Inspiring and Romantic Love Status for Facebook

2023 Inspiring and Romantic Love Status for Facebook

Facebook has given many of us a platform to express ourselves, and share our thoughts, feelings and beliefs with the whole world.

What you put on your Facebook status is very important because it passes a message about who you are, and what you believe in, to the world.

Love is a beautiful thing, in fact, the greatest topic of all time, and everyone likes love. Whether they admit or not, everybody wants to feel loved, and hope to find love someday. It is thus, a great topic to speak about and share on your Facebook status.

Are you in love and want people to know how great and amazing it feels? Or you want your lover to blush to know, you’re very expressive about how you feel, and won’t mind letting the whole world know?

Or are you simply one who believes in the power of love, and want your friends and contacts to be inspired by your powerful thoughts on love?

Or, you are like me and like to believe you’re a sort of love doctor, and you really want to make statements that present you as an expert in the field of love?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then, you are on the perfect page to get Inspiring and Romantic Love Status you can put up on your Facebook page.

You can rest assured you’ll be getting thousands of likes when you choose and use any of these heartfelt posts below.

Best Love Status for Facebook

Below are best love quotes you can use as your status on Facebook.

1. We cannot see nor touch love. Just like most of the very amazing things in the world, we can only feel and experience it deep within our hearts.

2. Love is the greatest gift of all. The greatest gift you can give yourself is self-love, then, it will be easy to love others too.

3. You want to do extraordinary things? Fall in love. The feeling of love on the inside makes superheroes out of the best of us.

4. The feeling of being loved is one of the best feelings in the world. Yet greater is the feeling of giving out love.

5. True love is not to be bottled up in hearts, but to be expressed fully. You can never go wrong when your love is pure and true.

6. Love is a potent cure for any type of malady or illness. Make sure to always give and get a quality dose of it.

7. Loving someone and being loved back is one of the greatest feelings in the world. You won’t understand till you find such.

8. Sometimes, all we need is that one special person that loves us truly, believes in us, and pushes us forward, until we get to the peak in life.

9. Love is patient, love is kind, love believes irrespective of odds, and makes all things better and finer.

10. One of the greatest accomplishments for man is falling in love with somebody who loves you right back, and sometimes, even much more.

11. I was born but merely existed. Then, I found love, and I started living.

12. There are two kinds of wealth: Money, and love. We all aspire to have the first, but without the second one, the first really is useless.

13. May we all find that special person that will never give up on us, no matter what.

14. Even when I’m old, and my memory starts to fail, I won’t ever forget how you make me feel, for that’s stored in my heart, and not in my head.

15. Love isn’t merely a feeling, it is commitment, it is power, it is life.

16. Love sees the best in you that no one else sees. And even when you’re at your weak point, love never stops believing in you.

17. Being in love and being loved right back is one of the greatest highs ever. It works more than drugs or alcohol, trust me.

18. The heart’s major function is to pump blood and keep us alive, that’s its work. But when the heart finds an object of love, this becomes more than a job and becomes its passion.

19. We all want to be loved, we all want to be cared for. I think we will all get what we want eventually if we all start to do this first.

20. Love is a necessary commodity that living humans can’t do without. Note the word ‘living’.

21. Falling in love is magical, but staying in love isn’t automatic. It requires the continuous effort of two.

22. There is nothing like one man destined for one woman, and all those kinda talks. Love is found, love is nourished and sustained, then, love is held tight and never let go.

23. If you’ve found true love, know that you have all you’ll ever need. Love is enough.

24. Love is an antidote for pain, a cure for hurt, and remedy for disaster. All we need is love.

25. One of the recipes for a great and long life is love.

26. Have you ever been catapulted to heaven and back, in a split second? If no, then you’ve never felt true love’s kiss. It’s the most magical feeling ever.

27. My lover’s eyes are more beautiful than the morning sun. If the sun ever refuses to shine, I won’t mind, for in my lover’s eyes, is all the light I need.

28. It is impossible to give love fully and be love-starved. The more you give, the more you get.

29. It’s very true that true love is very rare, so when you find yourself one, hold on tight and never let go, no matter what.

30. The best decision I ever made was, falling in love with my wife. My life has never been less sweet since then. You should try it too. Falling in love I mean, not with my wife of course.

31. Oh, that amazing feeling of knowing someone you love, loves you too, and very dearly at that. Best feeling ever.

32. You can never go wrong in love. Love covers all wrong.

33. If you only have a chance at doing just one thing right in life, make sure you choose to fall in love right. In that alone, are all other things encompassed?

34. The biggest and best gift I’ve ever received is love. And that’s one gift we all need to give out often.

35. Imagine how much of a better place the world will be, if one of the decisions we all make every morning, is to show love to just one person per day.

36. In this journey called life, is a necessary commodity called love? Make sure you find it and keep it well.

37. Love is the number 1 ticket to a happy life.

38. Love is life, love is living.

39. True love gives without expecting in return. But because it has given truly, it will eventually receive in double folds.

40. All this while, I was searching all around for the last and most important piece of my life’s puzzle. Little did I know that she has always been here by my side. True love is not always too far away.

41. Sometimes, love can be found in the most unexpected places, and with the most unexpected people. We just have to keep our heart open and alert.

42. Just as a key is useless without a lock to be opened, the heart feels useless without an object of love to dote on.

43. Love is so sweet, especially when it’s with the right person. I’m glad I found my true love, and pray you all to find yours too, and soon.

44. Whether we admit it or not, there’s one thing common to man, and that’s the need for love. You might not understand or even believe it. Just wait till you find it in it’s purest form.

45. They say I’m a fool to have fallen in love. I really don’t care, cos I know they’ll soon understand too when they meet a special person that’ll make being foolishly in love, the most desirable thing on earth.

46. In your love, I’m complete and whole.

47. The greatest weapon in life is love. Wield it wisely.

48. My definition of home is simple: In my lover’s arms. That’s the only place I never get tired of being.

49. I’ve heard sweet and beautiful things about heaven, but till it’s time to go there, I’ll enjoy and bask in my lover’s bosom. I’m sure they are similar.

50. I think the heart was made for loving first, then, for breathing. That’s what my heart tells me when I look at you, anyway.

51. Everything is worth it in love. I guess finding true love just has a way of making every past pain worth it all.

52. True love is never planned. Many times, it just happens, in the most memorable split second of all time.

53. I never knew someone could be so important and mean much more to me than I mean to myself. I’m in love, and it’s freaking amazing.

54. True love is amazing, it changes people in the best of ways. I’m a testimony of that.

55. Love has the power to turn the worst of us, to the best of all. Love’s magic is amazing.

56. I’m unable to remember the exact moment when love for you leaped into my heart. All that matters now is that I’m never letting you go.

57. My heart is wide enough to accommodate you. I’m sure it was made to do that actually. Come in and see how perfectly you fit in it. I love you, babe.

58. May I never say goodbye to the one I love. Our love is eternal darling, in this world and the one to come.

59. Have you noticed how everything suddenly starts looking beautiful and brighter when you’re in love? Love’s light is the brightest of all.

60. Your love shines in the deep corners of my heart, and I’ve never felt so full of light and shine. Love lives here.

61. I didn’t fully understand the word: perfect until I fell in love with you.

62. Love took residence in my heart, and all darkness and pain fled on their own accord.

63. Now that your love has come to stay in my heart, I hope it’s forever? I’m definitely closing the door and throwing the key away anyways.

64. I don’t think love is a word meant to be spelt or defined. I believe it’s simply meant to be felt.

65. Truth is, you won’t always be able to explain or even fully understand why and how you love someone. It’s a mystery only the heart understands.

66. I never knew my heart could speak till I met you. It speaks the beautiful language of love.

67. Don’t always try to define love, just close your eyes, open your hearts wide, feel and enjoy its ecstasies.

68. Love grows, and what it grows into, is a reflection of how well you’ve watered and nurtured it.

69. Like a garden, love must be watered, tendered, and weeds uprooted as often as possible.

70. We don’t always plan to fall in love, but after we have, loving must be deliberate.

71. My heart leaps for joy and beats more effectively when I’m around you. I’m not surprised it alone truly understands how much I love and adore you.

72. Nothing strengthens and empowers like a heart in love.

73. I fell in love, and it suddenly felt like I could do anything, be anything, and conquer the world.

74. Of course, dreams do come true. Or what other explanation could there possibly be for having you in my life?

76. Love is sweet, and an overdose of it can make you high, but, unlike sugar, it has no side effects.

77. There’s only one rhythm to the beat of my heart: Your name.

78. I was made to love you. I’m sure it’s true, for every part of me comes alive only when I’m with you.

79. Love isn’t to be explained, but simply to be felt and expressed.

80. I’ll fall in love over and over again, in as many times and life possible, just as long as it’s still with you.

81. You know the same way you are expected to visit certain key places when you’re on vacation in a new country? If you pass through life without love, you really haven’t lived.

82. I don’t have everything figured out, I’m not sure about what tomorrow holds, but once I’m in your tight embrace, I’m just so sure it will all fall in place, eventually, because I love you, and you love me too.

83. Love isn’t always sweet and full of happiness, but because it’s love, even the pain and not too rosy sides to it eventually add to the beauty of the story.

84. I want to write a story that’ll outlive me and this generation. Come to write it with me, darling. It will be titled: The greatest love duet ever.

85. I found true love in you, and just can’t wait to be truly one with you.

86. Love grows, but only when the lovers choose to grow it.

87. If I could only pick one place to be in for the rest of my life, you can bet I’ll pick “my lover’s arms”.

88. Your love is my safe haven, and happiest place of all.

89. When love happens sometimes, it feels like our plans are disrupted and life’s course changed. But soon enough, we’ll realise it’s so a better plan can be put in place, and so we can be geared in the best possible direction.

90. Nothing brings out the baby in the strongest and most macho of men like love does.

91. Like drugs and alcohol, being in love and being loved back makes one high. But, it’s a different and better kinda high. You should try it sometime.

92. Loves give meaning and essence to life and existence.

93. I fall in love each and every day of my life. With the same woman of course. And I don’t plan to stop, not in this world, or the one to come.

94. Love makes the world a better place. And your love makes my heart and life very happy and glad.

95. Love is like air, you don’t see it coming, but only feels it’s presence and calm.

96. Love is a force, able to move a mountain, without uttering a word, or moving an inch.

97. True love lasts forever. It never withers, never falters, never dies.

98. Even if an hour becomes a second, time still won’t be enough when I’m with you, my love.

99. There’s no perfect moment to fall in love, or express love. Just do it, at least, while you’re alive and still can.

100. Spending lots of time around the people you love is good medicine for your heart.

101. It is more blessed to give love than expect to be loved. But, having a combination of the two, is the greatest blessing ever.

102. You are my peace, you’re my joy, you’re my life.

103. If asked for my greatest achievement thus far, my reply is definitely, falling in love with you, and getting you to love me too.

104. Love is a song that only those who open their hearts to it, can sing and dance to.

105. If you’re scared to express your love to her, then, you probably haven’t truly fallen in love.

106. Nothing emboldens like love.

107. You can’t totally be sure that your lover would never walk away, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

108. Being in love and loved back doesn’t guarantee that you’ll not be hurt. Love is allowing yourself be vulnerable, irrespective.

109. Love is a type of music that only fools dance too. I’ll rather be a fool than to die without ever having loved.

110. Love in itself is a gift. It’s not necessarily dependent on what the person does or doesn’t do.

111. Love isn’t conditional. If you’re keeping a list of conditions at a corner of your heart, you’re not really there yet.

112. I totally feel at home with you. And not just me, but especially my heart.

113. If I ever become incapable of loving, then I’ll know it’s time for me to stop living.

114. Your love is the only thing I never want to be without.

115. The more you avoid falling in love, the more you prevent yourself from starting to truly live.

116. Love is magical, it gives us wings to fly.

117. Do you know how I knew I had fallen in love with you? I started to hear your voice in my head, long after you finished speaking.

118. I can’t stop myself from dreaming about you, though, you already came true.

119. The heart seems to have a mind of its own. I just wanted to pass through live sane and sound, but it decided to fall in love, and now, I’m safe, found and bound for life.

120. I always fight for what I love and believe in. This time, it’s you. Ready for the best war ever?

121. Loving you is all that matters right now. And if you ever hurt me in the process, I’ll cross that bridge if we ever get there.

122. Love can hurt sometimes, but it’s still love that can sooth the pain thereof.

123. I can’t speak for myself, but I know my heart will be loving you till the end of time.

124. One thing I never want to know and experience is how it feels to be without love.

125. I really can’t remember how it was before you came into my life, but now that you’re here, I can’t imagine being without you ever again.

126. I wish I could afford to give you the whole world. But till I’m able to, I’ll just give you my whole self.

127. Life is to be enjoyed, and for that to happen, we must have love in our hearts, lots of it.

128. A heart that loves truly never fails, nor go bad.

129. My heart’s most favourite chore is thinking about you, my love.

130. How can you ever know happiness when you’re yet to know love? They both work hand in hand.

131. What I want to be remembered for when I’m gone, is for how I loved so much and gave my all for love.

132. All I want to be looking down at, on my tombstone is, “The man who went all out in love”. That’ll make me smile in heaven for the rest of eternity.

133. It’s comforting to know that when I forget the lyrics to the song of my life, I only need to see you, and hold you in my arms, and they’ll all come rushing back.

134. I have many regrets in life, but loving you isn’t one of them. That’s, in fact, the only good decision I can seem to remember making.

135. Love is a key to finding fulfilment in life.

136. To have so much, yet, be without love, is to be the poorest of all.

137. I’ll rather have nothing, than gain the whole world, and have nobody to share it with.

138. I found love in you and knew instantly that I’ll never be peace and joy starved in my life again.

139. In the mind of every great man is love and passion for something. Even if it’s for themselves.

140. I’ll rather go all out in love than die without ever loving at all.

141. The only thing I want to happen to our love is a daily and constant growth.

142. Love might creep into your heart without your permission, but it will require work from you, to keep it there.

143. To find love is to have found life in its fullness.

144. True love never ends, it is eternal. If what you had comes to an end, then it never was true love.

145. Love gives, and love received, works like magic.

146. Love has made me a much better man than I could ever imagine being.

147. I used to laugh at those in love, but now I can’t stop laughing in love. Point is, love is happiness, love is life.

148. I thought I had it all, until I found love, and realised how much I had been missing all along.

149. I didn’t even know I needed love. But, when I found it, it became obvious how much its lack had affected my life.

150. Nothing satisfies like a dose of pure and true love. I just want more and more of you, my darling.

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