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2023 Heartfelt Come Back Soon Quotes

Truth be told, whenever a lover, friend or a close companion is away from us. We often crave for their attention more than when we are with them.

And it’s at a time like this, that you need to really express how much you care about your close companion, lover or friend. And to do these you don’t just send anyhow messages, it’s supposed to be texts that really express how you actually feel and long for their presence.

This is why these I miss you messages have been written down for you to help you easily come up with a lovely message to make your loved one know you want him/her to come back soon.

I Miss You So Much Quotes

Wherever your lover or friend has gone to, let them know how much you miss them and how soon you want them to come back to you with these come back soon quotes. I miss you so much honey quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

1. Anytime I begin to go through your facebook pictures, the ones in my camera and gallery. I begin to think of those moments we shared. Right now, honey. I’m seriously missing every single bit of it. I’m hoping that you come came back soon, my love.

2. Every time I’m sure you, I kind of feel like the entire world is mine and I’m the only girl in it. You don’t only make me feel loved. You make me feel special that my friends even envy our relationship too. Honey, I’m missing you, my dear. I need you to come back soon.

3. As I write this message at this time of the day, I know that you are probably busy with work right now. I’m just wishing that something unexpected will make you so the need to come back home because I’m missing you so much.

4. May you become a star in everything that you put your hand on. May you crush every goal you intend to accomplish in your workplace. But, while you do, don’t forget that I’m here, every single day, feeling lonely and hoping that you come back soon.

5. If you ask me what I spent my entire morning, noon and evening hours doing today, I will tell you I’ve not been able to do anything reasonable. I’ve just been sleeping on my bed, loafing about and thinking about you all day. Please, baby, come back soon.

6. Please, my love. I need you to come back soon. There is so much I want us to talk about and share this night. I just can’t imagine myself spending another 30 minutes without you buy my side.

7. I don’t need my skin to speak out to make me realize that I’ve missed you. Just taking time to hear my heartbeat when I think of you makes me carve for your presence, like crazy. Baby, I miss you. I really need you to come back soon.

8. What’s life without the person that your heart really throbs for. It feels like being an army in a war front without any ammunition. Baby, to turn side-ways on my bed and not perceive your smell drives me crazy. I need you to come back soon and fill the vacuum you’ve bored in my heart.

9. I just want to get in touch once again. I know that it’s not being long when I called you but, I need you to come back soon. To let me have my head resting against your hard chest. Baby, I just want to make you realize that I’m missing you so much.

10. I just want to feel every beat your heart makes as it keeps pulsating, let my tongue and lips to keep mopping your mouth as we cuddle in bed. My lover, I really want this with you and it’s why I want you to come back soon.

11. At times, I wonder how miserable life is going to be without you by my side. I’m so concerned about having you around me. Baby, I need you now. As in, I just want to see you come back now.

12. People keep complaining about how time is “moving so fast” but, I don’t. I just want to see days roll by so I can get to feel your touch on my body. I’m missing you so much, dear. Come back soon, please.

13. My sweet and lovely angel, please try and come back here on time because I’m missing you so much, my dear. I can’t wait to see you bae.

14. Baby, my heart feels bitter and heavy because you are not here to make me feel special and loved. Honey, try and round up whatever you are doing so you can come back soon. I’m missing you badly.

15. Sometimes I wish that there is a trip I cab use to make you stay glued to my side. I feel lone anytime you are set to go on long a journey. I know, it’s for our good. But, I wish you could stay for one more night before you go. My lover, I’m missing you so much.

16. Nothing can really fit into the unique-shaped Hoke you’ve bored in my heart. I feel empty and weak not having you by my side. I’m missing you so much, my sweet lover.

17. I miss you so much, my lover. Your love is just like a daily dose of tabs to an HIV positive patient. Missing a dose makes me feel like I’m losing a late of me. Come back soon, sweetie.

18. Where ever you go, I will still feel the same feelings I used to have for you. I will still try my best to keep my promises dear. But, I’m seriously missing you right now, my love. I need you to come back soon.

19. I can’t wait to admire and feel your moustache, your bold eyes, your sexy body and deep voice tone too. I’m missing you, my love.

20. I miss you so much, my love. I pray that all that is withholding you on your way or might keep you for so long will be put asunder. I can’t wait to see you, dear.

21. Honey, I need to come back sooner than you are even thinking of. Because, my soul, busy and heart daily craves for your bosom like a desert do longs for water in dry season.

22. My heart used to have a large space in it, specially reserved for you. Until you left for a month ago for a journey. Baby, where ever you are right now, I just hope that you feel the same way I feel for you. So you can come back soon and fill the void you left in my heart.

23. For all the moments we could’ve shared if you are here. My heart keeps feeling low when I think about it. Honey, I need you to come back soon and fill my heart.

24. Baby, I’ve missed your charming touch, I’ve missed your sexy smile, I’ve missed your smell and I’ve missed your romantic voice too. Sweetie, please come back soon.

25. I used to think that I can endure a week or a month without you. But, as soon as you left for school I keep on feeling down and empty. That a day alone feels like forever for me without you. I’m missing you, my love.

26. Sweetheart, don’t forget the moments we share, the day we first met, the promises we made to each other before we started this relationship with you and most importantly, the fact that I am here feeling lonely and bored. Please, try and come back soon.

27. As I look at you if rent status update wins facebook. I see someone I used to be with on a regular basis with, fading away into the void. I’m feeling so low that you are no longer around to cuddle and caress me like you used to. Try and come back soon, please.

28. Seeing my phone ringing with your name popping up on it is like, sensing a delicious meal in the kitchen that you can’t eat. Baby, I just need you to know that I miss you and I need you to come back soon.

29. I miss you so much. I really can’t believe that this is the same me, that used to say I won’t mind staying without you for more than a month. Try and come back on time as soon as you are done with what took you away.

30. They say: “time heals all pains” and I used to believe that quote. Now, I see why it’s not really true. Because the more I keep spending days without you, the more I keep feeling low and dejected. I’m missing you, my love.

31. Baby, I need you to come back and see how I’m suffering this boredom without you. Just try and come back when you are done with your to-do-list over there. Because I miss you so much.

32. I sometimes wonder if it’s pretending that I don’t miss or actually missing you and admitting is worse. Anyway, I just text you this message to remind you of how it sulks to be without you.

33. People say that I’m an extrovert. And one thing I know about then is that they don’t care much about missing other people. But, the more I try to avoid thinking about, the more my heart keeps cracking. I’m missing you baby.

34. I feel somehow worthless right now. I know that I’m taking the whole thing too personal but, I just can’t help it. My heart keeps longing for you. Come back as soon as possible, please.

35. All you keep telling me is of how you still love me, and all that. I know, my love. But, can you come back as soon as you can to make me stop missing you too?

36. You are always the person I think of whenever u want up in the morning in this generation of “phone addiction”. I still think of you and how I can make you miss me the way I do.

37. You Ana I are like bread and flour, not just bread and butter. Because, without you by my side, it feels like a part of me is missing and I need to get it back. Please, try and come back ass soon as you can, my lover.

38. Baby, I think that saying or telling you “I love you” directly like most people do is overrated. Because the more I miss you, the more I realize how deep I have feelings for you.

39. Whenever I miss you, all that I want to do is hold you very close to me, kiss your lovely face and hug you warmly. Sweetheart, I’m crazily missing your love, right now.

40. My heart will seriously bleed if I try to explain to you how sad and low I feel right now. Baby, if you truly love me, then proof to me by coming back soon.

42. Come back soon, baby. I just can’t cope starting without you. I want to see my head leaning on your chest, right now. Come back please, honey.

43. I miss all those love and romantic moments we used to share with you dear. I just can’t stay alone without you, I really want to always see me and you together, baby.

44. I used to tell myself that I can go for a long time without my lover. But, I just realised that I’ve been lying to myself, these while. I miss you so much, baby. I just want you to come back soon.

45. Missing you so much and knowing that I can’t get to see you soon is what is making me feel so low. Baby, please remember the promises we made each other, try and come back soon when you are done.

46. Walking around and seeing people smiling seems somehow strange to me. Especially because of the way I’m missing you and my eagerness to see you come back soon.

47. I used to call you my “trouble making” boyfriend. In fact, I once label you as the “bad guy, I’ve ever dated” just because of how you find my trouble a lot. But, I miss you more than anything, right now.

48. How I miss about you is how awesome, beautiful and strong we are, together. Baby, if there is anything that is going to hold you and make you not be able to come back on time, please try and round it up. So you can come back to me.

49. If I had known by the time you were about to leave, I would have hugged you tighter than I did. I would have asked you to lick my lips longer than you did. Baby, I need you to come back soon.

50. I really wonder how you are doing without me, over there. I was kind of shocked when you said that you are “fine” over the phone. To be honest, sweetie, I’m feeling sick of not seeing you. Try and come back soon.

51. Although, I have a lot of friends and people to hang around with. But, nothing can really fit in the hole you’ve left in my heart. Come back please, baby.

52. Just as your smile brightens my moments. So does your heart, makes me feel so loved like the sun in the sky. But right now, I need you to come back soon. Because I’m seriously missing you.

53. The more I force myself to forget about you. The more I feel emotionally attached to you. I sometimes feel like you did some magic to get me hooked on you. Baby, I really need you to come back soon.

54. Currently, my world is like the apple logo you see behind an apple phone. It’s incomplete
Baby, try and come back soon because I’m seriously missing you.

55. Just like everyone’s body can’t really survive without a healthy beating heart. So do I crave for you, baby. I need you to come back soon.

56. I wish that you’re lying next to me as I lay on my bed right now. I just feel like a part of me has been detached. Come back soon and fill the void you left, baby.

57. My heart is just like a wide-open book full of so many romantic stuff written on its pages by you. Now, I can’t stay up to a day without flipping through them while thinking of the happy moments we had, together. Try and come back soon, baby.

58. When you come back, I just want to gently fall into your lovely arms and sleep. Not because I can’t lay on my bed, right now. But, because I just don’t feel “at home” like I used to when you are around. Honey, try and come back as soon as you can.

59. I’ve just been here thinking about how miserable life feels without you around. Honestly, I kind of feel like I’m empty and in need of someone to feel the void. Baby, try and come back soon.

60. No one, and when I say that; I don’t mean there are no men who are choking or trying to take me away from you by being too nice. But, for your sake, I would not give in to their advances. Sweetheart, I just need you to come back soon and make me more happy than I am.

61. I’m feeling so lonely without you, baby. I need your love to make me feel like the queen of your life, that I am. Try and come back soon.

62. Your love is like a daily dose of drug to an HIV patient. I need you around to make my life a sweet one. Sweetheart, try and come back soon so we can get to share our love, okay?

63. My angel and the queen of my life, it was because of that I still feel happy whenever I’m bored. But, I currently miss you, baby. I need you to come back soonest.

64. Sweetheart, If you really care about me then, try and visit me to see me as soon as you come back. It’s not like I don’t believe you care but, I just can’t spend up to a minute without wishing you are here, with me.

65. Just like the sky feels unhappy and gloomy when the moon and stars pop up to shine their rays. So do I also feel without you, my love. Sweetheart please, try and come back to feel in the void you left in my heart.

66. I was you here, so I can massage and cuddle you like I’m now doing to my pillow. Baby is there is a way you can fly in minutes just to spend an hour with me before you go back soon, please do. I’ve missed you so much.

67. Whenever you come back, which I hope it’s soon. I will hug you do very tight and feel your sweet and charming smell and your lovely embrace. Because I miss you.

68. There are only two particular things that my mind keeps racing about. And it’s your warm embrace and gentle kiss. Honey, I really miss those romantic moments with you. I can’t wait for you to come back soon.

70. I would share these words to text you some other time. But, I will keep telling you of how “I love you” till the day you actually say you will come back. I’m missing you, dear.

71. My worst days are not when I’m lonely or my friends are not around to keep me company. It’s the days I spent from morning to night without your calls, or text or hugs and kisses. Baby, I can’t wait for you to come back soon.

72. I wish that the same way that rain had flushed down my tears when you first left me is how I will still shed tears of joy when you come back to me again. Because I just can’t wait for you to come back soon.

73. I’ve been into several bouts of pain, trauma, heartaches and all. Baby, I need your companionship to shed these tears and take away my grief. Come back soon baby, if you don’t mind.

74. It’s not as if some days are not that complete, and it’s not like some days are made boring due to lack of friends and TV shows to watch. They are actually exciting but they are not as they used to be.

75. I want to be the one whose fingers clenches your own as I walk down the thorny and uneasy journey road of what we all call “life”. And that’s why I feel somehow low that you are not here to keep me company. Please, try and come back soon.

76. I have almost no clue as to how I just crave to carry you around my room kissing and hugging again and again. Baby, I just can’t spend the night if you don’t call me tonight and assure me that you are really “coming back soon”.

77. I still feel somehow unhappy that our distance kind of keep us far from each other. But, I still have my love for you. And I will continue to keep making you feel lime the long that you are. But, try and come back soon, baby.

78. I’ve missed you so much, sweetheart. I can’t really endure the pain of you, staying longer wherever you are, right now. I need you to come back soon, baby.

79. Honey, try and come back soon. I’ve been longing for your presence and company. Sweetie, try and come home to feel up the vacuum you’ve created in my heart.

80. I can even sense the echoes of your deep voice from where you are. It is so far away that I can’t help it. But, to wish you are here with me. Sweetie, try and come back soon.

81. I want to see you once more smiling at me, letting your cheeks widen as we converse in the evening till we both dose off into the quietness of the night. Baby, this is one of the many reasons I want you to come back soon.

82. I may keep calm and act normal when I’m completely broke, financially. But, trying to keep calm with the way I’m missing you is she’d task I’ve not been able to do, since. I really can’t wait to see you come back soon, sweetie.

83. I may pretend and act as if I’m okay with my life. But, it’s a feeling of needing someone that can’t hide from people. They see me feeling dejected and sad and they keep asking me questions. Baby, please I’m tired of answering questions as to why I’m looking sad. I know it’s because of you. So, try and come back soon, okay?

84. Sweetie, I pray that you come back soon and replace the delicate part that your absence tucked away from my heart. Because I’m really waiting to welcome you back from your long journey.

85. I want to your curvy body, your dangling bosom, your juicy lips, hear your sexy voice, and hug you so tight to feel even the rise and fall of your heart pumps. Because I seriously miss you and I can’t wait to see you come back soon.

86. They say; “out of sight is out of mind”. And it’s true because the more you stay over there the more I feel insecure that you may forget about me. Baby, I seriously need you to come back soon and make me feel whole, once more.

87. At a time like this, I really can’t even describe how I continuously long for your smell, your touch, your voice, your sweet stories and everything about you. My boyfriend, I really want you to come back soon.

88. I will not mind bothering myself to count the stars in the sky, tonight. As far as you reply this message with a promise to come back as soon as possible. In fact, tomorrow if you will not mind.

89. Even the warm blanket, the room warmer, hand-gloves, soft bed, sweaters and caps I wear can’t make me feel more warm and homely like you make me feel. I hope to be you soon, baby. Try and come back.

90. I just wish that I could stretch forth my hands and be able to touch your body from here. I’m just lying on my bed wishing I could spend one more night with you. My boyfriend, I need you to come back soon.

91. Even the pictures we snapped or you sent me that were snapped at night, still look lovely to me. Even though, they are all looking blurry and unclear.

92. For every moment we spend together and the ones I hope to spend more with you too. Baby, you are always like an angel to me. I adore you, dear, just try and come back to me.

93. Sweetheart, I need you to come back soon. For if there is no tomorrow then I will be less happy that everything about the love and affection we used to share is going to end. Baby, in as much as I know you are not going to come here for a long time. I still hope to see you soon.

94. My love bird. I need money, I need a job, I need to recover from my ailment and I need to do my best in school too. But, of all these things that I want to do. I crave more for your presence so, I need you to come back soon, baby.

95. Hubby, if there is nothing very serious at your work place that you need to attend to. Would you mind coming over to see me soon? Because I’ve really missed you, dear.

96. It’s been a fun ride down the road of marriage with you, and I adore every single step we took together. Sweetheart, try and come back to me, so we can continue to share our love, soon.

97. Hubby, for all the good things we’ve shared together, I really need you to come back so we can continue with it, dear. I’m missing you.

98. You are line A Star whose rays brightens my world. Without you, life has been so boring and unexciting. It’s why I need you, sweetie, to come back as soon as you can.

99. No matter how much I try to take my heart away from you. Baby, I still keep thinking and wishing you’ll just pick up your phone and tell me something like; “sweetheart, I’ll be back soon” because I am seriously missing your body and love.

100. It’s been about one full year without seeing you, baby. I’ve really missed you, my boyfriend. I can’t wait to see you come back.

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