Happy Birthday Wishes to a Friend Mother

Happy Birthday Wishes to a Friend Mother in 2023

Friendship is literally one of the most beautiful connections in the world because it is incredible how true friendships can make your life better. So, having good friends is a gift from the universe.

There are ways to find out if someone has become a friend to you and when that happens, it means that you also need to learn gestures that tell your friends that you care about their loved ones.

Mothers mean so much in our lives and treating your friend’s mom in the right way can define how long your friendship can last.
Your friend is only there because of the mom. So, her birthday should also mean a great deal to you.

Alongside some thoughtful gifts for your friend’s mom, these beautifully written happy birthday wishes to the mother of your friend will be a great way to send your best wishes across in 2023 and in the years to come.

So, get it started with these best of all happy birthday wishes to a friend mother.

Happy Birthday Prayers for My Friend’s Mother

A beautiful way to show your friend how much you care and value the friendship is to celebrate and bless his/her mom with these happy birthday prayers for your friend’s mother on her special day.

1. Another year has come to celebrate you in a special way, happy birthday, Ma.
Thank you so much for treating me like your own child.
My prayer for you is that you will live long and enjoy the benefits of all your labour.
It is well with you today and always.
I trust that you will have a fantastic day.

2. Happy birthday to you, ma.
Because of you, I have an amazing friend and I’m totally grateful for that.
All thanks be to God for adding a new year to your life.
May your new age bring you countless moments of joy and happiness.
Continue to prosper and shine in the Lord.
Have an excellent birthday.

3. The mother of my best friend is also my mom.
Happy birthday, dear mommy, I hope you are having the best of today so far.
May all the joyful blessings of the Lord be yours today and every other day of your life.
Have an incredibly beautiful birthday.

4. It is a joy to know you, ma, as you always make me feel welcome and at home.
A joyful and beautiful birthday to you ma.
Let this new year of yours bring with it heavenly blessings to fill your life and home.
May God continue to bless you and supply all your needs at every turn.

5. I set a reminder for your birthday because I didn’t want to miss wishing my friend’s amazing mom a happy birthday.
Thank you so much for being super supportive and kind to me.
May the new year bring with it many beautiful blessings from God.
Have a wonderful birthday, ma.

6. You are deserving of all the love you will get today ma’am because you are a mother to all who crosses your path.
I’m so happy that I met you through insert your friend’s name.
I hope that your birth anniversary marks new and beautiful beginnings for you in the best possible ways.

7. I’m so excited as I type this birthday message to you.
I remember our first meeting and how incredibly kind you were to me.
May the good Lord always show you kindness and goodness everywhere you find yourself.
May today mark the start of new and better things for you.
Have an amazing day ma, happy birthday.

8. You are a source of light and a constant voice of reasoning for my friend and me.
I’m thankful for all the issues we avoided just because we had your wise counsel.
May your birthday bring you all the blessings you desire to have an even more amazing life.
You deserve the best out of life and you shall have it.

9. My friend always says the nicest things about you and I have also experienced your kindness firsthand.
All your efforts towards your family and kids shall never go unrewarded.
You shall have blessings in multiple folds and your children shall prosper and take great care of you always.
A happy birthday to you, ma.

10. Anyone who spends time with insert your friend’s name. always makes a comment about the mom that raised him/her.
You did an incredible job and it’s clear for everyone to see.
May all your heart desires that are in accordance with God’s will become answered prayers.
Ma, start preparing your thanksgiving speeches.
Have a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for Your Friend’s Mother

Give your friend’s mother a nice treat on her birthday by sending her your hearty birthday prayers, blessings, quotes and wishes through these awesome happy birthday messages for your friend’s mother.

11. I hope that your day is filled with laughter and joy.
I hope your family and friends celebrate you as you deserve.
Happy birthday, ma.

12. It feels right to wish you a happy birthday.
You are a great mom to my friend.
Have a beautiful birthday.

13. I join my friend insert friend’s name to celebrate you on this special day.
You are such an amazing woman, have a wonderful year ahead.

A happy birthday wishes to the mom of your friend on her birthdays will do your friendship a lot of good.

14. Ma, you are a source of inspiration to me and every of insert friend’s name friends.
Today being your birthday, I celebrate you in a special way and I pray for God’s blessings on your life always.

15. You always say that your child’s friend is also your child.
Thank you for not treating me any different from your child.
Have an incredibly beautiful birthday ma.

16. Today being the anniversary of your birth, I join my friend to celebrate you for all you are.
Cheers to many more beautiful years.
Happy birthday ma’am.

17. It is a blessing and a special thing to see another birthday.
As you celebrate your new age today, may God continue to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

18. May this new chapter of your life bring you more peace of mind and prosperity, amen.
Happy birthday to you ma, have a joyful day.

19. What a day it is to celebrate a wonderful woman who raised my wonderful friend.
You remain an example of what being virtuous is about.
Happy birthday ma’am.

20. Sending the best birthday wishes to you ma.
Thank you for being an amazing mother to my friend and being an overall amazing human being.

21. Another birthday and a new year added to your life.
I hope that you find absolute happiness today and always.
Happy birthday Ma.

22. Happy birthday to you my dear friend’s mom.
The love insert your friend’s name has for you is infectious.
I hope your day is filled with smiles and your new year with blessings.

23. Ever since I met you ma, you have continued to look out for me like your own.
May your good works never go unrewarded.
Happy birthday, mommy.

24. Birthdays are special because they only occur once in a year.
I pray that you have an incredibly beautiful birthday and year going forward.
Happy birthday, ma.

25. Thanks to you, I have an awesome friend, that means a lot to me.
Praying for you on your birthday that the good things of life will always be yours.
Happy birthday mommy insert friend’s name.

26. Ma, you haven’t aged a day since I met you and today I wish you a happy birthday.
Continue to age gracefully like fine wine, you continually inspire me.

27. Happy birthday ma’am.
Your words of wisdom are always welcome advice in my life.
More great health and wealth to you.

28. My best birthday wishes to you.
You have never had a problem standing in as my mom and I’m super grateful for that.
Have an amazing birthday.

29. I’m forever grateful that I met you through your daughter/son.
You have the kindest of heart even to strangers.
I wish you many more excellent years here on earth.

30. Even though you fail to acknowledge my friend and me as adults insert laughing emoji we love you nonetheless.
Have a beautiful birthday ma.

31. For all the years that I have known you, not once have you treated me like an outsider.
I hope your birthday is everything you need it to be and more.
Happy birthday ma’am.

32. I love how you make me feel so comfortable in your home; you always say that your home is my second home and I couldn’t agree more.
It’s a blessing knowing you, have a wonderful birthday.

33. My friend kept telling me how much of an amazing mom you are and when I met you, it was just as he/she had said and even more.
I celebrate you on your birth anniversary and I pray for more of God’s providence in your life.

34. I join my dear friend and the rest of your family and friends to wish you a splendid birthday today.
May all your prayer requests be granted.

35. You are my second mom no doubt and I celebrate you in a special way on your birthday today.
I hope you have the best of the year ahead.

36. Anyone who spends enough time with insert your friend’s name will know how much he/she adores you.
You make it so easy for people to be around you.
Have the best of birthday.

37. This is not flattery but of all my friend’s moms, you are my favourite.
This is me wishing you a fantastic year ahead and a happy birthday.

38. Wishing my dear friend’s mom a happy birthday and an amazing year ahead.
I wish you so much fulfilment and happiness for the year ahead.

39. Thank you for being the perfect mom to my friend because she/he never fails to mention it every single time.
You are blessed ma, happy birthday to you.

40. Your new age totally looks great on you.
I pray that you have one of those very beautiful years filled with great moments and life-changing blessings.
Have a wonderful birthday ma.

41. Thank you for always keeping your door open to me and treating me no different from your children.
May your days be long and prosperous.
Happy birthday ma’am.

42. I always look forward to coming around for your meals because they are so good.
I hope you continue to have the grace to be the amazing mom that you are to my friend and his siblings.
A beautiful birthday to you ma.

43. You are more than my friend’s mom, you are also like a mom to me.
I wish you all the best birthday wishes a person can possibly have, happy birthday to you.

44. All the best birthday wishes and prayers to you my friend’s amazing mom.
Thank you for teaching us how to be better adults.
I hope you enjoy your day.

45. May all the good things the year has to offer be yours now and always in abundance.
Happy birthday to you ma.

46. I found an amazing friend in your son/daughter and a second mom in you.
I pray for you on your birthday that the fruits of your labour will never be in vain.
Happy birthday, mom.

47. If not for you, I would never have met my friend.
Thank you for your support for me.
Let your birthday bring you many more blessings.
Happy birthday, ma.

48. You are such a strong woman and it is an absolute pleasure knowing you.
insert friend’s name and his siblings are so lucky to have you as their mom.
Have a beautiful birthday.

49. My dear insert friend’s name mom, it’s your birthday today and I want to wish you an incredibly beautiful birthday.
I sincerely wish you all the best.

50. insert friend’s name is a huge part of my life and I know how important you are to him/her which also makes you super important to me.
Happy birthday to you ma and I hope you have a blessed year.

51. You should be so proud of the son/daughter you raised and you deserve all the good things of life.
I hope you have a beautiful birthday.

If you love your friend, then surely you must send some good wishes to the mother for her birthday.

52. Happy birthday, ma.
May the next 365 days bring you great health of body and mind and tons of happiness.
Have a fantastic birthday.

53. insert friend’s name speaks so highly of you and I can only imagine how incredible you are.
Best of wishes ma as you celebrate your birthday.

54. Thank you so much ma for all the words of encouragement and support towards me.
It’s so priceless knowing you.
May the days of your life be filled with amazing things.
Happy birthday to you ma.

55. You said that I could call you mommy and that means so much to me.
I wish you the best of birthday ma, have a beautiful year.

56. You make all of insert friend’s name friends feel welcome at your home including myself and for that, I am so grateful.
Have a great birthday.

57. Joining my birthday wishes to that of insert friend’s name to wish you a happy birthday.
I wish you the best gifts from heaven for today and beyond.

58. You have always been supportive of my friendship with your son/daughter and that means so much to me.
I’m sending you all the best wishes for your birthday.

59. Having you as a part of my life through insert friend’s name has been a life’s gift in itself.
May the Lord be kind to you all the days of your life.
Have a beautiful birthday ma.

60. On this anniversary of your birth ma, I pray that lines will always fall in pleasant places for you and your family.
Have an incredible birthday.

61. Dear Mrs insert name
Thank you for letting me into your home.
I’m so happy that I get to wish you a happy birthday, have a beautiful one.

62. I’m so glad that my friend has such an amazing mom.
It’s always fun coming by to see you.
Have an amazing birthday and best wishes.

63. Dear ma, it’s your birthday today and I wanted to give you my best wishes.
May your heart desires become testimonies of joy.
Happy birthday.

64. insert friend’s name is so special to me and by default, so are you.
I hope you have a year of many blessings and goodness.
Happy birthday ma’am.

65. You are so good at being the mom in your family and to all who comes by your home and that is something to admire.
Happy birthday to you ma and my mom sends her best wishes as well.

66. You are blessed to have insert friend’s name as a child and that’s not just because he/she is my friend.
Continue to have a prosperous life ma as you become a year older.

67. Sending the best birthday wishes to the amazing mom of my best friend.
I continue to pray for God’s love and grace in your life at all times.

68. May your light of guidance continue to shine in your family and in the life of insert friend’s name.
Praying for you to have an amazing birthday.

69. I hold you close to my heart just like my mom and I’m happy to know you.
I hope you have a fantastic birthday as you deserve.

70. Happy birthday, ma.
I hope you have an amazing year going forward.
Looking forward to more treats at your home.

71. Happy birthday, Ma, I hope you know how very appreciative I am of your constant counsel and concern towards my life.
I hope you have a beautiful birthday filled with the best gifts.

72. Your son/daughter’s friendship brings out the best in me and I have you to thank for that.
May you be evergreen like the trees planted by the riverside.
Happy birthday, dear Mrs (insert name).

73. It’s always so nice coming by the house especially because you always make the most amazing meals.
Thank you for all your kindness.
Have a beautiful birthday ma.

74. Welcome to a new age, ma’am.
May you continue to excel in all that you do.
Enjoy your special day.

75. Dear ma, accept my sincerest birthday prayers and good wishes for you.
You are a huge part of insert friend’s name life and that is such a beautiful thing.

76. You shall live to declare the goodness of the Lord in your life this year and always.
A hearty cheer, Mrs (insert name).
Have an excellent birthday.

77. I humbly wish to share in your joy as you celebrate your birthday today.
I hope you have a long, rewarding and prosperous life, amen.

78. I know how special you are to insert friend’s name, that is why your birthday is also important to me.
Sending you tons of birthday blessings ma’am.
Have a wonderful birthday.

79. To many more beautiful years of me showing up at your home completely uninvited (insert laughing emoji).
I cherish you so much ma, have an incredibly beautiful birthday.

80. (insert friend’s name) and I have been friends since childhood and I have known you for so long.
I have always admired you and I continue to admire you.
Happy birthday, ma’am.

Sending happy birthday wishes to the mother of your friend is a great way to make your friendship better.

81. I haven’t even known you for so long yet you have made such an impact in my life.
May the blessings of the Lord always be upon you.
Happy birthday, ma.

82. One just needs to spend a moment with (insert friend’s name) to know that he/she was raised by an amazing mom.
I hope you always have the best of everything.

83. Taking your birthday as a special moment to tell you that you are an incredible mom to (insert friend’s name).
You deserve the best of life and you shall have it.

84. Whenever I come around to visit (insert friend’s name, the house always feels like home and it’s all thanks to you.
Have an incredibly beautiful birthday ma’am.

85. I trust that there will be lots of cakes today and I do hope you take some time to rest.
I’ll definitely come by to say hi but I’m sending my birthday wishes ahead of me.
You are blessed, ma.

86. I hope you always experience the joys and blessings that come with motherhood.
Have a fruitful new age and a beautiful birthday.

87. I don’t know so much about you but I know that you are an amazing mom to insert friend’s name.
I appreciate you so much and I’m sending my good wishes and hearty prayers for your birthday.

88. I remember the first day we met like it was yesterday.
You were all smiles and welcoming.
You held my hand and you told me ‘welcome home’.
Thank you for your accommodation all these years.
I hope you never lack in any area of your life.
Happy birthday to you ma.

89. Your birthday is a good time to celebrate the fact that without you, I wouldn’t have my best friend here.
That constantly keeps me thankful for your life.
Have a wonderful birthday ma’am.

90. You are the reason why I have a friend in the first place, I don’t take that for granted.
Happy birthday to you ma’am, I hope you have an amazing year.

91. Not a lot of people can say that their friend’s mom is so cool.
I’m one of the lucky few.
Best birthday wishes to you, Mrs (insert name).
Remain blessed.

92. I trust that you will have an exciting birthday.
Thank you for teaching (insert friend’s name) and I more about friendship.
Happy birthday ma’am.

93. I feel so blessed to have a friend who has such an accommodating mom, it’s always a pleasure to come by for a visit.
I hope your birthday opens new and plentiful blessings for you.

94. I could never miss wishing you a happy birthday for anything in the world.
You are special to insert friend’s name and you are special to me too.
Happy birthday ma’am.

95. You didn’t know so much about me when I met you yet you accepted me completely.
I hope your special day is as wonderful as you are.
Happy birthday, ma.

96. I join (insert friend’s name) to celebrate you today being your birthday.
You are a fantastic mom to him/her and you deserve all the love you get today.
Have a beautiful birthday.

97. Having a friend’s mom who treats me like her own child is definitely a life bonus.
Have the best of birthday love and happiness, ma’am.

98. Dear Mrs (insert name), you are truly a remarkable woman and I’m so glad that I know you.
May your journey of life continue to be filled with countless blessings and joyous moments.

99. My friendship with (insert friend’s name) will hopefully last forever and that’s how long you will always be like a mom to me.
The length of your days shall be long and prosperous.
Happy birthday ma’am.

100. One of my favourite things about my friendship with (insert friend’s name) is that I get to come to hang out at your beautiful home and help you make those amazing dishes.
I hope your new age brings more love, happiness and blessings into your life.

I’m glad that you came all the way to this point and I sincerely hope that you found a special message for your friend’s mother for her birthday.

I would love to know your favourites among these happy birthday wishes to a friend mother. Kindly share them in the comment section.
I hope that you and your friend continue to have the best of friendship.

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