To the Man I Love the Most Messages

To the Man I Love the Most Messages (2023)

As beautiful as love is, it pays to find romantic ways to sustain love in a relationship. While there maybe no exact proven ways to sustain romance, there are tricks that can make your man love you better.

It is so beautiful that you have an amazing man in your life and he is also lucky enough to have you because here you are looking for more ways to let him know that you love him so much; that is so sweet of you.

Some men aren’t the most expressive when it comes to love and even some women too and I agree that needs to change because everyone needs their partners to recurrently tell them of their feelings towards them.

Be it your husband or boyfriend, trust me, it will make him feel great to receive spontaneous messages of love, romance and thoughtful feelings of your relationship towards him.

I want to make sure you have something sweet and thoughtful just for your man and these beautiful to the man I love the most messages are perfect for him.

Be rest assured that a couple of these to the man I love the most messages will melt your man’s heart

Romantic Quotes and Messages to the Man I Love the Most

Make your boyfriend or husband know you love him the most by sending him some of these romantic to the man I love the most messages.

1. Nothing brings me more joy than knowing that I will wake up to you every morning and go to bed with you every night until my last day.
I love you so much my, darling.

2. God loves me so much that he gave me the best man as my husband, you are the best part of life and with you, it is happiness non-stop.
I intend to love you non-stop.

3. I love how you kiss my neck and whisper into my ears that you love me. I don’t know what I did to deserve an amazing man like you but I’m thankful.

4. You put a smile on my face without even trying so hard and I know that human beings are not perfect but you are the perfect boyfriend for me.

5. As long as I have you here by my side day after day, I know that no matter what happens, everything will be alright.
You are my superman and the man I love the most.

6. I never believed that I could feel this way about anyone; completely and unconditionally in love.
I love you so much (insert his name).

7. Who would have thought that what we share would bring us to this life journey?
Dear husband, let’s do this for all eternity!

8. My love is for you and only for you.
You are the best boyfriend a girl could ask for and I hope this turns out to be something even more.

9. We have all the time in the world for me to show you how grateful I am that I have the best man in the world as mine. You have me, all of me.

10. You are the best love any woman on earth could ask for.
You are so different in the best way possible and I’m here for you whenever you need me.

11. Laying on your chest and listening to you breathe is by far my favourite morning activity and when you kiss me on the forehead, I totally feel like I’m in a fairytale.

12. If I had things my way, we will lay naked in bed all day listening to some good music and eating whatever we wanted.
Until then, this will just be wishful thinking.

Reminding him that he is the man you love the most as often as you can do your relationship a whole lot of good.

13. A man like you is what I wish for every woman out there and I count myself blessed to be in this union with you; to share our lives together until the very end.

14. Being in a relationship with a guy who is as amazing as you gives life all the beauty it needs.
You make life twice as beautiful.

15. I need you now and forever.
If you will be here for me, be rest assured that I will be here for you.
You’ve got a hold on me and I love you the most for it.

16. It will never be enough to just say that I love you, I will have to show it every single moment we spend together.
A man who is as incredible as you deserves the best kind of love.

17. I just want to feel your kiss against my skin, it sends shivers down my spine.
I want you and I can’t wait for you to come back home.

18. It hurts me anytime we spend time apart, I need you more than I realise and there’s no one else I need more than I need you, my dear hunk man.

19. I don’t ever want to imagine a world where I don’t snuggle into your macho arms at night, no that’s never an option.
I want you here always.

20. There are still not enough words in this world to perfectly describe what you mean to me.
You make me feel like a special girl and you should know that I don’t take it for granted.

21. Having you in my life went from a want to a total need and I hope it remains that way as long as we are together.
By the way, you are an amazing boyfriend.

22. It will always ever be you; the husband of my youth, my favourite man, my confidant and support system.
I live for and with you and I love you endlessly.

23. I knew that I couldn’t live without you so I said yes to be your girlfriend forever.
(insert his name) my sweetheart, you are my forever love story.

24. You are my only option and I would never entertain another.
You are the kind of man that goes all out to show love, I hope I can love you as much as you love me.

25. Hey handsome, if you want to do this forever, I am more than ready.
I’ll be right here all through it all, you can always count on it.

26. You are the only man that I want and I wish to come home to you every day of the year for all the years to come; come sunshine and rain.

27. My nights stopped being lonely and my days became a lot brighter because the best man on earth became my life partner forever.
I’m yours always.

28. I love how you always put me first, it makes me feel like the luckiest lady on earth.
So, can we have some goodness tonight? Bring your game.
(insert wink emoji).

29. You have my trust, my heart and my body.
You are my favourite guy and I love it when our lips meet in the middle of a conversation; we should talk more (insert laughing emoji).

30. I want to make a lifetime worth of memories with you.
The tears and laughter and everything in between but mostly the happy times.
We will start with tonight.

31. I can’t wait for work to close so that I can come home and have you undo my bra and maybe we can shower together if you are up for it (insert wink emoji).
Tell me what you think.

32. You are the best guy I know and I’m not saying this because you are my boyfriend.
I’m saying it because it’s the truth and you should know that I love you the most.

33. You still find a way to take my breath away even though I have known you for what seems like a lifetime.
You make me feel like a sweet sixteen with all the butterfly feelings.

34. I still blush when I talk to you just like the first time we ever spoke.
Dear (insert his name) I love you beyond all comprehension and I won’t change it for anything.

35. Love like yours is not something that comes around all the time; like the kind reserved for fairytales.
I belong to no one else but you, today and every other day to come.

36. Your love for me is a source of healing and light to my heart.
If I had a wishlist each year, you will still top every single list.
If there’s anything like a perfect husband, then that is what you are.

37. If I get a dollar for every time I think of you, I’ll definitely be a lot more than a billionaire by now.
You fill my thoughts in the best ways possible and you are a complete gentleman at that.

38. Just quickly sending you a text to tell you that I can’t wait to kiss you when I get home and that I miss you more than I planned today but I hope to see you in a bit.

39. We went from strangers to friends to best friends and now to life partners.
I may not say it enough but I love you so deeply and I hope to love you for as long as I live.

40. The major comfort I have in life is knowing that I share my life with the most remarkable man ever and that he loves me and I love you the most for it.

41. I admire how composed you are no matter what the situation is, I draw strength from you my darling.
You are an incredible man and I’m happy that you are all mine.

42. I haven’t met any man who showed me this much love and that is how I know that this is for real.
I don’t want to overthink this, I will just enjoy having you as my boyfriend.

43. Like never before, you opened up my heart and I’m feeling things that I never thought I could ever feel.
I will just take every moment as it comes.
You are an amazing boyfriend.

44. I love how you make everything special; even the little moments.
I want to soak up your warm embrace forever and keep my lips where your lips can find them.

45. It’s official: I am obsessed with you and I would never want to stop.
Who would ever want to let go of an incredible man like you?
I’m quite the lucky girl.

46. I like your touch, I like that you always seem to know when I’m in the mood for some good loving, it’s almost like you know my body more than I do and it makes me feel twice as hot.

47. You literally make me smile and blush at the same time and I can’t even get mad at you because you just have your way of making me forget what you did, I thought I’d let you know even though you already do.

48. I’m mad at you and laughing at your jokes all at the same time, it doesn’t even feel real sometimes but I guess that loving a man unconditionally entails those little details.

49. It doesn’t matter where I am, as long as you are also there with me, then I know that everything will be fine because you are my everything and I’m always proud to admit that.

50. It is such a pleasure that I get to spend the rest of my life with a man who treats me like a queen.
You are my king and I am so glad that we are together on this.

51. Forever doesn’t seem like such a long time for all the moments I want to spend in your arms, but I guess I’d have to take each day as it comes.

Every chance you get, he needs to know that he is the man you love the most.
Believe me, it’s reassuring and sweet.

52. You have magic hands that give me the magic touch and every day I crave for the warmth of your hands all over my body.
We belong together from now till forever.

53. My darling, you are a human embodiment of happiness.
With you, I feel the happiest and having you as my husband is all the beautiful feeling I need always.

54. I love the way you look at me as though I was the only one in the room and the way you kiss me as if it was the first time.
You make every moment memorable.

55. I have a feeling that life with you is going to be the best because you are the best man.
I can’t wait to have you right by my side all the way.

56. It will take a lot more than words to truly describe how beautiful you make my life.
I feel super happy being your girlfriend.

57. You took my heart and made it yours and gave me your heart in return and I will always cherish your presence in my life dear sweet husband of mine.

58. My heart has been changed forever; now I know what it feels like to actually love a man with all of my being and to actually mean it.
Darling you are the best!

59. The love in my heart begins and ends with you my darling husband and it will never fade as long as we are here.
You make our marriage feel like a piece of heaven.

60. If I have to lose the entire world just so I could continue to be with you, I will do it in a heartbeat because nothing else compares to the feeling of having you as mine.

61. There are days where I wish I could open up my heart so you can see exactly how I feel about you.
You make love feel so right in my life.

62. It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we go together and I know that I can always call you my husband, then everything is going to be alright.

63. I’m happy to be here in this moment with you as your wife, I couldn’t ask for anything more(although we need all the money we can get). (insert laughing emoji).

64. I get tired of everything and everyone else but not you, not now and not ever.
I’m here for you always.

65. This is more than a feeling, more than words, it is everything that feels right, good and precious.
I literally feel like I’m in dreamland because that’s where things are perfect just like what we have.

66. Time literally stands still when I gaze into your eyes, I get lost in the moment and all I want is to remain like that for as long as possible because I love you the most.

67. Some people say that love fades with time but that wouldn’t really be true love because it is supposed to last forever like what we share.
Body, soul and heart joined together in love.

68. The stars will twinkle extra special tonight as we make sweet love, they will bear witness to what we share now and always because it is so beautiful.

69. Hello big head, I’m actually thinking of you in this very moment and I decided to text you and let you know.
Cheesy much? Text me back.

70. Yes, I’ll play video games with you all weekend, that is what I’ll do for the man I love the most.
And also, we will do whatever I want to come to the upper weekend.

71. The best part about all of this is that you are my first love; the first man I ever said ‘I love you’ to and after all these years, you are still here as something more; my husband.
I love you so much (insert his name).

72. After all said and done, it is you I come home to, it is you who kisses my lips all the time, it is you who comes inside me and make me yell with passionate longing for another of those moments.

73. My mom said that I was going to meet a good man, she was right because I met you!
You are a once in a lifetime kind of man and I’m glad that I have you.

74. You are a boy who happens to also be my friend (insert laughing emoji).
Totally kidding!
I hope you know that you are an incredible boyfriend to me.

75. I love how you tell me that I look perfect first thing in the morning even though my eyes are a little swollen and my hair a bit ruffled.
You are so sweet.

76. You are the boyfriend to my girlfriend status and this may not make any sense, it just felt right for me to send it.
What I’m actually trying to say is that I miss you.

77. The fact that you are the first person I see every morning when I open my eyes, gives me multiple good reasons to anticipate each day with love for the man I love the most; make no mistake, that’s you!

78. You are such a king in your own essence and I’m happy to have you as my boyfriend.
It’s quite the pleasure of getting to know you more.

79. I never realised that love as pure and in-depth as ours could really exist.
I mean, I have read stories about epic kind of loves and you and I are living it.
It’s beautiful to have you (insert his name).

80. Every time you tell me that you will make me feel alright at the end of the day, I know that it’s going to be a great night (insert wink emoji).
I cannot wait!

81. In every life I find myself in, I’ll still want you as my man!
(insert laughing emoji). You are stuck with me for good.

82. When it comes to having some private time with you, everything else can wait.
In other words, I just thought about you right now.

Nothing says I love you the most than cute spontaneous messages filled with love for your special man.

83. Whenever I am with you, I feel a special kind of way and it’s only you that can bring those special kinds of feeling my way.
You, my hunk are something special.

84. It wasn’t love at first sight with you but I’m glad that we finally got to the falling in love part.
No other man would ever make me feel this way and no one is even going to get a chance to try.

85. Dear handsome, would you let me hold your hand forever?
I’d love to and I love you the most.
Your love, (insert your name).

86. I followed my heart and it led me to you and I wouldn’t have it any other way because you are everything a good man is and much more.

87. What do you say to a night of passion, some good wine and lots of food? (insert wink emoji).
Text me back what you think.

88. I have such a charming guy for a boyfriend and I’m super proud of it.
I just thought you’d like to know what I think about you.

89. No matter how much I think of it, I refuse to imagine a world where you are not my man.
It will be a not so happy world for me.
I love you the most my darling.

90. It’s not even midday yet and I’m already missing you even though I literally spent the morning with you.
Man, I don’t know what you have done to me (insert love emoji) but I love it.

91. It’s an empty sad place without you and that’s not a place I want to be at.
You complete me (insert his name) and that’s a fact.

92. You are number one in my heart and everywhere else.
Thank you for being the incredibly amazing boyfriend that you are to me, I love you the most.

93. If I’m allowed to be a little forward; I want to make love with you, have you touch up on me and make me feel good.
Do we have a deal?

94. Nobody else but you!
It will always be you, now, tomorrow and all the other days to come.
Again, no one else but you.

95. I know that I cry ugly but you always tell me that I look pretty anyway.
You have your way with words and I love how sincerely sweet you are.

96. I’m glad that I have a best friend and a boyfriend all in one, you are always here with your macho shoulders for me to lean on and it’s the sweetest thing ever and you should know that I love you the most.

97. Going through the clothes in my wardrobe and I’m seeing a couple of your sweatshirts here.
I’m so glad that you let me borrow them even when you know that you’ll never get them back (insert laughing emoji).

98. I’m not a poet, I would have written you a poem.
I’m not a songwriter, I would definitely have written you a song.
I’m not a screenwriter, I would have written a movie that best describes you but none of that would even be enough.
I love you.

99. Life is beautiful and better for me because you are my husband.
You make everything twice more fun and memorable.
Happy to be here with you.

100. I love you the most my dear (insert his name).
You conquered my heart with your love and I couldn’t care less because it feels so right.

Truly, there’s no exhausting the messages you can possibly send to the man you love the most but hopefully, these messages go a long way to make your man happy bearing in mind that it will make you happy too.

If you picked out any favourites, do let me know in the comment section.

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