Funny Love Messages for Girlfriend 2

Funny Love Messages for Girlfriend (2023)

You, of all people, should know that humour never loses its place in a relationship. Amid all the commitment and efforts to please each other, the moments of laughter are expensive ones.

And since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, this list of 2023 Trending Funny love messages for Girlfriend was created just so you won’t be a Jack.

Remember to select only the best for your use. You don’t want to give your girlfriend less than she deserves.

Funniest Love Messages Ever for Her

To add more spice to your romantic life, some hilarious moments are often needed and even if you’re not a born comedian, the use of funny words can help pass you as one. Use these funny love messages for girlfriend to make her feel energised and loved specially. They’re the funniest ever love text messages written with you in mind.

1. Every day, I feel like I just started loving you that day. I don’t think I will be wrong if I say “I love you today”. I love you so much.

2. Whenever I see your face, the world pauses for a while. Sometimes, after seeing your face, I wonder if time was dragged forward. I love you, darling.

3. The reason I call you my heart is because you are…erm…my heart. Do you need more explanation? I love you, honey.

4. Today is a day to love you like I’ve never loved you. But also remember that yesterday was a day to love you as I’ve never loved you and tomorrow will still be that day. Well, what matters is that I love you madly.

5. When you’re coming to visit me, stop at the psychiatric hospital and get me a card. I think your love is making me mad. I love you, boo.

6. I want to learn how to do magic tricks. Then maybe I’ll be able to explain how you make me feel this way. Until then, I still love you dearly.

7. I wonder who I would rather love than you? My dog or my side chic? Just messing with you. There’s no side chic anywhere. I love you, baby.

8. Hey, girlfriend. If you find me dancing on the road, just know that it’s the excitement that comes from loving you. Don’t blame me. Blame the love of you. I love you, dear.

9. If my heart was social media, one topic that will never stop trending on it is the love we share. Matter of fact, my heart enjoys it. I love you, dear.

10. Every day, I wake up thinking of the day I’ll throw a ring on those amazing fingers of yours. I would have said black fingers but I can’t risk you not finding it funny. Lol. I love you madly, dearie.

11. For you, I will trek to the moon and back. I will even swallow the sun to keep you by my side. I love you like that.

12. There are a lot of things that try to be like you, but, to me, if it’s not you, then it’s not you. I love you like the madman on the streets.

13. I feel like I’m the president already because you love me. I just hope there won’t be another “elections” soon. Lol. I love you so much, honey.

14. Every man like me needs a woman like you, and we have all found our women. Because we’re only one — me. I love you very much, dear.

15. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m also currently talking to God to make arrangements so I can spend eternity with you. Enjoy, darl. I love you.

16. Hey, honey. I keep hearing you say that I am yours. Do you mean as your boyfriend or as your slave? Lol. I love you.

17. You are the most interesting person in my life, so interesting that I no longer watch TV. I love you madly.

18. How do you solve a problem like the uncontrollable love that I have for you? Now that’s if I even want the “problem” solved. I love you, beau.

19. The love I have for you is like a sword that can’t be stopped until it reaches its target. So keep your heart for the piercing. I promise it won’t kill you. I love you, darling.

20. My love is stubborn and persistent. If you like, arrest it, beat it, warn it, whatever. It will still come after you. I love you very much.

21. I’m looking at the list of things I’ll readily do for you, and I know that if I don’t die loving you, then nothing will kill me. Lol. I love you.

22. Is there anything funny about staying awake for a good part of the night thinking of you? I think there is, though. I love you.

23. You’ll be a trending part of my life for as long as you’re here. And you’ll be here forever! Or do you have other plans? Lol. I love you.

24. The difference between the love I have for you and every other love is that this one is the one I have for you. I love you so much, dear.

25. To me, you compared to every other person like you is like a mountain being compared to an ant. And that’s not because you are fat. I love you, baby.

26. I can’t breathe without you, and I guess I’ll be able to breathe as long as I have you even if I don’t have nostrils. I love you, honey.

27. I want to sing beautiful songs to you, but this voice of mine will only scare you out of our love. I love you so much, however.

28. Me, you, together, forever. That’s my plan for us. But, well, they say that man proposes while God disposes. Just kidding. God loves our being together. I love you too.

29. You’re the best human that ever happened to me, better than the human that invented the internet. I still love you too, darling.

30. I love you and you better know it. If I ever stop loving you, please find me and throw me off a plane. You have my consent. I love you dearly.

31. Good morning to you. Good afternoon in advance. Good evening in advance too. I decided to just do all the greeting at once. I love you, darling.

32. What’s better than having a girl who loves you so much that you can’t even have breathing space? What’s also worse than having that girlfriend? Love you, honey.

33. I love the way you walk, talk, smile, do everything. I even love the way you sit on the toilet bowl. I love you so much, darling.

34. Hello, love. You are like magic to me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen you in a long while. Tell me, did you disappear? I love you.

35. As much as I miss you, I am also hungry. It’s food over you because I won’t see you if I die of hunger. I love you, dear.

36. I’m tired of a lot of things, but I’ll never be tired of looking at your face and dreaming of our wedding day. I love you, dearie.

37. Thank God that I have you, especially in a country like this where everything is harder than rock. See you soon. Love you.

38. The best day of my life is the day I met you. But I’m thinking, will it still be the best day if I win a billion dollars today? I love you plenty, boo.

39. I’ll follow you through the light and the darkness. I just pray I don’t hit my leg on a stone in the darkness. I love you, baby.

40. You and I are one. But are we one plus one or half plus half? Or maybe we’re even two plus two. Well, I love you regardless and you should know it, dear.

41. Hey, darling. So I’m still waiting to know what number I am on your list of boyfriends because you’re too amazing for only one boy. I love you, darl.

42. On one side, you’re my peace. On the other side, you’re my trouble. What will I do without you? What won’t I do without you? I love you like that, however.

43. You’ve given me so much headache that I cannot add another girlfriend to my life. So it’s only me and you. I love you very dearly.

44. Hey, baby. How was life before you met me? How’s life since you met me? I hope there are different answers to the two questions and I hope the second answer is sweeter. I love you, darling.

45. You’re more than a girlfriend to me — you’re like a sister and mother to me. And I want you to know that my sister and mother let me have access to the content of their purses. I love you, honey.

46. One of the most interesting things I realised is that you and I will always be together no matter what. So I have no fears now. I love you madly.

47. Together we are so sweet that I wonder if we shouldn’t be ingredients in a sweet producing company. I love you so much, honey.

48. Realising that I am meant for you, I have decided to start misbehaving. After all, I’ll always come back to you, right? Lol. I love you so much.

49. I want to travel the whole world with you. I just doubt if I will return back to my country after the opportunity to leave it. I love you, honey.

50. So, one day, I’ll look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you. I don’t know if I will really do that, though. I just think it is cool to say. I love you much.

51. Every day, other beautiful things apart from you happen, or so I heard because I see no other beautiful thing apart from you. I love you, baby.

52. I’m in heaven already. It’s just funny that I’ll get to experience another one when I die. Thanks for making me experience heaven twice. I love you so much.

53. No matter how much other things are trending, you can never be out of my mind. Are you sure you’re not my mind? Much love, dearie.

54. I’m thinking of filling your phone with so much love messages from me until you miss most of your bank alerts. This does not mean I don’t love you, though. I love you, love.

55. Only looking at you, I just want to somersault and dance. I know you know why. And never forget that I love you, even if your brain gets stolen.

56. Pass the mic and let me tell you how much I love that I love you. Oh! No mic around here. I’ll still tell you that I love you, however. My love.

57. I’m afraid to lose you more than I’m afraid to lose my laptop. Or at least I’m trying to convince myself that this is true. I love you, darling.

58. I’ll give up a lot to be with you. I just wonder if I will give up all my life savings too. But you know I love you, right?

59. Only the sky can come close to giving me the kind of freedom I enjoy being in love with you. So the day I dump you, I’ll go live in the sky. I love you, boo.

60. So how many more years before we get married? Or is your sugar daddy advising you to do something different? Lol. I love you madly, darling.

61. Your love for me is like water, and when I feel like it’s less than my bucket’s capacity, I’ll pour a little on the ground so it will look like it’s overflowing. I guess you know why. It’s to prevent the daughters of darkness from coming to us. I love you.

62. I will dance for as long as you love me. At worst, I’ll be put in a psych ward. How bad can that be? I love you forever.

63. When I think that we have forever to share our love, I wonder if we shouldn’t just take a break for a while. After all, there’s forever for us. I love you so much.

64. I’m excited that you’re a part of my life. That you give me your time and energy is loving, but what I love more is you giving me your money. I love you so much.

65. If God sent the blessing of you to me as a gift, I wonder how you would have been wrapped. I love you, baby.

66. I’m not afraid of anything now that I have you. After all, you can shield me from everything. I just need to chill. More strength to you, babe. I love you.

67. The day I will give the testimony of what God has done for me by bringing you to me, the church will lose all members because of how long the service will be that day. I love you madly.

68. You know I love you madly, right? You know I can’t do without you, right? You know everything or should I keep asking? I love you, beautiful one.

69. Happy sweet day to you. Every day with me is a sweet day, so the wish is easily understandable. I love you, darling.

70. I want to buy you a gift every single day. Just give me some more years and I’ll have money for that. Patience, after all, is a virtue. I love you, baby.

71. I love you so much that I take your words as seriously as I take my career. Forget that I can be lazy at times, babe. I actually take my career serious. I love you, honey.

72. I’m very sure that, even if I see you with another man in secret places, I’ll still trust that you’re not cheating. Do I even believe myself? Lol. I love you, dear.

73. Hey, darling. There’s so much we have in common and I really really wish that height is one of them. Good day to you. Never forget I love you.

74. Hey, love. Do you know that you’re my nose because I can’t breathe without you? So what kind of nose are you? I love you, babe.

75. With you in my life, by my side, I’ll feel very alive even on a deathbed, not that I plan to be on a deathbed ever though. I love you, darling.

76. I want to scream that I love you to the world. Please, help me tell them to listen because I don’t have a public address system here with me. I LOVE YOU.

77. Who needs strength to fight when they have you? Aren’t you the “strongest” woman in the world? I love you, dearie.

78. Take it easy, babe. I’m here to love you forever. If you take all my love today, which will we use for the remaining part of eternity? I love you forever.

79. If I’m hungry, then you are hungry, because we are one. Any questions? I love you dearly.

80. Every day gives me another opportunity to text “I love you” to you. I only pray I never go a day with my battery so dead that I can’t send you one of my lovely messages. I love you, dear.

81. Look at me, babe. I’m not scared to lose a fist fight, but I’m scared to lose you. And I love you. Now. Tomorrow. Forever. Enjoy your day.

82. A quick reminder that I am one of the great things that have come to you. Now, you can go back to waiting for more great things. I love you, darling.

83. No matter what time of the day it is, I’ll never feel too sleepy to scream that I love you. Yes, your love has made me that mad. I love you.

84. Only if a gun is put to my head will I not say I love you. Because I love you enough to not want to die and stay away from you. I love you, babe.

85. Good boys like me look at girls like you, with all the curves and beauty, and all we see is the glory of God. I love you, honey.

86. You’re real honey. You’re so sweet and I’ve not had diabetes yet. Now, I love you even more.

87. Funny thing is I”m looking around this place I am and I’m the only person that’s not in a pair here. Where are you? I love you, honey.

88. Messages from me to you are filled with more love than Romeo and Juliet shared throughout their stay on earth. I love you, honey.

89. Darling, I told you I’ll never leave your side, right? But I have to travel without you for a contract that will profit at least a million dollars. Can I leave your side now? Lol. I love you dearly.

90. Finally, it has come to my notice that no couple ever loved themselves the way we do. We must go down in history and be remembered with a date on the calendar. I love you, baby.

91. You, my love, are the most lovely thing on the planet. You, my life, are the most lively thing on the planet. You, my baby, are the most babyish thing on the planet. Should I continue? I love you.

92. There are a lot of men you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with. Baby, I am not one of them. I love you dearly.

93. If I ever tell you that you’re not beautiful, drag me to the nearest psychiatric hospital because I’m not in my right mind. I love you dearly.

94. Thank you for being my lover and the answer to one of my prayers. If you have a million dollar, you could be the answer to another of my prayers, you know? I love you, darling.

95. You are not the prettiest, curviest and funniest girl, but you are the one for me. Now, how about a side chic? I love you, darling.

96. To me, you can do no wrong, except if you dump me today. I love you madly, babe.

97. I’m looking into the mirror every day with more confidence because I can now see the other half part of my body — you. I love you.

98. We must be the north and south poles of a magnet because of how much we attract each other. I love you so much.

99. Every day, things die, but I travelled round the world and got the fruit of immortality and fed my love for you with it, so it won’t die. I love you, dearie.

100. Some years ago, someone else was the most beautiful girl in the world to me. Today, you’re the one. Tomorrow, well… I love you, darling.

101. A combination of all the best things in life is not up to the love I have for you. If you think I’m lying, ask my ex. I love you, baby.

102. You and I will be together, forever, until there’s no eternity. But is there a time when there will be no eternity? Am I dumb? I love you.

103. I want to be the trending topic on your heart all the time. Or don’t I deserve it? I love you madly.

104. For you, my girlfriend, I’ll travel over hills, valleys and rivers. Why will I do these? Well, I don’t know. I love you, dearly.

105. How can I describe a lady that’s indescribable? By not describing her. I can’t describe you, honey. But I love you.

106. My girlfriend’s so pretty, God took a whole year to draw the plan for her creation. And they say a day to God is a thousand years to us. I love you, dear.

107. A billion years will come and I won’t finish writing all the beautiful things I know about you. So it’s better I don’t even start writing. I love you, baby.

108. I’m so in love with you that I forgot what it means to love another girl. Does that even make sense? Just know I love you stupidly.

109. I want to confess: I became a poet the day I met you. Can you keep this a secret? I love you too, baby.

110. Have I welcomed you yet into this our relationship? Let me use this opportunity to. Welcome, baby. I love you.

We told you you could trust us to get your girlfriend laughing. Don’t you agree with us that this list of Trending Funny love messages for Girlfriend is the bomb? So, whisper to us, which of them is your favourite?

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