Best Birthday Wishes Reply to Wife in 2023

When you are so excited about your birthday and the plenty wishes that come with it, it is easy to forget to reply to your wife’s text messages on your special day. After all, you both sleep under the same roof and usually spend time together.

However, making it a point of duty to appreciate her effort by responding to her text will go a long way in assuring her of your undivided attention and love. Replying a message from your lovely wife is not rocket science. You can simply respond to the text as you will a conversation.

I agree that there are times you will be busy at work or short of appropriate words but ensure you don’t make it a habit to take your spouse for granted especially in the ‘little things’ that matter. Here is a list of birthday wishes reply to wife you can use.

What to Reply to Your Wife for Sending You Birthday Wishes and Messages

Are you in search of what to reply to your wife for sending you birthday wishes and messages? These awesome birthday wishes reply to wife are perfect for that.

1. What have I done to deserve such a wonderful woman like you? I am certain you are a pure favour from God. Thank you for your wishes and prayers. I love you too.

2. To my inestimable soulmate and the mother of my children, I truly appreciate all that you do. Thank you for the text. Love you.

3. I hope you know that today isn’t just for me but for us because we have become one. Happy birthday to you too. *winks*

4. I could see your heart in the message you sent. Thank you for loving me this much, Babe. I celebrate you too.

5. You need to see how I was smiling sheepishly while reading your text. My colleagues had no choice but to smile with me even though they didn’t see what I was reading. Thank you for always making me happy.

6. I don’t know what made you love this imperfect man but I appreciate every bit of your love. Thank you for the message, Sweet.

7. Amen! Amen!! And Amen!!! to all of the prayers. May our lives continue to be sweet. Thank you, Honey.

8. No doubt! We are doing this until our hairs become grey and begin to fall off by God’s grace. Thank you for being with me over the years. I love you more (don’t argue it).

9. I appreciate the gift of you too. Your coming into my life has made life worth living and birthdays make good meaning with you by my side. Thank you so much, Bae. Thank you.

10. You made it easy for me to make you happy. I should appreciate you more. Thank you for making our love story this beautiful.

11. To the one who makes me look younger by giving me constant reasons to smile, I love and celebrate you too. Thank you for the prayers.

12. You are the best thing that has happened to me too. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms by evening. Make sure you do all the hot bath therapy, pedicure, and manicure for me.

13. Blessed are you also amongst women. Thank you for agreeing to do life with this little boy. I can’t appreciate you enough.

14. I want Bentley, Mini Duplex in an Island faraway, Gucci wristwatch, smokey jollof rice garnished with seafood, 4 steps cake, chocolate, etc… Just kidding. All I want is for you to be happy, Hon. Love you more.

15. I am all I am today because I have a good woman by my side. Thank you, Babe, for being such a wonderful wife and mother. You deserve today’s celebration. You are the battery that makes my wall clock tick.

16. A big Amen to all of your prayers for me. I cherish you too, Sweetie.

17. Thank you for trusting me with your heart. I promise to continue to treasure it. Thank you for your wishes, Hon.

18. If I deserve the best, you deserve the better best. Your belief in me makes me wanna do more.

19. Year after year, your birthday wishes for me carry such a significant message that inspires me all through the new year. You are such an intelligent wife and I cannot bless God enough for the gift of you.

20. Amen! I appreciate you too. You make life meaningful to me.

21. I appreciate you for always being there. With you by my side, I make the best choices in life.

22. To my Queen, the one who makes me feel like the most important person in the world even with my vulnerabilities. I deeply appreciate you. Thank you for your wishes.

23. Thank you, my main woman, my gummy bear, chocolatey sugar, the only Queen in my crib. You matter a lot to me.

24. Yeah! you are right. Today is more of your day than it is mine and I promise to spoil you more than you plan to spoil me. I will spoil you crazily. *Winks*

25. Thank you so much, Hon. Your message crowns all other messages. Love you deeply.

26. You are beautiful in every way. You are a thoughtful wife, a perfect home-maker and a wonderful mother. You are my birthday gift of all time. Love you too, Hon.

27. It is you that have stolen my heart o. I just can’t stop myself from thinking about you every day. Thank you for the text, Dear.

28. You did not add, ‘blessed be the day you met me’ to it. I will forever bless God for meeting you. Thank you for making my life worthwhile.

29. Amen! May our lives continue to radiate His glory. Thank you for this and many more.

30. Thank you, Sunshine. I promise to be better this year. You deserve the best, Dear.

31. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our marriage beautiful even with our imperfections. You are the best thing that happened to me also.

32. Knowing that I am in your thought makes me happy. Knowing that I am the King of your heart is the best thing that can happen to me. Thank you for always making my birthdays worth it, Sugar.

33. I also cannot describe what I feel knowing you are mine. I am the most favoured man on earth.

34. Thank you for the wish, Hon. I cannot wait to be home so we can have a full celebration.

35. Amen! Just that I have a single wish this year and it is for you to be ever happy. You are my heartbeat, Babe.

36. Of course! We are spending forever in each other’s arm by His awesome grace. Thank you for the prayers, Hon.

37. My heart blesses you, dear wife. Thank you for always being so thoughtful.

38. You blew me away with the surprise and messages. What exactly have I done to deserve you? I will forever bless God for you.

39. I should appreciate you more for loving me. I know I can be so annoying sometimes. Thank you for putting up with me. Love you, Bae.

40. You are my everything babe. You are my perfect birthday gift. Thank you for the thoughtfulness.

41. I am strong, healthy and ageing younger because you are mine. It’s no flattery, it is the truth.

42. I promise to love you until my hair and teeth fall off. Thank you, Bestie.

43. It’s so amazing how much we love to pray for each other. You taught me that. I celebrate you more, Beauty.

44. Crazy is an understatement when compared to the way I feel about you. You are the centre of my today’s celebration.

45. To the one the Lord has given to support me, thank you for being a good support system.

46. I cherish and treasure you. Hon. Thank you for making our journey fun-filled.

47. Yes! It’s a new year of better things for us, my Love. Love you to the moon and back, Babe.

48. I feel very important to have you by my side. I cannot trade you for anything. You make my life worth living.

49. It’s more of your birthday than it’s mine. So, tell me what you want. *winks*

50. I should celebrate you more for accepting my proposal, marrying me bearing my name and bearing my babies. Thank you for making this little boy feel like a man.

Yes, it’s your big day and you should be grateful that your love for each other is still as perfect as it was when you both walked down the aisle. I bet you that sending any of these birthday wishes reply to wife will surely put a smile on her face.

Remember, your birthday isn’t meant for you alone but for both of you, so share the joy with her.

Thanks for reading and do well to share to others that might want to make their wives smile on their birthdays too.

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