Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for a Good Friend

2023 Trending Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for a Good Friend

Friendship is a beautiful ship to board and celebrating a friend birthday is like celebrating your birthday.

A simple message to that good and special friend means a lot.
Here are some messages you will love to send to that special friend on their birthday.

Best Birthday Text Messages for a Good Friend

One of the obligations of Friends is to celebrate one another on their special days. Birthday is one of the special days friends celebrate with one another. If  acquaintances can be celebrated on their special days, what more a Good and sincere Friend. That Good friend of yours is entitled to a Birthday wish from you on His/Her Birthday. You won’t want to be bad friend, and that is a very good reason you should send these best happy birthday text messages to that good friend and happy birthday wishes and messages for a good friend of yours.

1. May your day be filled with joy. Love around you and laughter you can’t withhold. Happy Birthday!

2. May your birthday be as beautiful as a rainbow, but you are too sweet and you deserve more. So may your day be more beautiful than a rainbow.

3. The sun rises and signifies a new day. It shines brighter because someone special was born today and that is you.
I wish you a lovely, happy birthday!

4. The sky is beautiful, the hills are radiant, the world is colourful, but your uniqueness surpasses them all.
As you celebrate your birthday today, may your heart desires be met.

5. I woke up feeling different today. I tried to understand why, but the joy in my heart kept increasing. I walked around to understand and then I checked the calendar and yes, your birthday makes me feel happy. God bless the day you were born!
Happy Birthday sweet friend!


6. Happy Birthday to a jewel of inestimable value. You are worth more than gold.

7. As you age, your days will be filled with greatness and mercy surround you. Happy Birthday dear one!

8. You are a star, shine brightly today on your birthday and always. I wish you a beautiful life.

9. Life is beautiful and the beauty of it radiates all around you.
Happy Birthday beautiful one!

10. Wake up! Dress up! Clap, dance, rejoice for today is your special day. Happy Birthday!

11. Today is a new day and the sun shines brightly because they know a unique being was born.

12. Dear friend, today is your special day and my wish for you are just as special as your day: that you find love all around you. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages to a Good Friend

13. Happy Birthday!
Joy for today, hope for tomorrow and strength to walk past your yesterday pain.

14. Shine bright, be happy, rejoice, eat whatever pleases you and make today memorable. Happy Birthday sweet and good friend!

15. May heaven hear you when you call and favour locate you when you crave for it.
Happy Birthday!

16. I cherish every moment with you. You make life memorable.
Have the best fun today ’cause your uniqueness came into being today. Happy Birthday to you, good friend!

17. If I were chanced, I’ll make you the biggest cake and throw you a birthday bash you will never forget, but I know these words worth more than that. So I wish you a beautiful life!

18. It’s a bright new day. The birds are singing for you. The trees are swerving, celebrating with you because they know a beautiful soul was born today. Happy Birthday, dear!

19. You scaled through several challenges. Triumphing over obstacles and making it to this special day, may this day open you to divine breakthroughs.
Happy Birthday!

20. Joy, happiness, love, smiles, favour; all the good your heart desires are yours today and always. Happy Birthday!

21. You know how precious you are to me?
Forgetting your special day will be a slap on my face.
I wish you a fun-filled birthday!

22. Whenever you speak, you speak hope. You make scary ideas look simple. How did you become so strong hearted?
I cherish you, dear! Happy Birthday!

23. Each day as you age, you seem different, but I love what you are becoming. Happy Birthday dear friend!

24. I wish we could be together forever and you will see how precious you are to me. But I know you understand this feeling and I’m wishing you a happy birthday from my heart!

25. Your days are blessed.
May Goodness locate you in all your ways and your desires met even before you ask. Happy Birthday, friend!

26. Your smile is beautiful. May you always have reasons to smile as you celebrate today and always.

27. Though we disagree a lot, you are still the best of my friends and I cherish you so much. Happy Birthday!

28. Tick tock says the clock!
It’s time to wake up! It beckons!
Because it’s your special day.
Happy Birthday dear one!

29. Rise up, stretch out. Smile, check your calendar and wish your beautiful heart a blissful birthday for me.

30. A friend in need, a friend in mischief, a friend at every moment and best friend forever! I wish you a Happy Birthday!

31. For the love you’ve shown and the support you gave, I’ll never be able to pay you back. But I wish you a new age filled with all your heart desires.

32. How precious is it to have a friend who knows what to do at the right time to make one smile.
I appreciate you, dear friend on your special day.

33. Words fail me to describe what a precious gift you are to me. From the depths of my heart, I wish you a pleasant life filled with joy.

34. When next anyone makes mention of beauty, I’ll point to you first, ’cause you’re all shades of what beauty really is.
Happy Birthday, friend!

35. Friends like you should be celebrated every day, but we might get bored. So I’ve decided to celebrate you in a special way today. Happy Birthday!

36. May your day be blessed and filled with surprises that will make you smile. Happy Birthday to you!

37. If there is so much I could give you, I’ll give you the whole world on this special day because you are most special to me.
Happy Birthday my friend!

38. If everyone on earth stops loving and caring for their friends, I trust you not to stop caring for me. I celebrate you today dear friend!

39. Birthdays are meant to make us happy. Your birthday will be filled with happiness and love. Have fun on your day!

40. Do you know how important you are to me? I guess you don’t know, but I want you to know you mean so much to me and I’m wishing you a beautiful birthday from my heart!

41. Flowers bring smiles, but since I couldn’t get a flower, I decided to send you this message. I know it will make you smile.
Happy Birthday my lovely friend!

42. From a little crying toddler, see what you have grown to be. You are a great friend and I wish you a blessed birthday!

43. Don’t get provoked today no matter how annoying any situation you find yourself might be. It is your birthday and you should be happy all through.

44. Friends like you are rare. They are once in a lifetime kind of gift. Thank God I’m blessed to have you as a friend.
Happy Birthday to you!

45. Come and see the special table I set for you today. It is filled with cards of “I love you!”
It is an imaginary table, but I know you know that I love you that much. Happy Birthday!

46. May your joy be filled and greatness never cease from you. Happy Birthday!

47. Close your eyes and make so many wishes. They will all be granted because they come from a special one like you.
I celebrate you dear!

48. You see that sun shining above, I asked it to make today bright just for you and it did. Isn’t that beautiful?
Happy Birthday, Dear!

Birthday Wishes for a Good Friend

49. So many people were born the day you made your first cry, but only a few are alive today. You are one of the living souls, rejoice and have the best of your day.

50. If I have to choose a friend again in the next life, I’ll choose you because you are wonderful. Happy Birthday my sweet friend.

51. There’s nothing as beautiful as having a new age added to your age. Today is your new age day, celebrate and have fun.

52. I wish I could take you around the world to celebrate a unique being like you. But here I am saying:
Happy Birthday, Friend!

53. Close your eyes. Receive my hugs and my kisses and know that I wish you a beautiful birthday from my heart.

54. Happy celebration my sweet friend. Your days are blessed and you are lifted in all your ways.

55. Be happy, be thankful, be care-free and enjoy this special day with all your heart.

56. To my one and only sweet friend, I wish you a life of glory and pleasant experience. Happy Birthday!

57. Though we disagree a lot, that will never stop me from loving you.
Happy Birthday sweet friend!

58. I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday from my heart. Celebrate it with joy!

59. You worth more than just being a friend. You are family. Thank you so much for your support.
Happy Birthday!

60. I wish you will be able to get all the finest things you crave for in life.
Happy Birthday!

61. Every day of your life is blessed. May you have all the joy your heart can hold today and always. Happy Birthday!

62. Rejoice and let’s celebrate together because it is your birth date. Have a blast dear!

63. Your dreams, your hopes, all that your heart desires, are my wishes to you today as you celebrate your birthday.

64. See the new day as another beautiful beginning. A new start to a pleasant future. I celebrate you dear!

65. God made all friends beautiful, but he made my friend more beautiful within and without. Happy birth date friend!

66. I have been waiting for today since yesterday, but now that today is here, I don’t know what to say than to wish you a blessed birthday!

67. Great people are born on special days like this, and you are one of those great people. I celebrate you, dear friend!

68. Wake up, it’s the dawn of a new and special day in your life.
Have a wonderful birthday!

69. God bless you my friend for being so dear to me. I look forward to more years ahead with you. Happy Birthday!

70. Our friendship is beyond amazing and I pray it last year after year. I celebrate you, dear friend!

71. Smile, your birthday is blessed with pleasantries. Happy Birthday!

72. A rare friend to be cherished always, I celebrate you and I wish you a fulfilled life.

73. I would have loved to shout it on the rooftop that it’s my friend birthday, but then I realized this message will be louder.
Happy Birthday, dear!

74. The peace that surpasses all understanding is my wish for you in all your endeavours. Happy Birthday, good friend!

75. For all the time we were together and the nights of being awake, I want you to know I cherish those moments. You are special! Happy Birthday!

76. A sweet friend like no other, you mean the world to me.
I celebrate you dear!

77. God bless the womb that birth you and the breast upon which you fed. You have grown to be a blessing. Happy Birthday!

78. Do you know you are special to me?
I just want you to know I’m proud of you.
Happy Birthday to you!

79. Life is beautiful with pleasant diadem like you.
I celebrate the day you were born. Happy Birthday!

80. Guardian angel, helping hand, these and more you have been to me. I celebrate you, my lovely friend!

81. Joy to make your day bright and laughter to make it heartwarming. Happy Birthday dear friend!

82. I need you to be the best version of yourself in this new age and I trust you will. Happy Birthday!

83. Songs of rejoicing from my heart to you as you celebrate your birthday today!

84. What I wish for you is that all your dreams come true for you on this special day! Happy Birthday!

85. Blow the candles, make a wish, cut the cake and celebrate your day. Happy Birthday!

86. Shine bright today and always because you are always beautiful. Happy Birthday!

87. Do you see the sky, it is bright early today because it knows a special being was born today. Happy Birthday, good friend!

88. Sweetheart, my love, my friend, smile all you want to today because it is a blessed day to be happy! Happy Birthday!

89. Roses and gifts I do not have to present today, but I send you my love and best wishes. Have a pleasant birthday!

90. I admire my friend on this special day. It is not always easy to know you are growing old. Have a lovely birthday!

91. You know I love you yesterday, today and every day. Have a birthday filled with surprises.

92. Just as this day implies the beginning of a new age, I wish you a dawn of beautiful beginnings. Happy Birthday!

93. Joy will never elude you all the days of your life.
Happy Birthday!

94. Tick, tick, tock, someone is ageing gradually, but still looking radiant. Happy Birthday to you!

95. I’ll always cherish you even when we’re far apart.
I celebrate you on this special day! Happy Birthday!

96. Don’t push the celebration until tomorrow. Today is still the date to celebrate your special day. Have fun, good friend!

97. Though I’m far away, my heart is so close like your ribs to your chest. From here, I wish you a lovely birthday!

98. Even if the tears flow today, know that they are flowing for joy. Happy Birthday!

99. Life gives us reasons to hurt, but I pray this special day will clear all your hurt and replace it with love. Happy Birthday!

100. When the world turns its back on you, just look back and I’ll be there behind you. Happy Birthday my friend!

Long Birthday Wishes for a Good Friend

“Best of Long but Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for a Good Friend.”

1. Bless Your Day

My sweet friend, as you age, may your days be bright and your path glorious.
May this day be filled with surprises for you and your joy unending. God bless your day and your life generally.
Eat, dance, drink, be carefree and do all you want to because it’s your birthday.
Happy Birthday dear friend!

2. A Day Like No Other

Years ago, a woman was contracting. She cried and grinned, she pushed and thought of giving up, but the little baby troubled her and she summoned the courage and a unique being was born.
It must have been a glorious day for your parents; a day like no other. I know you have always been great from birth.
Now the day is here to celebrate your first day on earth and I am blessed having this great being as a friend.
My friend, I wish you a beautiful day and a blessed life ahead.
You are great and great you will always be.
Happy Birthday to you!

3. I Celebrate

I celebrate you my friend on this day of your birth remembrance. I bless the day we met and became friends. Your humility and person is cherished. You are my sunshine and inspiration. The world needs more people like you to make it beautiful. Happy Birthday my friend!

4. You Are Special

Dear friend, you are sweet, like a chocolate.
You are bright, like a rainbow you look unique.
Enough said, I only want you to know how special you are.
My blessing, my joy, my relief, my comforter, you are wonderful and amazing to me.
On this day, I wish you the joy your heart can hold. All the love your heart desires and your hopes becoming a reality.
Happy Birthday to you dear!

5. Short Of Words

Your personality makes me marvel. You have such a beautiful smile that could illuminate the whole world if it were possible. All about you makes me short of words.
I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Joy for today and greater hope for tomorrow dear friend.
I celebrate you today and always!

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