Messages for Husband After Fight

Touching Messages for Husband After Fight in 2023

Being at loggerheads is one of the things that are inevitable in every relationship. Every love relationship has its ups and downs and yours is no different from a couple of others. There will be times when you will have heated arguments with your husband and want to slam the door shut.

There might be times you will really want to hang up on the phone or walk away while he is still speaking. You will be tempted to say and do things you never intended because you are human, and you are prone to make mistakes.

However, it is unwise to allow things to remain sour and unresolved for a long time. It is advisable to reach out to him as soon as possible to keep your love steadfast. Remember that men love to keep their ego intact and you do not want him feeling like a loser.

Taking a step to resolve issues and restoring peace is one of the things you would want to do to show humility as a good wife that you are. So, Did you have a fight with your husband and you are at a loss for words to text him? Here are some touching messages for husband after fight.

Apology Messages for Your Husband After a Fight

Did you have a fight with your hubby, do well to quickly amend things by sending him these apology messages for your husband after a fight.

1. My heart reaches out to my Sugar, but he is so mad at me that he doesn’t even notice me. My heart has been out of shape for hours now and it is about to faint. Be merciful unto this fragile heart, Sugar. Please, forgive me.

2. We made a promise of never giving up on each other. Please, do not give up on me yet. I am truly sorry.

3. I take back everything I have said, Honey. I promise to work on myself. Please, forgive me. Losing you is not an option for me. Kindly reply my text.

4. It’s been 2 days now since I saw that heart-melting smile. Do not deny me this joy. Remember, your joy is my joy. I am so sorry, my Crown.

5. My heart has been malfunctioning since you stop speaking with me. Have mercy on me, Hon. You mean the world to me.

6. I miss your scent; I miss your cuddling. I miss you, Babe. Please, forgive me already. Moreover, the nights have been unusually cold. It seems mother earth is joining you to fight me. *winks* I am truly sorry.

7. I have been so unhappy because you are not happy. You are my heart, Honey. Forgive me already. I cannot stop loving you.

8. I am sincerely sorry for hurting you, I accept that I spoke thoughtlessly. I miss you. Please, pardon me.

9. Forgive me for calling you a jerk. Honestly, I don’t know what came over me. I take responsibility for everything. I can’t wait to be in your arms, my hot Chocolate.

10. Thank you for always forgiving me of my misconduct. Thank you in advance for forgiving me again. I love you, Babe. I truly do.

11. I never meant to belittle you. Please, find a place in your heart to forgive my childishness. I truly cherish you.

12. You are a truly strong man who always put up with my troubles. I promise not to trouble you anymore. Kindly, forgive me.

13. I will always fight for you, Babe. You mean the world to me and I am sincerely sorry for what happened yesterday. I truly am.

14. I was very inconsiderate, and I acknowledge that. Please, find a place in your heart to accommodate my mistakes. Love you, Babe.

15. I wouldn’t let you be the first to apologize this time. You are a man with a beautiful soul, and I wouldn’t take that for granted anymore. I am so sorry.

16. I won’t give up until I earn your forgiveness. You are my life, Baby. Don’t leave me hanging.

17. The days seem gloomy because my Love ain’t talking to me. Make me smile again, Sunshine. I am sorry for hurting you.

18. I cannot comprehend the fact that I actually broke the heart of the gentleman reading this. Please, forgive the carelessness of my attitude. I promise you that what happened this morning will never repeat itself.

19. I feel so horrible right now. How could I be so thoughtless and unsubmissive to the man that did nothing but love me? I am so sorry, my Crown. Forgive me.

20. To the one that makes my heart flutter. I am sorry for making an issue out of nothing. Find a place in that beautiful heart of yours to forgive me.

21. You are everything I prayed for. I don’t understand why I keep making you unhappy. Please, forgive my naughtiness. I am deeply sorry.

22. I caught you stealing glances at me this morning. I know full well that you are no longer comfortable with all this, I am fed up also. Please, forgive my attitude. I love you.

23. I couldn’t sleep all night, Baby. I simply can’t sleep if I am not in your embrace, but I caused it. I am so sorry for disobeying and fighting you. I miss you, Chief.

24. Everything seems tasteless despite the honey and milk I added to my tea this morning. I still can’t feel the taste of the yoghurt I am drinking now because I haven’t tasted your lips. You give essence to everything, Sweet. Please, forgive me already.

25. I hate myself for making you mad. I am deeply sorry for all what I said out of anger. I do not mean a bit of it. Please forgive me, my darling husband.

26. I keep taking your patience for granted and I am truly sorry for the pain this has caused you. Find a place in that beautiful heart of yours to forgive me.

27. Don’t give up on me yet, Bestie. I accept my wrong and I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Kindly reply this message. Love you.

28. You kept on forgiving my folly and I have promised myself not to take it for granted anymore. I am truly sorry for all that transpired yesterday. Give me this last chance, Honey.

29. I cannot explain why this submission thing seems difficult for me but I give up trying on my own and I trust God to help me. Please, forgive my arrogance, my Crown.

30. The past can’t be changed but we have the future to enjoy, Baby. Forgive my mistakes. I love you.

31. I hurt myself whenever I hurt you. Truly, we are no longer separate entities. Forgive me already, Honey.

32. I miss you, baby, I truly do. I miss the late-night chit-chat and chuckles. I am so sorry for hurting your feelings. Do forgive me.

33. You are the man of my dreams; you will always be. Please, forgive my arrogance and folly.

34. I am sincerely sorry for all that happened between us. You are a truly good man and I do not want to treat you short of that. Love you, my Champ.

35. I believe in you. I truly do. Forgive me, dear Husband, for acting otherwise.

36. I cannot explain why it is easy to hurt those who love us but I know there is hope and power in forgiveness. Kindly, give me this gift of forgiveness. I love you, Baby. I really do.

37. This is the first time you won’t touch my food. I do not know the extent to which my actions hurt you but I am willing to make amends. Please, forgive me.

38. How can I sleep after hurting my heartbeat? I am sincerely sorry, please come to the bedroom already.

39. No matter the storms we face, we have the assurance of coming out stronger. Please, forgive my attitude, Honey. You mean life to me.

41. I have not only disobeyed God, but I have also dishonoured my beloved husband. I have asked for forgiveness from God. Please, forgive me also. Love you, Gummy bear.

43. I can’t hold it in anymore, I am truly sorry for making you feel bad, Please, forgive me. Love you.

44. After a careful reflection on what happened, I saw that I misunderstood you and wasn’t patient to hear you out. I do not know the extent of hurt I have caused you but I promise to make it up to you in every way that I can. Please, forgive me, I am on knees.

45. You have done nothing but to love me, yet I always want to be in control. Please, forgive my pride. I promise to be submissive.

46. I promise to work on my trust issues. For love’s sake, forgive me for accusing you. I cherish you, Honey.

47. You are only trying your best to give us a comfortable life yet all you get from me is complaints. I am deeply sorry for causing you this pain, Boo. Please, forgive me.

48. Now that my Butterscotch is mad at me, nothing seems to make sense. Have mercy on me, darling and forgive my trespasses.

49. I miss listening to the rhythm of your heartbeat. I can’t wait to sleep in your embrace. Please, forgive me. Love you crazy.

50. It seems I’m going crazy. My baby ain’t giving me a face nor talking to me. Please, don’t let me lose my sanity. I am truly sorry.

51. You’ve always told me that nothing is impossible. Prove that to me by forgiving my folly. I am truly repentant.

52. My body seems to have lost its vitality because my better half is mad at me. I accept the responsibility of my wrong, Baby. Please, forgive me.

53. Your presence gives the house some magical ambience. I am deeply sorry for frustrating you that much, please, come home already.

54. I feel so irresponsible right now. Why on Earth would I make my man unhappy when my responsibility is to make him better. I am on my knees, please, forgive me.

55. I strongly believe this is no medicine after death. I truly love you and I know that somewhere beneath your anger towards me is love. Please, forgive me, my husband.

56. Without hesitation, I drop all my pride and I ask that you forgive me for all I said. Please do, my Beloved.

57. I said so many thoughtless words, I cringe at the thought of them. Please, my Husband, forgive me.

58. I feel so stupid right now, I turned a simple conversation into a fight because I wasn’t patient enough. I am so sorry, Honey. Love you.

59. Seeing the hurt in your eyes makes me miserable. I am so so sorry, Baby. Please, forgive my disrespect.

60. I offer my sincere apology, dearest husband. No excuse, no blame-games. I miss you already.

61. I can never let you go, Honey. I can’t! Letting you go is like losing my breath. Please, forgive me once more. I love you.

62. To the most caring husband, I am truly sorry for causing you pain. Forgive me, please.

63. For the sake of Christ, please, don’t ignore me anymore. I am sincerely sorry. Love you!

65. Forgive me, my Crown. I take back every word I said. Loving you is the best feeling in the world and I mean it.

66. What can I use to pacify my Treasure? I would have gotten you all the golds in this world but you embody that. So, I will simply go on my knees and ask for his forgiveness. Please, pardon my mistakes.

67. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Afford me the divine, my Love. Thank you in advance.

68. For the sake of the genuine love you have for me. Please, forgive me. I truly cherish you.

69. I know without a doubt that my baby loves me and that is why he feels the pain deeply whenever I hurt him. I am on my knees, Baby. Forgive me.

70. You are my pride, my joy. Forgive my sauciness. I am so sorry, Babe. I miss you so much.

71. I know you miss me; I miss you also. Please, forgive me for all I said earlier, I do not mean any of it.

72. Please, do not be offended. I accept all my wrongdoings. Thank you for forgiving me in advance. Love you, King.

73. I know I hate taking responsibilities for my wrongs but I can’t keep hurting this beautiful soul. I am truly sorry for all that happened, please, forgive me.

74. My sincere desire is that this fight will help us bond stronger. I am truly sorry for my behaviour, please, find a place in your heart to forgive me. Good morning, Husband.

75. I feel like beating myself up for being so childish, now I cannot stand the result of my behaviour. I am very sorry, Boo. Please, forgive me.

76. To be very honest with you, Sugar. I am not taking you for granted, I just can’t explain why I keep behaving this way. Kindly, pardon me, Hon, and let’s work this out together. Love you big.

77. Babe, I have been in tears since morning. How on earth can I be so stupid? How can I try to contend with the leadership of our home with you? I am so sorry for my arrogance. I promise to change.

78. I know it’s easy to say, ‘I am sorry’, but I promise to really change this time. Please, Honey, reply my text. I love you.

79. I don’t know how to make this up to you but I will keep trying till I get it right. Please, forgive me I love you.

80. The very thought of making you mad and sad is devastating to me. Please forgive my ignorance and pride. I love you deeply.

81. You always try your best to understand me when I’m in the wrong but I find it difficult to give you the same grace. I am on my knees right now, Babe. Please, forgive me.

82. Please, give me another chance, Baby. I am sincerely sorry. Love you passionately.

83. I am not asking for a chance to talk things out, I am not asking to prove myself. All I want is your forgiveness.

85. You have never ignored me for this long. I am truly sorry, Babe. I want the good old times back. I love and miss you.

86. I cannot bring myself to face you because I know how wrong I was. Please, Baby, help me by forgiving me.

87. I am also confused about this my mood swings, I can imagine how crazy this is driving you. I am truly sorry, Sweetheart.

88. I cannot go a single day without you speaking with me. Help me, babe. It’s been 10hrs since the fight.

89. I believe my sweet, charming, funny and playful husband is still there. Please, forgive me and let this cloud of anger and gloominess vanish. I hate seeing you this way.

90. I take responsibility for yesterday’s fight. I promise to stop making hasty conclusions. Please, forgive me. I love you.

91. Our fight this morning opened up so many unpleasant things and I am the Chief cause of the event. Saying ‘I am sorry’ is cheap but I promise to prove my brokenness in every way.

92. I am confident that you will forgive me. However, I am not too big to say the word, ‘sorry’. I am truly sorry, Hubby. Thank you for forgiving me already.

93. I don’t know what to say but all the elements of my body are asking for your pardon. Please, look on me with mercy. Love you, Husband.

94. I can never be tired of loving you. I am so sorry for saying so many foolish things out of anger. Please, find a place in your big heart to forgive me.

95. You are my world. Please forgive me quickly. I love you deeply.

96. A Fight is normal in every genuine relationship, but forgiveness is vital. Please, forgive me, my dear.

97. I cannot change what has happened, but we can make better choices. Let us start with forgiveness, Honey. Please, forgive me.

98. I acted opposite of what is expected of a wife and I cannot bring myself to face you. Please, pardon me.

99. If only I could turn back the hands, I would have right my wrongs, but since I can’t, kindly accept my deepest apology.

100. I am willing to abide by your instructions. Please, forgive my arrogance. I truly cherish you.

101. This will be the first time you would not smile back at me. I cannot imagine the extent of hurt I caused you. I am extremely sorry, Babe. Forgive me.

102. I promise never to make you sad anymore. I love you more than my pride. Forgive me, Hon.

103. A little more patient on my side would have saved me this heartache. I am truly sorry, Husband.

104. Loving you is never a mistake, so no mistake or fight can separate us. I love you so much, Honey. Please, forgive me.

Let your husband know that no matter what happens in your marriage, your love for him cannot be compromised by mere fights that come and go. Apologize with all sincerity and let bygones be bygones.

Which of these touching messages for husband after fight resonates with you the most? Go ahead and use them as many times as possible.

Do not fight as much though. Winks.

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