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2023 Touching He Makes Me Happy Quotes from the Heart

Happiness is a thing everyone longs for. It’s also a thing that comes from special people who mean a lot to us.

It took Romeo to make Juliet that happy. For this reason, for every girl, there’s always a guy behind her smile.

Therefore, here are more than enough heartwarming quotes about the kind of happiness he gives you.

It takes a happy person to make another happy. So, for more dose of the vibe of happiness you’re getting from him, do well to send him any of these “he makes me happy quote”.

Here you go!

You Make Me Happy Quotes for Him

Love Quotes to Say He Makes You Happy.

1. When I see him smile, I can’t help but feel a rush of passion within my heart. He makes me happy.

2. I enjoy seeing him loving me the way that he does. It brings me indescribable ecstasy.

3. I can’t stay a day without hearing his smooth and tender words which caress my skin. That’s all I need to hear.

4. It’s been established that he makes me happy since I can’t go a day without thinking about him.

5. He’s my everyday crush and my every moment lover. All because I love him exceptionally.

6. The world stands still the moment he calls my name whilst whispering in my ears that he loves me. To say the least, he’s my happiness.

7. Being with him brings me an awe-inspiring feeling which makes me want to be with him time after time

8. He makes me happy like a beautiful multicoloured arch in the sky radiating so brilliantly. He’s my rainbow.

9. It feels so good to feel his touch on my skin like a drop of rain from the sky. My happiness isn’t far fetched from him.

10. When I’m around him, I’m composed of a wide range of ecstasy that eludes my description. What I feel for him is indescribable.

11. He makes me happy the moment he walks in like my knight in shining armour, fighting all my battle. I love him.

12. Nothing else beats the joy I derive while seeing him flaunt his confidence as he confesses his feelings for me.

13. He says my name in the most soothing way that overwhelms all of my wearies. With him, I can only know happiness.

14. He takes my emotions from zero to the apogee of happiness. Happiness comes by easily because he’s always near.

15. His love for me is unconquerable. I find myself falling in love with him all over again. He’s the reason for my glow.

16. Time after time, I realize, he’s the reason why I long to wake up from my dream. I’ve fallen in love with the sweetest being on earth.

17. My eyes begin to tear in the harsh wind of sadness when he’s far away from me. He makes me happy than he knows.

18. He gives me ten thousand reasons to be happy with him. He’s the reason behind my cheeriest smile.

19. No one makes me happy the way he does. My heart is in his care, so also is my happiness. He’ll rather sweat, so I can glow.

20. I’ll sing my heart out to tell it to the sky that I’m the luckiest of all-stars, all because he isn’t an average lover. Romeo has nothing on him.

21. His love for me reflects joy and satisfaction. Seeing that makes me happy, be it in his presence or absence.

22. I thought he had the key to my heart, but all this while, he’s being the face behind my happiness.

23. For me, he’ll always be the guy that makes love a thing worth dying for. I can give to him my final breath.

24. He makes my world go round. This much is true because his thought is always engraved in my heart all day long and all year round.

25. Who he truly is and what he truly stands for makes me fall in love with him from the scratch.

26. My man knows how to put me on top of the world whilst living me to envisage the beauty in his heart. By that, I’m enthusiastic.

27. When I see him approaching me, looking so in love and ready to ensconce himself in my arms, I just can’t help it but fall for him all over again just like the day he won my heart.

28. Knowing he goes out to bring in the best for me just to make me happy is enough reason to never let him go.

29. He makes me happy when he acts so much like a guy in love. His corniness is pretty much fine with me.

30. His eyes dazzle like a man in love and his words are spoken with a depth of passion that makes me feel exultant.

31. I’m pleased when he decides to spend the whole day with me. All because he can’t dream to live me by my lonesome.

32. When he takes me out, I realize how much I so much want to be with him for a lifetime. My happiness comes alive in his presence.

33. In thick and thin, he makes me happy. He adds colour to every season of my life. I love you more honey.

34. I know joy when he looks straight into my eyes to reassure me of his undying love for me even in the thickest tempest.

35. It’s a super feeling to have him by my side. He makes me leap for joy when he holds my hands like he doesn’t want to let go of a treasure.

36. His words are most times akin to the vows taken by a groom in the glare of a full house audience. He makes me happy when he speaks in such a manner.

37. When he makes my night so memorable just by spending it by my side, I feel like spending eternity with him.

38. He looks so desirable when he talks like he’s not willing to make someone else his own.

39. I couldn’t ask for more when he made me his priority and placed me at the forefront of his world.

40. Love is beautiful and eternal. This much I realize because he gives me that sort of feeling.

41. He’s the one to speak into my heart and thereafter an overwhelming peace takes over my heart. I’m more than pleased whenever he does that.

42. His words live me shivering in excitement and boiling in a great desire to be with him. He’s simply my happiness.

43. Even in the valley of life, he makes me smile with the assurance of a pleasant tomorrow.

44. Nothing more can make me happy than seeing his face each day of my life. His gaze into my eyes is more pleasing than a look at the most beautiful scenery.

45. I have no fear when I’m with him. He gives me strength and courage to face the day. My happiness with him is undeniable.

46. When he sings his favourite love song to me, singing each note with strong emotions, I can feel the happiness in his voice.

47. He’s unique in his way and fond of making me guffaw at each word of his to me. Without breaking a sweat, he brings out the happiness in me.

48. When I’m around him, I’m high spirited for some reasons I can’t comprehend. I wish it remains that way.

49. I enjoy tranquillity when I’m around him. He gives me an everlasting joy.

50. He’s all I think of. He’s all that I want. He makes me happy and I need not fight to keep him, cause he’s always by my side.

51. I’m ready to trade the way just for him. I don’t see myself being with any other. He’s enough for me to be happy.

52. He builds my world around him and makes his love all about me. He makes me happy by so doing.

53. He promised to give me reasons to smile and ever since, he’s never fallen short of his words.

54. I say this with all the strength in me that he makes me happy. Never will I be in a state of ebb as long as I’m with him.

55. My emotions always run high when I wake up to his smile and his kisses all over me.

56. I sing for him because he makes me happy. I’m elated because I’m his forever and he’s mine to love.

57. He turns to me to watch me smile and whispers into my hear just to see me laugh. With him, I can never be dejected.

58. His voice builds excitement in me. He triggers the most wonderful feeling in me. I can’t get a hold of my excitement.

59. I surrender to him because he makes me happy. I know no sadness when he’s in my world.

60. I can risk it all for his sake. He brings out the brightest smile from my face.

61. There is happiness in his kisses and joy resting in his bosom. He makes me happy!

62. Just a word, my love and I’ll come running, for you’ve brought gladness into my world.

63. Even in the anguish of tribulations and trials, he puts a smile on my face.

64. He brightens my day more than the sun. He has turned darkness into light.

65. I only want to wake up next to him. Because out of his side gushes the rivers of joy.

66. I’ll take him to the centre of my world and in the core of my heart, he’ll live in.

67. Happiness is when I see him. Happiness is when he looks straight into my eyes.

68. By his side, I will find everlasting peace and in his heart will I dwell forever because he makes me happy.

69. God bless the day he found me. I’ve been born anew. Happiness is now my abode.

70. Blessed am I because he calls me his own. His love is my treasure forever.

71. A single thought of him brings smiles to my face for the longest time.

72. I’ll say this until the day that I die; I love you.

73. Far from me are sorrow and mourning because I’m delighted in his arms all day long.

74. To the world, I offer my smiles and my lovely dentition because he makes me happy every new dawn.

75. I wouldn’t give up on this love because out of it I draw the waters of gladness.

76. A perfect day is when I get good kisses from my love and even a sunflower to reassure me of his strength and power to protect me.

77. A love so great with happiness overwhelming he has bestowed upon me.

78. I will devote my time and my love to the one that makes sure of my happiness.

79. I look forward to seeing his face because glowing from it is the sunshine of gladness.

80. Many a time did I give up on love until I found him.

81. Not ashamed to say that I am a happy woman because of the love that flows from a pure heart.

82. Let me be the one to fill his heart with joy and gladness because he does the same to mine.

83. This love, I can’t keep to myself, neither can I understand the happiness I feel because of him.

84. Oh, how I adore the heart that loves me unconditionally!

85. I am never inured to his love because it is new every day. Neither I’m I ungrateful because it is the purest kind.

86. I’ll find the slightest reasons to love him because he makes me smile.

87. Feels like we crossed path some thousand days ago. I’m acclimatized to this new love he’s given me.

88. I can’t do without his arms around my shoulders because his presence around me takes me higher.

89. I am in love because he is in love with me. I am joyful because he makes me happy.

90. If I could turn back the hands of time, I’d do this again because he feels me with ecstasy.

91. This much I know is true, I am in love and happiness is what I feel.

92. I won’t trade this love for the treasures of the dark, neither would I for another because he makes me happy.

93. Rains of love and gladness have descended upon me like the heavenly rains upon the earth.

94. Nothing can steal this bliss away. I’ll love him like no tomorrow.

95. His love is everlasting and so is the joy he showers upon me every day.

96. My voice is a symphony of joy and love because I found love in him and happiness in his words.

97. I wouldn’t give up on a love like this, a love so true and kind. Never have I felt such ease of joy.

98. Deep in my heart, I know he’s the one because he cures me of every pain.

99. I knew love since I met him. Now I can’t explain just how I feel.

100. My heart beats to the rhythm of his breath. His words are my salvation.

101. A thousand miles away I can feel the rate of his heartbeat because he is my joy.

102. I’ll forgive him all his sins. I’ll bring him back into my arms because he makes me happy.

103. My heart is full of gladness when he looks into my eyes to say, I love you.

104. Happiness is love. Now I know because the one who loves me makes me happy.

105. He makes loving so easy because he makes me grin from ear to ear. Tell me, how can I let him go?

106. Love is beautiful when happiness becomes a place of abode. So, this love I’ll hold onto even when hope becomes frail.

107. He makes me feel elated just when he draws me closer to his heart.

108. His heartbeat is just enough to put a smile on my face.

109. There is a well of passion I draw from. In it, I have found love.

110. He promised me his love but happiness also, I gained as a reward.

111. Butterflies in my tummy when he prepares a little dinner just for the two of us.

112. I’ll return the favour every day. I’ll go the extra mile just to see him glad because he does the same for me.

113. He makes me happy when I’m on the phone with him. I fall deeper in love when he speaks those words to me.

114. Like a flower, I blossom every day because he makes sure my heart leaps for joy.

115. Even though we are years already in love, it is as though I found love just yesterday because I smile to myself way too often.

116. The clock is ticking, and the day is getting darker but I don’t care because happiness is what I feel when he is around.

117. Happiness is why I’ve chosen to love him.

118. I wouldn’t deny the power of love most especially because, since he found me, I’ve got joy like a river.

119. My happiness is anchored in the love we both share.

120. Life is all glitters because I’ve found the one my heart longs for.

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