Romantic Things to Say to Your Husband

2023 Romantic Things to Say to Your Husband

Husbands are supposed to be a symbol of love and adoration but are most times a lot less appreciated because they are thought to be without emotions.

Saying sweet things to your husband is one of the best ways to express what exactly they mean to you.

Romantic sayings are very important in your lives as couples. They fire up the romance in the marriage and tighten the bond between them.

Say a romantic something to your husband today and watch him blush like a baby.

Romantic Words of Love to Say to Your Husband

Make your husband feel loved and special by sending or saying these sweet and romantic words of love to him.

1. You are my medicine, my prescription. The full dose to cure all my worries. I love you, sweet husband. You are the best.

2. I’m lost whenever I don’t see you around me. You are my life. I love you.

3. You are the only one person that I always wanted to be with. Now I have you. I cherish you, my dear husband.

4. You are absolutely gorgeous but when I look into your eyes, I see something more gorgeous, I see love.

5. You are to me what oxygen is to a dying man. You are my life. I love you.

6. Sweet husband mode activated. Show your husband if he is as sweet as mine.

7. If I did not marry you, I would only imagine all the pleasure that I would have denied myself. I’m glad I’m your wife.

8. You have the most beautiful soul in the world and I’m glad you found me.

9. Your heart is such a goldmine. Thanks for offering it to me. I will never be able to mine all the gold you have to offer. #cutehusband.

10. The love I have for you now is the least I will ever have. My love for you increases by the day. You are remarkable honey and I love you.

11. You are all there is, you are all I need and I’m glad I have you. My husband of life.

12. I can’t describe how beautiful you make me feel like only you can.

13. Thank sweets for being the only reason I’m called a wife.

14. You are sweeter than I could ever imagine. You make my life sweet.

15. Marriage is so meaningful with you in it. Even in an age that marriage has become so meaningless, you give it so much meaning. I love you my honey and I’ll forever do.

16. I would be leading a purposeless life without you. Thank God for leading me to you.

17. Sweetness is all you stand for and I love you, my husband. You are the sweetest man ever.

18. All I could ever desire is you. You give me so much pleasure.

19. I believe in love because believing in love means believing in you and believing in love is all there is to life.

20. You always make me smile. I hope I can find the opportunity to make you smile often.

21. Waking up beside you every morning is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you, sweet husband.

22. You are the definition of the perfection of love. I love you my sweetness.

23. God bless the day you were born.

24. You love me even when you don’t like me. When you don’t like the things I do. I love you even more.

25. How can I stop thinking about you? It’s impossible.

26. Thanks for living for me and making me happy.

27. I bless the day I met you. My life has been synonymous with blessings ever since then.

28. You know I find happiness in your happiness because you live to make me happy.

29. Hello handsome, each day with you is better than the last

30. The only thing better than loving you is getting married to you, staying with you and spending forever with you.

31. I love you more than words can ever say. I love you more than anything.

32. You make me a star and you are also the sky on which I shine.

33. My love for you is as sure as the morning.

34. You are the only one person I need in my life. I love you, sweet husband.

35. I’m glad I chose to have my life with you; I’m glad I married you.

36. Without the happiness that I have as a result of your love, my success would be stale.

37. Thanks for making me the lady in your living room, a chef in your kitchen, a bomb in your bed, the wife of your youth and the mother of your children.

38. The only reason I don’t want to die is to remain alive and spend forever with you.

39. Thank you for being the sky upon which I shine.

40. Hello love, this is just to tell you that you mean more to me than anything in the world.

41. Your love is all I need; all I want.

42. You make love special, giving it a meaning.

43. Life with you is heaven on earth honey.

44. I hope my words are sweet to you just as you are sweet to me.

45. Let me massage your feet I know they will hurt from all that standing.

46. I take Pleasure in Pleasuring you.

47. God knew exactly what I needed so when he was creating you, he had me in mind.

48. I made your favourite meal-me. I will serve you in bed tonight.

49. You are my royalty, my king. I’m so proud to be your queen.

50. You know you are my man crush every day (MCE) right. I crush on you every day.

51. Are you interested in hearing sweet nothings? I will just whisper them into your ears.

52. I know how heaven will be with you in my life because I’m having a taste of heaven with you here on earth.

53. Hey handsome, please rub my back for me.

54. I feel like loving you tonight.

55. My husband, my lover my friend. You know I love you right?

56. Come on love let me take you to heaven.

57. I don’t know what to say but I can say that I love you and loving you is the greatest sweetness I could ever feel.

58. My feet hurt. Can you please massage them for me?

59. My husband of life. The man of my dreams.

60. Hello handsome, I’m living my dreams with you and I don’t wanna wake up.

61. I get busy all through the day and don’t have to be lonely at the end of the day because you are always there to listen to all the bunch of things I have to talk about.

62. Hello sweets. Hope your day is going on well? Just wanted to let you know that I’d be lost without you.

63. Happiness is when you love someone and they love you back. I have happiness because I have you.

64. Need I say that I know that you love me? I love you even more.

65. With you, I’m living the life of my dreams. You are so sweet.

66. Smile for me if you want to make love to me.

67. You are the best husband any woman would ask for and I’m so glad you are mine.

68. You know all my love and heart are reserved for you right?

69. I love to tickle you because I love you and I love the way you smile when I tickle you.

70. You know you have the sweetest kiss anyone could ever have.

71. It is my pleasure to stick to you and support your dreams.

72. I never knew I would have such an amazing life; only with you.

73. Hello, his romantic highness- HRH of my kingdom.

74. Knowing that someone as special as you is in my life, loving me all the way, is the massage I need to calm my nerves after all the stress I go through.

75. Thanks for making our marriage an embodiment of honesty and affection. I love you my dear husband of life.

76. I like the way you flirt with me. It makes me feel like the most beautiful little girl in the world.

77. I’m living the perfect life because I start the day with you and end the day with you

78. You are the greatest support system that I have and would never make it through life without you.

79. I love you even when I don’t feel like because just seeing you makes me feel like loving you again and again.

80. You are handsome, you are sweet, I know you know that but you deserve to be told.

81. I’m glad that I can say sweet things about you and don’t have to lie about that. You are a great husband.

82. I felt like my world was crashing before me but when I saw you…

83. I can’t ever get enough of you.

84. Having to be your wife is an indication that God still does miracles. It’s a miracle to have you love me so much.

85. I look into your eyes and wonder, how I can love you enough. I need to show you my heart.

86. The way you make me feel is amazing, an Indescribable feeling of joy and excitement.

87. Even when you should feel angry and irritated, you are very kind and supportive of me. I love you love.

88. I like the way you touch me and try to get my attention. You make me feel special.

90. The intensity of the love in your eyes speaks a lot about how much you love me and can’t explain how the look in them make me feel.

91. Come with me darling, let me spoil you a little. You deserve it.

92. Hello handsome, I present to you my body, my whole body is yours, do with it as you please.

93. Marriage is different things to different people because of who they are married to but with you my dear husband, marriage is paradise and I love that you love and married me.

94. Let me love you not because I have to but because I want to.

95. So sorry about yesterday my king, let me make it up to you now.

96. You, my sweet loving husband are all I have got and you are enough.

97. What do you want me to wear?

98. What would you like for dinner?

99. I love you my best friend, my naughty lover and my partner in life.

100. Hello love, hope you are doing great. I just want to let you know that you are my rock and strength even when I get to a breaking point.

101. Thanks for being the shoulder that I always cry on.

102. I appreciate all the effort you put into this relationship to make it work. You are the best person to be in a relationship with. I love you, my husband.

103. The only thing better than loving you is spending forever and a day with you.

104. I’m proud to be the wife of the hottest guy in town.

105. Being with you gives me a taste of heaven. I don’t want to get enough of you!

106. What did I ever do to deserve a man like you? You are the cutest gift anyone could ever get.

107. All I want is lying beside you, see in my dreams, wake up from my dreams and see your cute face.

108. I love the way you hold me. Don’t be tired, my hold holdy.

109. I love the way you look at me. Another round, please.

110. The world is a perfect place only when you hold me in your hands because you are my world.

111. Come close please, I want to savour your smell, it awakens my whole body.

112. People think I brag a lot about you but they are always confounded when they meet you.

113. I wish we were knit together physically just as we are knit in spirit so I don’t have to go anywhere without you. This text is to remind you that I love you.

114. I feel like coming straight to your office to kiss you and tell you how much I miss you because this text won’t be enough. I love you, honey.

115. The look on your face tells me that you always want me and I want you too.

116. I can’t wait for you to be back home tonight.

117. The thing I know how to do best is to be your seductress.

118. I fell in love with you and I can’t get up and out of the love.

119. You tickle my fancy. Please, tickle it more!

120. Saying I love you to you is not just a habit, it makes the love more potent than every last time I say it.

121. Please hold me. I want to fall asleep in your hands.

122. The love I have for you consumes me but I don’t need any deliverance!

123. You are my magic. You cast a spell on me now I don’t want to be free from you.

124. It is an honour to have you in my life. Please be with me always.

125. You bring so much beauty into my life. You are the beauty of my life and I love you so.

126. I think of you, my heart melts and all I can do when you are not around is a smile.

127. Saying I love you is not enough. Come let me show you.

128. You bring out the best from me. I am my best version because of you in my life.

129. You are so ravishing, I can’t resist you and I wouldn’t, forever!

130. Only one person makes me blush the way I’m doing now and that person is you.

131. Having you in my life makes it worth living even with over a thousand reasons why it is not worth living.

132. I’m willing to let go of everything just to hold on to you. I love you.

133. Until I met you, I never knew love existed. I found you and found love so amazing.

134. Thanks for believing in love, thanks for believing in me, thanks for believing in us. I thank God for us and I love you.

135. I think I have gotten to the height of love with you but every day, you take me higher than the day before.

136. Hello sweet husband, this is to let you know that I love you and I will never take you for granted.

137. Loving you is sweet, having you love me back is bliss.

138. Your love is the only thing that satisfies me and still has me wanting more.

139. God created many sweet things but my marriage to you is the sweetest.

140. If my mind wonders away from you, I will just remember something that takes my mind back to you and the love that I enjoy from you.

141. Every moment I spend with you is the best.

142. Hey handsome! Your body is getting hotter and hotter.

143. You are irresistible and addictive. I’m so glad to be addictive to you.

144. Coming back home to you is always the most beautiful and best part of my day.

145. I wish I can live a life worth you because you are so much more than anyone can ever be.

146. Come to me now sweetie. I want to repair all the loss of last night. Let me make it up to you.

147. The sweetest things I’ve ever tasted are your lips. I love you, hubby.

148. Marrying you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

149. When I say I love you, it is with all my heart.

150. I promise you, my dear husband, to love and cherish you forever.

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