Romantic Love Notes for Husband

2023 Romantic Love Notes for Husband

Men are a blessing from God, made to give their broad shoulders to a family to care for, you especially. However, it’s quite easy to get lost in the activities of this life

that you easily forget to compliment him and let him know how much you care about him.

Therefore, messages that pop into his phone at the right time in the right place
can make an indelible mark on his heart. Do you know why? This is because it is one thing to have a man in your life, yet, it is another thing to have a lovable husband that complements you.

I guess you have a sweet hubby and that’s why you are here
looking for the best way to express your love to him in texts and written words. You are in the right place. He deserves your texts or notes. Feel free to choose from the list of love notes written here.

Sweet Romantic Love Notes for Husband

Best love quotes, sweet love messages, short love letters and love notes for your cute husband to make him feel specially loved.

1. My love, I may not say this as often as possible but I want you to always know that I really value everything you do for me. You are one in a million, dear.

2. Do you know you mean so much to me as a husband and a best friend? winks. Thanks for always being there for me my love.

3. You are one person I know will do anything to see a smile on my face and I am so proud of you dear. Love you till eternity.

4. You always tell me you are only one call away but you are always available at the first beep. This has been so sweet of you and I love you more, darling hubby.

5. When we started this journey together, I used to think you will change your attitude with time but I have come to realize that this is the real you. You are so sweet dear and I love you more and more.

6. You have given me strength and courage every time I want to give up and I am so happy to be a wife to such a man. Love you to the moon and back, dear.

7. One of my most beautiful desires that have come to pass is the possession of you. Ever since we got married, it has been bliss and I so much love you for making it so.

8. Nobody has ever loved me as much as you do and I count myself so lucky to be the wife of such a unique husband. Love you more than you can fathom.

9. The quietness and assurance I feel when I am with you are beyond words. You make me feel so secure and I am so much in love with you.

10. Here’s to many more years of togetherness and companionship in this sweet journey of marriage I signed with you. I love you more and more every day, sweetheart.

11. Amongst all the people I have met in life, I can boldly say you are the funniest, most handsome, most considerate and most loving man. I love you so much, hubby.

12. You take a comfortable space in my heart and no one will ever be able to replace you in this world and the next

13. From now till forever, I will always love you more than you can see or feel. Just know it in your heart of hearts that I truly love you.

14. Your personality has spiced up our romance and made our home heaven-like. I have you to thank for that. Love you, dear.

15. I can boldly say I don’t want chocolate today or a cup of tea but I don’t think I can ever live without my wonderful hubby cos you make life sweeter than chocolate. Lo, you.

16. When God decided to bless me richly, he looked at my heart and said she deserves a loving man and then He gave me you. I love you so much, dear.

17. The love I have for you is as easy as the breath I breathe because you make it so. Loving you is so effortless, my darling husband.

18. As for me, real happiness is not just caring for you, but also taking care of you and celebrating you in special moments that makes us connects like this. Love you always.

19. God doesn’t want me to face the storms of this life alone so he gave me an intelligent and witty husband that will hold my hands and whether the storms with me. Love you for always being there.

20. The fact that I am the first and last person your love life is an incredible feeling I can always brag about. That’s why I love you more than you can imagine, dear.

21. my view of you bring a natural smile to my face because with you on my side, life is just so perfect. Love you incredibly.

22. Sometimes I think your absence in my life might lead me to make some mistakes because I have gotten too used to your presence. Please stay with me forever, my loving husband.

23. The more I know you, the more there is to know. You are the most fascinating man I have ever known in my life. That’s why I will always love you.

24. You have nurtured me in ways I cannot fathom since we got married and you have made me see things I would never have seen with the help of a second eye like you, love you so much for being my second eye.

25. I need to confess that the love you show to me is so overwhelming and I am so excited to let you know that you are the best thing that has happened to me. love you, dear.m

26. The level of affection you give me every day of our married life is amazing, I feel so loved and adored. I have to let you know I deeply value and cherish you, my wonderful love.

27. When you are around me, I just feel so secure that I just hope you don’t leave me for a moment ever. Your love towards me is encapsulating and I love you more and more every day.

28. I don’t care what people believe about marriage. They may think it’s worth it or risky but as for me, my marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to me because I have an amazing husband. Love you.

29. Our love is being nurtured every now and then because of your persistence and unfailing love. You don’t seem to stop amazing me. Love you, dear.

30. My love for you is beginning to burgeon into an addiction and I need to let you know that I am not afraid of being addicted. I want to be lost in your love forever.

31. I can brag about our love all day and say how much I am blessed to have a lovable husband. Thank you for loving me more than I can fathom. Love you too.

32. Your words and expression of kindness is overwhelming and I just have to open up to let you know you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Love you dearly, my husband.

33. I can say anywhere that my husband is loving, caring, sweet, handsome, funny, available, sexy and kind. Wish I could carve your name in a stone of gold as my gift for your love. love you, dear.

34. I really don’t need a Spiderman or Batman or Superman cos my husband is a fantastic combination of those three characters when it comes to being there for me at the right time and that’s why I can’t stop loving you, dear. winks.

35. You like hot coffee in the winter and a chilled yoghurt in the summer. You are my greatest available asset in my high and low times and that’s why I love you more every day.

36. I can walk the ends of the earth holding you and laughing out loud cos I know my heart, soul and body are secure with you. love you always.

37. no matter how beautiful a love story or fairy tale is, I am certain it can be as beautiful as our love story because you are a fantastic husband. love you more.

38. you are all in one and one in a million dear. your versatility and overwhelming love are excessive. I love you every step of the way.

39. I love everything you have ever been, who you are currently and who you are striving to become because you are the most hardworking and smart man I have ever seen. Love you endlessly, hubby.

40. the best thing that has ever happened to me in the past years I have ever spent in life is the privilege of knowing your kind of person, so glad to be your wife. love you.

41. You have been my source of happiness since the day I married you and till date, you don’t seem to stop to amaze me. Can’t love you less, sweet husband.

42. Let me use this moment to thank you for being the shoulders to lean on during my down times and my laughing partner during my victory moment. Love you always.

43. Honey, I may not get the chance to tell you this as often as I should but let this message stay right inside your heart that I will always love you all the days of my life. kisses.

44. You are the only one that helps me to express my real me without reservations and you have made me a better person. I can’t thank you enough for this. love you, sweet hubby.

45. Each moment I realize I am actually the wife of this incredible man, I feel I am the luckiest in the world. love you back and forth dear.

46. our love story is like a love song but this time, the verses and choruses are endlessly sonorous. love you sooo much hubby.

47. Like Tom and Jerry in the popular cartoon series, I can’t seem to get over your troubles which are funny and weird. I don’t ever want to miss you. love you, dear.

48. As long as I have someone who lets me know how valuable I am, I am okay. You have done that a million times and I love you forever for this.

49. Even in the midst of crowd and multitude, my instincts and loving eyes will always find you. I don’t ever want to lose my sight of you cos you are so lovely. love you, dear.

50. You make me feel perfect, you brag around about me and you make me feel so secure. I love you so much, darling husband.

51. I may not be the most perfect wife on earth but you have made my imperfections seem perfect and you have sincerely refined me from crude to gold. Love you, dear.

52. Any time we are together, you usually make me feel like I am the only woman on earth and this really makes my head swirl. Thank you for being the best husband. love you.

53. No matter how many people I have around me, even if I have my eyes blindfolded, I will always single you out because your presence is filled with an aura of love that can be easily located.

54. No one is as lucky as me because I have got the most amazing man as my husband, the next lucky one is our child and we are so proud of you. Love you, dear.

55. You make my stay on earth as beautiful as paradise, can’t wait to spend forever with you. Love you soooo much dear.

56. My role as a wife and a mother to our kids have never been overwhelming cos you have always been there to give a supporting hand. You are so sweet and I love you more every day.

57. Personal statements and singleness stooped existing since you came into my life. we are one now and that brings us double joy and merriment. Thanks for being there. love you.

58. Doing all manner of house chores starting from cooking, washing, cleaning to scrubbing has become so easy and fun because you have always been a shoulder to support during these hectic moments. I love you for your understanding.

59. You have chosen to wipe away my tears countless times even when I had no other hope left in me. You have given me strength in times of weakness and I am so grateful to you. Love you, dear.

60. You always give me an assurance that even if I lose all my friends on earth, I will always find the best friendship in you. You make all my mountains become molehills within a twinkle of an eye. Love you.

61. You are not only handsome, you are also hot and extremely charming. You blow my mind away with your soft words and make me warm with your embrace. Love you to the moon and back.

62. I have always valued and esteemed you and today I wish to let you know that I will never take you for granted. I love you seriously.

63. Since I got married to you, you have been the dearest person I have ever possessed in my life and I have no choice than to hold you dearly in my heart. Love you so much.

64. Hold my hands and let’s sail away the time on the beautiful boat of our love and enjoy this love-filled journey of bliss together forever. Love you always.

65. One of the greatest securities I have in life is you because I know my love towards you will, without doubts, yield plenteous love in return. That’s why I love you dearly.

66. I am not really concerned about who the boss or helpmeet, all I know is that we have always been there for each other and our partnership is as solid as the long-standing rock on earth. Love you to bits.

67. No matter how suffocating life makes from our routines, the love will share will always be a source of fresh air that cannot be polluted by whatsoever. Love you too much.

68. If there is anything i will always brag about, it is that I am the wife of the most amazing man on earth you make my head swirl dear, love you.

69.No matter the passing second, minute or hour. I will never forget the day our eyes met and our arms locked into each other. It feels like paradise. Love you dearly.

70. No matter what the world thinks of you or who you think you are, you will always be the most exceptionally handsome and unique individual in my life. I will always get goosebumps from seeing you. love you

71. Perfection, for me, starts with seeing your face, hearing your voice and ending the day wrapped in your arms. Love you more than you can comprehend.

72. You complete me and make my life perfect because you were deliberately made for me. Thank you for being the missing piece that makes me whole. Love you, sweetheart.

73. I can no longer be in anybody’s options list, I have found the love of my life and I am forever hooked with him. Love you so dearly, dear.

74. From the moment I said yes, I have given my inner man, body and soul, mind and heart to you and I am so glad you didn’t take either of them for granted. Love you to bits.

75. You are a real man because you always look for ways to please me and make me a wholesome woman. I am glad to have you as my husband dear. Love you.

76. No matter where you travel to or where you go, you will always be right here in my heart and I will always be waiting for you to give you the best meal that nobody else can. Love you, dear.

77. Please let’s replace the min missing with kin kissing because that is what I really want to do now because you deserve a thousand kisses. love you so much, dear hubby.

78. Days, weeks, months and years have passed since we got married but it sometimes looks like we just started the journey together because of your amazing sweetness. Love you to the moon and back.

79. If I was given another life and another lover to choose, I will choose you a million times and sooner and longer than you expect. Love you, dear.

80. I don’t really know how to put my every word into words, just want to let you know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in life. love you dearly, sweet hubby.

81. Anytime you are absent, the world feels empty but whenever we are together, the day is as bright as the 14th-day sun and beautiful as a colourful rainbow. Love you more every day.

82. I don’t believe in partial love because I have never experienced one. Immediately I fell in love with you, I completely did and I am now overwhelmed. Love you, darling.

83. The beauty in marriage is not in finding the perfect person to fall in love with. It is about accepting the entirety of the person including their imperfections. You have done exactly that and I am madly in love with you.

84. Since the day we met, I have never doubted the love you professed to me. It is even now more evident after these many years we have been together. Love to so much.

85. The success of how well a home is is what the rest of the family has to say about the head of the home. You have always been there for me and our kids and I’m super grateful my love.

86. Your love gives me hope in hopeless situations and replaces every form of sorrow I have with joy. Thank you for loving me perfectly, I love you too.

87. You are the butterfly that flies in my stomach when I see something that excites me. Love you always and can’t stop having a crush on you.

88. You are my dream come true, my hope in hopeless situations and the man who always makes my happiness his priority. Love you to the moon and back.

89. You are the one my soul, body and mind choose in this busy and unpredictable world and I will always love you till the world ends. love you so much, sweet hubby.

90. You will always have my shoulders to lean on and my hands to hold in the darkest hour cos you have been my source of happiness since I met you. love you dearly.

91. My everything, my adorable husband, my twin and my best friend. Just accept this text as a token of appreciation of your love towards me and our kids. Love you endlessly.

92. Trying to please someone you love is effortless because everything within you flows in that direction without hitches. That’s why I am addicted to loving you.

93. Our story is one of the most beautiful poems ever written and will ever be cos you always make our love brand new with every passing day. love you dearly.

94. If a star would fall every time you cause me to smile, I am sure the sky will be empty by now cos making me smile is your first hobby. Love you, dear.

95. I have the best of happiness and joy whenever we are together alone, in your arms to feel your warmth and love. the truth is, I can’t love you less.

96 You are the sun that brightens my world and the moon that gives me a calm state of mind. I cherish the day I met you and always will. love you so much.

97. No matter the storms that hit our shores and tides that fall mightily of our sand, I will always stick with you cos you have always been there for me too. love you hubby.

98. I don’t want anything in excess in this life but I think I desire to have an abundance of it is your love. Will always love you bountifully.

99. Your arms have been available to hold me in my lowest times and your eyes have been my companion during teary moments. you have gone over and beyond for me and I’m so in love with you.

100. I love you for not just investing in yourself but also for investing in me and bringing the best part and valuable part of me I didn’t realize. love you so much.

101. Lots of people say love is predictable but since I got married to you, you don’t cease to amaze me and sweep me off my feet all the time. Love you sweetheart!

102. A life without a true companion is like bread without a jam. You have been a great companion in many situations and I promise to love you more and more.

103. Today and always, I promise to hold your hands everywhere you go, day and night, north and south, east and west even to the end of the world. Love you sweetly.

104. I want to grow old with you, I want to have my wrinkles with you and most importantly, I want your eyes to always be the first thing I see in the morning and last at night. Love you.

105. And here’s some kisses to my superhero, my number one fan, my supporter, my prayer partner, my great twin and my best friend. I’ll love you till eternity.

106. Anytime we are together, you always make me feel special. You make my beauty flawless and make my imperfections perfect. Thank you for your amazing love, hubby.

107. No matter how congested and suffocating the problems of life are, your pure love gives me a breath as fresh as the breeze of a brand new day. Love you.

108. I just thought that a copy of our marriage certificate should be hung pasted on your face showing – do not crush on my hot husband. Love you dearly.

109. It wouldn’t cost me anything to say I will love you to death but I don’t ever want to lose you, I’ll rather say I love you forever, my darling husband.

110. Beyond attraction and infatuation, our love is stronger than the toughest of bamboo trees and seals with care and affection. Love you deeply.

111. Your flirty words and acts make me feel younger than I am and more beautiful than I am. Love you lustfully too dear.

112. Physics say opposite poles attract but I can assure physics that even if we are of the same sex, I would still love your kind of person passionately. Love you.

113. My life has become so perfect because you made it so. The start and end time of my activities are beautified by your love. Love you so much.

114. You not only make our marriage sweet, but you also make it perfect. You not only make it practical, but you also make it realistic. Love you so much.

115. You have given our love wings to fly to the ends of the earth and the depth of the sea. Now I am so addicted to loving you.

116. Everyday of my life, I think about how to make you the happiest man. In fact, I feel I am not reciprocating enough because you are so used to sweeping me off my feet.

117. The most perfect man on earth no longer exists because he has been taken permanently by me and that’s you. winks. love you sweetheart.

118. I can confidently set up a tutorial – how to be the best husband, anchored by you cos I know you have more than enough to teach. Love you.

119. I love you not only because of your looks and physique but because of your thoughts and actions towards me. Love you endlessly.

120. I must confess your love towards me has been romantic, sensational, passionate and warm. can’t wait to have more of you. love you charmingly.

Written By Joseph Abimbola.

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