I Love You Beyond Measure Quotes

2023 I Love You Beyond Measure Quotes

Sometimes love is so deep that to express it, will be difficult with words.

Though words are delicate and explanatory but aren’t enough to reveal the intents of love in the heart.

“I love you beyond words” or “I love you beyond measure”, is simply a solution to add to love messages. It will go a long way to relate the extent of love to the lover’s mind.

Sweet I Love You Beyond Measure Quotes

Having a life partner who is everything to you requires you treating them like the very apple of your eyes. Beautiful messages as these Sweet I Love You Beyond Measure Quotes can express your heart of love to them and showing how much you cherish them. Therefore pick any of these beautiful quotes for you outstanding companion.

1. “Baby, I have tried hard to use words to describe the love I have for you, but couldn’t. I love you beyond words.”

2. “You are the one that makes me complete, and make a joyful and awesome person of me. I love you beyond words, sweetheart!”

3. “The bank of words in my brain can’t suffice to describe how you are to me. I just know that my love for you is beyond words.”

4. “Word only is not sufficient to explain how you mean to me. Know this that I love and adore you beyond words!”

5. “I might have told you in words how I love you, certainly, those words cannot measure the extent of the love, they are beyond words.”

6. “I’ve perused through my encyclopedia and dictionary to search for words, but all to no avails. My love for you is beyond words!”

7. “You are the strength in me, that makes me a man, you are the shoulder I lean on. Baby, you are just too much to describe with words.”

8. “The whole world you mean to me. Without you my life is incomplete, sweetheart you remain my perfect woman, and I love you beyond words.”

9. “Every day and night, I always think about you, your image in my eye keep me thinking and loving you beyond words!”

10. “I can’t love you less, and words are not enough to express it, you are more than anything. Love you heartily.”

11. “Even though words have failed to express my love for you, yet I will not stop using the word; “I love you”. Love you immeasurably!”

12. “I want you to know that my love to you cannot be divulged by words, but always know that I love you always and beyond words.”

13. “You remain the best thing that ever happened to me. I appreciate your care and love. Love you plenty!”

14. “So far, word has failed in the aspect of my love for my angel, my love for you is complicated. Love you forever!”

15. “Can’t get the suitable word to tell you how much I love and cherish you, let me use this simple words of mine: I love you.”

16. “I’ve seen the reason I don’t lose hope anymore. Your love has served as an antidote to hopelessness. Love you beyond words!”

17. “I’ve tried to put words together, these are what I got: I love you. Love you more than measure, baby!”

18. “The day you came into my life has been a turnaround for me and I will forever be grateful to you. Thanks for loving me beyond words.”

19. “You are wonderful, my heartbeat. I was expecting a good lady, but I received the best. You are so amazing and I love you beyond words.”

20. “From now till ever, you will remain my one and only, I love you uncontrollably and beyond words.”

21. “Every night in my dream I see you, during the day I feel you by my side. Your love has driven me crazy. Love you beyond words!”

22. “I don’t know what I can use to compensate for the love you show to me, no amounts of sweet words can. I love you too beyond words.”

23. “My love for you shall never die but grows. I love you with everything I have, love you beyond words.”

24. “Much words they say do not fill the basket, my love for you cannot expatiate with words.”

25. “Love is the fulfilment of the law, my loving you has made me fulfilled the law already. I love you forever.”

26. “The more I try to tell you how I feel for you, the more I find it difficult to express it. I’ve concluded in my heart that my love for you is beyond explanation and word.”

27. “Telling you ‘I love you’ in a million times is never enough. I love you beyond words, Love!”

28. “I can’t explain how love filled my heart, the very moment you entered my life. Thank you boo for showing me, love. I love you beyond words too.”

29. “How do I express the love I have for you, I don’t just know how to, all I know is that I love you beyond words.”

30. “I so much cherish everything about you, the way you smile, talk, laugh and play. You are too beautiful to be expressed with words.”

31. “I don’t even think I can live without you, you are such a wonderful gem to me. Love you baby!”

32. “Every day of my life with you is pleasant and sweet, don’t want you to leave my life and I promise to love you unconditionally.”

33. “I have known and enjoyed love by staying with you, I have known and suffered loneliness by being away from you. I want to live with you forever, baby.”

34. “I have joy in my heart since I have you, you definitely change my world, I love you beyond words.”

35. “My love for you is unbreakable, even words cannot break it, because it is beyond words!”

36. “Your glowing eyeball always attracts me, you are far above rubies. Love you, dear.”

37. “My love for you will live on forever, in every day I will always cherish and love you. Can’t stop loving you beyond words.”

38. “Life without you is lifeless, am simply empty without you and my heart is void without your love. I love you so much, baby.”

39. “Baby baby, I swear to you, to always keep your love in my heart and not to share it with another. I love you beyond words and beyond imagination.”

40. “You teach me not only to love but to love you only. You are special and I love you beyond words!”

41. “You are so sweet and pretty to behold, I lost words to describe how charming you are! You are an epitome of beauty. Love you beyond words.”

42. “I’m lucky to have a guy like you. I know I may not have deserved you but God gave me you, I love you, sweetheart, beyond words.”

43. “Your love is like a balm of gilead that soothes my pain, and drove away aches from my body. You are too much dear and I love you beyond words.”

44. “Sugar, I will always love you, you are my world, and the light to my path. I love you beyond words.”

45. “You are the source of all my blessings I have, you are my everything dear, and I love you more than anything.”

46. “I’m ready to swim across the ocean of love, I will pass through the fire of love, because of you baby. Love you beyond words.”

47. “Girl, I cannot live without you, my love, I cannot do anything without you. Love you!”

48. “I will be your cloud up in the sky, baby and I will hear your voices when you call me. Love you.”

49. “You are life, you are my life in all situation, girl I can not deny.”

50. “You have certainly filled my life with your love and emotion and I can’t just do without you, dear.”

51. “Comes rain comes sunshine our love cannot diminish. I love you in every time and season.”

52. “My love for you is built on the foundation of truth and fidelity, won’t leave you for another woman.”

53. “Across the ocean, even across the sea, you will always be the only one I love baby.”

54. “I pray to the Creator to make me last to show you love and care. I love you, baby beyond words.”

55. “You gave me everything I ever wanted, your love for me and care. Thanks so much for everything.”

56. “Sweetheart, whenever you smile I can hardly believe you are mine. I’m glad that I have you.”

57. “When I was still alone without you, my life was not so sure. How can I make a better life without you? Love you beyond words.”

58. “I’ve found a good thing, favour from above, I’ve found a true love. Baby, I love you so much.”

59. “I see the differences so clear, you are the spark that brightens up my world. I love you beyond words.”

60. “I want to grow old with you, I want to age with you, and you are the one I want to see every day of my life.”

61. “Hey, my beloved, I will make sure I take care of you, and though your relatives reject you I will never leave you alone. Just to show you love and care, baby.”

62. “Without mincing words, you are my angel, baby, princess and queen. I love you beyond words.”

63. “I’m going to love you girl, from the depth of my soul, and from the bottom of my heart, till death do us part. Love you.”

64. “And I swear, I will be there anytime you want me to, I will be true before you and please don’t leave me alone because I so much love you beyond words.”

65. “My heart always long for you, to see you. I will never forget that I love you.”

66. “You are the girl of my dreams, my African queen, you are brighter than the star, and I love you just the way you are.”

67. “I want to grow old with you, I want to die lie in your hands. I want to keep looking into your eyes. Love you sweetheart.”

68. “Baby, you are the only one I will serve, I will give you my heart, my love, my body and my money.”

69. “You light up my life, sweetheart just as the sun lights up the earth. I love you beyond words and forever.”

70. “You are my best friend, You’re my lover without you no one else will do. I love you so much and beyond words.”

71. “In thick and thin we will make it through and I want to build my world around you, baby. Love you beyond words, dear.”

72. “Girl, you are my sunshine, don’t go away. I promise you forever and for always to love and care for you.”

73. “My love, you are my sunshine, my essence. There is no one like you. My life, my friend, my joy. I will love you forever.”

74. “My sugar, my honey, my best friend, I will love you forever. I place no girl above you, I promise to always be your boo.”

75. “There’s no one that comes close, I will love you forever more and ever and ever and ever more because you are my baby, my angel and sunshine.”

76. “Baby, you are like an angel in the morning, like a shooting star across the night, the most beautiful lady I have seen in all my life.”

77. “Every second spent with you is like a day that starts brand new. Girl, I’m so amazed at all the things you do.”

78. “If I had to live my life without you near me, the days would all be empty and the nights will seem so long.”

79. “In happiness to smile and hug you, in sadness to cry with you and be the one to dry your tears, baby. I love you so much.”

80. “My love, I will spend my every waking and sleeping moments with you because I love you beyond words.”

81. “I might have been in love before but it never felt this strong. I love you dear, beyond words.”

82. “I will be there for you if you should need me, you don’t have to bother yourself about your defects, I love you just the way you are.”

83. “Nothing will change my love for you, you ought to know by now how much I love you and love you beyond words.”

84. “One thing you can be sure of, I will never ask for more than your love.”

85. “When the way is not easy, like a guiding star, I will be there for you, if you need me.”

86. “Baby, I don’t know myself until you changed me, and made me understand true love.”

87. “It’s because of you I feel so lifted and I’ve been looking at my life from higher ground.”

88. “I never thought I would be so excited, you’re the one that turned it around, can’t stop loving you, dear.”

89. “I know baby, that I don’t deserve the love you give me, thanks so much love.”

90. “Let’s talk about love; it’s all we need. I will show you trust, dear. Love you beyond measure!”

91. “Even though I keep on saying that I love you, it can’t be enough. You mean a lot to me, sweetheart and I will forever love you.”

92. “No amount of words can tell how much I love you, no scale can measure the love I have for you. They are beyond words and measure!”

93. “My one and only best lover is the one reading this message now. I love you always beyond words.”

94. “I don’t know that I can see someone who can love me more than I do to myself. You love me truly, and I love you beyond words.”

95. “I have found the love for me, true love! I appreciate you, darling, for loving me.”

96. “My heart does skip whenever I see you and hear your voice, it seems you have captured my heart with your love. Love you, dear, beyond words!”

97. “Till now, I’m still searching for the right word to express my love for you, dear. I love you so much.”

98. “I think about you anytime, especially when you are away, I miss you dearly. Love you beyond words.”

99. “You are the reason why I smile, you are the reason behind my happiness and joy. I love you heartily.”

100. “Don’t forget that I always love you and the love is beyond words.”

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