Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Sister to Me

Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Sister to Me

Life is better when we build meaningful connections and keep in touch with wonderful people as often as we can. Family and friends make life all the more complete and exciting and so it isn’t out of place to have someone who becomes a family, just like a sister to you.

I feel like we have come to a point where a family is not just about blood ties but about who is there when we need them to be. So, it is likely that we find people who aren’t relatives by blood but by friendship.

One of the greatest bond and love is that from a sister so I am excited that you have someone who is like a sister to you.
There’s just something special about sisters because they go out of their way to do things for us.

Count yourself lucky and blessed that you have a sister-like figure in your life and celebrating her on a special occasion like her birthday is a sweet way to make her know how much you value and care for her.

It’s clear that you would want to even give her a surprise package for her birthday but do well to accompany it by sweet birthday wishes and messages.

I went all out to make sure that you have the right words with which to wish some like a sister a happy birthday.
These happy birthday to someone like a sister to me wishes are timeless. So, you can always find something special for her each year.

Happy Birthday Messages to Someone Like a Sister to Me

With these happy birthday messages to someone like a sister to me, celebrate the born day of that special friend of yours who has turned sister and make her know who she has become to you.

1. What we share is more than friendship, I consider you my sister and I’m so excited for your new age.
You deserve so much because of how kind you are.
Happy birthday, sis. (insert heart emoji).

2. From being a friend, you became like a sister to me and I don’t take that for granted.
You are one of the good people around and you deserve the best birthday yet.
Happy birthday, my darling.

3. Happy birthday (insert her name).
On a day like this, I’m so happy our paths crossed.
I love you like my sister and I pray your new age is everything you need from it.

4. Happy birthday to my dear friend and if you don’t know this already, you are someone I can call my sister.
I wish you so much joy and happiness for the new year.

5. I’m overly excited to be part of your special day.
From friends, we became sisters and I hope it stays this way forever.
Happy birthday, dear sister.

6. Raising a glass of the best wine to toast your new age.
I’ll never stop appreciating your friendship and our budding sisterhood.
Happy birthday, cupcake.

7. Happy birthday to you my amazing sister and friend.
Everything you do for me does not go unnoticed.
The Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want.

8. Today, I join the host of angels to celebrate an incredibly amazing young woman.
You are both a friend and sister to me.
Happy birthday, dear.

9. Happy birthday dear (insert her name)
Thank you for being the best friend and sister a lady could ask for.
Shine brightly in your new age.

10. You have seen me on my best and worst days and you were still the caring friend and amazing sister that you always are.
Happy birthday, soul sister, may heavenly blessings fill your life.

11. Today, we turn up and celebrate.
It’s world (insert her name) day.
You are loved and appreciated.
Happy birthday my dear friend.

12. Your birthday is special to me because you are such an amazing person.
You are the sister I always needed in my life and I hope your life is as amazing as you.

13. Oh, what a beautiful day to celebrate such an incredibly beautiful human.
I needed a friend and you went the extra mile to become my sister.
Sending every good wish your way for your birthday and beyond.

14. All I have are fond memories of you being a friend and a sister to me.
Have a beautiful birthday and make sure to save me some cake.

15. It’s your birth anniversary and I hope that you are as happy as you should be.
May this be a year to remember for good.
Happy birthday, darling sis.

These are heartwarming messages to send to someone like a sister to you to wish her a happy birthday.

16. I totally wish I was around so I can trouble you a little.
Nothing but love from this end to you on your birthday.
All the birthday blessings to you.
Happy birthday dear sister.

17. If I tell you that I love you like a sister, you best believe it because that’s exactly how I see you.
I’m thankful for your new age and I know that it will be remarkable. Happy birthday, dear.

18. I love you like a sister and that’s what you have been to me.
It’s your birth anniversary and I hope your new age has a lot of good in store for you.
Happy birthday, boss lady.

19. Some days I cannot stand you and others days, I just need you around like the air I breathe.
You give friendship a whole new meaning and I hope your new age gives your life a whole new beautiful meaning.
Happy birthday to my favourite girl.

20. Celebrating you (insert her name) today because you are such a bright shining star.
Beautiful in and out; friend and sister.
Happy birthday, dear.

21. What a beautiful day to celebrate a queen who I am privileged to have as a friend.
You are so graceful and good.
I hope the next 365 days is kind to you.

22. Special ladies are celebrated in the most special way!
Wishing you the most beautiful birthday and a happy start to a new age.

23. I get all mushy on your birthday because I’m super thankful that you were born because how else would I meet the nicest lady I know.
Cheers to a year of clearer skin and more money.

24. I don’t know when we transitioned from friends to sisters but I would do it all over again and a lot sooner.
Happy birthday my dear (insert her name)
Have a beautiful year ahead.

25. Happy birthday my dear friend.
From friend to sister and sister to friend, you are whatever I need you to be without as much as a complaint.
God will continue to bless you abundantly.

26. You will always have a place in my heart and it is with great joy that I wish you a beautiful birthday.
Happy birthday (insert her name).

27. Happy birthday to a special friend turned sister.
You are a rare gem and anyone who knows you is lucky to have you around.
Heaven’s best blessings to you sis.

28. Thank you for being all that you are to me and hopefully, you get all that you need for your new age and beyond.
Happy birthday, dear all-time favourite friend.

29. To the world’s best friend who is also a sister to me, I say happy birthday!
Darling, you are a star, may your world be brighter and better.

30. Honestly, my life wouldn’t be the same without your friendship in it. On your birthday and every other day, I will continue to appreciate you.

31. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to meet friends who become sisters to them as well.
Sweet sister, I wish you a happy birthday and I hope the celebration is as beautiful as you are.

32. Sending you tons of love, beautiful sunflowers and sunshine for your new age.
Happy birthday gorgeous one, remain blessed.

33. You are in my top ten favourite people on earth and I’m lucky to have met you.
Super thankful for your existence.
Happy birthday my dear and many more years of fulfilment to you.

34. Today belongs to you queen!!!
Happiest birthday to you sis.
I know your excitement is over the moon and rightly so.
I hope your new age brings with it life-changing ideas.

35. This is the year that brings all the good stuff with it, I can feel it and I believe it!
I’m so happy to share in the joy of your new year.
A beautiful birthday to you.

36. For being my dear friend and sister every step of the way, I say a big thank you.
I pray that God is with you every step of the way forward.
Happy birthday, sis.

37. Sending bear hugs and lots of love your way as you celebrate your birthday.
It won’t stop me from sending actual teddy bears though.
A blessed birthday to you.

38. On your birthday, I just want to remind you that you are such an amazing lady and that you should never change for anything or anyone.
All the good you need in your life, you shall get it.

39. Not a lot of people brighten up lives the way you do, you are literally human sunshine and I wish you a very amazing year.
Happy birthday, sunshine.

40. It’s blooming season for you as you begin a new chapter in your life. May God’s light guide your every step and may your efforts be met with success. Happy birthday my dear friend.

41. Your birthday is a yearly reminder for me to appreciate you as an everyday gift to my life.
I hope that every item on your wishlist becomes a reality.
Happy birthday (insert her name).

42. The fact is that no one else combines being a sister and friend as perfectly as you do.
I hope your birthday anniversary brings many new blessings your way.

43. It’s a warm and beautiful day, perfect to celebrate the birthday of a star girl.
May your light never dim and may your health never fail.
A beautiful birthday to you.

44. I’m using the celebration of your birth anniversary to let you know that having you in my life is a blessing.
Thank you for being everything a true friend is.
Happy birthday, dear.

45. Happy birthday to a friend like no other and a sister too.
You bring joy wherever you go and I hope you find joy wherever you find yourself.

46. Behind every happy person is a friend who is also like a sister.
You are that friend to me, thank you so much.
Sending you all my best wishes for your birthday.

47. Welcome to a new season and a new chapter in your life.
I pray life treats you a whole lot better than your expectations.
Happy birthday my dear (insert her name).

48. Happy birthday cupcake, you are a thousand and one friends in one and I wish you a thousand and one good things to kick off your new age.

49. On your birthday, I have this to say to you; the only way is up!
All of your efforts will start to pay off and everything will be amazing because you deserve it all.
Happy birthday, queen.

50. To an incredibly amazing girl who became a friend and sister to me, I say a big happy and fulfilling birthday to you.
Have a great day.

Happy birthday, messages specially written for that person in your life who is like a sister to you.

51. I woke up feeling extra excited then I remembered that it was your birthday.
I want to see you happy today and every other day.
Have a wonderful birthday sis.

52. It’s world sister and friend appreciation day(and yes I made that up for your birthday)
You are one in a million and I wish you a bright journey ahead.
Happy birthday (insert her name)

53. Happy birthday (insert her name)
Today I pray for you in a special way for God to show you love and grace whenever you need it.
Have a beautiful birthday.

54. I watch with admiration how you handle your affairs and I’m thankful that I have you in my life.
I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way.
Happy birthday to you.

55. I have a couple of good wishes for the birthday girl: wishing that you encounter your best year yet and every amazing thing that comes with it.
Happy birthday, sister.

56. Happy birthday best girl, best friend and an amazing sister.
You rock and I pray that your life will continue to be as incredible as ever.

57. There’s no better way to say what I’m about to say(or maybe there is) you are such a superwoman and I’m incredibly proud of your progress.
I know that there’s so much more to come.
Happy birthday, dear.

58. There’s no limit to the support I’ll give you if you ever need it because you are worth so much more.
Happy birthday my darling.

59. Today is extra special because it’s your birthday and I hope you feel extra special too.
Dear friend and sister, have a super birthday.

60. I love you to the moon and back and it’s so great that I have a friend in you who is someone like a sister.
May your days be long my dear, happy birthday.

61. The best thing about today is that you turn a year older.
I hope you always have kindness in your beautiful heart.
I pray for more years of sisterhood between us.
Enjoy your day.

62. The world may not know this but I and everyone around you know that you are a real-life angel.
Keep doing you and may your new age bring you lots of good tidings.

63. Happy birthday my dear (insert her name)
Your friendship makes my world a lot brighter.
I hope you have a beautiful birthday.

64. A new chapter of your life is here and I hope you are ready for every page to be filled with beautiful moments and grand successes.
Cheers sis, happy birthday!

65. Happy birthday to an angel who graces her corner of the world with lots of happy vibes.
May this be a year to remember for all the right reasons.

66. You are sunshine and you are the moon, you shine bright wherever you go and I pray that God shines his perfect light in your path as you experience another set of 365 days.

67. We started out as friends and now we are more like sisters and your birthday is a special day to celebrate you.
You are perfection and I speak many more good things into your life.

68. I can’t possibly list my favourite people on earth without including your name.
Happy birthday my dear, thank you for being my friend and my sister.

69. Smart, gentle and kind are some of my favourite words to describe you.
You are such a superwoman and I wish you all the best for your new age.

70. To the kindest soul, I have come across, happy birthday darling.
I hope you meet people who are far more kind to you and may your heart desires become a reality.

71. It’s a privilege to have you as a friend and much more to love you like a sister.
Happy birthday, dear, you are indispensable to me.

72. I hope my birthday wishes to meet you well and I hope your day brings you lots of laughter and happiness.
Have an absolutely beautiful year ahead.

73. In another life, we would be sisters!
Happy birthday, queen, you are such an angel.
Have a beautiful birthday.

74. Dear support system, happy birthday!
Without you, my life will be a mess.
Thank you for loving me as you do.
Enjoy the best of your new age.

75. Here’s wishing the most amazing lady I know a very wonderful birthday.
I pray that your new age is completely a happy one.

76. I find it amazing that you are in my life; friend turned sister.
Happy birth anniversary my darling.
Have yourself an excellent year.

77. Happy birthday to literal sunshine.
That’s what you are to everyone around you; a bright light radiating love and positivity.
Have your best year yet!

78. Hey birthday girl, I hope you slept like a baby.
I’m giving you all my love for the day.
Happy birthday baby girl.

79. You are not like a lot of people I know and that is why I adore you so much.
I pray for you as you turn a year older that good may never depart from you.
Happy birthday, dear (insert her name).

80. Raising a glass from this end to wish the best girl I know a happy birthday.
May your journey of life be smoother and full of success.
Have an absolutely beautiful birthday.

For someone to be like a sister to you, it means you care about her.
These happy birthday messages will make her happy on her birthday.

81. To a year of grace, success, great health, love and happiness!
Happy birthday my dear (insert her name).
Have a fun-filled day.

82. You are special, so your birthday is quite special to me and your new age will be special for you.
Happy birthday to you.

83. I hope that I am one of the first people to send you birthday wishes this year.
Have a new age that is amazing just as you.

84. I’m so happy waking up to your birthday.
I’ll be with you before the day ends but I’m sending all the good wishes across first.
Happy birthday, dear.

85. If I don’t say it enough, know this: you are truly like a sister to me and I wish you the very best for this new chapter of your life.
Happy birth anniversary sis.

86. I watched friends come and go.
But you, you became more like a sister to me.
I love what we share and I hope you have an incredibly beautiful year ahead.

87. Happy birthday to you sweetheart.
Thank you for being an amazing friend and sister.
I hope you have a beautiful birthday.

88. Today is your day; a day to reflect on the past years and pray for a better future.
I hope your future is everything you need it to be.
Happy birthday my dear (insert her name).

89. You came to me as a friend and now you are more like a sister.
Super thankful that our paths crossed.
I hope this chapter of your life brings the best experience yet.

90. Happy birthday dear sister from another mother.
I hope you have a beautiful smile all day and happiness in your heart all 365 days long.

91. You add so much meaning to the word, friendship, and I pray that I always have your back as much as you have mine.
Happy birthday, superwoman.

92. I don’t mean to flatter you when I say that you are one of the best people I have come across, your kind heart speaks for you.
A beautiful birthday to you my dear.

93. I hope that the next 365 days of your life are filled with happiness and so much joy.
Happy birthday, dear sis.

94. More than a friend, more than a sister; that is what you are to me.
Have an exciting new chapter filled with unending blessings.

95. To a lady boss who is also a great friend to me, I wish you a happy birthday.
May you continue to grow and glow in God’s love.

96. Happy birthday beautiful one!
I pray that you stay healthy and hearty so you can continue to drive me crazy in the best way ever (insert laughing emoji).
I love you, sis.

97. I love that I can also call you my sister and on your birthday, I wish you a great year ahead.
As for today, I wish you so much happiness.
Happy birthday to you.

98. You make life so much fun and I can’t wait for all the memories we get to have going forward.
Happy birthday beautiful one.

99. Happy birthday dear friend, I count myself lucky to have you and on your birthday I appreciate you even more.
I pray that everything works out together for your good at all times.

100. Don’t finish all the cake before I get there and save some tequila shots for me.
I love you so much and I feel blessed to call you sister and friend.
Have an absolutely beautiful new age.
Happy birthday my dear (insert her name).

Believe me when I tell you that there are a couple of messages in here that was written for someone who is like a sister to you and I hope you found it.

Kindly tell me your favourite messages in the comment section and don’t forget that you can always tweak the messages to make them more personal.

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