.

17. I wish I can wait to see your face, but I guess I've waited too long and I'm loosing out on my patience. I miss you, honey!

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18. I hope you'll come back soon coz there's really no life without you in sight. I miss you, dear husband!

19. I feel lifeless without you around me, because the truth is my life belongs to you and you hold it wherever you go. I miss you, honey!

20. I wish you were with me, close enough to steal enough glances at you so that I won't miss you this much again when you're not around. I miss you, my husband!

21. Please don't stay for too long, my heart is tearing apart without you, all I need now is your presence. I miss you, dear husband!

22. You're the most beautiful part of my life, without you, life seems incomplete. I miss you, sweety!

23. Just you and I, the candles and the cozy dark room, sweet scents of beautiful flowers to spice the moments, that's my wish for tonight, hope my wishes will come true! I miss you, dear husband!

24. I miss you so much in a way I might not be able to say, you're my life's sweetest piece! I miss you, dear husband!

25. You took along my cheer when you left, I can never get enough of it when you left. I miss you, sweetheart!

26. You're always on my mind, regardless of the miles, you're forever in my heart. I miss you, dearest husband!

27. How awkward does it seem when just one person isn't around you and all the moments seem bleak, you're that special person who lightens up my moments! I miss you, dear husband.

28. I wish I could be with you to get all the gentle cuddles and sweet kisses I need for a lifetime but that still wouldn't be enough because you're the one I need! I miss you, sweet hubby.

29. I'm longing for your touch, but much more, I'm longing for you in person! I miss you, dear husband.

30. The feeling without you is really very bad, the days without you are really very sad! I miss you, baby.

31. I miss your baritone voice calling out to me, your sweet dark skin causing its friction near mine, I feel empty without you. I miss you, honey!

32. I wish I could get you to hold my hand now and tell me those words that reassures me of our love! I miss you, dear husband!

32. Like when you left, you took a better part of life with you, but I think it isn't that, you're that better part of life! I miss you, my king.

33. I wish u could run into your arms now for you to hold me and never let go again! I miss you, my husband.

34. I need you more than ever before, my heart is crying out for you and I think I'm losing my breath without you! I miss you, honey.

35. I never knew what your absence could mean until now, I wish you'll never leave my side forever! I miss you, dear hubby.

36. You make life complete, without you, every day is just like any other day! I miss you, sweetest.

37. Our moments flash before me every minute and I wish you are there to compliment this moment! I miss you, dear husband.

38. My love, I can't wait to see you again, wherever you are, let my wishes bring you back to me! I miss you, my king.

39. I hope you come back really soon coz I can hear my heart calling out to you! I miss you, sweety.

40. You're always on my mind, my heart can't concentrate any longer because you're all I need right now! I miss you, dear husband.

41. When I say I miss you, I'm actually saying you should come back at the instance because I'm losing my mind for you already! I miss you, dear husband!

42. I need those colorful moments again, I need you more than ever before! I miss you, sweety.

43. When I say goodbye, I'm actually asking when you'll come back to me, I hope to see you soon! I miss you, dear husband.

44. My heart feels hollow with nothing to fill it up, only your love will do! I miss you, my love.

45. Like the rainbow without colors, like the heart without the beat, that's how I feel without you around! I miss you, dear husband.

46. Whenever you're not around, the children ask too many questions I don't have answers too, come back soon, soulmate because I miss you, a lot!

47. You bring giggles to my heart but when you're not around, it's like the world is turning against just one person! I miss you, baby.

48. I feel my heart is breaking apart and that's because you're not here to hold it together! I miss you, dear husband.

49. You quench my soul's thirst with your love, the ray of your affection lighten up my days, but without you around, I feel so empty! I miss you, honey.

50. The feeling gets intense with each passing day, I just want to know when you'll come back to me! I miss you, honey.

51. My heart is immersed in the deepest hurts when I miss you, I can't explain how it feels, but it's sure not a good feeling! I miss you, honey.

52. I miss you for all the reasons in the world, I miss you so badly, dear husband!

53. I feel so lonely and sad, just a glance at you would make me feel better! I miss you, sweety.

54. I wish I didn't let you go, I wish you are still here to hold my hand! I miss you, dear husband.

55. My heart lost its beat the moment I lost sight of you, I wish you didn't have to go! I miss you, baby.

56. I didn't know I could never stay apart from you for this long, I never knew I would miss you this bad! I miss you, honey.

57. The duvet feels cold and the pillows seem harder, never knew you have always been the one who makes them better! I miss you, sweet hubby.

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58. Someone is calling out your name so loud in my heart that I can feel it in my breath, I can't wait to see you baby! I miss you, sweety.

59. I started missing you the day you left, I never knew it would get this bad, hope you're on your way home now. I miss you, dear king!

60. A Queen can't live without her king, the empire needs you, I need you to come back to our kingdom! I miss you, my King.

61. The most painful feeling ever is to stay too apart from you, I don't know what that feeling is called, but I think it's breath taking! I miss you, dear husband.

62. I feel lonely and sad, I wish you're here to know that my heart doesn't sound its rhythm any longer! I miss you, baby.

63. When I don't have you in sight, it's like I'm losing my might, I wish you're here to complete my day! I miss you, dear husband.

64. I made up my mind already that I'll have to follow you wherever you go since you've got my breath with you! I miss you, dear hubby.

65. You're the most adorable sight in my house, without you, the whole room seem lifeless! I miss you, honey.

66. I'm waiting for your kisses and hugs to light up the stars in the sky, coz without them, there's never a night! I miss you, baby.

67. Even with the glow of the moon and the twinkling of the stars, its nothing compared to the light I see on your eyes! I miss you, sweety.

68. I wish I had told you not to go, now your absence is so choking that I'm feeling obsessed with your love! I miss you, baby.

69. When you get this message, know that someone misses you more than your imagination! I miss you, my king.

70. I knew the days are long but I never knew the nights are longer till I was left to sleep alone without you! I miss you, baby.

71. Being in love is when you know that someone's absence is choking, I think that's what I feel now. I miss you, dear husband!

72. The day seems incomplete without you, not anything about the day has changed, its just your absence that makes my day incomplete! I miss you, husband.

73. My mind is filled with your thoughts, just that my heart says you're forever with me. I miss you, dear husband!

74. My heart lies with you and since you've gone with it, I guess I'll have to wait for you to do anything right! I miss you, baby.

75. My soul long for yours and my heart cries out for your love, I hope I don't have to wait for too long because I'm losing my breath! I miss you, dearest.

76. I do hope you come back soon so I'm let loose of my dark days because the days without you are gloomy! I miss you, dear.

77. Words can't express how much I miss you, but baby, I know you understand the intents of my heart. So, I'm simply saying 'I miss you, dear King!'

78. As much as I miss you, as much as I miss the person I am when I'm with you! I miss you, sweety.

79. I think I can't say much right now because of the pain your absence left me, I hope to express myself better when I see you! I miss you, sweetheart.

80. Your presence lights up my days just as a thousand stars would do, without you, all I see is a blackout! I miss you, dear husband.

81. I forgot the whole world because your thought has filled my heart, all I want right now is you! I miss you, dear.

82. You make my days glow with excitement, without you, the days are just like any other day! I miss you, honey.

83. Nothing seems special without you, not even the twinkling of the stars at night! I miss you, baby.

84. I do hope you come back soon coz I don't know what the days seem like anymore! I miss you, baby.

85. I miss every bit of you, seems like the hours are slower and the days still. I miss you, dear husband!

86. I can feel the weight of loneliness in my heart, I can feel it when you're not around me! I miss you, hubby.

87. The heart feels tortured with your absence and so I'm sincerely asking when you'll come back to me! I miss you, dear husband.

88. The night seems a little longer coz I'm left to face the cold lonely night all alone! I miss you, baby.

89. I hate the feeling on the bed without you, little did I know that the bed can be so cold without your sweet warmth! I miss you, dear husband.

90. Hey baby, I can't get to hold myself together anymore, that's why I'm sending this note across to you, I need you more than ever before! I miss you, dear husband.

91. My days are restless without you, just the way the nights feel cold without your warmth, I wish you could hold me close in your arms! I miss you, baby.

92. I dreamt of you just to wake up to the reality that you're not by my side, I'm going back to sleep now, so I could steal another glance at your handsome face! I miss you, baby.

93. No matter how hard I try to concentrate, I can't seem to do so, your thought is really overwhelming! I miss you, honey.

94. Every day just seems like every other day, I need you here to define my days! I miss you, honey.

95. The morning breathe reminds me of you and the evening showers make me think of you! I miss you, handsome.

96. My lips are ready to clamp into yours, I want the deep feeling when I'm with you! I miss you, sweetheart.

97. Waking up to an empty side of your bed makes me feel like going back to bed, coz I can't imagine going through another day without you to complete me! I miss you, sweetheart.

98. When I remember our moments together thinking that would cure my loneliness, I end up missing you even more! I miss you, king.

99. I think I need help coz I can't seem to get you out of my thought, and the help I need is your presence! I miss you, honey.

100. Your morning smile lightens up my day, your sweet morning smell makes me believe its another good day, but without you to give me all of these, I think today is just another day of those days! I miss you, honey.

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